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Cybersex gets Realsex in Pune (India)
by KayKayv

Hi, my name is KayKay, I'm 22, I've got medium hair, Brownish eyes, I'm healthy - about 65Kgs and 5'6 tall, I am a Computer Engineer, I have been told several times that my body is very manly and well built.

My story starts about 2 months ago. when I was just a very shy, naïve teenager who up till then had no experience of sex, sure I used to think about sex a lot, most of my friends had girlfriends, I would hear of their experiences and always when lying in bed at night I would play with myself to relieve the frustrations I had. It's not that I didn't have offers of dates from girls, I was just too busy and lazy to take them up.

I used to read erotic stories on desibaba regularly and jack off to get a good sleep but this turned out to be a habit and I soon realised that I was an over-sexed male, who needed sex badly. One such erotic story gave me an idea to find a sexual partner online and after my exams, I decided to search for a female who could meet me personally to have sex once or establish a sexual relationship with me.

When my exams were over, I began searching various chatrooms on the net to find some Indian women who were interested. Actually, I forgot to tell you that I am very much fascinated by girls/women elder than me. I remember seducing one of my aunts, but somehow the idea didn't work. Initially I was fooled by many girls who said they were serious but didn't turn up. And soon it felt that this would not work either until I met a girl named PRIYA from Pune. We decided to meet on the Sunday which followed and may be find a hotel to have sex. Frankly speaking I thought she was kidding too and would not turn up but then the desire in me was more strong and I eventually went to meet her at a place we decided on mail, in Pune.

After waiting for about 20 minutes past the time, I saw this reasonable good looking girl coming towards me. She was 5'2" with a good body although her boobs were massive her figure seemed perfect and she had quite good features too. we greeted each other and decided which hotel to move in. Then the procedure of hiring a hotel room followed until we both were looking in each others eyes in a closed room fully aware & awaiting what was to follow.

I asked her genuinely if she was comfortable and she replied "KK I thought you will be making me comfortable," I got the message and moved towards her to hold her head in my hands and kiss her on her lips, first gently until the kissing turned up to be more passionate involving lot of tongue. We moved on to the bed and I began to hold her massive breasts from over her clothes. she broke the kiss and told me to remove her clothes, she was wearing a T-shirt & jeans, I was wearing a shirt & jeans.

I removed her T-shirt and lay her to get that jeans below her ankles now she was laying in front of me in just her lingerie. I got rid of my clothes soon and kicked off my underwear to reveal my fully erect throbbing cock with its purple head peeping at her. She just couldn't take her eyes off it and kept watching it. I moved on to the bed and undid her hooks to lets those two pegions free with both of my hands busy feeling and squeezing her tits. she had big, erect brown nipples which I began sucking while my reflexes pulled her panties off to expose her shaven pussy.

Since it was my first time it actually felt like a dream and I just didn't know where to begin. Meanwhile she got hold of my prick in her palms and began moving it up and down, which sent shivers down my whole body. I asked her if she would... and she said "YES" then she held my cock in her palms and wrapped her lips on it and began to give me a blow job. Waw what a feeling it was!!z

Even when she sucked it, my cock was throbbing in her mouth. It didn't take much time before I felt like I would cum, so I pulled it out from her mouth. As she stood up her pussy was at my face level and I knew what the signal was, I immediately got my face between her thighs and began licking her clit, she was wet already as I could taste her juices flowing from her beautiful pussy. While I sucked her pussy, I let my hands free to roam around her ass cheeks and sometimes get into the forbidden area to give her a complete feeling.

It wasen't until she said "OH...cOME ON FUCK ME Soon... I am Dying with desires... PLZZZ...AH.HHH.HH..." that I realised that I had a job ahead, I got a condom from my pants and slid it over my cock to take the protection. Then I brought my Cock head on her vertical lips and began scratching it there to tease her. she got hold on my butts and I started to slowly find my way into a beautiful paradise.

It was very tight there, I got my shaft in to the maximum and pulled it out to rammm it in again slowly and slowly I accelerated the speed and was kissing her all over her face, neck and those massive breasts. Her moans were audible with "ahhh...oooooooooahhhhhhh..." all over the place, after a few strokes, I incresed my pumping even further and eventually I came in her and pulled my meat out from her pussy. We both lay exhausted to catch our breath back and kissing each other simultaneously. I asked her if she enjoyed and she said I was amazing sex partner she ever slept with, in fact I gave her an orgasm which not many women experience. I asked her if we could have anal too but she said we reserve it for next encounter.

Then we had bath, got dressed up and she left after we had tea. I never expected that it would happen this way but we enjoyed it very much.

* * * * *

Females (Who are BOLD AND NOT SATISFIED from their partners) from PUNE or who are to come to PUNE want real physical sex can contact me. It doesn't matter to me if you are married, unless you are genuine, descent and hygienic.

Girls who want cyber with your pics, mail me!


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