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Dinner Date
by Bill Smith

I am not a very social person, which is surprising as I work with people to help them out of hardships. After work I just like to spend time by myself. I do find myself invited to dinner parties from coworkers and assorted friends who are always trying to "fix me up," with Ms. Right. At times I do enjoy these outings but there is no place in my life for a "Ms. Right."

Anyway, my friend Ron invites me to dinner with just him and his wife, Justine, no one else. Now you can sing the praises of the world's greatest restaurants but night after night of eating out you start to get tired of it all and long for a simple home cooked meal. It was with this idea in mind that I knocked on Ron's door to announce my arrival.

Ron answered the door in a timely manner dressed in shorts and polo shirt as this was just a casual affair. After a hug of greeting I gave him the bottle of wine that I brought with me. Then I was escorted to the kitchen where Justine was performing her special kind of magic using herbs, spices and no doubt spells of an exotic nature.

Hearing our approach Justine turns and flashes me a kind of smile that in olden times could have caused a war if it was given to a rival. I thought I could also discern a hint of mischief behind her beautiful brown eyes but then I was caught in her arms as she grasped my neck and hosted her body next to mine. Not being one who pretends to hug by allowing only upper body contact, Justine just kinda flows into your arms and melts down your body. When Justine hugs you she holds nothing back.

Justine is about 5'2", maybe 105 pounds with short brown hair and dressed in a silk sundress with spaghetti straps that did nothing to hide her charms. And her charms are wonderful: breast that are neither too big nor too small, slim waist and an ass that would fit in both hands with no spillover. Now I'm slightly over 6' feet tall and this nymph is hanging from my neck and my hands just naturally fall and grasp her ass, yep no spillover and no panties either. As I lift her slightly to remove some of the pressure from my neck she whispers into my ear, "Oh Bill, your so strong," and then quickly snakes her tongue into my ear. Then like magic she is out of my arms beaming up at me from three feet away.

Yes, I think she is a witch. I am already under her spell as I can't take my eyes away from her and part of me is slowly turning to stone. I stare at her petit form and take note of her tiny horns as they thrust the fabric of her sundress forward and make the little dress move as she breathes in and out.

Smiling Justine turns to Ron and asks, "My dear what has Bill brought us?"

After a few false starts Ron finally stammers out, "It is a Gamay Wine." I think that Ron is also under Justine's spell and is having a difficult time concentrating.

I break the trance that Justine has placed on me and inform her, "It is an award winning Texas Gamay. Almost as sweet and exotic as you are Justine."

"Ron, why don't you open this award winning wine and see if it tastes as good as I do," Justine teasingly mocks me and then slowly licks the edge of her lips. Her tongue looks like a small red serpent as it travels up and across her upper lip and then downward and across the bottom lip and then disappears.

Like a dutiful husband or a person under a spell Ron does as he is commanded. He pours the Gamay into three wine glasses and then hands one to Justine and one to me. I look at Justine and propose a toast, "To magic?"

"To magic," Justine and John repeat.

Ron and I tilt our glasses to drink but Justine allows that little red serpent of hers to dart into the red brew and then withdraws it to her mouth. "Hmmm," she moans, "Good but I think I taste better." And then she slyly smiles at me almost daring me to reply.

I clear my throat and say, "I would not know."

"Perhaps a taste test," she teases. And then drinks her glass of Gamay down and hands it to John for a refill. "John why don't the two of you take your wine and go to the living room while I work on dinner."

Off to the living room we are banished, a look of dejection on our faces. We can only speak of blase things as we are both deprived of Justine's magical presence. Finally reverting to things of the office we find safe ground to talk. That is until Justine enters the living room.

Justine does not just enter the living room. One moment she is not there, then the next she is and the living room tries to contain her presence. She is like the light of safety to ancient mariners during storm tossed seas or like a siren luring mariners to their doom on the rocks, you just don't know how to take her you only know you want her.

As she walks towards us I notice she has a tray in her hands, it is filled with hors d'oeuvre. As she pauses in front of me she bends over to place the tray in front of me. I watch her dress fall forward revealing both of her breasts and her harden strawberry nipples. "See anything you like," she whispers knowing what I see.

"Yes," I say as I reach for a morsel located on the very back of the tray. I know that the location of the morsel I'm after will allow my hand to brush one proud nipple. Justine is staring into my eyes as I reach the morsel I'm after and yes my hand makes contact with one erect nipple.

