The Best Erotic Stories.

Dream Fantasy Inc.
by Wisher

Though it had been another long week, it could definitely be described as a good one. All of my long-range work projects had progressed reasonably, my emergency requests had been mostly completed and only a couple of them were going into the weekend unresolved. I smiled to myself, feeling as though I had earned the weekend with its extra day off. I had some extra days to use before the end of the year and this weekend seemed like a perfect time to take an additional day.

During my almost hour-long daily commute, I took advantage of the time to enjoy the drive, the scenery and the quiet country roads. It was almost harvest time in the fall. Soon the roads would be clogged with harvest equipment and supporting traffic, but that time was still a couple of weeks away. The weather had definitely let everyone know that the growing season had come to it's annual end. The nights were cool but the sunshine still had enough power to warm the days nicely.

It was hard not to let my mind wander, back to pleasant fall memories. These were memories that filled my past during this, my favorite time of year. But there was a special memory that came back to me, a memory that had come back a few days ago when I stopped for gas at the small station on the edge of the freeway.

It was almost exactly a year ago that I was making this very same trip and needed to stop for gas at this half way point. Pulling into the small town's station/truck stop, the bright red, new and very shiny Mustang stood out, both for its color as well as for its 'look'. Even before I noticed the car's driver, I noticed the trick wheels, tires and low sitting stance of the car.

"Obviously a motor head," I told myself. "Someone that cares about a great car owns that one, has some money and can put together a special machine."

As I pulled up beside the pumps on the opposite side, I looked through between the pumps and noticed the driver's side door opened wide. A single, very long, very shapely leg wound its way out of the car's open door and at the distant end of this leg, a bright yellow high-heeled shoe wonderfully anchored the leg to the pavement.

"Ohhhhh myyy!" was all I could say.

Trying not to stare, but only briefly able to resist, I continued watching. Smiling to myself, I suddenly wished that my gas tank held 100 gallons instead of 10. Just as I was beginning to wonder if the leg was real, it moved. The leg no longer made an almost perfect right angle out and down but instead now lifted the shoe onto the door ledge with the knee angling upward. And still no sign of what was at the top of the leg.

Shifting my position slightly and making me crazy with anticipation, I could see the leg move once again, but the mystery of what was at the top of the leg continued on. My assumption was that she had to be wearing pants or shorts to be able to have only one leg singly out the door in that fashion. After all, how could a dress or skirt allow her other leg to be so far away? But it did look as though her legs were not bare, once I looked more closely. Quickly becoming lost in that thought, I smiled just as I saw the other leg shoot out and appear adjacent to the first.

Under my breath I said, "Finally, there's the other one and just as lovely."

Briefly, I managed to see the bit of lace at the top of her stockings as her very short skirt drifted higher. She leaned forward and then struggled to stand up, as the skirt drifted higher still. After a very quick glimpse, I looked away to avoid being caught staring at her. I then reached for the gas nozzle, released the waiting trigger and pulled the spout from the filler. As I reached the pump to return the nozzle, out of the corner of my eye I noticed her approaching me, still on her side, the other side, of the pumps.

"Hi, do you know anything about car stereos?" she asked.

By that time, she was so near me that it was difficult to observe her outfit, but not too close for me to tell that she was definitely a lovely woman. Trying to not be too obvious, I backed away slightly and made an attempt to look at her from a step or two back since I was still so very curious about those legs and what she had on.

"Not very much really, have you got trouble?"

She was lovely, nicely shaped and looked very attractive. Her short, straight blond hair made me think of the word 'perky'. In fact, I would use that word to describe many things about her; her outfit, her style, the way she carried herself, everything.

"I do," she said. "The guys put in my new sound system yesterday, but now some of the speakers aren't working or at least I don't think that they are. I've been trying to figure out if there's a loose wire or something but can't find anything. Do you have any ideas?"

"I don't know much of anything about the big new systems and it sounds like you've done the obvious troubleshooting by assuming loose connections. Do you know if there are any fuses or circuit breakers that maybe protect the individual components?"

"Maybe, I didn't watch them put it in. Do you have any idea where they might be?"

"I might be able to find it, is there a central box or overall control for the system?"

"I don't know, I don't think I would know where to look. I was trying to reach the wires without taking anything apart in the back seat, but I could only partly get at them. Can you come and take a look?" she wondered. As she turned and walked back toward her car, it now became very clear as to how she was able to move around in the car and still able to have her single leg outside. She had on the shortest skirt that I have ever seen. I also noticed that her legs made perfect use of the skirt's micro length. Since I had already seen the tops of her stockings, those tops must truly be up pretty high up her legs. It looked to me as though the movement of just walking, to say nothing of sitting down, was almost enough to expose the part of her stockings that were normally intended to be hidden. Somehow, very few things about this woman seemed to be normal.

Following her back to the car, I got a chance to take a better look at the bright yellow skirt, her white T-shirt type top and her yellow shoes. I quickly found myself wondering how many other articles of clothing she could possibly have had on since it didn't really look like there was even a single seam under her T-shirt. If she was wearing a bra, it certainly couldn't be very substantial. I hadn't noticed seams or anything else in front either, but there didn't appear to be signs of the undergarment on her back.

Approaching her car, she re-opened the door and sat down in the driver's seat. I followed, hesitating slightly to allow her ample opportunity to sit down inside her small red car. I found myself thinking that there must certainly be an art to entering a car with her outfit. I was really curious about how she was going to sit down and not be concerned about having me near enough to witness the event. But I wasn't worried concerned, if you know what I mean.

She followed the suggested method of entering a car by sitting down first, then swinging her legs in only after lowering herself into the seat. But she didn't swing them both in, only one. There it was again; the lacy stocking top plainly visible as her skirt rode up to make allowance for the spreading of her legs. Pausing for a moment, I assumed that she'd pull both legs inside the car to allow me space to stand next to the door, but after only a brief moment she turned and looked back at me, obviously encouraging me to come forward and look inside. Between the look on her face and the turn of her head, it was plain that she expected me to stand beside her and look inside. Not wanting to disappoint this poor woman, I moved forward towards my expected spot next to her.

Surprisingly, her left leg remained motionless as I approached. Expecting her to withdraw it at the last moment, I was amazed that she did not. Moving forward, I got as close as I thought I dared (ok, maybe just a little more than that) and bent down to look inside the car. As I bent forward, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the entire lace pattern must be uncovered at the top of her leg. I wanted to convince myself that in my blurry peripheral vision, I could see above the top band of stocking, seeing bare leg. But my vision was limited enough that I couldn't be sure. No matter, it was a wonderful thought, even if not quite totally true.

"This is new and so is this," she said as she pointed to two small panels in the dashboard.

It looked to me as though both units were sophisticated sound system components and if they contained fuses or circuit breakers, they must be located behind or underneath. There was no obvious indication on the front of either unit that something might be wrong or that there was access to any kind of cure for her problem.

I asked her, "Do you know which of your speakers are working or which ones are not?"

Trying to maintain eye contact with her to avoid looking at her lap, I pointed at the sides of the doors and in the back seat. After looking up at me, she followed my hand and mentioned that she had just had four speakers installed in the doors and an additional four in the back. She turned towards the back seat, twisting in the seat and leaned between the seats to show me which speakers seemed to be dead.

"I don't think any of these back ones are working," she said.

With her head facing the back seat, I allowed my gaze to look closer at her. My face was near her as I was leaning in through the window. I noticed that in fact it did not appear as though she was wearing a bra, her skirt for all intents and purposes was covering only the very tops of her legs and the view from my vantage point was breathtaking. Before I moved my gaze from her lap, she turned around and noticed my devout attention to her lap. Wondering about this and then realizing that I had been caught, I quickly looked up, hoping to convince her that I was thinking about her problem, lost in contemplation. You know, starting the trouble shooting process.

"I know, I know, my skirt's too short," she said with a slightly naughty smile. "Please don't let it offend you, I never expected to be stuck like this. Let me move a little bit so that I can pull it back down to where it belongs."

"I'm trying not to notice, really. But it is pretty short. I'll say that it looks great on you, how about that?"

"Fair enough," she said with a huge smile.

Surprised at myself for being so honest and open about her clothing, I found myself thinking more about how comfortable and uninhibited she was. The fact that she was able to joke about the subject seemed like a good thing.

