The Best Erotic Stories.

Captive Audience Pt. I
by Anyport

If anyone had asked me a week ago what I'd be doing today, the last thing that would have entered my head would have been...well maybe I'd better let you decide for yourself.

I had the afternoon off, I'm self-employed and am in the fortunate position of being able to choose when I work. In fact, I really only need to work a couple of days a week to make quite a respectable income. Anyway, I'd been browsing round a few shops and decided to look around one of those charity shops, you know the type, they sell all sorts of bargains and bric a brac.

My mind must have been elsewhere because I was snapped back to reality by a voice saying, "It's really not your colour." I looked down and to my horror realised I was holding an awful looking floral dress. Blushing from head to toe, I dropped the offending garment instantly and turned to challenge the speaker defiantly. Unfortunately I seemed to have temporarily lost control of my tongue. I made a few gurgling sounds, then gave up.

The speaker smiled knowingly and walked away. I watched as she approached another customer and began speaking to her, seemingly oblivious of my presence. I continued to watch her for several minutes before moving to another section of the shop. Even then I kept glancing over my shoulder self consciously to make sure she wasn't still watching me.

It was almost as though I needed to prove to her that I wasn't some sort of pervert, that I had nothing to hide and was simply browsing, which of course I was. I glanced at her once more, what was it about her that bothered me so much, granted she was quite attractive, in fact, considering she was probably in her mid to late forties, she was extremely attractive, but far too old for me. She was after all, at least fifteen years my senior. Anyway, I preferred slim ladies not, how did the magazines describe her type, full figured? Yes that was it.

And I also liked girls who used little or no make up; she must have needed a trowel to apply that lot. And that hair of hers, the colour had to be out of a bottle, I mean, at her age she would be bound to have some grey hairs, not deep brown, anyway, I liked blondes. I had to admit though, she did have great legs, but someone of her age shouldn't be wearing such short dresses, she should grow old gracefully. No, I decided, she was definitely not my type. So why couldn't I keep my eyes off her?

I waited until she'd finished serving the lady, then picking up a book from a nearby table; I walked over to the counter and handed it to her. "That's 50 cents please." She said, her deep sexy voice tinged with a note of sarcasm. I blushed again and fumbled for the money. Then it came to me; "It was for a friend." She locked onto my face with her deep penetrating brown eyes. "What was?"

"Errmm, the dress, you know, the one I was holding, it was for a friend."

"Really, male or female?"

Like all liars, I hadn't expected to be cross-examined and blurted out, "Female of course."

She smiled, "Do you buy many dresses for girls?"

"Sometimes...the ermm, the girl I was buying that for was burgled and most of her clothes were taken, I thought she might like it." Oh damn what a stupid thing to say.

"That's terrible," she said seeming genuinely sorry. "It's very thoughtful of you to try to help her." I couldn't believe she'd fallen for it and what's more, she was praising me for my actions, and then she dropped the bombshell. "Look, I'll tell you what, you're not in a hurry are you?" Was she going to ask me out? What the hell, she was quite a good-looking woman.

"No, not particularly." "Good, I'm about to close up, why don't you wait here and I'll show you some of the stuff that came in today, maybe you'll be able to find a few things for your friend."

Without waiting for me to reply she ushered the last of the shoppers out and locked the door behind them. Oh shit, what had I got myself into? I could hardly make some excuse after all I'd just told her I was in no hurry. She walked past me waving her hand for me to follow. We walked through a door into what seemed to be a lounge room. I learned later that Dianne, that was her name, lived on the premises rent-free in return for working in the shop a few hours a day.

She sat at the end of a sofa and crossed her long, black stocking covered legs exposing a great deal of her thighs. I found myself thinking what a pity it was she was wearing tights instead of stockings. She gestured for me to sit beside her which I, somewhat nervously, did. I wasn't sure if she'd noticed me looking at her legs but the slight smile on her face hinted that maybe she had.

"What size?"

"I'm sorry, what do you mean?"

