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Coming For Carla
by CAM

I was in my dorm room reading some primary source material for my Advanced Political Theory class. It was late when the phone rang. My girlfriend, Carla, was on the other line. She is a brunette who usually highlights her hair so it appears blondish sometimes. She has great tits, soft but not saggy. Carla is nineteen and a freshman. I'm a junior but I met her in a History survey course.

Carla wanted me to come up to her room to join her and a friend, Melissa for the sexy conversation they were having. They needed a male's opinion. Deciding this was much more important than my G.P.A., I headed over to the girl's wing of the dorm.

My girlfriend is attractive, but Melissa is hot. She has short black hair and an athletic body. She's just right in a lot of respects, her tits are a good size, and her eyes twinkle when she speaks. Also, Melissa's short and has the cutest hips that curve out over her tight ass.

The lights were off when I got into the room but the giggly girls led my way over to Carla's bed, a loft bunk bed her dad had built. The top bunk belonged to her roommate that was often gone for days at a time.

The two girls were laying in bed, chatting, a common thing for all of us to do. Carla, who can be forceful at time, grabbed me and yanked me into bed, causing me to fall over both girls. They were definitely in a good mood. I said sorry to Melissa, but she just laughed a reply.

Carla had me lay between the girls and said they needed my opinion on some "boy sex stuff." Always willing to help, I said I'd do the best I could. Carla and I always ask each other lewd questions. I figure she won't be around forever and I better get in my research while she's available. My girlfriend is obsessed with masturbation and loves to play with me, or herself, all of the time. None of what was happening up to this point was unusual behavior for the three of us. Then Carla's restless hands got the better of her.

Their questions started after a blanket covered us. As we talked, I felt a hand on my button flies. I had started wearing them at Carla's suggestion since the buttons make less noise being undone in public places. Still, in such close proximity, Melissa might hear Carla taking advantage of me so the hand would wait until there was a moment of laughter and then another button would be loosened.

After about ten minutes, my pants were open far enough for the hand to start caressing my knob through my jockeys. I could imagine the sight of my pipe pushing tight against the white fabric. A wet spot was forming and it was getting harder and harder for me to concentrate on the sexual conversation, which wasn't helping my trying to not let on to the festivities under the blanket..

Finally, Melissa said that Carla told her that we had an arrangement. I asked for more info and Melissa interjected, "About blowjobs."

I laughed and said, "Yeah, if I get a blowjob I have to be good and not move. In return, Carla has to keep her 'kitty' trimmed up." Everyone chuckled at my nickname for Carla's pussy.

Melissa said, "I wish someone would give some attention to my 'kitty.'"

I was thinking to myself, I would love to. Carla's hand on my member was also too much, so I figured I'd slow her down and ask her to get me something to drink. She said okay and popped out of bed to go over to the mini-fridge. Funny thing was, the hand that had been fondling me was still in my pants.

When Carla turned her back, Melissa nuzzled up into my neck and she planted soft kisses on my neck up to my earlobe. I was a bit shocked, but also ready to explode. I was also pretty sure Carla was going to kick my ass when she turned around.

When my girlfriend did finish in the fridge, she look at me, winked, and said slyly, "Now we asked you up here to get your manly opinion."

I almost choked.

Carla continued, "Melissa has been frustrated with many boys when giving them head and I told her how good you were when I'm with you, so I told Melissa you might be willing to show her how good it can be when a man sits there and enjoys the pleasure of a sloppy blowjob rather than trying to make a girl swallow their whole cock."

I was still shocked, but my little man said I should nod or do something to get him some action. "Okay," was all I could manage. Melissa looked overjoyed. I swung my legs over the side of the bunk and Melissa pulled a beanbag over to kneel on. Carla got up beside me and started to kiss me, helping me out of my shirt and jeans.

"Now no thrusting, lover. Be good and you'll be taken care of."

I didn't need to answer. Carla knows how to "take care" of men.

Melissa started sucking my cock, holding the base and steadying herself with one hand on my leg. I shouldn't need to say it felt good, when does a blow not? Of course the energy in the room caused me to shoot early and Melissa let out a little yelp when I shot. She laughed and said, "Darn it, I wanted to swallow, you just caught me by surprise."

Carla giggled, "Well maybe we can start over and this time I'll help. I want to show you a couple things I do."

My girlfriend joined her friend in front of me and revived my softening dick. Carla knows how to give head, she should major in it. After a few minutes, she let Melissa take over again and Carla whispered, "He really likes it when you are sucking him and you make eye contact with him." I was leaning back on my palms, but sat up when I heard this.

Carla joined me on the bed again, whispering to me, "You're being so good baby. I've got one other thing to ask."

