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College Days
by Jonny Cakes

Hi, my name is Jonny. I am a twenty eight year old lawyer from Toronto. I work for a large law firm and specialize in divorce cases. I must say that this is a really good way to meet some extremely interesting people. Despite my young age, I have come to be very well respected by my colleagues. I have started to get a large number of cases directed to me due to my high success rate. Because of this, I started to really get stressed out. Being only 28, I really did not want to suffer a nervous breakdown this early in my life. I figured it was time for a break and figured I better use up some of those holidays that I had banked. I talked to one of the partners at the firm and he reluctantly granted me permission for a couple weeks vacation time.

Friday finally rolled around and by 5:00 I was itching to get out of the office and start my vacation. I did not have any real plans, just was going to take it easy and hang out. It has been a long time since I have done that. Now that I think about it, the last time I really hung out was when I was in college. Ah yes, college. Those were the days. I cherished those days sitting in the quad and watching all the chicks.

Man, there was something about college babes that is so sexy. The way the dress maybe is partly what it is, but I really think that it is just their attitude. They are at that point in their lives when they want to try new things, and I guess you could say, a little wild. With that in mind, I can't help but think about how much I miss my college days. Maybe for old times sake I should go and have a seat in the quad and watch the babes strut their stuff. I could hardly wait for Monday to come now that I got this whole college chick thing in my head again.

Well, Monday finally rolled around and I got myself out of bed at about 10:00. It sure felt good to sleep in for once. I wonder how things were going down at the office. Shit, I gotta stop thinking of the firm for the next two weeks. This is my holidays and I'm gonna be damned if I spend it thinking about my case load. I got myself showered up and had a quick bite to eat before I made my way over to the University of Toronto. I live relatively close to campus so I thought I would take a walk. It was September and the weather was still very warm. Speaking of warm, that should really bring out some great outfits from the students.

I noticed that I was getting close to campus when I started seeing students walking with backpacks and having that care-free look on their faces. "Oh, there's a couple right there, at eight o'clock," I thought to myself. Man, I swear that the average chicks tits have gotten bigger in the last few years. I don't know if they are all getting them augmented, but they are definitely more noticeable. These two were both tight shorts that really showed off their tight little asses. One was wearing a tight, white tank-top that covered about half of her belly. Her tits were so crammed in there I thought they were going to explode.

Her short brown hair waved in the wind as she laughed at something her friend said. Her friend was easily as hot as she was. Here tits were not quite as big, but they were still a good size. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt, and I'm pretty sure that she had no bra on. I swear these kids don't care about shit anymore. Fuck I wish I was going to school still. As I passed the two girls I made sure they noticed me looking at them, just like old times. I took a deep breath and savoured the sweet aroma of the perfume they were wearing. Exquisite. I stopped and turned around to get a view from behind. Their asses swayed back and forth as they got farther away from me. "Hmmm, I wonder if they like getting their asses fucked," I thought?

I continued onward to campus and was thinking that it could only get better. I finally made it to the quad where it was packed with students. It was almost lunch time and lots of them came out here to eat. I found a nice place on the grass to sit down and watch. They were all over. Girls were sitting there talking, some were playing Frisbee, or kicking around a foot-bag. I was in heaven. What I wouldn't do to take a couple of these chicks home and have a good time. Wait a minute. That sounds like an excellent idea. I'm still young and fuck, I'm pretty good looking. Shit, I flash a couple of chicks my wallet and let them see the wad of cash I got and I'm home free. I knew being a high-price lawyer would really pay off someday. Hmmm, let's see. Who will be my victim. As I scanned around all I could think of was getting a good fuck.

"Hey man, could you throw that back to us please".

I turned around to see if that girl was talking to me. I looked up and there was two chicks standing there staring at me. I looked down at the ground in front of me and saw a hackey-sac sitting in front of me.

"Oh yeah, sure," I responded as I reached for the bag and through it back to them.

"Thanks," said one of the girls as she gave me a smile. I winked back at her and just watched them for the next few seconds.

"Hey, do wanna bust in maybe?" the second girl asked.

"Sure, what the hell. It's been a while, but I think I can still do it."

I got up and walked over to where they were playing. Christ, maybe I don't even have to do any work here. I think two girls have just found me.

"So, what are you taking here?" the first girl asked me.