Trying to focus again on her speaker problem, I asked her if the speakers had worked right after they had been installed. But it was tough for me to switch subjects again.

"Yes they did, they were working perfectly. I'm starting to wonder if it is just a simple connection, maybe its just that a wire came loose."

"That would be very possible and the most likely cause if you ask me. It should be easy to find since more than just one speaker is affected."

"Have you got a couple of minutes to help me look for it," she asked? "I know you are on your way somewhere, but I'd really appreciate a few minutes. It just seems as though it should be something simple and I'm not really sure what to look for. Even if you can just get me started, maybe I could finish on my own."

Afraid to even look her in the eye, I fought to keep my gaze on the rear seat. "I've got a few minutes I guess. Let me go in and pay for my gas, then let's move over there beside the building to get out of everyone's way."

I pointed over to the edge of the parking lot, behind the building where it was quiet and shady from some very large old oak trees. This was a spot normally used by truckers as access to the much larger parking area behind the building.

"Ok, I'll pull over there and wait for you," she answered back.

After walking inside to pay, I returned to my car and pulled it over to the edge of the large parking area, circling around her car. Her Mustang was parked parallel to the edge of the lot and I noticed as I parked behind her car that the passenger side door was open. This was the side of the car facing the nearby cornfield, beyond the fence and up a steep bank.

I looked in the rear window as I drove up, but was unable to see her profile through the window. Assuming that she had moved over to the passenger side of the car to have more room without the steering wheel in the way, I approached the driver's side door. As I got to the door, I saw that she had tipped the driver's seat back and was mostly prone, lying on her side and reaching for one of the speaker covers just above the rear bench. She was stretched out across the center console and was fumbling with the speaker cover, her body diagonal across the passenger compartment. Standing outside the door and looking in through her open window, I carefully noticed that her top had come out of her skirt and the skirt itself had worked its way up so high that her uncovered thigh was again very visible to me. She caught me looking at her leg as she looked up, sensing my presence near the car.

"I know, I know, we covered that problem already," she said with a slightly guilty smile as she made a token effort to work the skirt back down, but she put only a slight effort into the task. I remember thinking to myself that it would take a lot more than that to solve the 'problem'.

"No, over here, help me with this speaker cover, please" she said as she motioned with her hand to move over to the other side.

Moving around to the open passenger side door, I wanted to keep the picture of her uncovered leg, the skirt and her bare midriff in my mind for future use. Bending down, I reached back through the open side window to crank the rear window down. My idea was that with the rear window down I would have better access to the speaker panel. But just as I got the window cranked down, she had managed to get the cover back onto the speaker housing with her own efforts.

"Why don't you sit down inside, maybe you can find something loose on the back of the unit itself. I've tried, but everything feels fine to me," she said as she struggled to sit up.

"Damn, that hurts," she complained as she looked down at the center console, moving her hand up along her right side. As she did so, she lifted the edge of her top, exposing her side, almost completely, with a tantalizing view of the base of her breast. "Look at that," she said as her fingers traced on her skin the impressions of objects that she had just been lying over. "Branded," she succinctly said with a huge smile on her face.

I smiled back as I sat down in the seat, now convinced that her bra, wherever it might be, was definitely not anywhere near her chest.

"You didn't see anything under the speaker cover back there, did you?" I asked.

"No, I didn't, but I was curious about how or where the wires might be connected."

Reaching up and behind the new components, I lightly felt for a loose wire or something that felt wrong, but didn't feel anything that was obviously loose.

"I better go back to my car and get a flashlight," I said as I began to stand up.

"So that you can look up underneath?" she questioned as I started walking back towards my car.

I nodded my head yes back to her, then walked over to my car and found the small but powerful flashlight that I carry for emergencies such as this. Checking that indeed the batteries were still good, I was relieved that the light was both white and bright. Walking back to the Mustang, I was surprised to see that she had slid over and was now sitting on the center console with one shoeless foot on each floor mat.

"I thought maybe I could help you hold something," she said with a very large smile. "I only want to help."

She was making this fun, if nothing else that was for certain.

I smiled back, saying, "Thanks, let's see how this goes."

I just happened to notice that at this point, she was no longer being bothered by her skirt's position on her lovely legs. Of course, neither was I, at least not in a bad way. It was becoming very obvious that we were both becoming at ease with the skirt's location, no matter where it was. Not wanting to even think about it first, I got down on my back, across the open sill of the car's passenger door and tried to find the most comfortable position for my head, shoulders and back. Her Mustang was actually not too bad with its rather large legroom area and allowed me a relatively comfortable position. Many of my smaller vehicles or trucks had more vertical space as opposed to horizontal space with much smaller floor areas. Feeling quite comfortable, I turned on the flashlight to zero in on the components and hopefully, the easy to detect new wires.

As I got into just the right spot to look up into the mass of wires and components, I shifted my position slightly and felt her bare foot brush up against my side. Simply reacting, I looked over at her foot and then up towards her face.

"Do you see anything?" she asked.

I absolutely lost my train of thought as I quickly realized that by looking up at her face I was looking up at something else as well. My glance up towards her that was intended to make eye contact only turned instead into a penetrating stair. With only small shadows from her short skirt, the skirt that once again had wandered very far from the position in which it belonged, I saw obvious pink lace, almost in natural daylight. It was lovely pink lace that was very clearly visible to me. Her face was only in the periphery of my gaze.

After a pause that was obviously long to us both, I answered with a very feeble, "Not yet."

"Too bad," she said with an exasperating sigh. "Aren't you hot under there? I'm feeling extra warm today I guess, even here in the shade."

Fighting the temptation, I didn't answer. I did smile to myself however; a nasty smile. Desperately trying to focus again on the wiring, I guided the flashlight with my left hand, hoping that it would help yank my concentration back to the job and grabbed onto a wiring harness with my right hand, trying to detect if the cables and harnesses looked original or if in fact, they might be new and related to her new sound system.

She was moving again and I could tell on two counts. I was feeling her foot pushing against me and I heard a some small creak up between the seats, in the console. "Do you see anything now?" she asked again with a teasing concern in her voice.

"Nothing new, but I'm still looking," I answered back, fully expecting another comment after not moving a single muscle. It was all I could do to not burst out laughing. And then she quickly followed with, "I don't think you even looked, did you?" She was so close to laughing out loud that I found myself absolutely loving her sense of humor as much or more than her hot eroticism.

By now I was almost afraid to look out from under my 'safe' place, there under her dashboard. I was almost afraid, but not quite. Trying to focus on her problem, at least the one that I understood, I found what looked to be a large wiring harness, more colorful than the others around it and with different wire markings. Following it's main wires up to their source, it felt as though it might very well be the correct cable leading into her new components.

"How about now, do you see anymore?" she asked again, this time almost laughing out loud. You have to answer me, you know."

"I do, I do, I've found the harness and I think it looks, or rather feels, like there might be some connections inside that have come apart. It's kind of hard to tell, but it feels like there's something loose inside."

"I feel kind of loose inside," I heard her mumble under her breath but just loudly enough for me to hear. I didn't acknowledge that I heard her but I was already half expecting that answer.

As I struggled to hold the flashlight with my left hand, my right hand fumbled with the wiring harness, trying to split the halves and open the plastic covering. Bending down and touching my arm, she asked if I could use some help in holding the flashlight. Able to use her help, but afraid to ask for it, I answered her, "No thanks, I think I can get it. I've almost got it now."

I was having too much fun playing with her, pushing her to see if she'd stop pushing back.

What I didn't want to tell her was that I was going to hold the flashlight in my mouth to free up both hands. Not wanting to get her back on her 'slippery slope', I was hoping that I could quickly get the part opened, checked, wires inserted if necessary and back together before having to answer her back. But it was not to be. Hearing some rustling, but unable to look over at her, I was startled to feel her fingers on my right ear. Then after lots of movement and commotion, her face appeared across my chest.

"No wonder you got so quiet. You know what? Seeing that flashlight in your mouth makes me even hotter and you're down here having fun without me. I don't think you want to share with me."

Uh-oh. Busted. I couldn't see her well, but out of the corner of my eye it was obvious that she was one big smile.