"Your friend, what size is she?"

"Oh I see...ermm...well she's sort of..."

"Is she my size," she sighed, "Smaller or larger?"


"About your size maybe?" She asked, again there was the hint of a smile.

"No definitely not," I replied quickly, "She's slimmer than me."

"She couldn't be much slimmer or she'd be all bones." She sounded almost disappointed.

"No, not a great deal, but definitely slimmer."

"No problem, you're not very tall, I suppose she'd be about your height would she?"

"Yes, about the same." I replied, relaxing a little.

"Good, I'll make us a coffee, then we'll see what we've got." She unwound her legs and disappeared through a curtain into what I assumed was the kitchen.

Returning with the coffee she resumed her position on the sofa. I was once again treated to a full view of her shapely; nylon covered limbs as she slowly crossed them. "Is there something wrong with my legs?" She asked, sliding her hand up from the ankle to the thigh as though to pull the stocking tight.

"Not a thing," I replied, distracted by her action. "I, nothing at all."

"I'm relieved, I thought maybe you didn't approve the way you were looking at them." She continued to stroke them, her eyes fixed firmly on my face as if gauging my reaction. I picked up my coffee and tried to appear nonchalant as I sipped it. "My ex husband used to love my legs, for some extraordinary reason he used to go almost crazy when I wore stockings instead of tights. I never understood that, after all, it's the same material, there's just a little less of it. I remember he used to beg me to wear stockings, would you believe I had to tie his hands behind him before I could change, it was the only way I could control him."

It was about this time that I found myself wishing I'd worn something baggier than jeans. I don't know whether it was the thought of seeing her wearing stockings, or the idea of being tied up by her, but whatever it was, it had an instant effect on my manhood and the look Dianne gave me left me in no doubt that she'd noticed the bulge. "Does your friend wear stockings errmm, I'm sorry, I don't even know your name, I'm Dianne." She reached out her hand to shake mine, the same hand that had been touching her leg.

I could hardly control my shaking as I took it in mine and said, "Phillip."

"Delighted to meet you Phillip, well, does she?"

I decided to make it seem as though I was unaffected by the thought. "Yes, quite often as a matter of fact."

"Lucky girl, I haven't worn them in ages and they're far more comfortable than tights. It's just that, well quite honestly, if men see you wearing them in the street they seem to think you're easy, so the only place you can wear them is at home, apart from that I'm not sure I have the legs for them anymore. Does she use suspenders or a corset?"

"I...ermm.... Suspenders mostly." The truth was I had never met anyone who wore either, in fact, the only place I'd ever seen them was in magazines and shop windows. "Oh of course, you said she was slim, she'd have no need of a corset would she. But then there's something very sexy about corsets, don't you think? The way they squeeze you in and hold you tight. I always used to get so horny when I wore a corset for my ex. Maybe there's one in the clothes that arrived today; I once found a beautiful black satin one. I doubt it had been worn more than twice, I wonder what happened to that? Oh I remember I packed it away when Trevor left. More coffee?"

By now I was almost doubled over in an effort to hide my erection, Dianne seemed not to notice my predicament after her initial glance in the direction of my fly. She poured herself another coffee and continued. "I remember the first time I wore that corset, Trevor was almost foaming at the mouth by the time I released him." She chuckled as she recalled, "I used to tease him mercilessly, I miss those nights sometimes. I don't of course not, forget it."

"What?" I asked anxiously, praying she would offer to show me some of her outfits.

"Oh nothing, I was just thinking maybe you'd like to see me dressed up how I used to be, but I doubt you'd be interested in a plump old hag like me after your young friend. Don't worry, I won't embarrass you by asking."

"But you're not a plump old hag, as you put it, you're a very attractive woman and I'd love to see you dressed up."

"It's very nice of you to say so, but I think you're just being kind."

"I'm not I swear," I almost shouted in my eagerness to convince her. "I'm sure I'd be exactly like Trevor, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you."