I was not really paying attention to what they were saying because I was too busy looking at these two hotties standing in front of me. I'll just give you a quick description of what I am seeing. The first one, who's name I found out was to be "Kelly" was a brunette with straight hair down to her shoulder. She was wearing one of those baby tees that really accented her tits. Just by looking at them I would say there were probably a C-cup. Quite impressive. She was about 5'4" and had on a pair of blue jeans that really showed off her sweet ass. "Fuck, I think I am getting hard," I thought to myself.

Here friend Sara, was about 5'2" tall, but had a killer body. She had short blonde hair, kinda like Anne Hesche. She was wearing a white tank-top that barely contained her boobs. I swear, these things were a D-cup. They were definitely bigger than Kelly's. I could barely take my eyes off of them. She was wearing a pair of cargo pants that accentuated her perfect ass.

"Hello? Can you hear me?"

I was quickly brought back to my senses and responded to Kelly. "Oh, actually, I'm not a student anymore. I graduated a few years ago from the law school here"

"Ahh, you're a lawyer, eh? Cool. So what are you doing here," inquired Sara?

"Yeah, besides checking out all the co-ed tits," laughed Kelly.

Both girls started to laugh as they looked at me with some very wicked grins.

Well, I guess there was no point in denying it. I was here for one reason and I may as well find out their intentions now, rather than wasting my time and finding out they wanted nothing to do with me.

"Ok, you guys caught me. There's no point in lying. I just really miss all the hot babes at this school. I just had to experience it again. Can you blame me?"

"He sure seems to like your tits, Sara. He can't take his eyes off of them."

"Lots of guys like my tits Jonny. Do you like my big titties?"

"They are gorgeous Sara. Fuck, they are so big. I bet you really know how to use those things on a guy."

"Oh, does she ever," remarked Kelly. "But doesn't Jonny like Kelly's titties?"

I was finally able to tear my eyes off of Sara's chest and looked at Kelly's. "Ooh baby, you're tits are fucking awesome too, honey. Tell me, do you know how to use those things as well as your friend?"

"Oh, maybe you'll have to wait and find out," smirked Kelly.

Kelly turned around and bent over to pick up the forgotten hackey-sac off of the grass. My eyes were glued to the show in front of me. She bent over without bending her knees, making sure to give me a clear view of her tight ass.

"Hey Kelly, Jonny seems to really like your ass too. He can't take his eyes off it. I bet he wants to slide his cock in there." Sara turned to me and asked, "Well Jonny? Do you want to fuck Kelly's ass?"

Christ, this was getting intense. My hard-on was raging in my pants and need to get out. I had to get us out of here and get to business. "Oh you'd like that wouldn't you. You two little sluts would like me to fuck your asses, and you know what, I'm gonna. I'm gonna take turns fucking those little asses of yours. What do you say we head over to my condo?"

And with that we were off. I figured we did not want to waste our time walking to my place so I got us a cab in front of the student centre. We were back at my place in less than ten minutes. I unlocked the door to my condo and led Sara and Kelly in.

"Nice place Jonny. You must be a pretty successful lawyer," said Sara.

"I guess you could say that. I work hard so I can have the best."

"Oh don't worry, you are about to get the best," remarked Kelly.

"Why don't you girls have a seat," I offered. Both girls walked over to the couch and sat down next to each other. Fuck they looked hot. I manage to get laid quite a bit, but it is usually from the same old professional ladies. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but college chicks are just on another level.

I made my way over to where they were sitting and stood in front of them. I unbuckled my belt and started to remove my pants. I swear their mouths were watering as they both anticipated what was to come. As I removed my pants Sara turned to Kelly and planted a big kiss on her. Kelly quickly obliged and it was not long before their tongues were exploring each others mouths. I stood there and watched as these two vixens made out on my couch. While they made out I quickly removed my underwear and shirt, revealing my semi-hard cock which was dripping with pre-cum. I just stood there, waiting for them to notice. Finally, when they came up for breath, Kelly noticed my 7" prick inches away from her face.

"Ooh, look at what we have here," she moaned as she reached up to grab it. She took it into her hand and held it, watching it grow to full hardness. Her hand started to slowly pump the shaft, coaxing more pre-cum from the head. She then pointed it towards Sara's face. Sara moved her head to it and took the head into her mouth, sucking with intense pressure. I thought that she was going to suck the head right off. It felt unbelievable.

"Oh fuck yeah, suck it Sara," I moaned as she continued her assault on my prick. She then removed her mouth from my cock and looked at me with the sexiest grin on here face.