"Naat phun," I mumbled with the flashlight still in my mouth. I was afraid to not answer her back, but aware as I tried to say those words that they may have been the wrong ones.

"That's too bad, I could help you with that you know. You just aren't giving me enough of a chance to help you. It is after all MY car".

Now connecting two wires that appeared to be only wiggled loose, I managed to seat the wires, fold the housing back together and grab the flashlight from my mouth. I turned toward her and said, "You've helped me a great deal. I'm glad that I could give you a hand." "I've got a feeling that your hands could do a great deal more," she replied with her silky smooth voice.

Unsure of what else to say or to do, I pulled myself back through the door with my legs and stood up, allowing my spine to again be in a straight line. Glancing back at her still lying on the floor, I saw her look up at me and begin to laugh.

"I'm stuck, help me up please," she said between giggles.

Walking around the car, I got as far as the driver's side door and opened the door. Then I noticed that her back was pushed against the front of the seat. She was completely curled up on the floor, wedged against the seat with her right arm, neck and head straddling the center console. Her skirt was now almost up around her waist, but by that time I had almost quit noticing where her skirt was. It never seemed to be where it belonged any more.

"How did you ever get stuck in there?" I asked, though fully knowing the answer.

"I was trying to help you, but you refused to let me. Now look, I'm stuck here and helpless. Don't you feel sorry for me?" she wondered.

I looked down at her and even in her position, she managed to turn her head towards me and share a huge, sorrowful pouting lip.

"So sorry that I'm debating just leaving you there. I bet it wouldn't take you too long to get out though. What do you think?"

"You wouldn't and you better not."

"I shouldn't, but I just might. It sounds like tons of fun after all of your abuse."

"Abuse?" she yelled. "Get me out of here and I'll SHOW you abuse."

I leaned closer to her, to make it easier for her to see the huge smile on my face.

"I'll bet that your speakers will work now, shall I test them?" I asked. Without waiting for an answer, I stood up and turned the keys, already in the ignition, to 'Acces'. I found the 'Power' button on the radio and pressed it. Immediately, there seemed to be sound everywhere.

"Sounds great to me, what do you think?" I wondered.

"I think you're a cruel bastard that was kind enough to help me with my radio," she responded this time with a nasty smile.

With a big grin on my face and without speaking, I reached back, turning the key to 'Off'.

Looking down at her, I saw the smile had faded somewhat, but wasn't completely gone. Giving her a big smile, I bent down as far as I could and smiled in her face. It was time to rescue the poor, vulnerable woman.

"Is the seat back as far as it goes?" I wondered.

Looking up to the extent possible, she answered, "I don't think so, that would help wouldn't it?"

"It may have prevented this dire tragedy," I mockingly answered.

I reached down between the seat and her bare back, brushing against her uncovered cheeks, discovering that her pink panties must be thong-like since there didn't seem to be a trace of material between my hand and her bare ass. Her skin felt hot and wonderful but I managed to move my hand away. I then found the lever that allowed seat adjustment. Gently, without pressing too hard on her back, I pulled the lever to the side and slid the seat rearwards a distance of maybe only 2 inches, but those 2 inches were enough to give her a great deal more room.

"Your hand is very warm and hey, that feels pretty nice."

"Hey, I thought you were too warm."

I decided that I better let it go at that and kept my mouth shut.

"There, now let's see if I can swing you out," but she was already able to work herself free and was sitting up by the time I reached for her hand. Stretching out a bit, I helped her work her legs free and extend them out the open door. Glancing down at her long, lovely legs, I again saw a trace of pink fabric between her legs as she slid and bumped her hips toward the door. By the time she had her hips on the sill, her skirt was again mostly wrapped around her waist.

"Bad day for a skirt, I guess" was all she said. Short and sweet, just like the garment that she was passing off as a skirt.

"Oh I don't know about that," I answered, "It's been a very lovely day for that outfit. I wouldn't have picked out anything else had the choice been up to me." And then quickly before she could respond, "I better get going, I'm glad that we got your music going again." I smiled with a wink at her and started toward my car.

"Do you have to go? I thought maybe we could sit and talk a few minutes. I'll buy you a soda as a 'thank-you'. How about it?"

"Thank you, but I have to get going. Nice car, I don't think I told you. You've got great taste in cars and I think that it's great that your car defines your taste."

Heading for my car, she called out to me, "I'm Ginny, who are you?"

I turned back towards her and shared my name with her.

"Who knows, I just might have car trouble here again sometime and it would be good to know who you are."

Smiling back, I got in my car, waved, and took off, intent on finishing the drive home. All kinds of thoughts filled my head and eventually, concentration on my driving again returned, though not until I had covered many miles.

* * * * *

This was normally as far as I ever got with the memory, getting as far as leaving her there in the parking lot with a working sound system, her fantastic outfit and her fantastic car. I still remember the clothing that she wore, almost its every detail; the electric yellow shoes, her stockings whose tops maybe weren't ever intended to be covered, the yellow skirt, the lightweight, white knit top and of course, the pink panties that offered me the lovely look and feel of her bare skin.

The thought of Ginny in those clothes, sitting in the car after her loose wires were connected has been a wonderful daydream for me. I've often wondered what else we might have talked about that lovely fall day. Her ease, wit and teasing made her even more attractive to me than her obvious great looks might suggest. She seemed to have so many qualities that were hard for me not to like and I'm sure that she would have been fun, wearing even a Carhartt work outfit. But I had to admit that lots of her magic came from the fact that her outfit wasn't intended for any normal kind of work, certainly not the kind of work I was at all associated with.

As I proceeded further East along the highway between home and the gas station, my mind began to wander back to sitting next to Ginny in the shiny Mustang. We might be talking or laughing about something, she trying to scoot her skirt down and hoping that I'd be watching her in the process. Wishing that I could close my eyes while I drove, I did the next best thing. Turning the radio off, I let my mind wander, keeping my eyes on the road. I essentially put the car on autopilot and did my best to focus on a different, warm summer day.

I looked over, imagining that I was seeing Ginny's long legs in the seat next to me, in my car on my seat this time, not hers. Wearing the same clothing, having the same attitude and the same fun loving, carefree smile on her face as well. It put a smile on my face and more than that, made a small shudder run through me.

"Must be the warm sun," I told myself.

Looking forward through the windshield, I was drawn back into my commuting world by seeing the car ahead slowing down to make a turn. Having to concentrate on driving, I slowed until I passed the car on its way down a small, country road. Accelerating back up to speed, I looked over at the seat again, imagining that I could detect her still familiar scent.

Imagining her then raising her left leg slightly and watching for my reaction, the short skirt rising to expose some stocking lace, I smiled to myself. She seemed to have so much fun teasing me by exposing her body. It seemed as though she was almost more full of humor than flirt, but what a wonderful mix. Looking back to my nearby seat, I imagined her reaching down to adjust her skirt and stockings, so tantalizingly close to me, totally appreciating my presence.

Taking a quick scan of traffic forward and rearward in my mirror, I found everything quiet. While I was looking in my rearview mirror, I detected or heard, I'm not sure which, a movement or maybe more of a stir next to me. When I looked over to see if something had tipped over or had fallen, my heart stopped when I saw Ginny in the seat next to me. Totally confused, frightened and unbelieving, I blinked, looked forward, looked again and rubbed my eyes. Looking back to my right, she was still there. My blinking and rubbing made no difference. I looked closely and yes, there was the outfit, this 'person's face and hair were her face and hair. It had to be her, but that was impossible, right?

"What the hell is going on?" my almost breathless voice managed to squeak out.

Seeing my disbelief, she reached over and touched my arm. I watched her finger move to the back of my hand, convinced that something scary would happen when the fingertip reached me. Instead, I felt a light, warm, human touch. A touch that wasn't at all bad or scary.

"It's me, Ginny, don't worry. Didn't you want me here?" she asked in that perfectly magical voice, but now very softly and quiet. "I was sure that you needed me here about now."

"Want you here?" I asked in disbelief. "I didn't think it was a matter of want. I thought some company might be a good thing, but you're a friggin' ghost, aren't you?"

"I'm not a ghost. And I was the best you could do?" she asked with that wonderful Ginny sparkle in her voice.

Feeling only slightly more at ease, I managed to find a way to give her a small smile.

