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Bonnie and Ron
Epilogue: Bonnie's Birthday Party
by Doug4Dirt

This chapter is for my Internet lover, Michelle, who inspires, excites, teases, and fascinates me. Thanks, Beautiful!

* * * * *

<Several weeks late>

"Oh, Bonnie, I'm so glad you invited all of us back, your home is so lovely, and I love how you have made is so conducive to entertaining."

"Donna, shut the fuck up, and get your ass over here, I need to eat a pussy and get my ass fucked, so get yours over here, now!"

It was Bonnie's birthday, and she was throwing a party, for herself. The entire family had been invited over, and Bonnie, I guess you could say, was the cake. We were all naked, having shed our clothing at the door. Standing in front of an also nude Bonnie were her mother, Beth, her sister (and my wife), Donna, her brother, Ronnie, and her husband, Donald, plus yours truly.

Bonnie had parked herself in the middle of her and Donald's oversized King Size bed, her legs splayed, one hand fiddling with the nipple of her right tit, the other strumming her clit. Donna moved forward, as instructed. "Oh, Bonnie, I've been thinking about you, too." "I just can't bring myself to asking another woman if I can eat her pussy, but I dream about yours all the time."

"Come here, my sweet sister, come and taste what I've been stirring up for you." Bonnie took both hands and spread her pussy lips wide, the glimmer of pussy juice from a recent orgasm accenting the folds and creases. Donna crawled across the massive expanse of bedspreads and sheets; her gaze fixed on her sister's gapping pussy. As she lowered her head, and her lips touched the nether lips of her sister, Donna moaned. With her ass high in the air, it was clear to see the butt plug that she and I had become used to wearing, and the wetness starting to creep out of her own pussy.

Donald, Ron, and I stood by, our erections betraying our own arousal. Beth stood next to her son, idly playing with her own pussy and tits, watching her daughters in their lesbian bliss. Ron and Donald were also playing with their cocks, pre-cum already forming a blob on Donald's, and dripping from Ron's. I was transfixed on my wife's ass, watching it bob up and down as she performed at her sister's crotch.

Beth looked at her son, playing with his cock, and silently knelt in front of him. She looked first at his cock, next up into his eyes, and then lowered her head and engulfed her son's erection, bringing one of her hands up to cup his engorged balls, a finger snaking its way into his ass crack.

"Don't you dare make him cum, Momma, I want three shots up the ass, today's my day, and I want it all!" Bonnie had her hands on the back of my wife's head, working her mouth up and down her slot, as if Donna wasn't accomplished at the task in the first place. I had watched my wife eat Bonnie's pussy before, and I thought she had done a pretty good job at it. "That's it, Donna, eat me, eat my pussy, lick it, suck on my clit, oh yes, oh, there, now, yes, uh, yes!" Bonnie arched her back, and Donna choked, as Bonnie's orgasm flooded onto her sister's face. From my vantage point, I could see the problem; Bonnie's flood had caught Donna on a down stroke, and shot up my wife's nose.

Coughing, Donna pulled herself away from her sister's crotch to catch her breath. "Damn, Bonnie, I thought you were going to drown me, you've never cum like that before, you been saving up or something?"

"Yeah, she has," Donald chimed in, "we haven't fucked in a week, just like she asked each of you to, you didn't cheat, did you two?"

"No, Donald, we didn't 'cheat' on your wife, I want to put a giant load up her ass, just like I know she wants, I want my cum to spray out her ears!"

Beth had turned away from her son's cock, in response to hearing one of her daughters choking, but was still on her knees in front of him, one finger now firmly up his asshole, slowly licking Ron's dick, as if it were an all day sucker. "Well, some of us don't have to worry about that, now do we?" "This is the only place I get any, to begin with!"

"And, I've got to tell you, Momma, if you keep that up, Bonnie's gonna kick both your and my asses, because I haven't jacked off in over a week, and my nuts are full."

