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Barbecue with John & Julie
by Cheryl

When my ex-hubby, Don, and I went to tri-cities one time to see some of my old school buddies it was pretty strange. Not the place but what happened. We got to Greg and Mary's house in the early afternoon and my friend Julie from Oregon City was already there with her husband John. They had a barbecue planned and had also invited there neighbor Jack over.

We all started by sitting around in the back yard reminiscing about old times that we had had in school and Don and the other guys went to the store for some beer. We cooked some burgers on the grill and every body ate until they had enough. By then it was getting dark and someone said let's play some volleyball. We played for about an hour and by then every body was getting tired and Don was getting pretty drunk. He drank way too much, that is probably why our marriage didn't work out. That and it seemed like every time he would get drunk I would start looking for someone else.

Anyway Don went in and went to bed but I stayed out playing volleyball. After a while Julie went in to bed and then Greg and Mary decided it was time for them too. That left John, Jack and myself sitting around the picnic table. Jack asked if I would like to go for a ride on his dirt bike and so I said sure. Remember it was a hot august night and Jack and John only had on shorts and I only had on a pair of shorts and a tank top. This was when I was only 20 and my boobs were real firm and they stood out without any thing to hold them up and they were pretty big too 36C. I didn't wear a bra except when I was at work and so I didn't have one on then.

Jack had gone home to his house next door to get the bike and John and I were sitting there talking about old times. John and I were in the same classes in high school but we had never gone out together, he and Julie had been a pair almost all of the time that I had known both of them. John started telling me how much he had had a crush on me every since he had met me but that he had met Julie and she let him fuck her on their first date and so he had not pursued anyone else.

I was also getting a little loaded by now and I am sure that he was to. We were sitting next to each other and he leaned over and kissed me. I kissed back. He reached up and placed his hand on one of my tits and squeezed lightly as we were kissing. Just then Jack came back riding the dirt bike. We were out of beer by then so Jack suggested that we take the bike up to the store and get some more. He said that he needed some one to ride on the back and carry the beer so I volunteered to keep John and I from going any further.

I said I get to drive up to the store though and then Jack could drive back while I held the beer. We left poor old John there by himself. I jumped on the bike and Jack jumped on behind me. Not being very experienced with motorcycles I told Jack that I would need some help and he was too kind to offer to help. He slid up as close to me as he could get and I swear I could feel his cock pushing into my ass. He reached around and pushed my hands up on the hand grips so he could hold on to them too. Off we went and after a few minutes he sat back and held on to me with one hand on each side.

We came to a stop sign and when I took off I let the clutch out to fast and he moved his hands around and grabbed my tits to hold on. I just kept going since I needed to hold on to the handle bar or crash. He kept his hands on my tits and felt them up pretty good. I could feel him getting hard against my ass and he felt pretty good. When we arrived at the 7-11 he got off and helped me with the kick-stand.

He said "my you have nice tits and they feel so good". I said well you seemed to have felt me up pretty good and it seems that you must like the feel of them. He went in and bought a 12 pack of Coors beer and when he came back out I had gotten off of the bike, he handed me the beer and got on. I got on behind him and held him around the waist with one hand and held the beer with the other. Off we went and at the stop sign where I had taken off so fast he did the same. I had to hold on tight and pressed my tits against his back, after we were moving I slid my hand down and felt his cock, he was almost hard and within a few seconds he was real hard.

We arrived back at the house and John was gone, he must have gone into the house. We parked the bike and as I got off I gave Jack's cock one last squeeze. As soon as Jack got off he grabbed me and pulled me to him and gave me a kiss sliding his tongue deep into my mouth and placing his hands on my tits again. I told him to let me sit the beer down and went right back to him. His chest was so muscular and hairy I couldn't resist him.

He slid his hands up under my tank top and pushed it up over my tits so he could get at them better. He moved his face down and started kissing them and sucking on my nipples. I held him by the sides of his head and just enjoyed the feeling. The back yard light was on so I told him that we should go around to the side of the house in case someone came out, or if someone was up walking around in the house they wouldn't see us. We went to the side of the house and I got down on my knees in front of him in the grass.

I went for his cock, he was really hard and he felt so good. I pulled his shorts down and his cock jumped out at my face. I held it with one hand and guided it to my mouth. As I pulled him deep into my mouth he held the back of my head and pushed it into me. I sucked him for a few seconds and then told him I wanted him to fuck me. He said he wanted to taste my pussy first. As I stood up he helped me pull my shorts down and then I laid down in the grass so he could lick my pussy and suck on my clit.

I got off almost immediately and within a few seconds I told him to come up to my face and kiss me and stick his hard cock in me. I wanted it so bad by now. He moved up my body kissing me all over and when he got to my face he slid into my pussy. He fucked me fast and hard for a few and then exploded in me. As we lay there in the grass I looked around and was really surprised when I saw John standing at the side of the house holding his cock in one hand. He had heard us come back on the motorcycle when he was in the bathroom and when he came out went looking for us.

When he saw what we were doing he had just stood there and watched. He asked if he could fuck me too or if I would give him some head. What the hell he had already said he had always wanted me so I said come on over. When he got to me I took his cock from him and started sucking on it. We were on the side of the house that the bathroom was on and I didn't realize that the window was open. Just as John was blowing his wad in my mouth Julie stuck her head out the window and said what in the hell are you doing? I pulled back and another shot of cum hit me in the face.

It was more than obvious what we were doing and she was hot. I got up and went to bed leaving them all wondering. When I got to the garage, which is where Don and I were supposed to sleep, Don was passed out and didn't know what had been going on. As I crawled into bed with him my moving around woke him up and then he decided that he wanted to play. I had had enough but he was insistent. He spread my legs and immediately went down on me.

I had not even had the chance to try to clean Jacks cum out of me, but Don was an eager beaver and he licked me to another orgasm within seconds and cleaned me up. The next morning was pretty strange. Julie was mad as hell but luckily she didn't say any thing that gave it away to Don. Don never did find out what Julie was so mad about and I sure as hell didn't tell him. On our way back to Portland I gave Don a treat by sucking him dry on the highway as we were driving home.


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