The Best Erotic Stories.

Big Three-Oooh
by E. Nonny Muse

My best friend, Vicki, was treating me to lunch, trying to cheer me up. I turned thirty today and my husband, Harry, was out of town at a lawyer's convention. We had finished our shrimp scampi and were both on our third glass of white wine. Vicki and I had been best friends since high school and knew each other's most intimate secrets. I could tell from the look in her eye she was cooking up some outrageous birthday surprise. Last year she had taken me to a male strip club. She ran her fingertip around the rim of her wine glass, and with a little smile, asked me, "So, how's your sex life?"

I answered with a shrug that said same-old, same-old. The truth was I'd never had an orgasm as they were described in books and magazines. I was a virgin when I'd married Harry. I was twenty five and he was forty and I'd married him because he made a lot of money. Not that we didn't have sex. Unless he was out of town, every night Harry would mount me in the missionary position and pump me with his penis until he ejaculated, only taking a few minutes, then he'd turn his back to me and fall asleep. That's how I finally answered Vicki's question. "If he's not out of town, we have sex every night."

This didn't satisfy her though. "So tell me Linda, how big is Harry's dick?"

"You've been to our house and you've seen him nude in our sauna and hot tub, so what's your question?"

"No Linda, I mean how big is his hard on?"

Of course I'd never actually measured him, so I had to think and visualize before I could answer. Holding my index fingers apart, I said, "Oh, about five inches long, maybe three inches around and an inch and quarter or so wide."

Vicki nodded her head knowingly and sat up straight in her chair as if she had decided on something. "Okay, I've decided that for your thirtieth birthday I'm going to loan you Tony for tonight. And if he fucks you as well as he fucks me, you can borrow him any time he's willing." Vicki wasn't married. Tony was the guy she lived with. He was eighteen, a handsome Italian kid, who managed a health club.

I wasn't taking her seriously, but I played along, "So, what you're telling me is that your boy toy is hung like a horse?"

"Depends on what horse you've ridden," she answered teasingly. "Tony's cock is seven inches along the top, eight inches from the eyehole to his balls, five inches around, two inches wide, and hard as oak. He can control when he comes so well that he can fuck you any way you like for as long as you like. He has big, full balls and when he comes deep inside you, he seems to pump forever, filling you up with sperm. And don't give me any crap about fidelity. I'll bet good old Harry is getting it tonight, and at two hundred dollars an hour!" Vicki asked for the check and told me that Tony would be at my house around eight.


Tony showed up wearing a polo shirt and jeans, both tight fitting, the shirt showing off his muscular chest and the jeans calling attention to the prominent bulge in his crotch. In the bedroom Tony undressed except for his snug red briefs. He had thick sensuous lips and kissed my mouth, neck, and breasts as he undressed me. After he had removed my panties, he took my hands and inserted my thumbs under the elastic of his briefs, encouraging me to pull them down. After I had, he turned slowly, preening for me.

Tony stood about five-ten, built like an Adonis, with a broad muscular chest tapering to a trim, flat stomach, a tight little butt, powerful looking legs, and small feet. I mentally compared him to my husband who was a little shorter and, although he worked out and kept his weight down, was still genetically pear shaped with a big fat butt. I was used to body hair, hubby even had it on his back! Tony's back was hairless. He kept the thick shock of black hair on his head cut short.

A dense mat of straight, glossy, black hair covered his chest with an arrow of the same running down to his navel. The same straight, black hair covered his muscular legs. Above his genitals grew a big, black bush, curly and frizzy from a recent shower. His genitals resembled those on the David statue by Michaelangelo. Hanging at rest, his penis was smaller than hubby's. Of course I'd never seen an uncircumcised penis before, so instead of a pink, acorn shaped tip, his ended in a wad of olive brown skin.

I lay on the bed on my back, parting my legs, expecting him to mount me in the usual way. Instead he got on top of me in reverse, straddling my head with his knees, supporting himself on his elbows, his face positioned above my crotch. His genitals hung down inches from my face. Although he let the hair around his asshole and above his penis grow wild, he kept the hair on his sack and at the base of his penis closely trimmed.

Still relaxed, his little penis hung down only half the length of his sack. As he licked and kissed the insides of my thighs, I stared up at what caused the bulge in his jeans. Tony had big, heavy looking balls, hanging down several inches from his crotch, bulging out his brown bag, dwarfing his limp dick. He spread open my pussy and began licking along the inside of my lips, making me feel warm and tingly down there. He gently licked around my clit, making me tense and anxious. Next he rubbed his nose in my cunt hole.

