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Can I Come Over?
by James Kirkland

Al sat nude, on the edge of his bed, still a little wet from his recent shower. He stared at the phone in silence, only his half-aroused penis a clue to what he was thinking. Actually there were two thoughts, at the moment, that were at odds with one-another; "I shouldn't, I was just over there a few days ago." and "Boy would I like to."

Al's problem was that he always felt a little guilty about how he had to manipulate Maggie into letting him come over. He knew she didn't like the idea of cheating on her boyfriend, but Al would always manage to coax her into relenting anyway. This had been so for months and he still felt guilty.

Finally he picked up the receiver and punched out the numbers.

"Hello," a breathy female voice answered.


"Who's this?"

"It's Al, c'mon, you know who this is."

"Mm, hello Al. I just didn't expect to hear from you so soon."

"Are you alone?"


"C'mon Maggie, is he there?"

"No Al. You know he won't be home for hours."

"Good. I was thinking about coming over."

"I don't know Al..."

"Didn't you enjoy yourself last time, don't you always?"


"Maybe, Maggie when I come over there your pussy is always dripping. And you can't wait for me to taste it."

"Al! You shouldn't talk to me like that."

"And, remember when I shove my cock up your wet pussy how you always yell 'fuck me, fuck me Al...'"

"I do not..."

"And, boy, last time did I ever fuck you, boy did I fuck you and you came again and again and I came..."

"Al, you stop that right now!"

"And then you sucked my dick 'til it was nice and stiff again and you got on top and guided the knob between your pretty dripping pussy lips and sat real fast..."

"Oh! Al, I'm warning you, I'm going to hang up..."

"And I lay back and watched you ride my cock and watched your luscious tits bounce and I squeezed them and pinched your big nipples and I watched my slick cock disappear up your hungry cunt again and again and again..."

"I swear Al..."

"And you came again but I didn't so I rolled you over and you waved your gorgeous ass at me and I stood behind you and shoved my cock up your hot pussy and fucked you for all I was worth, my balls bouncing off your sexy ass..."


"And then you yelled fuck my ass please fuck my ass you said, so I got the last gob from that KY gel jar I bought you a few weeks ago and stuck it in your ass and then shoved my stiff dick in..."

"Al, I'm getting really, really mad..."

"And you begged me not to stop, not to stop Al and I didn't stop and we both came at the same time and I shot my cum up your tight little ass..."

"That is just about enough..."

"And here I am, Maggie, just out of the shower, sitting on my bed with a raging hard-on, thinking about how good your pussy tastes and your tits taste and how hot and tight your ass is and how good it feels with my cock shoved up it and just thought I'd give you a call. Is that so bad?"


"So how about it? Should I come over?"

"...OK, I guess so. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let you fuck me."

"Sure Maggie, whatever you say."

"With your big stiff cock."

"No problem..."

"And it doesn't mean that I'm going to suck on that big dick of yours 'til you cum in my mouth. And if I do suck your dick it doesn't mean I'm going to swallow your cum and lick your cock and balls clean..."

"Ahem, uh sure Maggie."

"So don't think you're going to come over here and fuck me and fuck me repeatedly and make me cum all over your big cock and beg you to fuck me more, like I may have done in the past. Just because you're sitting there naked and all with a big hard-on, don't think my pussy is dripping wet from all your sweet talk."

Al was dressing awkwardly, while juggling the receiver, "I'm on my way Maggie. I'm on my way."

"Well, OK, but remember what I said."

"Sure, sure. Oh Maggie, can I bring anything?"

"Well...I guess you can pick up some kind of lubrication, maybe some more KY gel. But don't get any ideas, that doesn't mean I'm going to let you fuck me up the ass with that nice big stiff dick of yours, like you always do."

"I'm on my way Maggie. I'm on my way."

"That doesn't mean that I'll be thinking of those handsome big shoulders and strong arms of yours and that I'll be waiting here all showered and perfumed and naked and hungry for your cock and hot for you."

"Sure thing honey." Al hung up, smiling as he ran out the door, "Works every time," he thought.

Maggie hung up and grinned as she began to strip, singing aloud to herself, while she danced towards the bathroom and the shower, "Works every time, works every time..."


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