"Oh believe me, I could soon fix that, maybe...why not for the hell of it. Okay, take your shirt off."

I was a little confused at this; after all, it was she who was going to be changing clothes, why did she want me to undress. I opened my mouth to ask her, but before I could speak she left the room. What the hell, I thought, maybe she feels it would be less embarrassing if we were both undressed in some way. I waited a few minutes, feeling a little stupid sitting half-naked in a stranger's home. When Dianne returned I was disappointed to see she was still fully dressed. "I thought you might like to join me in the bedroom while I change."

"Sure," I replied, trying not to sound too eager. Unfortunately I almost fell over as I jumped to my feet.

"Not so fast," she smiled, "You'll have to wear a blindfold, after all, I hardly know you, and my body isn't what it used to be." The disappointment must have shown on my face because she added. "Don't worry, I'll give you a running commentary as I change." Before I could protest, she reached over and pulled some sort of bag over my head, it had drawstrings at the opening and she pulled them tight and tied them together plunging me into total darkness. Then she took my hand and led me from the room.

In the other room Dianne released my hand and left me alone for several minutes. I could hear nothing and was tempted to remove the bag to see what was happening. I reached up to test the knot and was startled by Dianne's voice. "I thought you might try to take it off, I think maybe I'd better do something about that." I had no idea what she meant, but I quickly found out.

She took my left hand and slipped something over the wrist. Then gently took it behind my back bringing the other hand across it. I should have known what was happening, but it was all so quick and practiced, one moment she was holding my hand, the next both were secured firmly behind my back. Dianne had obviously had plenty of practice at this.

I began to protest but as she stood behind me she slid her hands round my body and over my manhood. I was stunned into silence by this unexpected move. To my surprise, when she removed her hands, I felt my trousers slip down my legs. I'd been completely unaware of her action as she undid them. It took her only a few seconds more to remove my shorts together with my shoes and socks. Ten minutes ago I was sitting drinking coffee and chatting with an attractive older woman. Now here I was blindfolded and totally naked with my hands bound behind me, feeling both vulnerable and excited.

But then, if Dianne's actions had been a surprise to me up until that moment, they were paled into insignificance by her next move. She began kissing the back of my neck, and then she gradually worked her way down my back until she reached the base of my spine. Bringing her hands round she parted the cheeks of my arse and slid her tongue into my hole. I moaned with a mixture of pleasure and surprise, nobody had ever done anything like this to me before.

She continued licking, forcing her tongue further and further inside me. It seemed impossibly hard and long to me, but at that moment I was feeling too good to question her. Her hands returned to my backside, and I gasped in shock as I simultaneously heard and felt the unmistakable buzz of a vibrator. I was at once, disgusted and excited. How could I have been unaware of the intrusion into my most private parts, I wanted to yell out for her to remove it, but the truth was, it felt too good.

"You like that don't you Phillip?" Too embarrassed to admit the pleasure I was feeling I could only moan. Dianne slapped me playfully on the bottom. "When I ask you a question you're supposed to answer. It's not polite to ignore people, didn't your mammy ever teach you that. Well no matter, before long you'll have perfect manners."

I wasn't sure what she meant, but at the time I didn't really care, I was too absorbed in the feelings surging through my body. Feelings which I continued to enjoy to such a degree that I almost forgot Dianne was even in the room. Then I became aware of movement and what I imagined was the sound of someone dressing. My imagination took over at that point and to my astonishment I could feel myself approaching orgasm.

I told myself that it was impossible, how could I possibly cum without anyone touching my erection. But impossible as it was I suddenly stiffened in a convulsion as the first jet of sperm shot through my body and out of the tiny hole at the end of my prick. I was helpless to control the spasms in my body as I shot load after load. I desperately wanted Dianne to help me, to take my manhood in her hand and pump the juices out of it. Yet for some reason I was afraid to ask so I simply jerked and fucked the air until the passion eased.