This apparently pricked his interest. His penis swelled and lengthened, rising up away from his balls in steady, rhythmic pulses as his heart filled his organ with blood. His balls moved around in their bag as if they were trying to climb closer to his crotch. I felt his sack. His balls were at least twice as big as hubby's, each a handful. His left was slightly larger than his right and hung lower in his bag. They felt like hard rubber eggs, smooth on the front with wormlike tubes on their backs. Tony's tube reservoirs felt thick and firm, packed full of sperm.

He changed position straddling my chest, his balls resting between my tits. He had a full hard on. Hubby's erection stood out at an angle slightly above level. Tony's, being twenty two years younger, stood almost vertical, throbbing to his heart beat. The foreskin was now stretched out exposing a purple tip with the little mouth in the center. I looked up at him and asked, "Does the end stay like that? My husband is Jewish so I've never seen one with the skin still on."

He answered by smiling and having me sit up against the headboard. Still straddling me, he took my hands and wrapped them around his shaft telling me to pull down. As I did the skin moved with my hands, snapping back over the rim, completely exposing the head. His shaft curved upward instead of being straight like hubby's. Also the head of Harry's penis is slightly smaller than the shaft. Tony's big purple acorn looked to be half an inch wider than his shaft. Stroking him, I discovered I could easily expose or cover the head with his skin. I saw nature's wisdom behind the design. Sure, it was designed to protect the sensitive glans, but I now learned what all uncut little boys learn at a young age. By wrapping his hand around his shaft and sliding the head in and out of the skin, a guy could create his very own personal, portable, and most importantly, always available cunt. The designer must have known that it's not always possible, nor desirable to deal with all the psycho baggage that comes with a cunt that's topped by a clit. I wondered if this flexible sheath might be the origin of the word "manhood". Vicki hadn't exaggerated. Tony had a thick, hard cock and it looked every bit of eight inches from the vee at the tip to where it joined his huge, virile balls.

He lay me on my back again and scooted down sticking his tongue in my cunt, getting it wet. He mounted me, holding my legs up and apart. I felt the big head of his dick push into my cunt, gradually spreading me open to accommodate its massive size. He stayed that way, with just his dickhead in me, while he licked and kissed my tits, making my nipples hard. He began fucking me slowly, going a little deeper with each thrust. He held my legs up closer to my chest and gave me all he had, stretching my cunt with his thick, hard, seven inch fucking stud. What I felt between my pussy lips was completely new to me. Word origins again: "fulfillment"? It's hard to describe, but it made me feel proud of my sex to hold the size and power of Tony's young cock in the firm grip of my cunt.

Relaxing my legs somewhat, Tony pulled out until just his cockhead was in my cunt mouth before pushing it all the way in, then almost all the way out again, treating my pussy with slow, firm fuck thrusts. He pleasured me like this for what seemed like fifteen minutes, gradually increasing his speed, then slowing down again. The feeling I liked best was when all of his cock was in me. It felt like warm waves rolling from my cunt to the top of my head and the tips of my toes. I wondered if this was an orgasm.

Tony must be a mind reader because he proceeded to answer my question. He pushed his erection all the way in and lowered my legs to the bed. This was a relief because my hip joints were hurting. Next he put his legs outside of mine and pushed my legs together with his knees. He pulled his body up toward the headboard, adjusting until he felt right, then he began fucking me again. As he thrust he could only give my cunt about half his length, but that was the whole idea. The inner half of his dick had become the business end. As he stroked me firmly and steadily, the thick trunk of his cock fucked my clit. I began to feel the warm waves again, but much more intensely. It was like all the sensation in my body was concentrated in my clit. I felt like I was exploding and cried out involuntarily, "Oooh Tony, fuckme-fuckme-fuckme! Don't stop! My pussy needs to be fucked!" I had never made noise while fucking before. I thought I was hearing the cries of a stranger. My clit throbbed and my cunt squeezed Tony's cock, trying to milk him. My stomach muscles spasmed in rhythm with my clit and cunt. Waves of the most intense pleasure I'd ever known radiated from my clit, rolling through my body as I cried out uncontrollably. As my orgasm subsided, Tony slowed his fucking until he was finally still. I gently felt my burning clit with my finger tips. It felt hot and hard, its erection swelling it to twice its size at rest. It felt like a little cock, its hard on increasing its length making the tip peek out from under its hood. I felt like an intense pressure inside me had been released. I felt something else, too: cheated. All those years settling for less than this! What a fool I'd been! He pulled me down the bed until my ass was at the edge. Kneeling on the floor, he held up my legs and licked up all my pussy cum.

"You sure know how to treat a girl right! Where did you learn to fuck like that?"

"Oh, I guess Vicki taught me most of what I know about how to make a woman's pussy glow."

"Wow! That was fantastic! Hey, it's your turn Tony. Do me any way you want, but can I ask a favor?"

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

"Well, when I was checking out your balls I noticed your sperm tubes are pretty full and you're young and virile... so, how many times do you think you'll cum this evening?"