"Your cock tastes so good Jonny. I just love you the taste of your salty pre-cum." And with that she took me into her mouth again, this time taking me all the way to the base. I arched my back and groaned as she held it there. Fuck it felt good. She was now moving up and down my cock, letting it come almost all the way out of her mouth, and then suddenly plunging back down to the hilt. This chick definitely had experience in sucking cock. Kelly now was playing with my balls as her blonde friend fucked me with her mouth. Sara let the cock fall out of her mouth and Kelly was immediately there to take over. Now Kelly was using her mouth to get me off. Kelly was really moving fast up and down on my prick. I thought she was going to make me cum right there, but I managed to hold myself back.

"Oh yeah Kelly, suck Jonny's big cock. Doesn't it taste so good It feels so hot in your mouth, doesn't it?"

I moved my hands to Kelly's head and held it on both side. I started to guide here head back and forth along my cock. I started to slowly move my hips forward and back, feeding Kelly my prick.

"That's it Jonny, fuck her mouth," coaxed Sara as I started to pick up the pace. I was now holding Kelly's head still while I moved my cock in and out of her mouth. I started to fuck faster now, my cock pistoning in and out of her mouth. This girl could really take a good face fucking I though as I drove my cock in and out of her tight throat. Every once and a while, my cock would slip out of her mouth and slide across her cheek leaving a trail of her saliva and my pre-cum.

"Come over here and fuck my face now Jonny. Come feed me your big cock. Make me feel like the little slut I am," moaned Sara. Who was I to argue. I pulled my prick out of Kelly mouth and pointed it towards Sara. It was glistening in the light from Kelly's spit and my sticky lubricant. "Just wait a second," said Sara as she got on her back and hung her head over the front of the couch, positioning her legs over the back of the back rest. I moved over to her head and straddled her face.

I pushed my cock against her mouth and she opened it slightly, making me push a little harder to get it in. I slowly eased it into her mouth, ensuring that she was ready. I just let my prick sit there for a moment and then slowly started to push it in deeper. Sara now moved her hands around to grab my ass and pulled me in. I guess she really wants me to go. With that signal I forced my cock in as far as it would go, letting my sweaty ball rest on her nose. I pulled out a bit and then drove my cock in again and Sara let out a moan. Now I was fucking her mouth at a steady pace, in and out. It felt incredible using this sluts mouth as a cunt.

Meanwhile, I looked over to Kelly and she was in the process of removing Sara's pants. She finally got her pants and panties off and was now fingering her soaking cunt. I watched Kelly work Sara's pussy over as I continued to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Kelly now had moved her mouth down to Sara's cunt and was running her tongue over her little clit. Sara was trying to moan but was finding it difficult to get it out since my prick was deep in her throat.

"Eat her cunt Kelly. Make her cum. How does she taste. I bet she tastes like honey," I moaned. Kelly looked up at me and removed the two fingers she had in Sara's mouth and moved them towards me. I leaned forward a bit and took them into my mouth, savouring the sweet nectar she was offering me. I was right, she did taste like honey. I continued to suck on Kelly's fingers for a while and fuck Sara's face. I then placed both hands on Sara's chest and felt her big tits, making her shudder. They must be really sensitive I thought as I also noticed how soft they were. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and started to slide it across her face.

"Oh yeah Jonny, rub your cock all over my face. I love how you make me feel so nasty," said Sara as she reached to her pussy and started to tug on her clit. I was now mauling Sara's tits as she and Kelly continued to finger her shaved cunt. I had enough, I had to see these things. I pulled her shirt off her and got an eyeful of cleavage from her bra. I reached under her and undid the clasp and pulled it off. I looked a the label and sure enough, a D-cup. I threw the bra aside and looked at her gorgeous tits. Fuck they were something else. I leaned over and took one into my mouth, tasting the salty sweat that had accumulated there.

Sara was moaning uncontrollable as I moved my tongue over both here nipples. Her tits were really sensitive as I had thought. I was being extra sloppy as I sucked her boobs, leaving a nice amount of saliva to coat her tits because I had something in mind. Still straddling her face, I positioned my cock over her chest and started to rub it over her tits. Sara screamed with an orgasm as soon as I made contact. Kelly continued to eat the blondes fuck hole while I rubbed my slippery dick over her tits. Sara moved her hands up to her tits and squeezed them together. That was my cue. I forced my cock into the tight tunnel of tit flesh that she was creating for me. It slid in easily from all the spit and sweat that was present.