"Oh, Ronnie, don't cum, yet, I want you to be first, here, hurry, Donna, over here, now, oh, yeah, get me ready, oh, Ronnie, come and fuck my ass!" Bonnie shuffled her and her sister around on the bed, placing her sister's head just at the edge, and then squatting down and almost smothering her again with her dripping snatch. "Now, Donna, eat me, eat me some more, suck my pussy, yes, I'll suck yours in a minute, I want to taste your cum as well, ah, yes, good, yes!" "Momma, will you come over here, will you get my asshole ready?"

Bonnie bent over and spread her sister's legs. Looking down, she opened Donna's pussy lips with her fingers and lowered her head. "Oh, Bonnie, yes, yes, that's it, I was so close just eating you, now, yes, oh, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, eat my pussy, yes, yes, YES!" Donna squeezed her sister's head between her thighs and held it as an orgasm rocked through her. As she peaked, Donna pulled her sister's pussy to her own lips and began to tongue fuck her, pistoning like a pile driver.

"Oh, Baby, that's it, yes, yes!" Bonnie had extracted her face from the thigh vice of her sister, and looked back over her shoulder. "Now, Momma, get my asshole ready, lick my ass, finger me, oh, please, Momma, please?" Bonnie lay her head on the now clenched thighs of her sister and reached both hands back, spreading her butt cheeks wide open. Beth leaned inward, exposing her own ass and pussy, and began to lick her daughter's pink pucker hole. As Mother and sister paid attention to their daughter/sister's pussy and asshole, occasionally, tongues would collide, and juices were intermixed.

Ron positioned himself behind his Mother, and slowly entered her pussy with his dripping cock. This caught Beth by surprise, with interesting results, as this also caused her to stuff her tongue up her daughter's asshole. "Oh, Momma, I couldn't resist, I needed to feel my cock in your pussy, I want to fuck Bonnie's asshole with your juice on my dick."

"Oh, my only son, fuck your Mother's pussy, can you make me cum, and hold off yourself for Bonnie?" Beth ground her pelvis back against her son, moving her face away from her daughter's asshole momentarily. "Oh, that feels so good, I don't get a dick in me often enough, yes, fuck me son, fuck your mother's pussy!"

"I can hold it Momma, and I'll make you cum, just hold still, yeah, that's it, steady." Ron buried his cock deep into his Mother's pussy, and snaked his hand around to find her swollen and protruding clit with one hand, and a nipple with the other. He held in strong, and his Mother turned her attention back to her daughter's asshole.

"Oh yes, son, yes, play with me, make me cum, I'll hold still, make me cum, oh, yes, that's it, oh, yes!" Beth leaned back into Bonnie's asshole and began to lick and tongue it with earnest, her own desires driving her motions. Leaving a wad of spit and shared pussy juices from Donna's tonguing of Bonnie's pussy; Beth moved her face away and plunged her middle finger up her daughter's asshole, without hesitation, and full length. "Here, Bonnie, here's the first invader for your asshole, I think you need to get ready, because these men look like they mean business." Beth had looked around as she stuck her finger up Bonnie's asshole, and spied Donald and me, and what she saw caused her to double take.

As Donald and I had watched the drama unfolding in front of us, both of us had continued to play with our erections. As I periodically licked the pre-cum off my fingers, Donald just let his drip off the end of his cock, leaving a string attaching his dick to the bedroom carpet. "Are you going to waste that?"

Donald looked at me like I was crazy. "Waste what?"

"Your pre-cum, don't you just love the taste and texture, I love to lick it off my fingers while I play with myself." As I said this, I raised my middle finger to my lips and enjoyed another taste of myself. "I also like to use it as lube when I finger fuck my asshole while I jack off."

"You know, you are really fucked up, after that one time, no fluids from any male organ, including my own, are going to come close to my lips!"

I looked over at Bonnie, and knowing her strong will, knew that Donald, so to speak, would eat those words sometime in the future, but that wasn't my primary concern at the moment. "Well, if you're going to waste it, I'm not!" and with that, I knelt in front of Donald and began to lick the accumulation of pre-cum off the head of his dick.