"I'm probably good for three, what's the favor?"

"Okay, I want to see your first ejaculation. I'm on the pill, so after your first gusher, you can pump my cunt full of all the cream you've got left behind those big nuts. Okay?"

Tony smiled and nodded, "It's your birthday Linda, so if you want to see me shoot semen, I'll try to give you a good show, but first I want to fuck you from behind." He had me get on my hands and knees with my knees at the edge of the bed. He stood and mounted me from the rear, doggy style. He started slowly and built up speed, using the power of those muscular legs to ram his cock into me. Except for getting my cunt filled, I didn't get much out of this, but he seemed to really enjoy it. He fucked me hard and fast for several minutes. Looking back between my swinging tits, I had a good view of his big balls bouncing against my pussy. He pulled out and slipped two fingers into my cunt, plowing my pussy furrow with his thick shaft while fucking my clit with his big, purple cockhead. I came again. Not as intense as the first time, but it still felt pretty damn good! He turned me over, spread my legs wide, and mounted me. He was hot and sweaty and his eyes looked glazed. No slow start this time. He was under the complete control of his swollen cockhead. He rammed my cunt hard and fast for less than five minutes, then pulled out and stroked his cock in his fist, his manhood slipping back and forth over his giant, purple acorn. He let out a grunt from deep in his chest and streams of sperm laden cream pumped from his balls out of the mouth of his cock, raining down on my tits and stomach. Tony really put the jac in ejaculation. Like the rest of him, his cock muscle was in good shape. He squirted about twelve times. The first four or five squirts were so powerful that the spumes of semen arched out high over my stomach splatting down above, on, and between my tits. Even the next four or five pumped out hard enough to land five or six inches from his cock nozzle. The last two or three squirts still had a kick to them. Tony's cum looked off-white and thick as yogurt, sticking where it landed. And my god, there was a lot of it! I had big pools of his ball juice from my tits to my bush. He squeezed out one last dollop. Leaving his manhood covering his cockhead, he scooted up straddling me, dragging his balls back and forth in the pools until his pouch was dripping with concentrated testosterone.

He slipped a pillow under my head and straddled me with his testicles hanging over my face. "And now, it's my turn to ask a favor. Lick the cum off my balls." My pleasure, I thought. I wanted to taste his essence of sperm and massage his big balls with my mouth. After licking off any semen that was dripping, I slipped his right testicle into my mouth and explored with my tongue. His copious ejaculation hadn't diminished his sperm factories. It felt big and hard in my mouth. The tubes on the back and the knot where they connected to the top of his ball still felt firm and swollen with yet more millions of sperm, awaiting their chance to swim in a woman's cunt. His cum was almost odorless and tasted slightly like sea salt. After massaging his left ball, I peeled back his skin and sucked his cockhead clean.

"My balls are good for two or three more loads, so what do you want to do now?"

"I want to ride your big dick and feel him pump a big serving of testicle tartar sauce deep in my cunt. But first I'm gonna go shit and wash your cum off."

In the bathroom I sat on the toilet seat and squeezed out my dump. As I was wiping my asshole, Tony entered and stood three of four feet in front of the urinal. Holding his still plump penis between has left thumb and forefinger, he aimed at the porcelain. He yawned and scratched the back of his ball bag with his other hand. After ripping off a long, loud fart, he pissed a fat yellow stream that I thought would never stop. He shut off his flow, then splattered the urinal with several strong squirts, showing off his young cock muscle. Finally he cozied up to the urinal and slipped his glans in and out of its skin, squeezing out the last drops. Looking down at the big, brown turd in the commode, he observed, "I hate to be the one to tell you Linda, but it looks like you were full of shit."

"Very funny, and now you're pissed off. See, I can make corny jokes, too."

We showered together. Tony finished first and after toweling off, I returned to the bedroom. He lay on his back, elbows splayed, hands under his head. Tony was ready to be fucked. His twitching hard on reached from his balls to his navel. I kneeled over him and grabbed his shaft, pulling his erection vertical. Knowing it was about to get a good fucking, his big, purple head oozed pre-jac pussy lube from its little mouth. It tasted less salty than his cum. Holding his shaft firmly in my fist, I took his cockhead into my mouth, sucking and massaging it with my tongue. Its skin felt softer and smoother than hubby's. I wanted to suck him off later, but for now I just needed to get him wet. I held my breath and shoved him into my throat, rubbing my nose and eyelashes in his thick bush. I straddled him face to face, embracing his cockhead in my pussy lips. Used to his size from before, my cunt swallowed all seven inches easily. For a few seconds I sat with my asshole on his balls, enjoying the feeling of a full cunt. I'd never ridden cock before and found it great fun being the fucker instead of the fuckee. At first I rode him slowly, rising almost all the way off then back down taking it all. I found this was the perfect position for a woman to learn to control her orgasm. I learned that by sitting all the way down on him and rocking to and fro, rolling his balls with my butt, and using my clit as a cock fucking his shaft, I could come in strong orgasmic waves at will. After I rode him for half an hour and came three times, I decided it was his turn. "Okay, now I want to fuck you off. Instructions please." It occurred to me that a guy would never ask that. They were supposed to be born knowing how to service pussy and get a woman off? How absurdly unfair to men.