"That's better, the color is starting to come back into your face. You'll be fine you know, there's nothing to be afraid of."

She had almost nothing more to say other than that sometimes she's able to just drop in and visit and that I shouldn't worry, everything was going to be ok. "There's nothing to be afraid of, really." I was noticeably skeptical and it was obvious. "It's alright, really. Just take it easy and relax."

Soon, somehow braver and slightly more comfortable, I asked her if the speakers were still working.

A big smile and then she answered, "They are, perfectly, thanks."

Amazingly, I had been able to keep the car on the road through the last number of uncountable minutes, though I had no idea how. Realizing that I had been lucky, I decided to pull over at the next crossroad and move a safe distance away from the highway. Onto the gravel road, then into a field driveway, I stopped the car.

The quiet was almost crushing.

"I don't understand how you can possibly be here and I still only partially understand why."

"I think that what you need to concentrate on is that I am here, don't you think?" she wondered with a teasing lilt in her voice.

"So I should just accept it and let it go, is that what you're trying to say?" I asked.

"When you think about it for a minute, wouldn't it just be both easier and more fun? That is, after all why I'm here."

"I guess you've got me there," I said with a big smile back. "I'd be lying if I told you that I haven't run our last visit through my mind over and over again."

"I know."

Looking over at her and making it obvious to her that I was looking very closely, I told her that she looked exactly as I remembered her from the year before.

"Then it's working. It's not an accident you know. I should be exactly the way you remember me and I believe that you've 'got' me right too, getting absolutely everything the same as I was a year ago." She then slowly ran her hand down her between her breasts, from her white top onto her short skirt, spent a few extra seconds around the hem of her skirt and then continued the finger's very long distance down to her knee. I watched the movement. Watched wasn't the word. Studied was truly more accurate.

As I began to ask another question, she reached over with her index finger and pressed it to my lips.

"Not now, that's enough," she simply instructed.

Leaning back into the corner of the seat and against the door, she managed to make enough room to cross her legs. Looking at me, she then asked, "So I was on your mind. . . . I wonder which part of me was there?" The smile on her face was as enticing as her question was and my body was adapting nicely to her presence in the car, of her being there so close by again.

She placed her hands midway down each thigh as if she were about to play the piano.

"I probably don't even have to tell you that. I bet you already knew, you seem to be pretty wise about these sorts of things," I responded back with a reluctant but big smile.

Her fingers didn't start playing an imaginary piano, but instead 'played' ever so softly over the material of her hose covered legs.

"Oh I know a few things, but I'd rather hear it from you. That's why I asked."

Talk about a cat-that-swallowed-the-canary smile. Yes, Ginny was back.

"Ok, I see. I was feeling a little too alone here in the car I guess and I was imagining you over in that seat, probably sharing another look at your lovely legs."

Ginny's fingers were doing a very delicate dance on her left thigh, only a small reach away from me. She made sure that I was noticing too, being certain that I was paying enough attention to each delicate movement.

"Had you even noticed them last time? I wasn't even really sure," her voice teasing and her eyes doing the same. "It didn't seem that you were overly comfortable with them. I thought that maybe you just weren't use to seeing so much of a stranger's leg, was that what was making you uncomfortable?"

All I did was smile. I wasn't going to give her the answer that she only partly was expecting.

"I hope that you're more comfortable with them today."

Ginny's fingers now shifted the hem of her skirt, moving it higher by two or three inches, two or three inches too far to keep the lace covered.

I don't think this is too much to show off, do you?" she asked as she took her index finger and traced a line from the knee of her crossed over leg. The line she traced went slowly up to the hem of her skirt, but not without passing over an expansive distance of lace on its way. To highlight the lace, as if it needed any highlighting, she made a large and deliberate 'S' as she traced across it. I watched her finger rise and fall as it followed the contour of the various patterns of lace.

"S is the beginning of sex you know," she reminded me.

"You are very lovely, I thought so last time and still do. I like your outfit, though it might not fit well in just any crowd, anyplace. I thought it went well with car repair and I wasn't disappointed in the least that you were wearing it that day."

"I thought it looked that way, but you never really said it in so many words."

I found myself thinking that she was probably the most erotic woman that I had ever been within touching distance of and it was difficult to get past my amazement of her presence, but it was rapidly becoming easier. Hearing her voice again and watching her motions quickly dissipated my anxiety.

"Would you like to drive for awhile? I can just sit here and we can talk. That way you won't be late to wherever it is that you're going."

Not wanting to admit disappointment, but realizing that her suggestion made a great deal of sense, I reluctantly agreed. Starting the car and turning around on the narrow road, we proceeded slowly back to the highway, made the right turn back onto the highway and got back up to speed.

She began talking and speaking of the scenery, the area, and some details on her Mustang but mostly it sounded like rambling to me. While talking, she seemed to be almost staring out the windshield, studying the scenery as we drove by, looking as though she were in some other world.

I looked over at her a few times as she spoke, but her eyes were always busy somewhere else. I did happen to notice though that Ginny's fingers again began to lightly massage her legs, from her knees up to the hem of her skirt and back, her feet flat on the floor with knees slightly separated. I noticed, but didn't want to be caught doing so. Continuing with her drifting conversation, she was mentioning more random subjects and very obviously in her own little world. She seemed to be more involved with her physical activity and appeared to be concentrating more and more on touching herself.

"Isn't it getting hot in here? I think the sun is really warming up the car, don't you think?" she wondered with a quick glance towards me.

"I suppose so but I didn't think it was really that warm outside. I guess I was feeling pretty comfortable." It was all I could do not to laugh, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed that if she was laughing, she was hiding it very well.

"I'll roll down the window a bit if you'd like," I offered.

"No, then it gets so noisy. If you don't mind, I'll just remove my stockings. I think that's mostly what's bothering me and then we can still talk without shouting."

Ginny immediately slid slightly forward in her seat and lifted her thighs slightly. With her fingers completely warmed up, she slowly eased them up to the top of her legs.

"That sounds great to me," I said as I only partially held back a giggle, staring into her lap.

This time, I could feel her stare back at me and I became afraid that maybe I had made some sort of mistake. I know that the look on my face was one of concern as I looked over at her to learn more about her reaction. She broke into a huge smile once we made eye contact and said, "Ooh, that sounds wonderful, doesn't it?"

I repeated my smile, looked directly into her eyes and said, "Yes, very wonderful."

As she looked down at her lap, she began describing her stockings to me, highlighting every possible detail. Ginny went into every small fact about where they came from, the brand, the color, the style, the price ("But they're worth it, don't you think?"), how they fit, how she cared for them and why she enjoyed them. While she went through the many details, she slowly and deliberately leaned over onto one cheek, pulled her skirt up to well above the top of her stockings, then began to roll her left leg's covering down her thigh. Once the lace was clear of her thigh, she sat back again into the seat. Looking over at me, she noticed that my driving was being challenged and I think that she enjoyed noticing the fact. With her hands delicately easing the lace down, she slowly reached her knee and stopped.

Kicking off her left shoe, she lifted the leg and placed it against the dashboard, her knee almost in her face and her lower leg almost perfectly horizontal. Of course, she was totally unconcerned about the fact that her skirt now all but disappeared from her hips. Going as slowly as possible, she finished easing the stocking down her leg, over her calf, around her ankle and then stopped. Bending her leg down and to the side, she bent her leg sharply back and placed her knee on the center console. With her free left hand, she pulled the stocking clear of her foot and left it lying directly behind the shift lever between us.

"Now the other one?" I asked.

"I've got to finish, don't I?"

"I really hope that you do."

Placing her left foot on the console, she scooted back into the corner of the seat, leaning against the door. To get there, her foot slid off from the console, momentarily against my leg. With her bare left leg in the air and her left foot next to where the rolled up stocking rested, she reached to her right thigh to repeat the process on the other side. She didn't have to move the skirt out of her way since it was already high on her hip. But now, instead of just seeing the raised height of her skirt from the side, I found myself looking directly down between her legs, especially with her left leg raised in the air. Though I'm not positive, I think she angled it slightly my way to make my viewing easier.

I looked forward, out the windshield, but not until after seeing the pink lace between her legs. My car was not a large one, so it was a pretty cozy environment in the small car. She was not far away and my views were leaving very little to my imagination.

