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Did I Dream It?
by Ken M

Things have not been going well.

My wife left me in March for a man who is 11 years older and has no steady job. He is scrawny, mostly bald and has a wispy ponytail.

At work, sales are down for the third quarter in a row. My boss has been cutting me some slack because of my personal situation. But recently he told me he was bringing in someone from another office to help with outside sales. Needless to say I wasn't too excited about the supposed help. I got even less excited when I heard it was a woman, a young, cute, woman. I immediately assumed she had been hired by the CEO who has a reputation of hiring a series of young women. These young women travel with the CEO and get "hands on training".

Late one Friday afternoon Michele called me and told me she was the person hired to help me. Since she lived in another state about 5 hours away she wanted to get together to pick my brains. She seemed extremely pleasant on the phone and my job insecurities began to melt away. She said she wanted to get together the next week. I told her the only day I was available was Friday. Could I recommend a place to stay? Certainly, the Residence Inn is close to the office, very comfortable, serves a free breakfast and free happy hour. When she asked if I would like to get together for happy hour my interest was immediately piqued. Unfortunately, I was coaching my sons little league game that afternoon.

"Well, how about after the game?" She said.

"No, I'll be hot and sweaty and in uniform." I said.

"Oh, I love a man in uniform." She said.

Well that got my attention in a big way. I promised I would rush home from the game, shower and make it to the hotel by 6:00pm.

At 6:00, when I arrived at the hotel I called her room.

"Do you want to come up? Or should we meet in the lobby." She said.

"I think its best we meet in the lobby." I replied, wondering if I had won the lottery.

After several minutes a huge woman came out of the elevator and headed my way. Oh shit! Just when I thought things were going my way. Fortunately, the lady waddled by and when I looked towards the elevator again a very attractive, extremely tanned lady came out and headed my way wearing a pleasant smile on her face and a short skirt.

We went up to the bar, got our complimentary drinks, and sat down at a table. We exchanged the basic data people do when they first meet. I told her about my divorce, she told me her husband was a photojournalist covering the festivities in Bosnia or Kosova or someplace. I briefly pondered the morality of lusting after another man's wife. A particularly raw subject with me since another man had recently absconded with my wife. I finally concluded that each of us is in charge of our own selves only. She was going to do what she exactly what she wanted and that was her responsibility.

After several drinks, Michele confided that she had heard some office scuttlebutt that I was less than enthusiastic about getting help from another office. In fact she had heard I was going to be outright hostile to the idea of working with her. I told her I had felt that way at first. But, I had finally come to the conclusion that I could use help, and if she confined herself solely to outside sales, she was not a threat to my job. I could see the tension lift from her.

Before her conversation had seemed somewhat forced, now she was relaxed. We talked about everything from skin-diving to what she should wear to the office in the morning. When last call was sounded at 7:00 I knew even if nothing else happened, I could be this woman's friend. I also had that familiar (from my long ago single days) tension rising in the pit of my stomach. The tension that tells you, you don't know where this is going to end up, but it is sure is fun.

Michele suggested we go get something to eat. It's my town so I should pick the place.

Sly old me. I picked a place right near my house. In fact we drove by my house on the way. We also cruised by my wife's new house on the way to the restaurant just to see if she and her boyfriend were home. Michele got a big kick out of this.

"Lets knock on the door and go in." She said. "I can put my arms all over you and pretend I'm your girlfriend."

That sounded great to me. Let the bitch know I'm not rotting at home without her. Fortunately, they weren't home. I was in a crazy enough mood to do it.

We had a delightful meal, although neither one of us was very hungry after all the beer. While in the restaurant I saw two people I knew. While Michele was in the bathroom, one of my wife's friends came up to me and told me how sorry she was to hear my wife and I had split up.

Then, leaning close, she said. "I'll call you, okay?"

Damn. Did I put on Tom Cruise' glasses this morning?

Shortly after that we had our leftovers put in a box, paid up and headed for the car. Neither of us wanted the evening to end.

At the car I said. "I forgot to feed the dog. Could we stop by my house and give her these scraps?"

I know, I know, it was utterly shameless and not very original.

After she agreed to stop by my house to drop off the Doggie box I got really getting courageous.

"Would you like to go in the Jacuzzi?" I asked.

"That sounds like fun." Michele replied.

"Damn." I thought. I may really have won the lottery.

When we arrived at the house I showed Michele around. She said the pictures on the wall of my wife and I seemed stiff and not very happy. I showed her where the Jacuzzi was, turned off the lights, and headed for the kitchen for some Grand Marnier. Out of the corner of my eye as I turned the corner I saw her naked body as she slipped out her clothes and stepped into the Jacuzzi.

"Damn." I said to myself. "I did win the lottery."

After returning with the Grand Marnier I took off my clothes on the now, pitch, black porch and gingerly climbed into the Jacuzzi. At first of course we tried to avoid contact and were genuinely embarrassed when our bodies inadvertently touched under water. Again, we talked about a million different things. And finally, when the time seemed right. I slid over to her.

"You know I'm going to make a pass at you." I said as I gently kissed the first woman other than my wife that I have kissed in 17 years.

"Hum, I've been expecting it." She said as she eagerly returned my kiss.