"Simple," Tony replied, "just reverse your position and ride my cock in long steady strokes, fucking me harder and faster until I come."

"Okay, but may I ask why that position?"

"Well first the way it feels. The back of your cunt riding the top of cockhead feels especially nice. Then too, I guess I'm a sight hound. Seeing your big, beautiful ass bobbing up and down and your pussy hugging my cockshaft...well, it probably stimulates some primitive part of my brain compelling me to sow my seed in your cunt."

Tony put pillows under his head to get a good view as I serviced him with my pussy and cunt. I fucked him with full strokes, rising until just his cockhead was in me, then sitting, ramming him hard up my cunt. I sat up straight, arching my back, like riding a horse. My hands were free so I massaged his balls. He seemed to like it when I tickled the ridge between his sack and his asshole. As I fucked him harder and faster, I heard his breathing get shallower, then he moaned as his orgasm took control. His cock got bigger and harder as I ground against him, burying his swollen purple head as deep as I could. I stopped fucking and used only my cunt muscles to milk him. Under my fingertips I felt his cock muscle contract and pump sperm from his balls. I squeezed him in my cunt and felt his cock throb. It pumped and pumped and pumped, flooding my carnal canal with spermy crotch cream. I wondered if this was the way a man felt when he serviced a woman. I felt like a stud. I'd used my sex to give a virile, well hung man the ultimate pleasure. I dismounted and stood to get blood circulating in my legs. Rivers of cum streamed down my thighs. Tony had me lie on my back as he kneeled on the floor and ate my pussy. I felt pretty well sated, but he worked me over with his lips and tongue until my pussy lips swelled and my girl cock had a hard on. Tony must have known I was close. He shoved his tongue up my cunt and rubbed my hard clit with his nose. The force of my orgasm surprised me, considering how many times I'd already come.

We went to the rec room and got in the hot tub, letting the warm jets of water wash off the mixture of spit, ball cum, and pussy cum, and giving his dick and nuts time to recharge. "So what did you like best about your birthday present, Linda?", Tony asked.

I thought a second. "Well I finally found out how great it feels to come..and come..and come....Also I liked the feeling of power I got from fucking you and controlling your cum. Is that how a man feels when he services a woman?"

"I can only speak for myself. It's not so much about power and control. It's more like returning a favor, giving back for all the pleasure a fully sexed woman gives me. What did you like best about me?"

"What's not to like, I like everything about you, but if I had to pick one thing, I guess it would be your big, thick cock. All that bullshit about size not mattering, well now I know, and I definitely prefer a man with a thick cock. But hey, yours is only the second one I've milked. I'd sure like to test ride many more."

"I've got something that might interest you. I have to get it from my car. Be right back." He wrapped a towel around his waist and went toward the driveway. He returned carrying a photo album. We dried off and sat in deck chairs at a table.

Tony explained, "At the club I manage, we have a service we don't advertise. We have to be discreet about it. It's not for everyone. We have a certain number of women members who like to fuck just for fun, but they don't want to go through all the hassle of dating and game playing. So, we ask the men members if they would like to join a club within the club and avail themselves to service these women. Almost all say yes. Why not, free pussy. Anyway, the women choose their studs from this photo album."

The album contained color photos of the men in the club. Each member had his own page. All the pictures were nudes. One showed the man's front, another his back. In the front shot the man's penis was flaccid. The next two pictures showed the man from the front again and also from the side. In these two the man had a full erection, with the frontal shot displaying his testicles. In addition to the four photos, there was a data sidebar about the man. It listed his height, weight, age and race. It also listed very specifically the contents of his jock pouch. Under the heading, "How Hung", the woman was supplied with the exact dimensions of his erect penis, the length along the top and underside, the circumference, width, and whether cut or uncut. There were a lot of pages in the album, I didn't doubt that almost all the men in the club had agreed to be measured and catalogued. As I flipped through the first few pages I saw a trend. Most were clipped and the most prevalent length was six inches from bush to mouth. I winked at Tony. "Okay cool. Show me someone bigger than you. In fact, show me the biggest cock in the club."

