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Better Things To Do

by Lexi

As he walked into the room, she watched his every movement. He walked slowly but cautiously. He smiled at her slightly, grinning in a way, smiling mischievously while walking her way. She wondered what he was up to. "He never smiles like that unless he's after something", she thought. They both knew what that something was.

She was sitting in his living room waiting to the 8 o'clock movie to begin. Commercials are on at the moment. She hates commercials, so she handed all of her attention to him. He's still walking slowly. She smiles as he slides into the spot on the couch next to her. He puts an arm around her stomach and looks at her breasts. Oh, how he wants her right now. He thinks of how he'd like to "Make Love" with her. Who was he kidding. He could have her anytime he wanted. She was very submissive that way. He's still watching her breasts, she must notice him because her breasts started to perk up. He looks at her and smiles.

"You know what would be fun to do baby?" he asks.

"What's that?" she replies.

He slowly kisses her neck and moves his hand up to her left breast and begins to fondle it lightly. She suddenly picks up the remote and turns the TV off, she knows exactly what is about to happen, yes, she wants it to happen also.

"In the bedroom," Russ says.

He gently lifts her up and carries her into the dark bedroom. He walks over and turns a tiny Touch Lamp on to its lowest setting.

"I like to see the beautiful woman that I am touching," he whispers.

She giggles lightly, trying to muffle the lonely sound of her laugh. He crawls up on the bed and sits on her, one knee on either side of her hips. She smiles as he rubs her hips a little bit. He leans down and kisses the part of her stomach that her shirt doesn't cover. As he continues kissing her, he attempts to slide his hand down her pants, but her jeans are a bit too tight. This leads him to unbuttoning them slowly and pulling them down past her hips. He can smell her getting wetter. Lightly teasing her by kissing the top of her pantyline. As she watches him, he looks her directly in the eyes and continues pulling her pants down further, around her knees now. He lightly kisses her legs as he removes her jeans.

"Russ, honey?"

"Yes, baby?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, but can I go back to what I was doing? I'm very into it."

"Honey, baby, sweetie pie, I would love for you to continue."

"Okay, so let me."

She spreads her legs open a little, still noticing that she has her panties on, wondering how long they will be on. Not long with Russ. She smiles at him softly and he is now rubbing her stomach with one hand and his other hand is slowly rubbing her pussy through the silky, thin panties. She really enjoys oral, he knows this, and will never forget. She slightly moans.

"Russ, baby, you are so good."

"Lexi, I know, but only because it's you."

He looks at her lovingly and keeps rubbing her while moving his head up to hers and gently kisses her. As she kisses back she feels him rubbing her harder. He chuckles quietly. Lexi's ears perk up when she hears him chuckling.

"Honey, why are you laughing?!" she exclaimed.

"Because I love you?!" he replied.

"Alright then," she retorted. Although she really didn't believe that "Because I Love You" was the real reason.

Russ wonders if she is ready for her panties to come down, or maybe he's really asking himself if he is the one who is ready or not for her panties to come down. He smirks a little at her and slides two of his fingers into the elastic part of her panties and pulls it out slowly and lets it snap back on her hip. As she jerks a little, he laughs. She smiles at him, because he is just too cute. He continues what he started and inches her panties down. As her does this she watches his eyes. Watching them get bigger and wider as the panties move down her hips, thighs, over her knees, down the lower part of her legs, and finally off her ankles. As they come off he takes them and puts them in his dresser drawer.

"You may need them the next time you spend the night," he claims.

She laughs at him for a moment and then quickly stops to notice that he is unbuckling his belt. He's now sliding it off, and throws it on the floor. He slips off his shirt and goes back to her. He sits her on the edge of the bed and looks at her.

"Honey, you aren't naked yet. I forgot about your shirt and bra."

"Yes, so you did."

Russ stands up and takes her arms and slowly lifts them up over her head. she obeys and keeps them above her head. He takes his own hands and places them on her stomach and runs them up her stomach, to her breasts. He stops there and gropes them, running them all over her breasts finding her erect hard nipples. He begins to pull on them roughly and suddenly stops.