I tried to continue watching where I was driving, but I could see in my peripheral vision that she was finishing the removal of her right stocking. Pulling it free from her foot, she placed her right foot flat on top of the seat, her leg bent tightly against the top of her leg. Now with both knees in the air, her spread legs left the material of her underwear plainly visible with no skirt coverage in front whatsoever. Unwilling to take the five seconds required, I was sure that if I'd spend that much time, I'd plainly see her pubic hair. Of course that was assuming that she had some to see. This question made a wonderful mystery of it's own for me.

"So how's driving, going well?" she wondered.

"Kind of tough to safely concentrate today, not sure why," I answered back. "Isn't it getting warm in here?"

"Maybe we should pull over, it is getting pretty hard to talk, isn't it?"

"Something's getting pretty hard," I told myself.

"It is. I know that there's a road up here, we can turn off there," I replied.

"That's great, I think it will be better for us to get a ways off this road."

I drove roughly another mile to a crossing road, then turned right and drove about a quarter of mile from the highway. Finding a field road entrance to a large cornfield, I pulled completely off the gravel road and onto the level grassy approach to the field, stopping the car with my bumper just touching the tall, blowing corn plants.

With the engine off, the car seemed almost too quiet. I looked over at Ginny, who was adjusting her position on the seat, now turning completely sideways and folding her legs, sitting cross-legged on the seat. Turning sideways to face her, I backed against my door and folded my leg up on the seat. My leg was against the parking brake lever, in between us.

Ginny's skirt was once again so high up on her hips that the hem was essentially in the crease of her bent leg. I found myself staring at the top of her bare legs, in love with the view of her hidden-but-not-really panties. Ginny reached down, aware of my view and slightly folded the hem of her skirt. Her movement reminded me of something my mother might do, nervous to make an adjustment, but accomplishing absolutely nothing with the effort.

Now avoiding Ginny's lap, I listened as she told me that she was feeling much more comfortable.

"I am too, a little warm though," I offered with a silly grin.

"Maybe you should take off your socks too, since I took mine off. Then you'll feel as good as I do."

"And that would do it?"

"Try it and see, what could it hurt?" she answered. "Besides, then we'd be even and hey, you take off what I take off. That would even and fair!"

"Ok, that sounds more than fair. I'll tell you what I'm in the mood for first. I'd love to give you a foot massage, would that be all right? I'd love to touch you and then I'll take my socks off."

Ginny immediately and without more prompting, straightened her legs, plopping both feet in my lap as though they had been shot from a cannon. The sight of her long, stretched out legs and the feeling of having them in my lap was placing more stress in an area that was already overstressed. I couldn't wait to place my hands on her warm skin and it didn't really matter to me if was the softer, rounder flesh or the firmer feel of her feet and ankles.

"So you're one of those guys, huh?" With a big smile on her face, I had my answer.

"I feel like I know so much about you already, but this is a nice little surprise. I didn't really expect this or I would have asked a long time ago. I'm always available for a foot massage."

I never looked up as I reached into my lap and began to use my hands to make her feet feel as good as I possibly could. I determined that I was going to do something special for her, giving back in payment for all that she had already given me.

With her legs tightly together, she adjusted her position slightly as she placed her ankles directly in my lap. Pointing her toes, she tightened her leg muscles to point her toes towards completely beyond me and I could feel the rigid muscles in her calves pressing down against my legs. The feeling was remarkable and gave me even more appreciation having her close. My fingers were enjoying her feet as much as her feet were apparently enjoying my fingers. As I got more serious with the strokes over her toes, into her arch and under her heel, her legs relaxed quickly. Soon, she pulled her right leg from my lap and placed it up against the side of my shift lever. With a slight arch in her leg, she positioned the ball of her right foot against the shaft of my shift lever, wrapping her big toe and the adjacent toe around the lever.

I watched as her toes played just below the ball of this very lucky transmission component. I began to imagine her playing with another stiff shaft, one that felt fully as strong and as eager as the one she was currently wrapped around. With those thoughts in my mind, I began to do to the foot in my lap with my fingers the very same thing that she was doing with her right foot against the shifter.

Ginny seemed to quickly perceive what was happening and then to steer my fingers' actions with her right foot. I watched closely and took the task as a challenge.

She adjusted her bottom slightly, moving towards me an inch or two. She came only far enough to get the heel of her left foot into the recess between my legs. I knew what she was looking for and when she didn't find it initially, slid her leg up my leg slightly until she struck something much stiffer than the tops of my legs.

"Uuumm, what's this right here?" she teased. "I see that you really do like this foot stuff." She emphasized what she found by bumping back and forth across my stiffened member a couple of times.

"Yes, I do think this is niiiccce," she repeated.

I believe that I was enjoying the massage as much or more than she and it was obvious that she was finding great pleasure in all of the attention. I looked over at her again after awhile later and saw that her head was wedged against the window and headrest, her eyes closed. But what I really noticed was that both of her hands were positioned on her upper thighs again, easing down to the side of her legs. They were moving, not very much, but they were moving. I watched her fingers gently stroking the tops of her legs, almost in time with mine, now working so hard on her left foot. I also noticed that she was spreading her legs just a bit more than they had been spread before. Her right leg had flopped over against the dashboard and I could sense some side pressure in her leg, ever so slightly detected through my lap, the result of pressure into the space between the two seats.

Alternating between light tickles and hard, firm pressure in the ball of her foot, I watched her hands moving higher on her legs, but lower in her lap. Though I couldn't be sure, it looked like there might just be a darkening spot on the pink lace that was proudly showing itself.

"How am I doing Ginny?" I quietly asked.

After no answer, I looked over at Ginny, wondering if maybe something wasn't wrong. I'm going to tell you right now that it didn't look like anything was wrong though. In fact, it looked like all was very, very well.

Ginny leaned forward slightly, her foot still in my lap and grabbed the bottom of her top. Taking her time, she slowly, almost in time with the strokes that I was using on her ankle, pulled the light cotton top up over her breasts, stopping momentarily as if to highlight that her boobs were no longer covered. Then she proceeded to pull it free of her elbows and arms and over her head. Once it was free, she tossed in into my lap.

With an almost burning gaze, she looked me in the eye as if to say, "Your turn buster".

Fighting the urge with all of the resolve I could muster to reach over and touch her newly released globes, I reached for my shirt buttons instead and proceeded to slowly undo them all. Lifting the shirt, pulling the tails from inside my pants, I then tossed the shirt back into her lap.

My hands were now starting to wander higher up her leg. I was reaching with my right hand up her calf and into the inside curve of her knee.

"Hmmmm . . . . .you're having trouble reaching me and that's completely unnecessary."

Ginny shifted position slightly, then "Here, let me make it easier for you. There is no point in this being too hard for you."

She wiggled and waggled her hips closer to me while leaning forward to reach for the seat back latch. Releasing the seat, she pushed it back as far as it would go. Leaning back, she extended back into the corner, at a diagonal to me. Her left leg shot back behind my seat, her foot solidly against the back door. She placed her right leg as deeply under the steering wheel as possible, making sure to spread her legs as wide as the new position and the interior would allow.


That was all she said and as far as I was concerned, that was all that she needed to say.

Shifting slightly, she scooted even closer towards me. I looked down to see her skirt completely rolled up around her waist, the pattern in her pink lace thong highlighting just a small tuft of hair and that very narrow section of pink material was pressed against the center console. I now had an almost complete view of her near naked body. Her fantastically beautiful breasts held their shape, working against gravity in her prone position, but looked as though they were her original set.

Being curious and now more confident, I let my hand brush against her thigh, up over the trace of skirt that managed to even come close to resting on her leg and across her gently rising and falling belly. Taking a number of up and down cycles to cross this flat plain, I gently bumped into the base of one breast. For some reason, my mind jumped to trains that have to go in circles to gain altitude up a steep incline and with that thought, I made circles to gain altitude on her. By the fourth or fifth time around, I'm not sure which, I had reached her summit. Though only one finger had made the climb, two fingers were available upon reaching the top and proceeded to ever so gently squeeze her hardened nipple. I noticed that while making the climb, her nipple was preparing for the crest of that breast's summit. It felt like the place to be so I decided to stay and enjoy it for a while.