"My, my, you're easily excited aren't you Phillip? I can see we're going to have to work on that. That's all right though, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to teach you control once you're initial training is over." I don't know about you, but immediately after orgasm I become sullen, almost grumpy. I assume do many men, though the truth is I've never asked any. The vibrator was no longer exciting, it was now very irritating, in fact it was almost painful. "What do you mean training?" I snapped. The sound of my own voice seemed oddly muffled inside the bag.

Dianne didn't answer me and I was about to repeat my question when I felt a sharp pain across my backside followed quickly by five more. (I often wondered why punishments are delivered in sixes) I yelped at each blow and tried hard to avoid them, but since I could see nothing, I had no idea which way to move. "That was your first lesson in manners Phillip, don't ever shout at me again because I warn you, next time I won't be so lenient." I stood there trembling with a mixture of anger and fear, I wanted to yell abuse at this woman, but her tone made it clear that she was making no idle threat. I stood silently for several minutes sensing rather than hearing Dianne moving around the room. Then I felt her hands around my chin as she removed the bag from my head.

I saw her more in silhouette as my eyes became accustomed to the sudden brightness. She walked over and sat on the bed facing me. When she came into focus my jaw dropped in disbelief. She was wearing a full length black negligee which fell open at her thigh as she crossed her legs to expose the flesh above her black stocking. Even if it had remained closed, the lace fabric was so sheer I would have been able to see almost the same amount anyway.

As my eyes moved slowly over her, from the black stiletto heeled shoes, up her perfectly shaped legs, over her black satin panties and corset and up to the black velvet choker around her neck, I knew this was the sexiest woman I'd ever seen in my life. I wanted to tell her but for some reason I was unable to speak. "I know I promised to describe my dressing to you, but you were naughty so I decided to punish you instead. Do you approve of my outfit?" Still unable to find my tongue, I could only nod and stare.

"I'm so glad," She sounded genuinely pleased, "It's going to make you're life here much more bearable".

I finally found my tongue.

"What do you mean, my life here, you keep saying that as though I intended to stay with you. I mean, well you're a great looking woman and I'm sure, if you want to that is, that we'll be seeing a great deal more of each other, but I can't stay with you, I have a business to run."

"Really, you didn't look very busy today, business must be bad."

"Not really, as a matter of fact it's very good, but I've set it up so I don't need to... that is I can..."

Dianne held up her hand for my silence. "Too late, you just made it quite clear that you're not needed, so later on, when you're, let's say, more amenable, you can phone your office or whatever it is, and tell them you won't be in for a few days. After that, well we'll see what happens won't we?"

"Just a minute, I think I might have something to say about what happens, what if I decide to leave."

"Dressed like that, go ahead." She laughed "But don't expect me to bail you out when you get arrested."

"Well the least you can do is untie me so I can get dressed." I turned and held out my arms behind me. "Tell you what, why don't I help you dress instead." She stood up and began to walk past me.

"That's not necessary, I'm perfectly capable of..." The slap across my face cleared the next word from my head, I began to protest but another slap told me that might not be the right ploy.

"Now," Dianne spoke as though nothing had happened, "As I remember it there was a...ah yes, here it is." She held up one of the most formidable looking corsets I've ever seen, not that I've seen many, in fact, except for the one she was wearing I've only ever seen photographs of them or in shop windows from the safety of the other side of the road. Even so, I knew this was not one of those sexy little jobs the already slim models wore.

"You can't be serious, you don't really expect..."

"I expect you to do whatever I decide and the sooner you get that into that thick skull of yours, the easier it will be for both of us. Forget that, the easier it will be for you, I enjoy the challenge of breaking men and the harder you resist, the more pleasure you will give me. Now, which will it be the corset, or the strap. You already know how the strap feels, I suggest you try the alternative, don't worry, I won't pull it too tight, at first anyway."