"I will be able to do this better if I take your shirt off, won't I?"

"Yes, yes you will baby."

Russ pulls the top off and up her arms and step back to look at his girlfriends breasts. She's a nice 34 B/C and in a white lacy strapless bra, that will not stay on for too long. He undoes the strap and tells Lexi to keep her arms above her head, because she is his now. It's his body. She rightfully agrees, listening to what he tells her to do. He pulls the bra off and throws it on the floor. He looks at her breasts again.

"They look so much better without anything on them," he tells her.

He attends her breasts again. This time he cups them in his hands and lightly licks the nipples of each breast very lightly, barely touching them, teasing in a way. He holds her by her breasts and pushes her down on the bed. He stands up and pulls his pants down and throws them to the side of the room. He leans back down on top of her again. As he begins to massage her breasts with his hands he takes his knee and starts to grind it on to her bare pussy. She reacts with grinding down on his knee. She is now moaning with pleasure and he hasn't even gotten into her yet. It should be a fun night. He continues to fondle her breasts. Cupping them and rubbing them hard. Licking and biting her hard nipples. Twisting the nipple of her left breast between his teeth. While he's doing this she is being a good little girl and keeping her arms above her head. Yet, Russ knows how much she longs to touch him. She's wanting him badly now. With his knee grinding in her pussy, his knee getting wet with her juices. Russ squeezes both her breasts together and smiles at her. He takes both nipples into his mouth at once. He moves his tongue around them and bites them gently. As he takes her nipples out of his mouth he notices that they are still hard as a rock. He pushes on them and rolls the nipples between his fingers.

Roughly he says to Lexi, "Hey baby, do you want me?"

She replies, "Oh God yes."

"Not yet," he says.

He goes back to her and kisses the little valley between her breasts and then down her stomach. He's now wondering if he should leave a hickey on her stomach or not. He decides to and start to suck on her stomach about two inches up from her belly button. While doing this he lets one of his hands travel down her stomach and hips to her pussy. He lays it on her for a second then starts to rub her bare pussy. She wants him, he knows it. She wants him bad, he can tell by how wet she's getting. How he wishes he could lap it all up right now, but he can't, not yet anyway. He begins to rub her harder and spreads apart her pussy lips. He begins to rub her clit nice and gently, increasing speed as the time goes on. He decides it's time to do something different. She's sitting on the bed moaning and groaning. He's got to help her out somehow. He slowly slides a finger in her sopping wet hole and works it in and out, slowly.

"Want another one baby?"

"Oh yes, give me as many as you can."

Russ slowly slides in two more fingers adding up to three in all. He's moving them in and out. Thinking "Oh God she's so wet, and she smells so good." He takes his three fingers out and licks them all off. Russ can see that she wants them back in her. Or at least something in her. He takes those three fingers he just had and jams them into her clit, she's just so wet, he had to. He jams them in repetitively going deeper each time, hearing Lexi moan and let out quiet screams. He fucks her with his fingers harder, her hips are now bucking up against his hand. He takes his other hand and roughly pulls on her breast, squeezing the nipple hard, groping her, again.

"Oh GOD!!!", she's screaming. "Fuck me baby, come on, I know you want to, just give it to me!!!"

Russ wants to, she's right, but he's waiting for the right moment. He finger fucks her harder, watching, literally, the juices pour out of her pussy. He leans his head down and starts to lick her clit. He takes his fingers out of her and offers them to her mouth. She licks his fingers clean immediately. His head is now buried between her legs. His hands are running all over her thighs and ass, rubbing roughly. He's squeezing her thighs. Russ slides his tongue into her warm, moist, sopping wet hole and eats her out. Sliding his tongue in and out, exploring her wet cunt. He inserts another finger and covers it with her juices and puts the juices around her nipples and sucks it off.

"I'm going to explode."

"Honey, calm down, I haven't put my cock in you yet."