Bending forward, I reached for both of the wonderful mounds and treated each of them with great care. Squeezing harder at random times on both nipples seemed to especially please Ginny, who now looked and sounded beyond comfortable. Only then noticing that I was feeling quite uncomfortable and restricted with my pants on, I let go of her breasts, quickly undoing my belt and after a bit of struggle, shoved my pants down over my knees and onto the floor. It helped relieve the pressure in my groin, but was only a partial solution. But it temporarily would solve my problem.

My hands moved back to her waist, gently and with care of course, and found a small zipper on the side of her skirt. She lifted her hips momentarily to help me and I found that the waistband allowed me enough freedom, with a bit of effort, to rotate the skirt. Finally, the zipper was rotated far enough to allow its length to straighten out. Working the zipper down, I then pulled the token skirt over her butt, stopping there briefly as together we worked her hips and legs back together to allow the skirt to move down her legs. With her legs in the air, above her head, I pulled the skirt free of her knees, calves and feet.

"Big job, but worth it, huh?" she redundantly reminded me.

"That was nicely fine, let's do it again?" I wondered.

"You better fucking not, not right now. I don't think we've got time."

I looked down and saw her smiling again, but the look of this smile was different from the earlier smiles. I'd call it a very intense smile.

"I think we need to put your seat back and have you get more comfortable." She reached for the seat release, and eased it down against the rear seat.

"Lean back, close your eyes and don't move" she tersely instructed.

The instructions sounded pretty good to me, so I did exactly as I was told.

I heard Ginny rustling around, and I was confident that she was changing her position, to accomplish something good. Anticipation and excitement were the only things I could feel. With my hands at my sides, draped towards the floor, I felt very exposed, even with the angle of the seat and the 'protection' under the steering wheel.

Feeling a kiss on my thigh, a shiver ran completely through me.

"Umm, I see everything is ready to come out for some air."

I felt so stiff that I was sure I was tearing a hole in the fabric of my underwear. I could feel the moisture against my tip and now, washing down below that. One of her fingers began at the top of my leg, fell into the crack between my thighs and then moved up and under the leg hole seam. Sure that my shorts couldn't be any tighter, I was wrong. Her finger wandered onto my trapped and clamped sack and then went higher to be smeared with my stickiness as it wandered onto the straining tip.

"You are so ready to be out. Turning toward me, she asked, "What would you give me to let him come out and play? I bet we can come to some kind of agreement. It really looks as though he needs to be out."

Not sure if I was being asked a real question or not, my mind raced through the possibilities, wondering if we were now having a sort of question and answer period.

Her hand exited through the leg hole, much quicker than it had originally entered. I felt her shift away slightly and then suddenly, I no longer felt her touch.

Then I felt her two fingers slowly, very slowly, run the entire length of my dick, but through the tight, thin fabric of my shorts.

"He's pretty anxious, you better not wait too long. He might give up and change his mind. Hmmmm . . . .In fact, as I look closer, I'm concerned that we could have an accident here," the teasing in her voice the most wonderful, erotic sound that I ever remember hearing. Her touch was focused on

"We don't want that," I managed under my breath. "No accidents, please, but first, tell me, do you have a purse or bag here?"

"Well, let's just see a minute" with an obvious tone of dismay in her voice. "Yes, I do."

"Hand it to me, I need something from inside."

Ginny handed me a small bag, but the look in her eyes was one of annoyance. There was no question that her patience was being strained by my interruption, but that was ok, it was my turn to do some directing.

After briefly digging through the small bag, I found what I was looking for.

"Here we are," I admitted as I pulled from the bag an object that I was pretty confident would be there. "Ok, lean back and close your eyes. I'm going to earn my prick's freedom. Listen now and do as your told babe."

She was obviously curious, but ready to be obedient. Ginny sat up, leaned back into the seat and slid her bottom next to me, stopping only inches from the vertical length of my shift lever. To get there, her legs again had to split to get close enough. Her right leg was next to my leg in the area below the steering wheel. Her left leg was over my reclined seat and behind my bare back. Sitting up straight in my seat, I took her powder brush and as lightly as I could, brushed the inside of her left leg. I moved as slowly as possible from just above her knee, which was centered on my seat back and then very deliberately brushed in a straight line, heading towards the center of the detectable hair between her legs. Stopping just short of her panties, I began a straight line up her soft flesh, stopping on top of her leg. Twisting the small brush between my fingers, I continued across her belly.

The brush twirled as I slid it across her thighs and over the top right corner of lace on her pink thong panties. As I crossed the waistband of her minimal underwear, I lightened the touch on my way up to the base of her left breast. I stopped and spun a small circle on her navel. With my left hand in between her legs, I began to brush around the periphery of her left mound. Using the taught nipple as a guide for straight lines, I made use of it as a reference point to go up, over the top of the breast and then down again to the base, go a slight distance more, then turn and go back over. Playing at random angle steps, I continued to work these lines over and back across the center pinnacle of her boob. I made extra effort to lightly brush across the long nipple each time and hesitate there as I did so.

I made sure that my closed left hand only brushed the inside of both legs. I did not touch the strap of cloth in her crotch, but I was very near it. My hand just barely felt the hot skin of each inner leg. As she felt me close, she pushed herself into my hand. With her sex still covered with pink lace, my left hand only grazed the lace of her panties. Putting as little pressure as possible against her, my hand wandered up and over the hill between her legs. I enjoyed the feeling of the material between my fingers and her skin. As much as I'd like to stay near the spread legs, my attention moved back to her chest and belly. With my small brush, I moved to the nearer breast and carefully removed all traces of dust and dirt.

Between small shudders and soft moans, I asked her if she was feeling all right. A quick nod and both eyes slowly closing told me that all was well.

I worked diligently at brushing the surface of the milky white skin. Pushing harder at some points, I varied the force that I used against her lovely tit. Resisting the urge to lean forward and take a taste, I satisfied myself with brushing the soft skin, all the while getting more and more anxious to really touch her.

Watching her nipple closely, I'm sure that I could sense a relationship between its firmness and where I was applying pressure with my touch. Staring at it intensely, I was certain of a relationship between my captive shaft and wet and sticky. There's no doubt in my mind that I wanted out of my soaked shorts.

But as I suddenly stopped my attention to Ginny's tits and reached down to drop my shorts, Ginny stopped me by grabbing my wrist.

"Just a minute, that's my job," she declared.

Pulling her legs back from my side of the car, she then pushed me back against the reclined seat back.

"Lean back, close your eyes and be quiet, it's my turn now."

As I got comfortable lying back, my bent and straining cock felt as though it would penetrate a hole in the thin and tightened fabric. I sensed Ginny's hand against my leg. A hand that must have been her left hand is flat against my belly, her right hand down between my inner legs. Two of her fingers snuck in underneath the elastic band but stopped, applying slight pressure down against my groin. I felt something entering the leg hole of my underwear and soon detected that her fingers were surrounding my balls. I was feeling slightly ticklish, the skin below the base of my penis becoming extremely sensitive. Ginny pulled down gently, pulling pressure against the nuts inside. I felt her thumb and forefinger tightly grasp the very bottom of my hard shaft. The remaining part of her right hand held my scrotum and testicles captive.

Settling deeper into the reclined seat, I got as comfortable as possible, to the extent that the fire in my belly would allow. As of that time, Ginny hadn't touched the throbbing knob at my dick's end, having avoided it by keeping her hand on my groin positioned over to the side.

I then sensed something so soft and warm against the top of my leg. Concentrating, I sensed that neither of her hands had moved. I deduce that the feeling on my thigh was her tongue. Immediately, a shudder passed through me as I felt her tongue move across my leg. Sensing movement, I guessed that Ginny slid forward, getting closer.

"Ginny, let me out," I begged her.

"You're almost there, be patient. And no accidents buster, no accidents."

My stiffness went up one more notch if that was possible.

Then I felt Ginny's tongue against my shaft, the thin fabric being the only thing between us. I became aware of how wet I felt, everywhere. My entire front must have been covered in hot, sticky moisture. I thought about the moisture that Ginny was finding and I looked to see if there was any way that I could direct my middle closer to Ginny's face. I couldn't wait to get closer.

