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Being Watched
by Trassik

I can feel you. Not literally- I mean - I can't feel your hands on me or anything like that, but I can tell your eyes are watching me. You must have taken the hint when I said that my door would be unlocked in case someone wanted to get in tonight. When I talked to you on the phone earlier, I hoped you would take the hint, especially after I mentioned that tonight would be "the night" for Kevin and me.

Even now, while Kevin is slightly bent over so he can kiss me, what with me being only 5 feet tall and I, I can feel my body reacting more to your unseen eyes than to his kisses. Not that he isn't good looking. At 5'10, he is tall, especially compared to me, and muscularly thin with sort-of bookish good looks. He's kissing me deeper now, sliding his tongue between my lips and inside my mouth; his hands are playing with my short blond hair while both of us have our eyes open- two sets of blue eyes just looking at each other.

I can tell by the way that he is kissing me and running his hands up and down my back, half-bared from the halter top I'm wearing, that he has no sense of you, which is good. Kevin would not like knowing that you are watching us, but I love it. I left the door to my bedroom open, as well as the closet doors, since I don't know where you are. I'm pulling Kevin to the bed, sitting down on the edge with my legs crossed so that my short skirt rides up on my thighs. I tell him that I want him to do everything he wants with my body tonight... that I'm ready and willing for just about anything.

He grins at me slowly, the look in his eyes sending signals down my body, similar to the ones I'm getting from knowing you're there. He lies down on the bed, pulling me next to him. He slides my shirt up and over my head, exposing my sheer white bra and my hardening nipples. His hand slides down to my waist, as he lowers his mouth to suck me through my bra... I moan quietly, and as he starts to nibble on me through the thin material, my moans get more insistent.

My pussy is aching to be touched and rubbed, but the pleasure on my nipple is too great to want to give up. Instead, I edge my right leg in between Kevin's long lims, and start to grind my crotch against his leg, forcing my skirt to ride up practically to my waist. Just then, I notice a small movement outside my bedroom door. Knowing that its you, watching me... I moan louder, the wetness between my thighs increasing... and I pull Kevin's face to mine for a deep, sensual kiss....

* * * * *

As I continue to dance my tongue in Kevin's mouth, I spread my legs further apart, showing you one thing Kevin doesn't know yet- I'm not wearing any panties. You can see my pussy lips glistening with my juices, and you have to force yourself not to moan or sigh out loud. I know you; I did this for you as much as for Kevin and myself. I am so hot and horny now, that I feel my body starting to take over... I want to prolong the pleasure of having you watch, but I am aching to be touched, tasted, and filled. I slide my hands to the button on Kevin's pants, unfastening them, unzipping them, and pushing them down his hips along with his boxers. I could feel his cock pushing against me before, but I gasp as I actually see his throbbing dick. It is about 6 inches long and but is pretty thick around.

Kevin kicks the clothing off his legs while also stripping off his shirt, leaving him completely naked. You hear him hint that I "have too many clothes on," just before I sit up on my knees and strip off my bra. I bounce off the bed and stand facing away from him, trying to use my peripheral vision to catch your eye, but I cannot see you in the shadows of the hallway. I bend over, my breasts swaying slightly, as I slowly edge my skirt down and off. Kevin sighs now, knowing how wet I am since I have nothing on to prevent him from seeing the moistness between my legs.

He gets up to stand behind me, his proud cock pointing at an angle to the ceiling; he places one hand on my back, to keep me bent over, and instantly slides two long fingers into my dripping cunt. I push my hips back at him, wanting to be fucked by his hand. I turn my head, partially to look at him and partially to look at you... I want you to see the lust on my face as Kevin starts stroking his hand in and out of my pussy. Keeping his fingers inside me, coming from behind, Kevin moves around me and gets on his knees. In one second, it seems, he pulls his fingers away but quickly replaces them with his tongue, sliding it deep into my center as his top lip nipples at my sensitive clit. The sudden attention is too much for me...

I come quickly and hard, breathing heavily and almost screaming as my orgasm takes hold of me. He keeps licking and sucking, holding me steady with his arms around my thighs, not letting me come down from my orgasm. When he is satisfied, he pushes me back so that I am sitting on the bed, and kisses me deeply. Tasting my cum on his mouth turns me on even more, and I reach a hand out to fondle his cock and balls.

He moans once again, so I flip positions, so that I am lying on my stomach, with him standing next to the bed with his cock right in front of my face. I slip out my tongue, sliding it up the shaft of his rigid cock, then I open my lips and suck him deep inside. As I begin bobbing my head around him, I exaggerate my slurping sounds so that you can hear them. I know how you like to hear me moan and lick my lips when we have phone sex, so I am sure you will enjoy hearing me pleasure this young stud with my lips and tongue. Soon, he is thrusting his crotch in time with the rhythm of my lips going up and down him. I can tell that he is enjoying this, but I am sure that both he and I are ready to move on. I bet you are, too. You are probably holding your cock in the hallway, just waiting to watch Kevin slide his thick dick inside my tight, wet pussy...

* * * * *

From your position, you can see Kevin's cock pistoning in and out of my mouth as he begins to shoot his load into my mouth. You watched me swallow every drop as I wink in your direction. I lick his shaft up and down, cleaning it, and then I lay back on the bed, pulling him towards me. He starts kissing his way up my body, starting at my navel, continuing up to the underside of my breasts where he licks up the center of my cleavage. He moves his lips lightly over both of my stiff nipples, causing me to moan suddenly. I bet you are refocusing your gaze so that you can see every little movement Kevin and I make. I reach my hand down to his slightly softened cock, to keep it from going limp. It is still glistening with my saliva, and I move the moisture around with my thumb and fingers.

Soon, his mouth meets mine, our moans coming together in a kiss, as my ministrations to his dick gain speed. Kevin's meaty cock begins to grow once again in my hand, and he throws his head back from the pleasure of having my small hand wrapped around him. He kisses me once again, urging me to let him slide his cock into my wetness. Then, you notice him whispering- I bet you wish you could hear what he is saying. He whispers sexily into my ear, telling me how he wants to fuck me and how he wants to feel my pussy clenching around his cock. He moans into my ear, still explaining how he's going to slide a finger into my ass while he fucks my cunt.

You can't hear what he is saying, but I am sure you know it is turning me on, because I have slid a hand down to my pussy, fingering myself while he talks. Suddenly, he pulls my hand from my mound and slams his cock into me in one motion. I gasp from the sensation of having his cock fill me up. Slowly, he pulls back out, then once again slams his cock into my wet cunt. He repeats this process a few times, finally pulling out and moving quickly down to suck my clit into his mouth.

The sudden change of position and feeling cause me to orgasm, a muffled scream coming from my lips as I cum quickly. Kevin flips me over and pulls me back, so that I am on my hands and knees in front of him. You watch as he slides one finger into my pussy, getting it wet enough so that he can slide it into my ass. He pushes his finger into my smaller hole, making me squirm against the pressure. As I move from side to side, he drills his prick between my pussy lips and into my hole, holding me in position while he slides a second finger into my ass.

The double penetration is too much for me. You know how much it turns me on- in fact, you're probably surprised that I've lasted this long. I begin shaking and moaning while he fucks both of my holes at once. I can feel my pussy contracting around him, forcing him to cum once again fairly quickly. He continues to thrust in and out as he shoots his load into my dripping cunt. We both fall forward, collapsing from the intensity of our orgasms. I turn my head toward the door, smiling, hoping that you had the chance to fist yourself into an orgasm while you watched...


Another fine story by Trassik.
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