To anyone who's into that sort of thing, I'm sure the corset I was forced to wear would get them very excited. Whereas I can think of very few places that I wouldn't rather have been at that moment and the whole time I was forced to wear it that first time. It was made of leather and had all sorts of straps and laces all over it. By the way, it wasn't one of those wimpy little short things, this baby started just above the knees and reached to the top of the chest. Dianne grinned as she moved toward me and fitted the monster into place around the top of my chest. Instinctively I tried to move away, but there was really nowhere to go, I was trapped and we both knew it.

Moving behind me, she began lacing the corset starting from the top. As she gradually laced down my back I could feel the tightening of the garment. It squeezed first my chest, then lower ribs and finally my stomach. I'm not particularly overweight but She pulled me in at least six inches making it quite difficult to breathe.

Once she reached the base of my spine the corset proper ended, the two leg sections were almost separate pieces though these also laced at the back. It was a strange feeling having both thighs squeezed in, nowhere near as unpleasant as the rest, but adding to the almost claustrophobic overall effect. After fastening the second leg, I assumed Dianne was finished but I'd forgotten the straps. Starting at the top again, she buckled each one in turn, I would have said it was impossible to pull me in any tighter, but the straps succeeded. When she'd buckled the final strap, Dianne stepped back to admire her work, then smiling she pushed my face down onto the bed. Before I could recover she was sitting on top of me, I couldn't figure out why she bothered; I was already so restricted I couldn't have put up any resistance no matter what her intention.

My arms were next, after untying them she secured them to my sides with even more straps, one at the biceps, one at the elbow, one in the middle of the forearm and a fourth at the wrist. I was now completely immobilized from neck to knee. Dianne climbed from my helpless body and took something from a drawer, before I could react in any way, she pulled a leather hood resembling a balaclava, over my head. I was grateful to find that there were ear, eye and mouth holes. Even the hood had straps to attach it to the corset. They came from under the arms and when they were all fastened I found I could move my head no more than a fraction of an inch in any direction. I'd remained silent throughout the whole proceedings but this was too much. "Is this really necessary?" I asked.

"Oh absolutely, there is nothing more exciting than having a man totally helpless and completely in your power, and I'm not finished yet, You'll enjoy the next part I'm sure. Oh, look at the time, I'd better hurry." "Why, are you going somewhere?" I was hoping she'd say yes, thinking that then she'd have to release me and this whole nightmare would be over, but she looked a little surprised and asked, "Do you really think I'd leave you like this? I'm not completely heartless. Come on, up with you."

She needed to help me to my feet, once standing I was able to walk almost normally, but Dianne had other ideas about that too. She led me over to a full-length mirror and let me stand looking at my reflection for several minutes while she went out of the room. I couldn't believe my eyes, never has anyone been so securely trussed, I was just grateful that at least she'd left my legs free, but as I said earlier, she had other ideas about that. She walked in front of me and held up one of those drips you see in hospitals. It was filled with what looked like soapy water. Dianne walked behind me and I was pushed face first into the wall. "This won't take a second, you'll find it's easier if you relax, believe me the alternative isn't pleasant." It only took a moment for me to figure out what she intended. She began poking around in my arse and after what could only be described as, my token resistance, she succeeded in sliding a tube inside me, this was held in place by some sort of plug.

Moving away from me she said, "See, that wasn't too bad was it?" I turned to face her and growled, "Don't you think this has gone far enough, why don't you just let me go now, you've had your fun." "Don't be silly, the fun's just about to start." She reached up and touched a catch somewhere, and to my surprise the mirror slid to one side to reveal a sort of alcove. "Isn't that clever? I had my husband install it. You'd never know it was there would you. Now, in you go." Before I had the chance to resist or protest, she pushed me through the opening and into the alcove. "Turn around dear, you don't want to miss anything." She pulled me completely around facing out of the door, then she fell to her knees in front of me. Unable to bend my neck or back, I had to lean forward precariously in order to see what she was doing. I needn't have bothered, I could have guessed. Spreading my legs she secured straps around my ankles, these were in turn secured to hooks on the wall. My calves were treated likewise, then two straps were fed through rings on the thigh section of the corset, and these too were secured to the wall. Still she wasn't finished, two ropes hung from the top corners near the door, these she passed through two loops near where my nipples would be, if you could see them through the corset. Then crawling through my legs, she secured what I imagine were their twins, to my back. Crawling back, Dianne stepped outside the alcove to study her work. "You look great." She disappeared again, this time returning with a Polaroid, which she used to take several photographs.