I was now pumping my cock between Sara's tits as she held them together, trapping me in there. My cock was totally enveloped in her tit-flesh as I tit-fucked her. "Oh Jonny, fuck my titties. Fuck I love a hard cock between my tits. Do you like how it feels between my meaty tits, Jonny," asked Sara in a little girl voice?

"I love it between your big tits Sara. God they feel so hot and soft around my cock I pulled my prick out from its confines and forced it into Sara's mouth, as far as it would go. I fucked her face for about a minute and then moved my cock back to her tits. I placed it between them again and Sara wrapped them around my throbbing member. I was really fucking them now, thinking of nothing but my cock and this college slut's titties. Kelly now had moved up to Sara's tits and was licking them as I tit-fucked her. Kelly looked up at me as she tongued the tits I was fucking and started to whisper nasty little things to me.

"That's it Jonny, slide your prick between Sara's titties. Make them all wet and slippery. Fuck her big, sweaty tits. They feel so soft around your cock, don't they? Make her cum by fucking her tits."

I couldn't believe it. This chick was able to get off from getting tit-fucked. My cock slipped out of the tit-tunnel and Kelly grabbed it and took it into her mouth. She sucked on it for a while, making sure it stayed nice and wet. She then placed it back between Sara's tits and squeezed them around my prick for her. "Now make her cum," growled Kelly.

Sara reached around and started fingering her own cunt again as I slid my hard-on between her boobs. Her screams started getting louder and she finally yelled, "I'm cumming! Fuck! I'm cumming!" Her orgasm finally subsided and I stood up and started to slowly jerk my cock off.

Sara also got up and moved over towards me and took my cock in her hand. She leaned in towards my ear and whispered, "I love a good tit-fuck." She let go of my cock and told me to sit on the couch. I did so and noticed that Kelly had finally got all of her clothes of too. She looked even more hot naked. She walked over to me and spun around so her back was facing me. She took a hold of my cock and lowered herself down onto me. She rubbed the head on her lips making me almost lose control. She then lowered herself down further until I was totally enveloped in her tight cunt. She then started to move up and down on my cock, fucking me like the college slut she was. I leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the ride.

Sara moved over to us and got between Kelly's legs. She started to lick her pussy as she fucked my prick, every once and a while moving her tongue against me. Kelly was now moaning with delight. Every once and a while she would let me slip from her cunt and Sara would take me into her mouth, tasting her friends nasty juices on my hard-on. She then put my cock back into Kelly's pussy and she would continue to ride me. I sat straight up and reached around to hold Kelly's tits. Man, these were awesome too. I pinched her nipples and manhandled her meaty funbags. Kelly was now fucking me hard, pounding her pussy down onto my cock. I could not believe how tight her cunt was, taking into account all the guys she has probably fucked.

I could feel the cum start to boil in my balls and knew what was coming up. Sara some how seemed to sense it too and she crawled up to me and whispered into my ear, "Cum in my mouth Jonny". She made her way back down to the action and waited for her prize. I was really close now and started to buck my hips up into Kelly's snatch.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," I screamed, as Sara pulled my cock out of Kelly's cunt and took me into her throat immediately. I let a large blast of cum out of my cock which went straight down Sara's throat. She then pulled me out of her mouth and started to jerk me off onto her gorgeous face. My cum sprayed all over her face and tits, making her look like a professional whore. She managed to squeeze all of my seed from my cock. Kelly was now on her knees and took me into her mouth, tasting my soiled cock. She sucked whatever remaining jizz was on my prick. She then looked over at Sara and they embraced in a very sensual kiss, sharing my spunk. They continued to swap my load between them. I made my way over to them and noticed that there was still a good amount of cum on Sara's tits. I moved my head to her chest and started to lick her tits, tasting a nice mixture of her sweat and my semen.

"Lick her titties clean Jonnie. Eat your cum for us. Show us how much you like to eat your cum off of Sara's big tits," said Kelly. Both girls watched me as I sloppily lapped away at the blonde's rack. I then turned towards Kelly and forced my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste me again. I then went to Sara and did the same.

"You cum hard, baby. It tastes so good. We better get you hard again, because we are far from being done here," cooed Sara. I moved over to the couch again and sat down. Both girls crawled to me and started to suck my cock again, getting me ready for round two. They had me hard in no time.