I thought, "What the hell else could there be?"

"Our little friend there has never had a man before, she wants you to be the first..."

"OH MY GOD!!!" I shouted as I shot of into Melissa's mouth, nearly standing up.

"Hey!" Melissa laughed startled, swallowing my light, second-time load.

Both girls started removing their clothes. Melissa looked even better naked.

I was spent but knew the night wasn't over, not if I wanted Melissa's cherry. I had to lie back on the bed and catch my breath. Carla had flopped down on her right side, facing me and was working away petting her kitty. Melissa was taking a drink from a pop. I smiled at my girlfriend and she returned a sexy look. Reaching over, I started to help her and she began to manipulate my cock, slowly bringing it back to life.

Melissa started rubbing my back and saying how she's waited forever to have me next to her, naked and she wanted me to be the one who "made her a woman."

It didn't take long for me to be ready with these two babes working me over. I moved so that Melissa could lay down with Carla placing a pillow under her cute butt. First I put a finger down into Melissa's pussy, she was super wet. With her eyes closed, Melissa moaned.

Being her first time I wanted to avoid a lot of the awkwardness and, hopefully, pain, which I knew could happen with a girl losing her virginity. Carla was whispering words of encouragement to Melissa and rubbing her arms and gently pulled Melissa's leg apart so I could enter her friend. Positioning myself at her hole, I got the head at her entrance.

With her eyes remaining closed, Melissa let out a "shhhhhh" noise and Carla looked up at me and gave a little nod. I pushed but could not enter her. Melissa let out a little "ow." Carla reassured her that it would hurt, but then it would start to feel really good. I began rubbing Melissa's clit hoping to give her some pleasure before I started again, and then began moving two fingers in and out of her pussy, hoping to stretch her out some. Melissa smiled at me and said she was ready for me.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, and don't stop," she replied.

I got on top of Melissa again, while Carla helped guide me to the ready position. I rubbed my cockhead around then started to push. Melissa was working up a good sweat and her face shifted shapes as I tried to enter here, keeping as much care as I dared. Then the moment of tension was over and I slid more easily inside Melissa. She still looked uncomfortable but everyone seemed relieved.

Slowly, I started pulling out and then pushing back in. Melissa was smiling at me, asking me to keep going. I reached up and grabbed her two mounds, squeezing her tits softly. My girlfriend began kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. Melissa had started to dry up making it harder for me to get inside her but now with her relief, came her juices. My strokes were becoming smoother, she was still super tight, but it was working more now. The sex must have gone on for fifteen minutes or so when Melissa tensed a bit and started make "Oh" sounds.

Laughing slightly Carla told me this is the sound Melissa said she makes when she is going to come. Melissa smiled briefly then got back to her erotic noises, finally pulling her ass off the bed and giving one big "Oh." She then deflated onto the bed. I wasn't done but she seemed to be momentarily. I pulled out of her, she closed her eyes and appeared to be sleeping, smiling. She folded her arms on her stomach, looked up at me with a big grin and said simply, "Thank you."

I was about to reply when Carla said, "You're welcome," grabbing my face and kissing me passionately. She pushed me out of bed and followed. Bending slightly, she put her hands on the bed, gesturing slightly that I should get "to work," as she likes to say. No problem, I love doggie-style and entered her. No extra tightness here. My girlfriend is well worked over. I started hammering away on Carla like I didn't want to do to Melissa for her first time. Carla was loving it too. I was clamped onto her tits, moving closer, humping away where it didn't even feel like I was coming out of her box.

"Deeper!" She exclaimed.

Melissa looked on in slight shock. Carla shrieked. She was coming. She pulled away and started kissing me while standing, moving her leg up the back of mine.

"Well I've got to try that too," Melissa interrupted.

"What this kissing?" I joked, moving towards her and getting up on the bed.

She gave me a little sarcastic look then knelt away from me and I slid up behind her.

"Just go ahead and set yourself up and then push against me. You can control a lot of the action," I explained.

Melissa began to push back. She was still tighter than hell, but she didn't seem to let this affect her. My girlfriend moved over and began kissing me, practically sucking my breath away. Melissa was going to town pushing back against me as I knelt there. Then I took over, pile driving into her, fucking her hard, harder than I did Carla.

She was loving it. Her face was buried in the mass of sheets, blankets, and pillows in front of her. She was practically screaming for me to keep fucking her. A few more thrusts after that and I let out my own shout as I came inside her.

I looked down to the floor and Carla was rubbing away on her clit. I collapsed on top of Melissa and Carla crawled back up into bed, giving me a gentle kiss. Nothing else mattered.


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