She dropped them on the bedside table then said, "Oh, I nearly forgot." Opening the drawer of the table she took something out then approached me. "This isn't really necessary, the room is soundproofed, but I think it just finishes you off nicely." I had no time to close my mouth as I caught sight of the gag. It was a long wide strap with a sort of ball fastened in the middle. Dianne forced it into my mouth silencing any protest before I could make one. I was relieved to find there was a hole through the middle, which, although useless for making a sound through, did help my breathing, and in the tight corset, I needed all the help I could get.

She took a couple more photo's tossing them with the others, then she came over and without a word, closed the door. To my amazement I could still see her, it was obviously a two-way mirror but from inside it was just like looking through a large window. She returned to sit on the bed. "Are you quite comfortable Phillip?" Had I been able to move I would have most certainly jumped at the sound of her voice. It was louder than when she'd been standing at the door. I watched as she stood up and walked back to me. Opening the door once more she laughed as she said, "I hope I didn't give you a fright, my husband also fitted microphones at each corner of the bed and as you heard there are speakers in here so you can hear everything that's said in the room. Won't that be exciting it means..." A ringing sound interrupted her, she looked at her watch and said, "Excellent, right on time, I like that."

Walking toward me she kissed me lightly on the nose, then reached over my shoulder and fiddled with something. As she stepped away she said, "It's on a very slow drip so it should take quite a while. Bye for now." She closed the door again and I was left to try and understand what was going on. Suddenly it dawned on me, the slow drip, all right, so maybe that could describe me, but I only then realised she had in fact been talking about an enema. And surely the caller didn't mean she was going out, she couldn't leave me, she wouldn't.

Fears began to spin through my mind, what if something happened to her while she was out; I'd die here. Then I remembered, she wouldn't be going anywhere dressed as she was, not that it would be any consolation but at least I knew she'd be staying unless she came back to the room and changed. My cold sweat began to subside, and then to my horror a man walked into the bedroom. He crossed the room and stood directly in front of me staring straight at me, and I held my breath in fear, why didn't he say something. He started tidying his hair; of course, he was looking into a mirror. I breathed again, as best I could. He was a good-looking man, tall, mid thirties, well built with medium length black hair. Just then Dianne appeared behind him, she put her arms around him from behind and winked at the mirror then blew a kiss. He returned them and it was as though he were winking at me, it was an odd feeling, I'd never had a man wink at me before, well there was that once, but that didn't really count he mistook me for...I won't go into that now.

He turned around and took her in his arms kissing her deeply. She was staring straight at me, a glint in her eye. Surely they weren't, she wouldn't, oh god, she was going to... she took his hand and led him to the bed then she began undressing him. His shirt, his trousers, as she slipped them down his legs he kicked off his shoes. She was just starting on his underpants when he said, "What's this?"

"What's what Jerry?" She asked, continuing her task. He reached for the bedside table, "These photographs, I hope you don't expect me to do anything like that." She stood up having stripped him naked. "No of course not," she paused, "Unless you want to of course." He began to pull away, "No thanks, it's too kinky for me, if that's what you're into I'd better go." She held onto him, "Don't be silly, I can see you're not the kinky type, not like him." She indicated the photographs. "He loves that sort of thing, he's still new to it, but later on I'm going to train him properly, he'll be my complete sex slave." "I've read about women like you, you enjoy dominating men don't you, well you can forget it, I'm not the submissive type." He tried to pull away again, but again she stopped him. "I know that, that's why you're here, I enjoy having sex with a real man occasionally, you don't mind do you?"

She tried to kiss him but the photographs fascinated him, "What's his name? I'll bet it's Gerald or something like that, he looks like a Nancy boy to me."