Wondering what would happen next, I didn't have to wonder for long. I sensed her tongue probing for the fly in my shorts. Ginny centered herself over the opening in the fabric and began the journey inside. With just a little help from her left hand, she finally entered the hole with her tongue, stroking the side of the bulging organ as she did so. After struggling briefly, her fingers and tongue forced compromise between the penis and the hole in the fabric, allowing its freedom. Feeling the penis fight its way out the hole, relief came quickly as it then stood at attention, free at last. Ginny lightly kissed the slippery tip and I could see in my mind's eye her tongue meeting the stickiness. After the soft kiss, I felt her hand wrap itself around me.

"How does this feel?"

"Ginny, I can't take this."


As Ginny began to slowly stroke me, careful to squeeze me hard, she used her free right hand to push hard against my pubic bone, maximizing my length. The stroking stayed consistent, both in pressure and speed.

"Aahhh . . . Ginny . . . Ginny . . . "

Ginny stopped momentarily, tickled my tip with her tongue, then started stroking again but faster, saying, "Accident . . . accident . . . accident . . . accident"

"Oohhhh Ginnyyyyyyyy," I say as I exploded all over her hand.

"Shame on you, you had an accident, you told me that you wouldn't do that. Now we've got a mess to clean up. I expect some help with this," she said as she sternly feigned my scolding.

Feeling unable to move, I did little more than lie still in my glow. Ginny continued to stroke me, easing my hard-on into a soft state. Drawing slow lines and circles on my belly, Ginny quietly stroked my middle section, avoiding my sex directly, but seeming to enjoy the huge puddles everywhere. As my mind and body returned to more normal life, I enjoyed the attention that Ginny was paying to my belly and legs. Her touch felt wonderful, tender and soothing. After what must have been a few minutes of that pleasure, I wondered to myself how long this fantastic feeling might continue.

I soon found out as Ginny slowed down her attention to my groin, sliding her head forward and pivoting her hips over my face. With her spread thighs against the top of my seat back, my face was directly under and behind her sex. I reached up to the front of her thighs to better position her and began running my tongue over her soft skin. Looking into Ginny's crack, I saw the bunched and rolled material of her lace panties. Anxious for their removal, but patient enough to prolong the pleasure, I continued to kiss and make her inner thighs wet. At the same time, the fingers from each of my hands reached into the leg holes, to the extent that thongs have leg holes and crept high up the side of her cheeks to the part that was covered. I pulled her close and slightly adjusted her position as I did so.

I then felt her hands inside my underwear again, this time along my sides, but not really serious about sliding the pants down. I feel a slight stirring in my penis, as though it was again noticing all of the attention that Ginny was showering it with. Wondering if she wanted my hips raised, I lifted slightly and Ginny pushed me back into the seat.

"Mine first," she said, her voice barely audible.

She lifted her hips slightly, but unwilling to be that cooperative, I tugged the narrowest part of her clothing gently, forcing the roll of material deeper into her crotch. I could tell that making no attempt to remove her thong left her slightly exasperated, both by her movements and the sound she uttered.

I poked my tongue into the crack and under the tight seam of her thong, forcing my way underneath. My hands again traveled up the back of her legs and over her cheeks, grabbing tightly. After a couple of firm squeezes, my hands reached through underneath the elastic waistband and began to pull them down. Stopping just before the cloth in her crotch was pulled down, I let go and allowed them to stay just below the widest part of her hips.

During all of this, my tongue continued to probe in and around the material of her thong. I had avoided her sex so far, but couldn't wait to get closer and bypass the barrier of cloth. Ginny felt the thong on her hips in this most restrictive place and began to wiggle them free, hoping they'd follow gravity's lead and slide down her legs. But I stopped them from doing so and held them. It made them too tight to fall by themselves and I could tell that Ginny was becoming frustrated.

She took out some of her frustration on me by tightly grabbing my soft penis between her fingers and began to smother it with her tongue and lips. It didn't her take long to again bring some life back into my spent member.

I then had taken her thong down her legs a bit more, pulling the small rolled fabric just free from between her legs. I watched closely as I did so and saw small trails of sticky white glue try to bridge the distance between some very short hair and her relocated panties. My tongue reached deeper between her legs and made contact with the skin at the top of both legs.

Ginny, now more satisfied with her situation, allowed her hips to settle into me. Wanting more room, I reached for her thong and slid it down to her ankles. Unable to reach any further, I left them there. Immediately, Ginny came up for air and slid my shorts down my legs and down around my ankles.

Now both of us were nude, enjoying oral sex in the front seat of my car. For some reason, my concentration on the world around me increased. I imagined that I had heard a noisy vehicle in the distance and was awake enough to guess that it might be an old farm pickup. Thinking more about where my tongue was and the other sensory inputs available to me, I quickly returned my concentration back to Ginny's body parts. Ginny's legs were now spread wide, allowing me not only a close view but also the wonderful scent of her sex. My tongue reached between her lips for the first time and I slowly moved up between their soft folds and back down. I hungered for the taste and hoped to find more. My hands pushed against the inside of her legs and worked at forcing them wider. Her right leg was the only side that would move, so I took what I could get and pushed it far out and forward. I slid towards the center of the car to center myself below her.

Now clearly hearing the sound of an old truck, I got a bit nervous about the vehicle approaching. Ginny felt my body tighten and she reacted by pushing me down into the seat, making it difficult to even shift my position. Not only that, she intensified the effort of pleasing my now mostly firm hard on. I once again got sidetracked to the outside sounds when I heard a door slam. Even with my jump, Ginny quickly reminded me that she was in control.

Stopping only long enough to utter, "Don't move," she once again went back to surrounding me with her wonderful lips and tongue.

With my eyes open and my tongue very involved, I sensed someone approaching the car. I looked up and saw an upside down face under a farm cap only briefly before hearing, "Sorry, . . sorry. . . excuse me." I heard quick shuffling, the old door squeaking open and the noisy engine start.

"No big deal, he's gone," was all Ginny said.

Hearing the old pickup roar off in the distance, it was only now sinking into my brain that we had been found out and seen. I was surprised and disgusted but felt more than a bit of excitement by having been caught in the car. Ginny seemed completely oblivious to it all. It was almost as if she were on a mission. Now at full hardness, I was totally in tune with her movements, though never quite able to anticipate her next move. I found myself enjoying her spontaneity and sense of adventure.

It wasn't only me that was fired up and I think that I was contributing to her condition. My tongue now was busier between her lips. I swept the soft folds of skin and found a small knob that had already turned harder. Moving lower, I penetrated her opening, pulling against the skin around it. My forefingers pushed deeply against the inside of her legs. The feeling of Ginny against my shaft was now extremely satisfying. She was stroking pretty hard and could sense my building excitement.

I reached down to the sticky cum still on my legs and attempted to transfer some of the white glue to Ginny's anus. Finding a couple of puddles with my fingers, I gathered some of the goo while Ginny seemed to ignore my trespassing hands.

It might have been because she was now too busy sliding up and down my prick, taking me all in. Her hands were positioned against my groin in such a way to make me longer and Ginny was determined to make use of every inch. Mixing my spent cum with the moisture from my tongue, I found myself still short of lubricant. Knowing where to find more, my tongue then began to seek moisture in and around her sex. Finding some at the source, I pulled some from Ginny with my finger.

Meanwhile, she circled my shaft with her finger and traced lines with her tongue, first up, then down. Squeezing me harder with her thumb and forefinger, I felt a wonderful balance of pressure and subtle touch between what she was doing with her fingers and with what she was doing with her tongue.

With my tongue busy teasing her clit, the slippery finger began to make it's way to her most bottom hole. Finding the base of her funnel shaped bottom, I slowly started circling her anus, randomly sliding across once, and then continuing to circle. Ginny was tightening her back and hips, but seemed to be relaxing the muscles nearest my finger.

Moving my head to better locate myself, I got closer to Ginny's new spot and got in position to better satisfy her sex. Concentrating almost completely on pleasuring her stiffened clit, my tongue and lips began to stroke, tease and massage her. Between inserting my tongue inside her and dancing across the sensitive skin outside, Ginny was starting to move in time with my stroking.