I rose to my feet and told them both to lie on there stomachs on the floor. As they both did, I watched as both of their tits mashed to the carpet. I jerked my cock off as I watched them lay there, wiggling their little asses at me. Both girls were completely shaved, giving me a perfect view of their pink snatches. They both had their asses slightly raised into the air. I moved over to them and straddled Sara's ass. I placed my cock between her legs and slid my cock into her tight cunt. Fuck. She was tight too. I leaned forward and placed my hands on the floor by her shoulders. I started to fuck her sweet cunt, feeling my prick melt in her sex. Sara was now screaming as I fucked her pussy with extreme intensity. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me in the cunt hard, Jonny," she yelled as I pounded her twat.

I then pulled out and moved over to Kelly and entered her the same way. I shoved my cock all the way in as hard as I could right away. She screamed out in pleasure as I did. "Oh god Jonny, fuck it, fuck it, fuck my college cunt"!

She obviously knew that I got off on their college status. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and layed it between her ass crack. I took each cheek and squeezed them around my cock, fucking them as I had just fucked Sara's tits earlier. "Oh God Jonny, that feels amazing! Please put it in my asshole, Jonny," begged Kelly.

"Ooh, you're such a little slut Kelly. You want me to stick my hard prick into your little asshole? You would like it if I fucked you up you ass, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Jonny, please fuck my ass!"

"In time," I teased.

I moved over to Sara and inserted my cock into her cunt again and started fucking her again. I moved my hand to her ass and slid a finger in. It was so tight I could barely get it in. I pulled it out and sucked it, making it wet with my saliva. I then put it back into her ass and it slid in much easier this time. I was now fucking Sara's cunt with my cock and her ass with my finger. It was fucking amazing. I was now able to slide two fingers into her tight little asshole. I looked over at Kelly and said, "Start fingering your ass, get it ready for my cock". She immediately moved her hand to her ass and started to work one of her fingers in and out.

I let Kelly finger her ass a little longer and then I pulled out of Sara and moved back to Kelly. I positioned myself over her ass and placed the head of my sloppy cock at her asshole. Kelly reached around and spread her ass cheeks as far apart as they would go. I slowly eased my hard-on into her tiny anal bud. The feeling was magnificent. I had my head in her anal passage and started to force more of it into her. "Oh yeah, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard," she moaned.

I now pushed my cock in all the way and had my balls resting on her pussy lips. "Fuck! You like it in the ass you slut," I asked

"Fuck yes. Now fuck it Jonny. Fuck my tight little asshole," she begged. I started to pump my cock in and out of her asshole. The feeling was amazing. I had fucked many chicks in their asses, but this felt different. I was now fucking her ass hard, letting my cock piston in and out of her ass. Kelly was screaming in pleasure as I drove my cock into her behind. I planted both my hands on the floor by her head and fucked her ass just like she wanted me too. I pulled my dick out of her ass and moved over to Sara, who awaited my anal assault.

Sara saw me pull out of her college friend's ass and said, "Come over here Jonny and fuck my asshole now. Come stick your big, hard cock in my little co-ed ass." I moved over to her and entered her ass which she was keeping primed while I was fucking Kelly's.

"Oh yeah, Sara. You're asshole is so fucking tight. You like it in the ass." I knew that she liked the dirty talk while I forced my cock into the tight confines of her behind. I started to really pound her ass and she now started to buck her ass back at me, trying to take me deeper into her ass. I pulled out of her and moved back to Kelly and inserted my cock back into her ass. Her ass was now nice and loose so I could really hammer her. I could not believe how much these sluts liked getting their asses fucked. It was amazing. I moved back over to Sara and started to fuck her ass again. She was now reaching under her pelvis, fingering her sopping wet cunny.

"Do you guys like how I am taking turns fucking your asses? Fuck yours Sara and then I move over to you slutty little friend's ass and fuck hers? Tell me how you like it".

"Oh I love it Jonny! I have never had my ass fucked like this before. You are fucking amazing. Come on, pound me in the ass!"

I continued fucking Sara's little ass and she was now screaming in another orgasm. I was pounding her ass, making my balls slap against her soaking wet cunt. After her orgasm subsided, I got up on my feet and stood there. Both girls then crawled over to me and knelt in front of me. Kelly took my cock into her mouth and started to finger herself while she gave me head. She was just using her mouth to fuck me, no hands. She let me slip from her mouth and Sara took me deep into her throat in one motion. She too was using no hands to suck me. I grabbed both the girl's heads and turned them so they were facing each other. I moved their lips together and started to slide my cock between their mouths. They started to flick my prick with their tongues as I fucked their lips. Sara then moved her head forward and let my cock slide into her mouth. I fucked her mouth for a few moments and then she let it slip out and Kelly took it into her mouth. I continued to fuck her throat for a while and switched back to Sara's. I took turns fucking their faces, switching back and forth between their trashy mouths.