A slight moan escapes her lips at the unexpected contact. "I see you are a man of unquestionable taste," she mocks me and then moves to offer the tray to her husband. This time I get to gaze at the bare backs of her legs from her sandled feet to the hem of her sundress. I can only imagine what lies underneath that dress. Once again I'm trapped in her spell and start to turn to stone. She turns and places her tray on the coffee table and heads towards the kitchen after she gives me one of her smiles. I cross my legs to hide the effect she is having on me and watch as she slowly disappears from my vision but not my mind.

After a time Ron and I continue with our previous conversation. As we talk the mundane I wonder what it is like to be married to Justine, to be in Ron's place. Would I grow tired and bored until Justine lost all of her special magic and would just become a wife, a companion? I cannot answer my own questions.

Justine returns and announces, "Dinner is ready."

I look at Justine and smile. I want to tell her that I want to eat her for dinner, but dare not. But for some strange reason I think she already knows what I'm thinking and was pleased. Ron picks up the tray on the coffee table and we head for Justine. Justine takes my arm to direct me to the dinning room as Ron takes the tray to the kitchen. Her closeness is intoxicating and her right breast rubs against my trapped arm. I smell the musk of her perfume or is it her musk? I don't know. Like a lamb being lead to the slaughter I just go where she leads me, but it is no slaughter house we arrive at but a feast that she has prepared with her own hands. Ron joins us and we are seated and the feast begins. More wine flows. I eat with gusto wondering if Justine would taste as good as what her hands had made. At long last we are finished and head back to the living room together.

Justine sits between Ron and myself. She has us both under her spell. I listen to her voice with the same intensity that I listen to classical music. Each syllable she breaths is like a note being played by a flute backed by a great symphony with the melody unfolding, raising and lowering and all encompassing. I don't think that things could ever be any better. I was mistaken.

Justine stands up and tells us she is going to get desert. I protest that after that wonderful dinner I did not have room for dessert. The protest falls on unhearing ears as she turns and walks away taking the music with her. I look at Ron and he smiles a strange smile at me. There is an all knowing look in his eyes that does nothing but perplexes me, and he smiles even bigger.

Justine returns with another tray. This one loaded with a can of whip cream, chocolate and butterscotch syrups, nuts, strawberries and bananas. She smiles at my look of confusion, then steps between me and the coffee table, bending over she places the tray on the table. Instead of straightening up she bends over until her head touches her knees and she looks at me. This extreme bending raises the hem of her dress over her buttocks revealing a very wet and naked vagina. I know the source of that wonderful musk smell and I want more.

Reaching out with both of my hands I stroke Justine's wonderful ass. It is like touching very fine silk except silk is not this warm. Moving forward I slip to the floor standing on my knees with my face next to her sex. I breath in the wonderful musk. Then using my hands I pull apart her ass cheeks to reveal her outer and inner vagina lips and watch as a drop of dew rolls down the trough and nestles next to her blood engorged clitoris. I reach out with my tongue to lick that drop of dew into my mouth and knew at once that no wine could ever compare to the taste of Justine. Then I start to lick at that fountain that becomes a river as Justine pushed her ass into my face. From one end to the other I lick and suck as her moans became even louder.

Changing pace I capture Justine's clitoris between my teeth and suck it into my mouth until I can not pull it any further. Then like a paddle machine gone haywire I beat the end of her clitoris with my tongue until with a scream she climaxes. Then I start using my teeth to gently bite her clitoris while I rotate my head all the while continuing to beat it with my tongue. As Justine starts to shake I push my nose into her pussy as I continue to do wild things to her clitoris and she comes again.

Justine reaches out to grab the coffee table for support as I pull her ass cheeks further apart. I spy her puckered rosebud and attack. My tongue is like a torpedo as it zeros in on her anus. Slowly at first and then with increasing vigor it prods and retreats until it is fast as a jackhammer going ever more deeper. Slowly Justine's sphincter muscle starts to relax allowing me greater access to this silky smooth hole.

As I eat Justine's wonderful ass I remove my shorts and underwear. Once unencumbered I reposition Justine on her knees facing outward from me. Using my hand I use my own spit to lubricate Lucifer, a pet name given to my dick, until he glistens like a rocket on the early morning launch pad. Then I slowly launch into Justine's ass and then withdraw. Then I repeat myself allowing Justine time to adjust to Lucifer and bury a little bit more with each approach, until at last Lucifer is fully impaled in Justine.