He checked the index and opened the album turning the page toward me. The man was fifty years old, but physically fit. He was cut, and in fact, looked Jewish. His page contained five photos instead of four. The fifth was a side view with a flaccid penis. At rest, his penis looked to be as big as Tony's erection. The additional side view showed it hooking out over his balls. If that was as small as he got, I bet it was a nuisance packing it around. His hard on was so big I wondered if the photo had been retouched. His erection stood about ten degrees above horizontal, straight, with a cockhead about the same size as the shaft. His cock was so big it dwarfed his balls, although I'm sure they were normal size. I looked at the sidebar listing his measurements. He supposedly measured eleven inches from bush to tip, twelve on the underside, two and three quarters wide, and seven inches in girth. I looked at Tony skeptically. "I don't believe these photos. Tell me they're made up."

"Tell you what, he's going to be part of a gang bang at the club tomorrow night. If you want to see if he's really that big you can come and watch through a one way mirror." I asked what time and told him it was a date.

I'd let him rest long enough to recover. I told him I wanted to suck his cock and had him sit on the edge of the tub while I knelt in the water between his legs. By the time we were in position, he had a full hard on. I took his cockhead in my mouth and tongued his rim, making his cock expand and harden. I rubbed his balls with my left hand, gripping his shaft tightly with my right, jacking him up and down. Then I jacked his shaft using both hands to make him feel fully encased in a viselike grip, while sucking his swollen cockhead. He grabbed my hair and grunted. His cock throbbed in my hands. I felt his semen pulse through his tube. Even though this was his third cum of the evening, those young, virile balls still had plenty of juice to flood my mouth. I timed my swallows with his spurts, making room as he kept pumping and pumping his cum cream in my mouth. Finally, I milked him in my fists, swallowing every last drop.


The one way mirror revealed a weight and exercise room. There were nine people in the room, six men and three women. All were naked except for one of the women, a chubby, plain looker, holding a video camera. Tony explained, "The two nude women are lesbian lovers. They want to have a kid, but don't want to go the sperm bank way. The furry one on the bench wants to be inseminated. She picked six men from the album and they all agreed to build their sperm supply for a week and gang fuck her when she's in heat."

The woman on the bench had straight, chopped, black hair. She went au naturel and had hair on her armpits and legs and a black bush that grew so thick that it completely hid her snatch. She had dark skin, small tits, a broad ass, and stocky, muscular legs. Her lover was a petite, very pretty blond. She wasn't exactly naked. She had strapped on a black, rubber dildo, about six inches long, maybe four inches in girth, an inch and a half wide. A black bag containing two fake testicles hung from her crotch. The six she had picked as her bulls all had full erections of various shapes and sizes. The old guy with the eleven inch penis was one of them, and except for him, they all had one thing in common. The other five were hung with a big pair of balls, even bigger than Tony's. That made sense. She wanted sperm, and lots of it.

They got started. Big bush lay on her back on the weight lifting bench. The bull who was to be the next donor straddled the bench, holding her legs high for maximum penetration, his balls in her face while she licked his dick to keep him big and hard for his turn. The other four men stood and watched with their throbbing erections dripping pre-cum. As the first stud got in position to fuck her, I looked at his page in the album. His data said he was eighteen, but he looked more like sixteen. His cock was five and a half inches long, four inches around, and an inch and a half wide. He straddled the bench, his hard little dick aimed at her bush, but before he penetrated, the blond straddled the bench behind him and shoved her well lubricated strap on six inches up his asshole. As she fucked him, the pressure against his prostate further hardened and enlarged his cock. He shoved his hard on into her bush, her cunt easily taking all of him. He fucked her hard and fast. While he filled her cunt with hard cock, blondie filled his ass with hard rubber. Just before he ejaculated, she gave him all her dildo, pushing his cock deep into her lover's cunt. After his cum I expected him to pull out, but blondie kept fucking his ass, keeping him hard, and he kept pounding her bushy pussy. He quit after he had pumped four loads of semen into the end of her cunt. Teenage boys, the ultimate fucking machines.

After the boy pulled out his dripping erection, the next guy got off her face, getting in position to donate his sperm. He was a tall, thin Negro. His fact sheet said that he was six and a half feet tall, thirty years old, had a six inch, uncut cock the same thickness and width as he predecessor. He was a light skinned Negro except for his genitals. His big nuts and dick were a dark, walnut brown. But blondie's dick was even darker and after sterilizing and relubing it, she spread open his asshole, while he slid his foreskin back and forth, jacking his cock. He already had a high erection, but the dildo made his cock harden and point even higher. He fucked her slower than the kid, taking his time, getting his load of cum nice and juicy. This bull was noisy. When he came, he groaned and grunted, trying to keep stroking while he emptied his balls, but his ass fucker would have none of that. She rammed him with her hard rubber, pinning him against her lover's snatch, forcing him to keep still and pump his sperm deep in her cunt. She felt behind his balls to make sure he was done squirting. She asked him if he could come again and he shook his head. She withdrew her rubber dick and released him. He pulled out his already diminishing cock, letting the next donor mount.