"I haven't decided what I'll call him but if you like, I'll make it Nancy just for you."

"Where is he tonight?"

"Oh he was tied up tonight, he couldn't get away." "He won't walk in on us will he?" Dianne laughed, "Definitely not."

"Does he know I'm here?" Jerry continued.


"Doesn't it bother him, I mean, knowing I'm here with you?"

"I'm sure it's giving him the shits, but there isn't a thing he can do about it. Now are we going to talk all night or..." Dianne pulled him on top of her on the bed and kissed him passionately. He reached down and pulled off her panties as they kissed, then unceremoniously climbed over her and thrust his manhood deep inside her. She gasped loudly and pulled him to her, "Harder, harder, fuck me like a real man harder, harder, haaarrdeerrr." I couldn't believe my eyes, in only a few seconds she'd climaxed, Jerry kept thrusting away and she subsided slightly, but soon she was up again, her legs wrapped tightly round his waist as she achieved an even more intense climax.

This went on for at least ten minutes; I lost count of the number of her orgasms, though I felt a grudging admiration for Jerry who seemed to be able to go like a rabbit all night. Eventually she stopped him, she was exhausted but he was still humping away.

"You're fantastic Jerry," She sighed kissing him. "Just let me rest a second then I'll take care of that for you." She pointed to his huge erection. They lay on the bed for several minutes until their breathing became more regular. I have never considered myself to be a voyeur, but the sight of these two was making me really horny despite my predicament. Their rest period gave me time to take stock and I felt for the first time, the result of the constant dripping of the enema. My bowels were filling up and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was desperately in need of a shit. I found myself wondering what would happen once they filled, would I explode, would I push out the plug that held it all in, I hoped not, the stench in this small room would be unbearable.

Then my attention returned to the bedroom. Dianne was sitting up and stroking his cock. She stepped over him and climbed off the bed pulling him up with her and leading him toward me. 'Oh my God', I thought, she's going to open the door. I began to panic, though to an observer nothing would have changed so tightly was I held.

She stopped him just short of the mirror; "I want you to watch this." She said looking straight at me, but also at him through the mirror. Then she slid down his body onto her knees, she kissed his thigh then began licking around the outside then inside of his leg. Eventually, after much teasing she licked along the side of his erection. Her head was angled in such a way as to show me every move she made. Dianne was obviously an expert at this, and it wasn't long before Jerry was pumping his hips and nearing ejaculation. Suddenly she stopped what she was doing and disappeared, returning almost instantly and continuing where she'd left off. Jerry groaned loudly as sperm shot from the end of his penis, I stared in fascination at the sight of a man coming, and I was equally intrigued by the fact that Dianne had produced a cup from somewhere and was catching every drop in it.

Soon Jerry's knees began to buckle and he had to move back to the bed, but by then he was fully spent. "That was fantastic, where did you learn to do that?" He panted. "Oh here and there." She replied modestly and left the room. When she returned several minutes later, Jerry was once again looking at the photo's, "They really fascinate you don't they?" She commented. "Are you sure you wouldn't like to try it?" "NO, absolutely not, I was just trying to understand how anyone could let himself be tied up like that. You'd never catch me doing anything like it." "Not everyone is like you though Jerry, maybe I should introduce you to him. Would you like to tie him up like that, whip him maybe, I could arrange it."

Jerry paused, I thought for one awful moment he was going to say yes, but he seemed to regain his machismo and replied, "You have to be kidding, I wouldn't have anything to do with some queer Nancy boy like that, I'll bet he wears women's clothes as well." Dianne smiled, "Not yet, but he will." She stared straight at the mirror as she spoke. "He'll be doing all sorts of unusual things over the next few weeks, that's a promise." I knew she was speaking to me and I felt both scared and excited at her obvious threat. "What sort of things?" Jerry asked, obviously more interested than he pretended. "Oh I haven't decided yet, the first thing will be his feminisation. I'm going to teach him to dress and act like a female; in fact, by the time I'm finished I doubt you'll be able to tell him from the real thing. If you play your cards right, I might even let you have his cherry, would you like that?" "No way, anyway what if he decided he doesn't want to play along?" "Silly boy, he won't have any choice in the matter, he's mine now and I intend to keep him."