"What are you doing, I don't believe, what, wait, oh, fuck, yeah, suck me, suck my dick, yes!" My total appreciation of the sex act had taught me that one need not avoid sexual opportunities because of ancient taboos, and sucking another man's cock, I had found to be one of the more sensual acts. Ever since I had cum, unassisted, the first time I blew Ron in front of Bonnie, I knew what kind of pleasure it can bring to both parties, and if I were to expect a woman to eat my cum, then I had no lesser expectation of myself.

"Don't you dare make him cum in your mouth!" Bonnie looked down her back, over the top of her Mother's bobbing head, and directly at her husband and I. "And don't you dare cum while your doing it!"

Donald slowly removed his hands from the back of my head, and I continued to softly lick the tip and length of his cock, as well as to taste the sweat forming on his balls. "I won't, dear, I promise, I just got a little carried away."

"Ronnie, are you ready yet, I need it, I need it now, Ronnie, come fuck my ass, please?"

Ron's attention to his Mother's other erogenous zones had succeeded, as Beth bucked back on his stationary cock, reacting to his concentration on her clit and nipples. "Oh, yes, son, that's it, that's it, yes, now, oh, yes, yes!" Beth looked Ron straight in the eye as her pussy juices flowed out and around her son's cock. "You'll be nice and wet for her asshole now, oh, Ronnie, that felt good, even though I would have liked to feel your cum inside me, as well." "Will you stay with me tonight, and fuck your Mother to sleep?"

Throughout her manually induced orgasm from her son, Beth had continued to concentrate on her daughter's asshole, now having all four fingers working their way inside. "Oh, Momma, I'm ready, move your hand, Ronnie, fuck my ass, please, now, please!" Beth moved out of the way, and Ron stepped forward. As he did, Beth took Bonnie's place and used her hands to keep the glowing butt cheeks wide. Bonnie's asshole was pulsing like a set of lips trying to catch their breath, and Ron plunged in.

"Here, Sis, take it, take my cock up your butt!" Ronnie buried his dick with one thrust, his balls hitting his other sister's forehead as they swung with motion of his lunge. "Nice, yes, here, yes, oh Bonnie, your asshole is so tight, yes!" Oh, Donna, you don't need . . ." As Ronnie's nutsack rocked back and forth, his other sister had discontinued her attentions to her sister's pussy and clit, and had practically swallowed her brother's balls. "Oh, no, please, you are going to make me cum, oh Donna, no, yes, ah, yes, oh Bonnie, here is comes, oh, fuck I'm going to cum!" The wait and anticipation, and his sister's lips and tongue lathering his balls were too much for Ron, and, with another stroke, he emptied his load up his sister's ass.

"Oh my, oh Ronnie, oh fuck, what a load, I can feel it, oh, fuck, yes, Momma, yes, that's it." Beth had taken over from Donna, and had begun to finger fuck Bonnie, pinching and pulling on her clit. "Oh my, yes, Ronnie, yes, thank you, oh, I feel so full, and that's only the first one, oh, what a wonderful present from my brother."

Donna lowered her head and let her brother's balls pop out of her mouth. "How'd you like that little brother?" She looked up from between Bonnie's butt cheeks as Ronnie backed away, his cock already deflating from the effects of his orgasm. As he pulled his dick out of his sister's asshole, a load of cum came with it, and ran down Bonnie's ass crack and dripped onto Donna's cheek. "Oh, and a present for me, too?" Donna's tongue circled her lips and found the clump of cum, gathering it in with a very visible swallow. "Mmmm, and mighty tasty, too!"

Ron backed away and slumped to the floor, exhausted and panting, not necessarily from the effort, but the effect. He looked depleted and almost dehydrated. "Okay, Donald, you're next, bring that thing over here and give your wife a shot of cum in her butt!" Beth had leaned back in, and was licking her daughter's cum-soaked asshole again. She then lifted her head out of the way and held Bonnie's cheeks wide apart again. Bonnie's husband broke loose from me and positioned himself at his wife's ass.

"Why can't I be last, you're my wife?"