The next man was short and swarthy with a lot of body hair. He had an impressive erection sticking out above his scrotal sack, which hung five or six inches below his crotch, filled up with heavy balls that looked as big as lemons. His page said he was Greek. He had a long, thick penis even when limp. With a hard on, his cock measured seven inches long, two and a half inches wide, and five and a half inches thick. The pictures of his erection showed him with his foreskin unretracted, but as he got in place to fuck, his helper reached around and peeled him as she filled his ass. This guy had a really great looking cock. The thick shaft was dark brown and curved upward. His cockhead looked much bigger than the shaft, flaring out like a big purple plow. He fucked her in full strokes, ramming her hard with every thrust, his giant balls hanging below blondie's faux nuts, swinging out, then bouncing off her hairy ass. She shoved her dildo in all the way, forcing his cock deep and monitored his ejaculation with her fingers placed up behind his balls. She kept her fingers there longer than usual and smiled. The Greek was pumping out a lot of sperm. When he was finally allowed to pull out his big wet cock, semen trickled out of her bush. Her cunt was flooded with cum soup and she'd only unloaded half the balls. Six more plump testicles to go.

The next stud was another youngster, who had obviously been chosen for not only his youth, but more so for his large testicles and the promise of a high sperm count. Like the first kid he had a skinless cock, but his was eight inches long, two inches wide, and five inches around. He had light skin and very little body hair. His white hard on jumped as it aimed at the ceiling. His nuts were about the size of Tony's, riding high against his crotch, filling out his white, hairless sack, actually looking like balls. He fucked like a hound going at a bitch in heat, rutting hard and fast, plunging in all the way, holding still and spurting his semen, and then after a few seconds, starting again. He gave her cunt six doses of sperm cream before he was all pumped out Blondie smiled at him and gave him an atta boy pat on the back. He'd just sown her lover's womb with over a hundred million young, healthy seeds. That's what happens when a teenager keeps his hand off his dick for a week, then gets welcomed by a pussy spread open and thirsty for a big drink of sperm.

The photo of the fifth stud showed him with a thick, three incher hanging limply over his testicles, but in the flesh and ready to fuck, it had undergone an extensive transformation. He was thirty years old, six feet tall, and one hundred and seventy pounds. He apparently made good use of the health club, because he was a physical specimen, well muscled with a hard, flat stomach and a small butt. He had a dark tan except for his hip area where his swim briefs covered him. His dark tan contrasted with his compact, white butt making it even more attractive. Now fully excited, he sported a big, nine inch cock, the same width and girth as the Greek, the complexion of his shaft and sack as dark as his tan. His big, brown cock curved upward in a youthful erection, topped by an oversized purple head with its manhood fully peeled back, ready to plow pussy. It looked like it grew another half inch when the ugly black, rubber dick violated his cute, little, white ass. He had almost no body hair and trimmed his genital hair short, making his cock look even bigger. His bag rode up high behind the root of his cock, bulging with the most massive pair of balls in the room. If you looked up "well hung" in the encyclopedia of sex, this guy's equipment should be the illustration. He gave the dyke on the bench about half his length, slowly spreading her open with his large cockhead. After a few thrusts, he fucked her with all nine inches, slowly stroking her cunt. In less than five minutes he reached his plateau. The next time his big cockhead was buried nine inches deep, blondie rammed him with her rubber enforcer, pinning him while he emptied his ball tubes deep in her lover's cunt. His well toned butt flexed as he pistoned her with his baby maker. Judging from the length of time the blond dyke held her fingers under his balls, his cock pump must have contracted a couple dozen times, donating several ounces of semen. When he dismounted, he still had a raging hard on, dripping with cum. Blondie asked him if he could donate again and he said yes, adding that he didn't masturbate and hadn't had pussy for a month. What a sap! Any man who relies on the whims of women for his cum needs will have swollen tubes most of the time. Most women are basically whores trading pussy for goods and services, with little interest in fucking for pleasure. But I wasn't most women and this good looking guy was at the top of my to do list. I looked at his huge cock and wondered if I could take all of it. If he says yes, I'll ride him until his balls are empty and he can no longer get it up. My pussy oozed just imagining the feeling. He fucked her again, this time faster and harder, taking twice as long to build up his cum. It also took less time to spurt his cream. When he pulled out his dripping cock, it still looked fully swollen, but it hung down instead of curving skyward.

The only one left was Mr. Big Dick. The blond removed her dildo harness and stood over her lover's head, holding her legs up. I asked Tony, "Why isn't she going to give it to him up the ass?"