"Anyway, I think it's time you were off." "But, well I thought I could stay the night." 'Oh no, please don't let him stay, I couldn't stand being in here all night, I'll burst, I know I will'. Dianne thought about it, "Okay, why not." She grinned at me. 'OH my God, I'll never last all night, I'll die in here'. "Ermm, on second thoughts, I have to be up early in the morning and I don't think I'd get much sleep with you here, another time maybe. And who knows, next time maybe I'll tie you up." "Not on your life." Jerry said grabbing his clothes. He dressed quickly and Dianne watched him in amusement, then, "Why don't you try it now Jerry, you never know, you might like it." "No thanks, I just remembered, I have to be up early as well. Tell you what, I'll call you okay." He gave her a peck on the cheek and disappeared.

I assume she waited for the door to close because she sat quietly for a few moments, then suddenly burst into laughter. "Oh God that was funny, did you see his face when I said I'd tie him up, I thought he was going to shit himself, speaking of which..." She walked over and opened the door. "Did you enjoy the show dear," Looking down she added, "I see you did, would you like me to take care of that for you?"

She made a move to bend, "Mmmm., Mmmm., Mmmm." "What's that dear?" "Mmmm." "Oh, you want potty." I tried to nod but couldn't. Freeing the four corners and my legs, she led me into the bathroom, her hand reached for the door handle and she paused, "I nearly forgot, I have a present for you." "Mmmm." It was no use; she'd gone again. Coming back, she let me into the bathroom and I raced over to the toilet. She didn't follow; instead she went to the medicine cupboard where she took out what looked like a small funnel with a tube attached. She walked over to me and smiled then reached up and fed the tube into the hole in my gag. I knew exactly what was coming, but was helpless to do anything about it, my head still being held firmly.

I watched hypnotised as the sperm slowly dropped from the cup into the funnel. I tried to block the end of the tube with my tongue but the ball held it down. The cold, slimy liquid slid into my mouth and over my tongue. Helplessly I closed my eyes as it slid down my throat, this was the ultimate indignity, or so I thought at the time, but it was nothing compared with what Dianne had in store for me. Starting with pulling out the enema and standing over me while I evacuated my bowels. Then smiling as she reached over and wiped my behind, first with paper, then a wet, cold face cloth, then paper again. This was another of the many firsts that would take place at the hands of this beautiful, inventive, evil woman; tonight was only the start. But I knew then, whatever she decided to put me though, I would accept, partly because she would give me no choice, but mostly because I had never been more turned on in my life.

And what am I doing today? Well at the moment I'm trying very hard to master the intricacies of a sewing machine. Mistress Dianne, as I now know her, has gone out for a while and expects me to finish my duties by the time she returns. She's decided it might be a good idea to try and repair some of the clothes people give to the shop, so she's making me learn to sew. This of course, is in addition to my other duties, cleaning, cooking and of course the most enjoyable, servicing Mistress Dianne. So why don't I make a bid for freedom while she's out? Well there are two reasons, the first is that at present I'm dressed in a short black satin maid's uniform complete with white apron and cap, black stockings and panties, high heels and of course the now mandatory corset. My face is heavily made up - by Mistress Dianne, I still haven't mastered that yet - and my nails, both finger and toe are painted bright red. I'm also wearing a blonde wig, even though my own hair is reasonably long, Mistress Dianne says she can change my look much easier by using an assortment of wigs.

She's expecting another visit from Jerry tonight; believe it or not he did ring. She's pretty confident she can persuade him to fuck me, not something I'm looking forward to, but then what choice do I have? Oh and the second reason I'm still here? Well tell the truth, would you leave?

To Be Continued...


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