Russ laughs a little bit. She moans a little quieter and waits for him. He stands up and drops his boxers then lays down on top of Lexi. Russ and Lexi kiss passionately. Russ moves his hands up her stomach and back to her breasts and rubs them firmly, then slides them up her arms (which are still above her head). Russ pulls back.

"You are a good girl, your arms are still above your head."

"Yes, I know. You told me to keep them there, so that's where they are."

Russ leans down and kisses her.

"I really love you Lexi, do you know that?"

"I do now, and I really love you too."

Russ holds her tight for a couple of seconds and then moves his seven inches long, throbbing and pulsating cock into place. He looked up at her and she nodded her head stating that he can go ahead. He slides the head of his cock into her and pushes a little further. He has about five inches in now and he is working it in an out. She's enjoying every second of it. She wants more though. Her pussy is just pulling him in, whether he wants to or not. He slowly continues to work the six inches now. Moving it in and out slowly. He's good with his cock. He knows how to use it. She's moaning quietly, so he knows he's doing something right. He smiles up at her and the smile has turned into a grin. He plunges the last inch in and watches her wince a little. As he leans down to give her a simple kiss on the nose he moves his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in further, pulling it out, and in further again. Lexi begins to move her hands up towards Russ, but he pushes them back on the bed. He smiles as she frowns.

"I'm sorry honey, but you remember what I told you."

She continues to frown for now much longer. He pushes his cock into her harder and deeper. She's now back to her normal state, eyes closed, mouth open gasping for air. He returned to smile widely once again. He pushes deeper and harder and faster, while watching her breasts wobble, jiggle and move all over. He longed to touch them, but he knew he must finish here first. Russ held on to her hips and pushes as far as he can, and moved in and out as fast as he can, pushing as hard as he can. Russ says to himself "Watching her facial expressions is amazing." While he said that to himself he could feel her pussy muscles tense up and clamp down on his cock.

"Honey...I...I...I think..."

Russ put a finger over her lips and hushed her.

"I know, I know."

With knowing this, Russ continues to pump harder feeling her muscles clamping on his cock. He feel as he himself might just erupt. He feels her warm cum begin to flow out of her. He keeps pounding her, his balls slapping against her ass. She's already cumming, but he wants to cum also. She moves her hips more, clamping her muscles harder, finally Russ gasps for air and moans that he's going to cum. Lexi holds on to him and flips him so he's on the bottom.

"Relax baby, you've satisfied me. Now let me do something for you."

Lexi moves up and down on Russ slowly, gaining speed while bobbing up and down on him. She rubs his chest roughly, leaning down to kisses him gently and suck on his neck and chest. She takes his hands and raised them above his head. She looks down at him and smiles, still moving her hips up and down on his cock.

"Just let me know," she says.


She grins, and moves on him harder, rubbing his chest harder and kisses his lips, sliding her tongue into the depths of his mouth. She moves out of his mouth and down his neck suck and biting gently, still moving her hips, now even harder.

"Now, baby, now!"

Lexi slides off of him and slides the head of Russ's cock into her mouth. Slowing sucking on him and massaging him while he releases his warm, sticky, cum into her mouth. She slowly swallows it, trying to get all of it, but a bit dribbles down her lip and chin. As she continues to suck him dry he slides two fingers back into her and moves them in and out slowly. She pulls him down for a kiss, and he licks he cum off her face, then kisses her. They share the cum between them. Se then pulls his fingers out of her and puts them to his lips. He willingly and eagerly licks them dry. She smiles and holds him tight.

"I love you," Russ announces.

"I love you more," Lexi retorted.

Lexi pulls up the blankets on the bed and lies close to Russ. He puts his arms around her and holds her tightly, but not to tight, just right. She kisses him on the cheek and smiles. He smiles back at her and kisses her on the nose. She cuddles up to him closer and lays her head on his shoulder. He looks at her and moves the pieces of hair out of her face and kisses her passionately. They stop and look at each other for awhile without a word being said. Lexi reached over and turned the Touch Lamp off and kissed Russ on the forehead.

"Honey, I love you," she said.

"I love you too, but next time, your house."


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