"I told you why, Sweetheart, because he's so much bigger than you, and I want to feel each one of you. That's why Ronnie went first, you're second, and he's last, I want to make sure he didn't stretch my asshole too much." "Please, Honey, fuck me, fuck my asshole?" Donald brought his dick up to his wife's wide-open crotch, and, with a slight deviation, buried himself in her pussy. "Donald, what are you doing?" "Oh, Honey, that feels good, but I want you to fuck me in the ass this time, I'll let you fuck my pussy tonight."

"Just needed a little lubrication, Dear, here, now, how's this?" With that, Donald pulled out of Bonnie's pussy and slowly entered her sloppy asshole. "Here, now, yes, oh, you are tight, this is good, oh, Honey, yes, I, I'm in." Donald matched the position that his Brother in Law had assumed only moments earlier, and now had his dick fully buried in his wife's asshole. As Bonnie settled into the new experience, Donald began to rock back and forth, now fucking Bonnie's ass, where Ronnie had only thrust and cum.

"Oh, yes, oh, Donald fuck me, oh, I love your dick up my ass, oh, Honey, yes, fuck me, fuck me." Donna had returned to eating her sister's pussy while Donald's dick slid in and out of her asshole. "Oh Donna, yes, eat me, suck my clit, make me cum, oh, yes, oh, oh, yes, Honey, cum with me, shoot in me, now, please, I'm going to cum, yes, now, please, oh, Donald, yes, yes, Yes!" Bonnie bucked back against her husband's cock as her pussy juices shot out and over her sister's face. At the same time, Donald tensed and buried his dick deep into his wife's asshole. "Oh, Baby, I know it was hard to wait, but, oh, Baby, what a load, that's it, cum, cum again, yes, Donald, yes!"

I watched Donald's butt muscles twitch as he shot load after load up his wife's ass, and then his knees buckled and his dick slipped out of her with a loud fart. "Oh, Bonnie, we can't wait that long again, I feel like I've been drained, I think I might pass out!" And damned if he didn't, fell flat on his ass, his cock still dribbling aftershocks of cum.

"Is he alright, is he dead?" "No, Baby, he's just overexerted himself and hyperventilated, I'm sure he'll be alright." "Let me see if I can resuscitate him?" Beth crawled over to the prone figure of her Son in Law, from the kneeling position behind her daughter, and positioned her pussy right over Donald's face. "Here, this should wake him, and me up, as well. I need to cum again, and this should take care of the both of us!" Beth squatted and we could hear Donald's breathing slowly normalize. "Oh, yes, he's going to be fine, yes, Donald, that's it, yes, oh, your tongue, yes, oh, yes, now, yes, now!" Beth reached down and held either side of Donald's head, shuddered, and then raised one leg and moved back.

Donald raised his head and looked around. "Thank you Beth, that's just what I needed, a pussy on my face to revive me. Have I ever told you how sweet you taste?" And with that, he lay his head back down and closed his eyes. But at least we all knew he was still alive.

Bonnie looked over at me, a finger in my mouth as usual, slurping on my own pre-cum, stroking my cock slowly and deliberately, spreading some of the fluids down the full length. "It's your turn, partner, come over here and give me what I need!" I walked slowly to the edge of the bed, and looked down at my wife's face between her sister's thighs.

Donna looked up at me with a grin. "Fuck her, fuck her asshole, split her in two!" 'She's made us wait for over a week, so I want you to give it to her good, make her feel it!" As she lay her head back down, Donna opened her mouth and I bent down and placed the tip of my dick on her lips. Her tongue snaked out and, coupled with her spit, she lubed my dick, making it ready for her sister's asshole.

I raised up, and again, Beth spread her daughter's butt cheeks. I placed my dick, slick with my wife's saliva, at Bonnie's rectal opening and slid just the head in, and stopped. "Oh, yes, that is what I need, oh, fuck me, fuck my asshole with that magic wand of yours!" Bonnie backed up toward me, and I pressed forward, and our mutual motions sheathed my sword into her scabbard ass. "Yesssss!" Bonnie hissed as my full length finally settled into her anal canal. "Oh, don't move, not yet, let me feel it, oh, I am so stuffed, I love your dick in my ass, I wish I could have it there all the time, no, don't move, just hold it, hold my hips steady, oh, yes, that is so nice!"

