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Car Tales
by Muse

He seemed like a nice sort of man. We met by accident. I know that it is unusual for women to frequent car repair stores, but hey, I never said that I had a typical woman's hobby. Instead, I worked on my car, or should I say that my car worked me. I would much rather be checking the engine, overhauling the cooling system or tweaking the stereo system rather than say clothes shopping. A 65 Mustang convertible is a demanding mistress. I was strolling through the aisles, checking out the latest trick out parts when I accidentally backed into him. I murmured my apologies and gazed into the most intense blue eyes I had ever seen. He was older than I, that much I could tell. His brownish red hair was already colored at the temples by gray.

His eyes twinkled as he steadied me with his hand discretely at my elbow, but, for an instant, I felt a spark flow through his fingertips directly into my body. I smiled and shook my head "No" when he asked if I had hurt myself. Instead, my arms wrapped across my chest and I absentmindedly rubbed the place where he touched me. His eyes glanced downward, as if to assess that my answer was merely a conciliatory comment and I actually was injured. Imperceptibly, he leaned into me and quietly asked me if I would like to sit down for a minute to gain my bearings. Lovely term, bearings, and since he used such an overtly automotive term, I answered "Yes" and we made our way over to the waiting area for car repair customers.

"Can I get you a Coke or at least a free cup of coffee," he asked, motioning to the complimentary coffee set-up tucked into the corner. I glanced at the pot, which had probably been warming on the heating unit for at least 12 to 15 hours and looked like oil taken from a car that hadn't seen an oil change in 15,000 miles. I smiled and said, "No thanks, but I appreciate the offer."

We made our introductions. His name was Bert and for a minute my mind flew to Bert of Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street fame. Nope, I didn't find a single similarity. No striped shirt or squeaky voice, much less a yellow face and a big nose. Bert was about 55ish, maybe a little younger. He wasn't tall, but he wasn't short either. Since I was in tennis shoes, I guessed that he was about 5'10" and he carried a medium frame. Since we were having trouble with the conversation and he did intrigue me, I asked him about his baby, whoops car. His baby was a '86 blue Thunderbird. My smile increased, and I knew that we had a lot in common, both being Ford folks and all; none of the GM versus Ford crap that I hear.

"You work on your own car?" Bert asked with disbelief. "Mustangs are wonderful machines, and you have an oldie but a goodie. Let me guess, cherry red, isn't it?"

"Of course! I wouldn't let just anybody under the hood of my car. That is sort of like sleeping around, you never know what kind of crap you will pick up that way," I said, then winced knowing just how open that comment was.

He grinned. "Yep, you don't want just anybody messing around in there. Only someone that truly appreciates the mechanics and the delicacy of a high performance engine."

I was blown away. We were carrying on secret dalliance wordplay around automobiles. In a little while he discovered that my Dad had taught me about my first car, my baby Sally. (Like what else would you name a Red Mustang except Sally?) I learned that he was a mechanic trained by Ford but had switched over to specialty equipment repair, but still babied his T-Bird. After a while, I looked down at my watch to discover that we had spent the better part of an hour doing our own private erotic car chat. I know that he had to be somewhat confused; what was a 28-year-old woman doing working on her car? Much less carrying on with a man old enough to be her dad, but he was just so damn fascinating.

He was funny. He was smart. And the longer we talked I recognized all the signals within my body that told me that I wanted him. My nipples had hardened, and I wondered if he had noticed underneath the clinging t-shirt I wore. I knew that the vee of my jeans were starting to dampen as I stared at his hands. Unconsciously I started playing with my shoulder length brunette hair. What was it about a man's hands? For me, they say so much about a man. If the hands are too feminine and soft I wasn't interested in being touched by them. If the fingers were callused and showed dexterity I melted inside. As I watched Bert play with his car keys, I thought, "Just what would they feel like against my skin." Or at least I thought the comment was only to myself, until Bert replied, "I would love to find out."