Then I just pause, letting Lucifer luxuriate in this hot and silky smooth tunnel. While I pause I allow my hands to remove Justine's sundress, and then start to caress her from top to bottom.

Then to my surprise Ron is standing naked in front of Justine offering her his harden dick with pre-come dripping from its' head. She reaches out with one hand to draw him to her while extending her tongue she licks the wetness from his dick and then swallows him fully. Ron moans in pleasure from the contact. I can't believe she ate the whole thing in one swoop, awesome.

Justine starts to slowly rock back and forth on Lucifer and I start to move to meet her pace. After a short while she has a rhythm going; as she backs on to Lucifer she withdraws from Ron's dick, then she reverses the process swallowing his dick while pulling almost off Lucifer.

This action feels so awesome that I am in no hurry to climax and would be quite willing to spend the rest of my life in this wonderful rhythm. But to increase Justine's feelings in all of this I reach around with my right hand and start to manipulate her clitoris while my left hand caresses her breast one at a time. This action causes Justine to sit more upright to give my hand more access to her clitoris. As she sits more upright she pulls Ron closer to us all and I find myself almost eyeball to eyeball to his dick as it moves in and out of Justine's mouth. I stare in fascination as her lips are pushed inward when she swallows his dick and then sort of pucker outwards when he withdraws. I have never been this close to another man's cock before and I find it fascinating. I can see the veins that look like rivers carrying blood to keep his dick erect and I can see Justine's saliva as it glistens on the shaft. I can even smell the musk of Ron and I find it strangely appealing.

I take my hand that was caressing Justine's breast and grasp Ron's nuts very gently and feel them in my hand. It is a different experience then touching mine as there is no feedback loop involved, plus there is something nasty, dirty about touching another man like this and it makes it all the more exciting. I now understand the saying that "Sex is dirty, if you do it right." I'm playing with taboo areas holding on to Ron's testicles and I find it exciting. I release his nuts and grasp the base of his penis. For something so hard it is soft and hot. I gently squeeze and release being careful as I lack experience in this matter and not having the benefit of a feedback loop I do not want to injury him. But I think that Ron likes this added attention as I can feel his penis take up new throbs and by his moans as well. Apparently Justine is aware of all of this and she starts to moan too.

Both Ron and Justine come at the same time. I can feel Ron's penis contract and release as his semen shoots forth in Justine's mouth. I can feel Justine's sphincter muscle contract and release around Lucifer as she climaxes. I almost come too but with great control and a lot of luck I'm able to put off my climax and just luxuriate in their joint excitement.

Justine knows I have not climaxed and this somehow excites her. She removes Ron's dick from her mouth and tells him, "Ron suck my pussy. Now baby. I need it bad. Hurry please!" I watch her lips as she speaks her command to Ron and I see wetness from her saliva and his semen on her lips. Ron drops to the floor, rolls over on his back and crawls awkwardly up between Justine's spread thighs until he face to face to Justine's pussy. As I feel his tongue on her clitoris I remove my hand and use both to grasp her breasts. In no time Justine climaxes again.

I feel something different and it feels good. Ron is licking my balls and doing a damn good job of it. Then he takes one nut into his mouth and using his tongue swirls it around and around, then does the same to the other one. I'm going crazy as this feeling is incredible and I start to moan and cuss at the same time. Justine knows I'm close to climaxing and increases her tempo on Lucifer. Then Ron does something I will never forget, he sticks his tongue up my ass and it is too much and I come like never before. It has been said that climaxing is like a little death, hell I thought it was all over and it was the big one! Shit I was ready to go too.

After a while I calmed down. Ron removed his wonderful tongue. Justine slumped forward over Ron body pulling Lucifer from her ass. And I just kinda crumpled backwards on my ass. I watched in amazement as Ron locked his mouth around Justine's ass and sucked my come out. Justine was too tired other then to wiggle from time to time under his assualt.

We then rested and had some more wine. Then we started to play with the desserts that Justine put on the coffee table before I attacked her ass. We played all night in many different ways and when the sun rose we finally fell asleep due to sheer exhaustion.

We played together for many weekends, until Ron was promoted and moved to a different city. Justine did not want to move so she divorced Ron and married me. Ron was okay with the arrangement as he loved us both, and when he visits our city he never has to stay in a hotel. Later on Ron found a man he fell in love with and was satisfied, unless he came to visit Justine and myself and it was no holds barred sex between us all. Ron even brought his life companion with him on one trip to our city, his friend found he like playing with Justine. Like I said, Justine is really a witch and no one is safe from her spells.


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