Ron, who had been conspicuous by his silence and absence up to this time, walked around to the side of the bed, and climbed on, up near his sister's head. "Suck me Bonnie, suck my dick, I didn't get to stroke in your ass, and I think I have more cum." Bonnie opened her mouth and her brother began to fuck her face. "Yeah, oh, yeah, suck me, that's it, yes, suck my dick."

Bonnie lifted her head from her brother's dick and looked back at me. "Okay, now, fuck me, fuck me hard, do it, split me in half if you think you can, I want to feel your cum deep in my ass, fill me up, fuck me, yes, fuck me!" I pulled almost all the way out, only the head remained up her asshole, and then lunged in, and again, and again, each time taking a full stroke, burying my cock deep in her asshole, stroking with a rhythm that had my balls swinging back and forth like a pendulum. "Yes, yes, mm, mm, mm!" Ron stuck his dick back into his sister's mouth, and I fucked him with her mouth, my motions driving her onto him.

Beth reached behind me and grabbed my swinging nutsack. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, sharing my tongue with her as I ass fucked her youngest daughter. She had her other hand down between Bonnie's legs, jacking off her clit like it was a little dick. She placed her thumb on my butt plug, and manipulated my balls with her fingers as she held the plug firmly in my asshole. Donna was just an observer now, and she crawled out from underneath her sister, and knelt in front of her Mother. Beth spread her legs, and her daughter began to feast on her flowing pussy juices.

"MM, MM, MM, MM!" Her brother's cock, driven in and out of her mouth by my pounding of her asshole muffled Bonnie's exclamations. I had both hands on her hips, rocking her back and forth, pounding my cock deeper and deeper into her ass.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum, oh, fuck, suck me Bonnie, suck me, take my cum, oh, yes, oh, fuck!" Ronnie grabbed his sister's head and held her mouth on his dick, as another load of cum spurt forth from him. "There, Sis, now you've got two loads from me, now who loves you better, that's right, your little brother!" He pulled out, cum still pumping from his cock, and smeared the remnants on her cheeks and chin. "There, yeah, Happy Fucking Birthday!"

I continued to pound Bonnie's asshole, but knew I couldn't last much longer. "Now, yes, now, here it is Bonnie, take it, take my cum, feel my cum in your ass, yes, UH!" I held her asshole deep on my dick and my cock pulsed out all my fluids. Beth's manipulation of my balls, and pressure on the butt plug had put my systems into overload, and I emptied into her daughter's asshole. "Oh, fuck, Bonnie, fuck, I've never cum this much, oh, Beth, no more, oh, please, oh fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Bonnie knelt there on the bed, speechless, and then collapsed, my dick pulling out with a pop, a little cum still trickling out. I watched as her body spasmed in continuous orgasm, a puddle forming around her crotch area, made up of her final release, and the accumulation of three loads of cum up her ass.

I stumbled back, almost tripping over Donna as she continued to lick her Mother's pussy. "Donna, dear, that's enough, that's fine, oh, thank you, thank you." Beth pushed my wife's face away from her pussy, and leaned over against the bed.

I sat on the floor, next to the sleeping Donald, his mouth gaping open as he lay on his side, snoring. "What was it he had said earlier?" I thought to myself. "Oh, yeah 'You know, you are really fucked up, after that one time, no fluids from any male organ, including my own, are going to come close to my lips!'" "Well, I wonder if he'd like a little taste of the fluids from three, plus a little something extra?" I positioned my semi-erect cock, and lunged, Donald instinctively closed his lips around me, and I retreated, my cock almost clean.

"You, what, you son of a bitch, why'd you do that?"

"I guess for the same reason that I fucked your wife up the ass the first time, because it was there, and the opportunity presented itself."

"You know, you're going to get yours one of these days!"

Well, I'm open minded enough to have already had mine, plus yours, his, hers, hers, and hers, so, as long as it keeps feeling good, I guess I'm gonna keep on doing it!"


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