It was a moment of no return. I had put the key in the ignition and started the engine. I had the opportunity to rescind the offer, but as I looked into his eyes I knew I wanted him. Ignoring or downplaying the attraction was stupid. I cocked my head to one side and wiggled a little closer to him and lowered my tone dramatically, "Really, and how do you propose to go about checking out my engine?" His pupils dilated and he slid a little closer to me and said, "As an ASE certified technician, I would carefully assess each point, making sure that each were in top working order before testing the engine fully. This might require full servicing, but I think that you would find that I am thorough and systematic in my work."

I grinned. I was hooked and knew that this gentleman was too special to drop the conversation and leave the situation. I leaned into him and said, "Why don't we meet over at my house?"

He responded with, "No, come over to my garage and let me show you around." I thought for a minute and agreed to follow him to his home. I knew that he was being a gentleman, giving me time to change my mind, but if he offered to walk me over to the hotel next door I would have immediately followed him there. I wasn't about to change my mind. I wanted to know him carnally and completely.

After a short 10-minute drive we arrived at his house. There was a wonderful three bay garage in the back of a medium sized home. I knew that he was a car freak, no doubt about it when the far left and far right garage doors opened. He proceeded into the left hand space and I pulled into the right. As I drove into the slot, I noticed that there wasn't an automobile in the middle. Before I could cut off the engine, the doors closed behind us. After killing the engine, I stepped out of the car and stood in the middle of the garage. It was a shade tree mechanic's dream. I looked at the mechanic's tool chests and the tools all on the wall and I almost sank to my knees in awe. In looking I knew he had thousands of dollars in tools and knew how to use each and every one of them. Then the thought flashed through my mind, just how horny can I get over tools, and immediately came to the extraordinary conclusion that VERY was the first word that came to my mind.

I was unsure what to do. I walked towards his side of the garage, when I saw him take two blankets from a stack in the corner of his shop. He threw one over the hood of his automobile and stepped towards me with the other draped over his forearm. He stepped into my space and whispered into my ear "Do you mind if I look under your hood?"

I wasn't sure how to take it until I watched him step to the front of Sally and pop the latch and prop the hood up. Bert lovingly placed a blanket on the front of the car and fastened a trouble light so he could gaze at the engine. I was so glad that my engine was in pristine condition. He lovingly pushed on the belts and checked the hoses. "You do love your little baby, don't you?" he murmured as we leaned into the core of the vehicle.

"I can't lie... I do" I replied. As he turned his face towards mine, the light was penetrating and it illuminated my desire. He leaned towards me and kissed me, slowly at first. Within what seemed seconds he had maneuvered us from beneath the bonnet and we started kissing. I felt his hands move to my tee shirt and slowly pull it up, breaking our kiss long enough to ease it over my head. As he reclaimed my lips, I wrapped my hands around his neck and leaned into him, pressing my body into his. Everyplace that we touched was heating and burning. As his left hand grabbed my breast, I felt the other circle my waist and pull me tighter against his hard shaft. Mentally I pictured a crankshaft driving the piston rods into the piston and for the life of me I don't know why but I giggled.

Bert broke our kiss and he looked at me, "So what is so funny?" he asked.

As I ran my hand down the front of his pants to his hardness, I smiled and said, "I really appreciate your... um... crankshaft." He ran both hands around my waist and spun me around. My heart was beating at about 3000 rpms and I was so hot. As he recaptured my mouth beneath his, I licked the top of his palate. Our mouths parted slightly and the licks started around our lips, nipping and engaging in open mouth kisses as our tongues racing around each other.

His hand ran down the front of my jeans and with his oh so dexterous fingers; he undid the snap and slid the zipper downwards. As his mouth wandered down my neck to my tits, his other hand slid into my jeans and cupped my pussy. I knew that I was swollen and waiting for his touch. "Oh so sweet, my beauty, you like what I am doing to you?" he muttered into my neck. I melted into him and my legs became weak. "That's right little girl, enjoy yourself" as his fingers parted my pussy lips. His fingers parted slightly and drew my labia in between my fingers and slowly pinched their fleshiness between them. I could only imagine what his fingers could do to a hose clamp!