"Well for one thing he has hemorrhoids, but the main reason is that they have no interest in his sperm. The two dykes have a bet whether or not the ugly one can take all eleven inches. As I understand it, if she can handle him she wins the bet and blondie has to suck him off and deep throat his cock."

Good, more entertainment. I didn't think lubrication would be a problem. Her bush was soaked and cum dripped out of her cunt creating a small lake under her asshole. He straddled the bench and placed his skinless cockhead between her pussy lips. His balls were average size, but appeared small in contrast to his enormous cock, which stood out straight instead of pointing up. The dyke had no trouble handling his thickness, having just been fucked by a couple of cockheads as big as his shaft. He fucked her slowly using only six inches at first, gradually giving her a little more with each thrust. Soon he was giving her all but a couple of inches. When he pushed all eleven inches in, he stopped fucking and let her feel the full effect of his cunt stuffer. She smiled up at her partner, having won the bet. When he pulled out, his cock dripped cum from the other men's balls. With a look of resignation, blondie put cushions under her lover's butt to help the sperm swim and inseminate her egg. She tied her long blond hair in a ponytail and lay on her back on another weight bench, hanging her head off the end. The old Jew crouched before her face, still hard and ready to give her a throat fuck. She opened her small mouth as wide as she could, hanging her tongue out to make room. He slid his cockhead under her tongue and began fucking her mouth. She encased his shaft in her fists and he thrust in only about four inches at first. After some more of this, he said something to her that I didn't catch. He pulled completely out and she jacked him with her hands while she took several deep breaths. She nodded and he slowly shoved all his cock into her mouth. Her neck bulged as it stretched to take his cockhead down her throat. He stayed all the way in, fucking her throat in short fast strokes, bouncing his balls on her chin. He grabbed her small tits as he came and started to pump out his ball tubes. Her throat undulated as she timed her swallows with his semen spumes. His old crotch couldn't make a lot of cream, so his load was quick and small. He pulled out his softening cock and headed for the showers. Blondie got up and went to the drinking fountain, rinsing out her mouth repeatedly.

Watching all this really put me on edge. I needed to fuck. I wondered if Tony could read the hungry look in my eyes. I guess not. He asked me, "Would you like to meet the last man up close and personal? He's in the showers and I'm sure he won't mind if we join him." When we entered the showers, he was alone, the other bulls having showered and left already. He had just finished rinsing the soap off and turned toward us as we approached, his thick seven inch kosher sausage hanging at rest.

He smiled and said, "I believe you have me at a disadvantage." I didn't understand what he meant until Tony started to undress. I removed my halter top releasing my big tits, then stepped out of my shorts and panties. Both men were pleased to see that the crotch of my panties was soaked with pussy juice. When Big Dick had seen my tits flop out, his penis had begun to thicken and lengthen. He picked up my panties and put the soaked cotton crotch to his nose. I could tell he liked my natural pussy perfume, because his cock stiffened, pumping up to a full hard on. I knelt before him and rubbed his cock up and down. He was impressively hard for his age and I couldn't get my fingers all the way around his shaft. It swelled and rose higher when I took the head in my lips and licked it.

"Do you want him to fuck you?" he asked teasingly.

"I don't think my cunt's big enough for him", I replied, but seeing his arousal when I removed my top gave me an idea. "Do you think he might enjoy fucking my tits?" I asked coyly. He didn't need to answer. I felt him harden and grow bigger, saying you betcha.

We went to another room and I lay on my back on a narrow bench similar to the one the dykes used. My butt was at the end of the bench so that Tony could fuck my cunt while the other man fucked my tits. He straddled me, rubbing the underside of his hard on in my pussy while he licked and kissed my tits. I wear a 38C. My big melons don't sag much yet. In the middle of my silver dollar sized aureoles I have big, grape sized nipples, which he sucked hungrily, making them big and hard. I got an unexpected bonus. In his enthusiasm for my tits, he rubbed his shaft up and down between my pussy lips, giving my clit a hard on, and making me come. My cleavage was wet from his mouth. He rose up from me and rubbed his cockhead in my pussy, wetting it in my cum. He straddled my chest, putting his cock in my cleavage, pushing my tits together, forming a tit cunt. I felt his balls rolling up and down my stomach and chest as he fucked me. When he thrust forward, my tits hugged the trunk of his shaft with the rest of his cock extending over my face, reaching all the way to my nose. A small stream of clear pre-cum flowed out the mouth of his cock, wetting my nose. Even though he had just showered, I still smelled the musk of his testosterone. When he moved all the way down, leaving just his cockhead between my tits, I felt his thick shaft press against my stomach, his balls almost in my bush. He developed a steady fucking rhythm, his big skinless acorn disappearing as he pulled back, then popping out of my tit cunt when he thrust forward. I felt Tony lift my legs up and spread them, then I felt his hard cock fill my cunt and his balls tickle my asshole. I'd never serviced two men before and it gave me that power of my sex feeling again. My tit fucker experimented with hanging his big cock out over my face, but he wasn't getting much stimulation and returned to shorter strokes, pressing my tits around the head. The more they fucked me, the closer to the edge I got. Although I wasn't getting all that much stimulation, I had a hard on and felt myself near my plateau. As my orgasm rolled through me, Tony shot his hot cum in the end of my cunt as I milked him for more. My tit lover breathed faster, fucking me in short, fast strokes. About to come, his cock hardened and the purple head looked darker as it popped in and out of my tits in a blur. He groaned and thrust his big cock out over my face, the head bobbing up and down over my lips. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, cupping the bottom of the head. His cock jerked up and down as he spurted out his sperm cream in half a dozen short squirts, shooting out an inch or so before landing in my mouth. When he stopped cumming, I tilted my head and sucked his cockhead while I milked his shaft in my fist. I don't know how much he gave the dyke, but there wasn't much cum in the load he gave me. I swirled it around in my mouth, searching for subtle flavors using all my tastebuds. Just salty. I swallowed his cum.