Excited both from the stimulation I was giving and from what I was being given, I felt like I didn't have very far to go before I would cum again. Ginny seemed to sense that I was getting close to exploding and backed away from my tip, ceasing contact with me completely.

Not wanting to stop, I took my thumb, no longer satisfied with easing around the surface of Ginny's back hole and began to slowly enter her inner chamber, applying constant side pressure as it made it's one way voyage inside. It seemed as though Ginny was almost overwhelmed with the combination of stimulation.

Deciding to go for broke, I soon went as quickly and as vigorously with my motions as I thought I dared. My excitement built to what felt like an increasingly sharpening point, but Ginny tolerated this for only so long, and then suddenly sat up. She pulled her bottom away from my face, placing her legs down next to mine in the driver's well. Now very vertical, she slid quite literally into and against the steering wheel, rose up and waited for me to enter her. Twisting her hips forward to receive me vaginally (since I wasn't sure where I was really supposed to go), she stopped no longer than absolutely necessary as she lowered herself down around me.

With both of us very still, Ginny came down slowly until we met. With her head bent tightly forward over the top of the wheel to avoid the roof of the car, she then very deliberately leaned back on top of me, keeping me inside of her.

"I'm going to move my feet up on the dash, ok?" she asked.


Ginny slowly and skillfully lifted one leg at a time up against the windshield. She made it; we stayed together as long as possible. My stiff shaft was then out in the air and being pinched between her legs. Ginny reached below the back of my legs and pulled herself tighter against me. My hands stroked her sides lightly and I couldn't believe that we were as comfortable as we seemed to be. Then my hands explored her soft belly and chest for the first time. Reaching down between her legs, I teased the very small band of pubic hair and with a single finger made a path up across her waist, belly and onto her rib cage. Avoiding her breasts, I stayed below them and began showering her belly and groin with loving attention using both hands.

I felt Ginny clamping my penis firmly between her thighs, rubbing my shaft across the outside of her sex. Using her legs for control, she eased me over her lips at her own speed and intensity. I simply laid there and began exploring her breasts with my fingertips.

Reaching back between her legs with one hand and cupping her breast with my other, I happily stroked her hot, soft skin with my softest touch. She felt so nice against me and my hands took turns reaching lower between her legs. But Ginny reached for my tip and started to stroke it with her hand, pulling me tighter into her crack as she did so. Our hands together were satisfying each other and it was difficult to tell with our eyes closed who was doing what.

Though I had been able to ignore the pressure against my chest, it felt good when Ginny finally sat up, pulling her legs back down. Turning sideways, Ginny put her right knee down against the floor, tipping her body sideways as she placed her left leg between the seats and into the back. I adjusted my right leg below her and into the passenger's foot room area. With each of us twisting to fit together, Ginny prepared to take my length again. With her crack against the top of my right leg, she lowered herself down onto me. It wasn't possible to get full penetration, but we managed to make the best use of what we had. I found both the angle of attack and the ability to watch her to be very satisfying.

We slid together like that for a while, but slowly, almost as if in slow motion. She was beautiful from the side.

"Ginny, I have to cum and I'm going to do it now."

"Not yet, not yet."

After what seemed like a couple of very long minutes, Ginny pulled off and again climbed back on, facing the steering wheel. I felt myself go back inside of her, into her heat and welcoming slipperiness. Her head disappeared forward as she looked down with her chin against her chest. I reached forward to her sides and guided her on her mission. Adjusting position, I straightened out my legs slightly and pushed against the seat back, attempting to make more room for my legs. Ginny grabbed the steering wheel and used it to support herself as she furiously started slamming into me. The rim of the wheel helped her push harder and stop quicker at the end of each stroke. It felt as though she was gripping the rim of the wheel with her thighs to provide more force. I had never ever known anything like it before.

It wasn't only the feeling that was driving me crazy. Watching Ginny slam into my groin, her hips and sex taking me inside was too exciting for me to be able to control myself any longer. At that rate, it didn't take either one of us very long to reach our orgasms. Ginny's quick bursts of "ooh" soon turned into a long, almost scream-like "aahhh". I almost exactly repeated everything that Ginny managed to say and loved the sounds of us then coasting to a stop.

Stiff and sore, we both worked a bit at wiggling free. Ginny climbed over to the passenger seat and laid down on her side with her back to me, then scooted her buns closer to me. I turned on my side and slid over behind her, both of us bridging the gap between the seats. I reached over and massaged her back, letting my hands settle into the small of her lower back and then continued to move lower on to her cheeks.

With the warm sun coming in the windows and the sound of the dried corn leaves outside, I found myself almost drifting off to sleep. Feeling wonderful and peaceful, my eyes were creeping shut when all of a sudden Ginny looked back at me and asked, "So have you had enough?"

"I guess, for right now anyway." Realizing what I was really saying and being afraid to lose something very wonderful, I then asked, "Will you ever come back?"

"You know how to get me here, that won't change," she answered matter-of-factly.

Sitting up, Ginny gathered her clothes from various places in the car, setting her stockings on the dashboard. Looking over at me, she said, "Grab your clothes, let's run into the corn field to get dressed."

I grabbed my shorts, pants and shirt. Before I even had everything, Ginny popped the door open and jumped out, sort of hopping into the first row of corn. I followed her into the field, standing directly in front of her. The two of us must have been quite a picture, standing naked and holding our clothes in our hands. Ginny reached for the underwear in my hand, then dropped to her knees in front of me.

"Go ahead, lean against my shoulders. Step in."

After lifting the leg hole over my foot, she guided that foot back to the ground and proceeded to do the same with the other side. But she surprised me when she had both of my feet flat on the ground and my shorts around my ankles. She pulled me close and gave my soft tip another kiss.

"A sort of going away present for you."

Looking up into my eyes, Ginny looked beautiful and ready, even between the rows of corn. If I was hoping for anything more, I was soon disappointed as she slid my shorts up to my waist, tucking me in. After following that same pattern on my pants, she stood up and helped me with my shirt. Slowly buttoning each button, she helped me tuck in my shirttails next. Barefoot, we stood facing each other, with me dressed and Ginny still completely bare.

I reached down for the thong in the pile on the ground and knelt down to ease it up over her feet. It wasn't as easy for me to figure out the front and back as it had been for Ginny to figure out mine, but I managed. Sliding the leg holes over each foot, I lifted the slight panties into place and made sure that everything was just where it belonged. I confirmed the thong's location by spreading her thighs slightly with my hands and probing with my tongue against the fabric, from as low as I could go between her legs and up to the low waistband. Using a couple of my fingers, I make sure that the front fabric was not twisted by sliding the fingers under the flattened section tightly against her belly.

I wanted more and it was almost more than I could do to back away. The sight of her, her scent and the touch of her legs on my face almost brought me pain.

Reaching down for the skirt, I got her feet into it and slid it up over her hips. Once in place, I eased the zipper up into place. Standing up, I grabbed her top as I stood before her and without being prompted; Ginny stuck her arms in the air, making it easier for me to guide the top down over her shoulders. Reaching underneath, I guided it down her sides and past her breasts. Straightening the bottom, I reached up underneath and cupped her breasts, dragging my hands slowly down across her belly into the top of her skirt.

With a quick kiss first, we walked back towards the car, both of us without our shoes. After we both got in and closed the doors, I started the car and turned around on the narrow gravel road. I said nothing, but my mind was running at five times its normal speed. Heading the short distance to the main road, I looked over at Ginny and got a big, innocent kind of smile.

"By the way," she said, reaching down at her side, "here's your receipt. Don't worry; I've already got your number and expiration date." Handing me a small piece of paper that looked like an honest to goodness credit card receipt, I found myself looking closely, trying to understand. Surely it was one of mine that had been left in the car for gas that I had purchased over the last couple of days or something. But it wasn't; the date was right, the company name said "Dream Fantasy, Inc." and the amount was so faint that I couldn't distinguish real numbers.

Stunned and unsure of what I had just heard or seen, I slowly approached the stop sign ahead. Coming to a complete stop, I looked back down at the receipt and then over at Ginny. But there was nobody there, no person, no clothing, nothing to even suggest that there had been a passenger in the car. Looking back at my hand, there was a receipt. I noticed that her stockings were still up on the dashboard.

I looked for traffic, slowly rounded the corner and headed for home with a huge smile on my face.


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