As I groaned and thrust my pelvis towards him, I nearly overheated when he slowly curled his middle finger. He slowly drew it up from just above my wet and hot pussy along the slick little path to my clit that was throbbing for his touch. As he continued to tease the tenderness that was below my waist, his mouth worked my nipples. I threw my head back and savored the feelings rushing through my body. His teeth gently pulled the low cups of my brassiere down, exposing my pert headlamps, which were on high beam, waiting on his mouth. The nipples were hard and erect. As he continued stroking back and forth, faster and faster, he curved his arm around my waist.

I threw my head back and moaned as I felt the orgasm race its way down and spread through my body. As I trembled and greeted the explosive power of my special moment with a cry of joy he gently pushed me backwards and I found myself leaning against the hood of his T-bird. I leaned back against its cooling hardness and peered at Bert through passion-glazed eyes. He quickly shifted my pants downward, pausing only to pull off my sneakers first. Then he urged me backwards until my ass was on the bonnet and he was standing before me, looking at my entire chassis with lust. I watched as he quickly shucked his shirt. Sweat glistened off his chest.

He looked at me, the same fine sheen coated mine and he leaned over and cut on an exhaust fan that cooled the garage, but not us. I leaned up on my elbows to watch as he dropped to his knees and slowly licked a path to my core. His hands gently cupped my legs up onto the fender and he leaned in. His lips took the place of his hand gently tugging and pulling at my clit and I knew that it wouldn't be long before he would bring me off again and all I could do was lean back and enjoy it.

As I thrust into his tongue and mouth, his hands held me securely and I whimpered and moaned as he paid special attention to my love button and all the sensations carried there. It wasn't until I was so close to cumming that I felt his index finger curl into me and he started finger fucking me while he licked all around my special racetrack. And true to form, I bucked my way to an orgasm while he held me to his face. I regained my composure and tried to sit up, but he was still lying across my pelvis and he looked up at me while I gazed down at him. His hair was mussed but he gave me a lopsided grin that let me know just how pleased he was with his tune-up of my engine. I grinned back and thought, "Two can play at this game!"

I slid off the hood and he stood before me, his chest still damp with perspiration. I licked my way down his neck, nibbling softly, amazed at his texture and taste. His hands continued to stroke me as I dropped to my knees, undid his pants and dropped them to the cement floor. I was so pleased at his hardness and his length, a nicely equipped 8 inches. His cock was hard and ready and I licked my lips in eagerness. The tip was wet and I knew that he had contained his orgasm to please me. I looked up at him as I took him into my mouth.

I shifted Bert's weight so he leaned against the hood and he could watch, as I loved him. Licking his prick, slowly and gently, I followed the stroke with gentle nipples, drawing his hard length through my teeth, gently grazing him. He groaned and he wrapped his fingers through my shoulder length hair to hold my head steady as my rhythm started, up and down, up and down, with the steadiness of a piston within its cylinder. All the while I allowed my tongue to run up and down, tracing his veins and the knobbiness of his member. And I watched.

I watched, as he got hotter. I watched as he leaned his head back. I swallowed deeper as he thrust into my mouth and I moaned deep as he grabbed me and fucked my mouth. I ceased to control his actions and he drove into me, all I could do was keep up. I swallowed and licked and tasted all that was him and when I heard him groan I felt his spunk hit the back of my throat and I started to swallow, drawing him in deeper and deeper. Like a radiator overheating, he spewed out, his cum dribbling out the corners of my mouth as he filled my mouth with his glorious male essence. I drank all of him and when I felt the last jerk of his rod, I tenderly licked him, drawing my hand up and wiping his seed from my mouth. He continued to lean into his prized automobile and I slowly worked my way to stand up. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me quickly on my mouth.

"Princess, I don't know about you, but I am definitely going to consider my hobby in a whole new light! And darn it, you made me forget to pick up my mounting bracket!" he commented laughingly.

I grinned and replied, "I don't know, it appears I need to take my hobby a little more seriously. Would you mind if I "work" in your garage frequently... you know... borrow your tool?"


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