I borrowed one of the "club" albums and took it with me when I met Vicki for coffee and bagels. I wondered if anyone besides me noticed the pun, since the main idea of the album was to show the size of the members' "clubs". Vicki was in a bright mood and asked me how I liked her birthday present.

"Oh very much, thank you. In my brief session with your Tony I learned a lot about myself." She waited for me to elaborate.

"So tell! This is me, Vicki, your best friend!"

"Okay. I finally felt a real orgasm and I most definitely do like the feeling. I plan on having thousands more. I found out how much better a seven inch cock with a wide, thick shaft feels than one that's only five inches and about as thick as a cheap cigar." Vicki had never cared much for hubby so she thought my comparison was a hoot. "And I found out how much fun it is to ride a man's cock and do the fucking instead of just being fucked all the time, and how to come repeatedly while I fuck him."

"What did you think of Tony's balls?"

"You know, if you'd asked me before, it would never have occurred to me to think the size of a guy's balls is important, except for looks maybe. But I found that I get a buzz when a man's hung heavy. I'm curious as to how much cock I can handle, and believe me, I plan to find my limit. But as far as I'm concerned, I'd prefer that a man who fucks me have testicles as big as tennis balls. Also, I liked watching Tony ejaculate. A guy might have to be eighteen to shoot his wad out two feet, and that's a lot of fun to watch, but I'm more excited by the thought of a big pair of balls swollen with sperm, plumbed to a big, hard cock that pumps and pumps and pumps, flooding my cunt with cum. Probably some primitive mating instinct."

Vicki tapped a well tended fingernail on the album. "So have you picked your first fun fuck?"

I opened the book to the guy who had been fifth at the lezzy cluster fuck and showed her his page. She looked at the photos and read the sidebar. "Why this guy? I mean besides the great body, a cock as big as a baseball bat, and balls bigger than a chimpanzee's? Not that those aren't all the right reasons."

Vicki was having a little fun. I answered deadpan, "Those are the exact reasons I plan to fuck him, assuming he'll have me. But there's another reason, one you can't tell from the page."

Still teasing, she pretended to inspect the photos more closely. "I give up. Okay, just a guess. He's packing a pretty full bag under his cock root. What, he's got three balls?"

"Actually you're on the right track, smartass. It seems that as part of his psycho baggage, he believes that masturbation, instead of being a fun and harmless outlet, is wrong."

"So you're planning on converting him, deprogramming him, lobotomizing him, castrating him, what?"

"No, no, no, Vicki. I want him just the way he is. I plan to service him often and repeatedly. I don't know if I can take nine inches, but if I can, I'll squeeze that big cock in my cunt until I pump his sperm tanks dry." Remembering how long it had taken him to spurt his cum in the dyke, I knew he had large semen tanks, and if the size of his balls was any indication, maybe he could refill them faster than I could drain them with my pussy pump. Or my cunt might get too sore to keep up with him. But I'd thought of that. I believed in continuing education. I planned to learn how to take a two and a half inch wide, five to six inches thick cock into my mouth and become a skilled cocksucker.

As we left the café, Vicki said in parting, "After you do him, Linda, I want all the details. He looks like he's packing enough to service a girl's basketball team including the bench. If it turns out that not only is he hung like a horse, but also has the stamina to match, maybe the three of us can get together and make him the meat in our stud muffin sandwich." You have to know Vicki to know that in spite of the whimsical smile, she was dead serious.

* * * * *

Author's note: Maybe we'll get together with Linda and Vicki again in a future story...


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