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Boys in the Bath Pt. I
by Robn

I often wondered what went on at the men-only baths/saunas, and now I know. My curiosity got the better of me, thankfully!

I knew there was one not far from me, having seen it advertised in the local fringe paper. So I called for the address and off I went.

It was a nondescript building with 3 floors but no identification outside except for the number on the door. I walked through the front door to see a glass partition on top of the counter, with a small opening through which I could talk to the guy on the other side. He said it was 10 bucks for a locker for 4 hours, or 15 for a room for the same time.

I paid for the locker and was let through the door to the side of the counter. I was then handed 2 towels and a lock and told the lockers were just down the hall. I found an unused locker, stripped down, then wrapped a towel around my waist. It was about the size of a small bath towel, just large enough to go around and tuck back in. Then I set off to explore.

I saw several other guys wandering about, all similarly clad. To the side of the lockers was a shower room, so I went in for a quick rinse. I could feel eyes following me as I entered the large, open room and turned on one of the showers. Another guy came in then, and started lathering/stroking himself, with predictable results. He was looking at me, but I wanted to get the feel for the place, so I said "not now, but maybe later." He seemed to take this in stride, and away I went, even though it was tempting to get down on my knees and fill my mouth with his lengthening tool.

On the same floor was a sauna. Entering that I could just see 3 rows of benches around 3 sides of the room, and a few guys here and there. I sat down on a middle bench and let the heat sink in as I got used to the very dim light from the single low wattage bulb. In one corner I saw 2 guys with their hands up each other's towels, enjoying the feeling of having their cocks stroked. Then the guy closest to me got down on a lower bench in front of his buddy, opened the towel and buried his head in the inviting, wide-open crotch.

I could see his head moving about, then up and down, obviously swallowing a face-full of stiff dick. The other guy just leaned back and moaned with satisfaction as he enjoyed the blowjob. He had a short fuse, and was soon grunting loudly as he emptied his load into the eager mouth of his partner. When he stopped shooting they paused briefly, then the sucker got up, wiped his mouth, and left.

This was all pretty exciting for me, and I now had a half-hard prick of my own, which I was stroking slowly. Another guy had obviously noticed this, and slid over next to me. He moved his leg over to touch mine, and started rubbing my leg with his, sending a clear message. I put my hand on his knee, and moved it slowly upward until I reached the edge of the towel. There was no turning back now. I continued my upward trek, and my hand was greeted by 2 nice balls, then a steel-like cock, begging for attention. He reached under my towel, and found much the same. As we mutually stroked each other, I made the decision to be the aggressor and suck this guy off. I did not want to blow my own load so soon in my visit. I asked him if he wanted to get sucked, and his expression spoke volumes.

Down I went, parting his towel and gently spreading his knees apart to allow better access. I licked his hot, musty balls, and ran my tongue up and down his shaft. I played with the ample balls as I licked his cock-head and stuck my tongue into the hole at the tip. As he squirmed on the bench, I opened wide and dove down on the shaft. I buried his meat deep in my throat, and started pumping up and down. I stroked his dick in time with one hand, and massaged his balls with the other. He now had his hands behind my head and was pulling my head down on him, keeping the rhythm going.

I tasted the first salty drop of pre cum, and knew climax was not far away. He was now also thrusting his hips into my face, increasing the pace of his jabs into my mouth. I could smell his sweat and felt his pubes against my face. With no further warning, I felt him stiffen, then tasted the torrents of hot, sticky juices spurting against the back of my mouth as he held my face buried deep in his crotch. The taste was heavenly, and the volume substantial. I tried to suck every last drop of fluid from his cock, until he was dry.

"That was great," he whispered into my ear. "I'll be here for a while today, so look for me. I'm going to cool down in the hot tub for a while."

With that he got up and re-wrapped himself and left. I waited for a while, savouring the feeling and the taste in my mouth. Then I too left the sauna, seeking other encounters. I had only been there for half an hour or so, and had not even left the first floor. This was going to be a great afternoon!

To Be Continued...


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