"I want to cum between your guy's tits," I said. Both girls stayed kneeling in front of me and go themselves at a good position for me to get my cock between their tits so I could fuck them.

"Are you going to take turns fucking our tits now Jonny? Just like you took turns fucking our cunts, and then our assholes, and then our mouths. That's it baby, take turns sliding your cock between our heaving, sweaty, meaty tits.," said Kelly as she pushed her tits out to me.

"Make your titties nice and wet for me babes. Rub some of your hot cunt juice all over your tits. Make them nice and slippery so I can fuck them real good." Both girls reached down to their wet cunts, got their hands nice and wet, and then started to rub the fuck juices all over their breasts. Their melons were now shining in the light and were ready to be fucked. I positioned myself in front of Sara's D-cups and she enveloped me between them. I started to move my hips up and down, feeling my cock slide so easily between her hot, slippery tits. The mixture of her sweat, cunt juice, and my pre-cum made an unreal lubricant and let me fuck her big tits with extreme enthusiasm. I held Sara's shoulder's and pumped my cock into the fleshy trap she created for me.

"That's it baby, fuck my big tits. Slide your boner between my big fucking jugs. Ooh, that's it. Now fuck Kelly's big titties for me. Let me watch your slide your boner between her soft, tits." Kelly released my cock from her tits and I moved myself in front of Kelly. She had her hands on either side of her tits already and was awaiting my tit-dance. I put my cock between her breasts and she squeezed them together, trapping me once again. "Fuck, your tits are amazing. I could fuck these tits all night. I could slide my boner between your big titties all fucking day!" I was in heaven. I loved tit-fucking chicks and here I was with two gorgeous college sluts who loved getting their tits fucked. Kelly bent her head downwards so she could start licking the end of my cock as it peeked out of the front of her tits. "That's it Kelly, suck that cock-head while I fuck your tits. Taste that sticky pre-cum."

I moved back over to Sara and put my cock back between her tits. "Ooh, my turn again," she moaned and squeezed her tits together so hard that I thought my cock was going to get crushed. I started pumping again, making her tits heave. As I started pumping up and down, she started to move her chest up and down, so that she was now jerking me off with her big tits. The sensation was amazing.

"Fuck yeah, take me between your tits baby." I continued fucking her tits for a little while and then moved back over to Kelly who was now rubbing more of her sweet pussy nectar on her tits. This time she forced her tits together before I got in there and shaped them so that I could go straight in. I started to rub my cock on her nipples which almost drove her crazy. I then slid my cock straight into her tit flesh. I was pumping forward and back, forward and back, tickling her tits with my curly pubic hairs. The friction was causing so much heat between her tits, it was like and oven in there. Kelly started to shudder and she exploded in an orgasm. I fucked her tits for another minute and then moved back over to Sara. I leaned over to her tits and spat a big gob of saliva onto them. I started to spread it around with the head of my cock.

"Come on baby. Cum between my jugs. Soak them with your spunk." Sara once again enveloped me between her tits and started fucking them again. I knew that I was on the verge of blowing a massive load and sped up my humping.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," I screamed. As my cock pumped between Sara's tits I shot a massive load that struck the bottom of her chin. Sara bent forward a bit and opened her mouth taking the next shot straight into her mouth. By now, Kelly had her face down by her blonde friend's tits and was inches away from my pumping cock. I was still fucking Sara's tits and I shot another gob out of the end of my cock. This one hit Kelly on the lips and in no time she had her tongue out to lick them clean. "Fuck. That's it. Eat all of my cum." All of my last spurts were made between Sara's big tits. I finally had let it all out. I then took my cock out of her tit-tunnel and looked at her tits. They were soaked.

"Come on Jonny. Suck her tits with me," suggested Kelly. We both leaned over and I started to suck Sara's right tit and Kelly was sucking her left one. We both tongued her chest and sucked up all of the remaining semen. I could still taste the cunt juice that she had rubbed all over her tits. Kelly and I then started to kiss each other, tasting what each of us had in our mouths.

"That was amazing. I can't believe how hot your babes are. You may as well stay for the night. We can have a lot more fun."

"Jonny, I loved feeling your cock all over my body, in every one of my holes. You sure know how to fuck a couple of college chicks you know? And your cum tastes like butter," said Sara as she rubbed her tits and felt herself up.

"You know something girls, maybe I should think about going back to college. I almost forgot how fun it was!"

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