Our tongues danced as we celebrated this ancient human ritual of showing and receiving affection and pleasure. Finally we broke apart. Emboldened by passion I turned on the underwater light.

"Oh my god. You have a spectacular body. Your body is so tanned and your breasts are so white. I find the contrast incredibly erotic." I told her.

I gently kissed, then sucked the large areolas.

Finally the heat became too much for her and she raised herself up to sit on the side of the Jacuzzi. It was then that I saw her elegantly shaved and trimmed pussy. It was more than I could handle. Forgetting all I know about disease prevention I buried my face in her lap. I truly love to lick a woman's pussy and suck on a woman's clit. I love to give pleasure and the responses women gives when she is being eaten are to me, the most erotic sounds in the world. Her pussy was so beautiful. And again the contrast between her smooth white skin and her silky tanned skin was incredibly stimulating. It amazed me that her entire butt was beautifully tanned except for the thin, milky white "T" back. My (soon to be) ex-wife has a very fair complexion, avoids the sun at all costs, and absolutely refuses to wear "butt floss".

Although we were both extremely aroused. It soon became clear that Michele was not comfortable with the idea of intercourse. It may seem weird, that buck naked, with her legs apart and my head between them, she drew a line that she would not cross. It may also seem weird, that after more than two hours of intense sexual foreplay I respected her decision. We decided to cool things off, got dressed, got in the car and drove back to her hotel.

By now it was almost 2:00am. We had an 8:30 meeting the next morning, with each other! We had to act professional, and awake. Despite this looming catastrophe in the morning, when she asked me in I had to go. She really was very pretty, her body was absolutely fantastic, we really seemed to have some kind of a connection, and it had been a really, really, long time.

This time I could not be such a gentleman. Even in my forties I was still a candidate for blue-balls. I remembered them from my teens and did not want to relive that part of my youth. After a prolonged period of kissing, sucking and petting, I had to have some relief. I respected her no intercourse decision but would she please jerk me off?

There, lying naked next to me. She reached down and took hold of my penis. She was strong, she did not tire and she seemed to enjoy it. She told me she too liked to give pleasure. It was clear, that my impassioned response, my moaning, my writhing on the bed, turned her on.

"Don't stop. Don't stop." I begged.

She didn't, and soon I was enjoying a wonderful orgasm.

She was very matter of fact as she went into the hotel bathroom to get me a towel to clean up with.

But even now, after sharing these intimate moments I could tell she was still concerned about our meeting in the morning. Would I be a jerk? Could we be professional? Could we stay awake?

So shortly after my hand-job I left and drove to my house. The next morning we were both in the office at exactly 8:30. We conducted ourselves very professionally and had a very successful meeting. I was finally able to convince her that I did not view her as a threat to my job and in fact viewed her as a possible asset.

At 11:45 we were done with our work. I suggested we go out for lunch. When we got to the parking lot I suggested we go to my house for left over steak sandwiches. She agreed, and followed behind me in her car. Once at my house I was a perfect gentleman. I made us sandwiches and we talked business. After lunch I came across a 1/2 glass of Grand Marnier left over from the previous night. Despite being exhausted, and having a 6-hour drive ahead of her, she downed it. After lunch Michele asked if she could use the bathroom to change out of her office clothes and into shorts for her long drive.

"Of course." I replied.

Again my little heart went pitter pat when I realized she had not closed the bathroom door all the way and I caught a glimpse of her naked body as she changed. This chick was hot.

After changing, she joined me in the living room to talk for a few minutes before she had to leave. Before long we were kissing again. I gently kissed down to her ear. Then, down her neck to her shoulder. Then as I gently nuzzled her neck, I undid the buttons on her shirt. She was wearing a black bra. Last night she hadn't been wearing any bra.

"Hum." She purred.

I left her bra on and worked my way down her flat stomach to the top of her shorts. I loved kissing her stomach, gently unzipping her pants, and helping her wriggle out of them. There we were in broad daylight. She was lying on my living room floor. She was wearing a black bra, light blue French cut panties, and a delightful smile. I rubbed my face back and forth across her light blue pussy until I could stand it no more.

I reached up and began to slide her panties down. She raised her hips to accommodate me. As soon as her panties were off I once again began to lap. God, I love to eat pussy. All of it, but especially her clit. I love to eat pussy. Starting with my forehead, then my nose, then my tongue and lips and finally my chin. I slide my face up her pussy, fucking her with my face. I spread her labia and stick my tongue in her. I pull back the hood over her clit and flick it with my tongue. I put my lips directly over her clit and suck it.

She comes. And comes some more. She is not vocal, but her body tremors and large quantities of come fill her pussy.

Finally, she has had enough of that.

"Would you like to fuck me?" She asked.

Oh my God would I ever like to fuck her. We have been having foreplay off and on for the last 18 hours. With a short business meeting thrown in. Although she really doesn't want to fuck in my bed, I insist that we will be much more comfortable there. Reluctantly she agrees. We made our way upstairs to my bedroom. Although I had a vasectomy 12 years ago, and I have been eating this woman's pussy, I rolled a condom onto my penis. Then, climbing between her legs I flick the outside of her cunt with my sheathed dick. She obviously enjoys this and gives a low moan. Finally I can stand it no longer and plunge in. This feels really, really good. In and out, her knees draw up to her chest, in order to spread her legs to the maximum amount. So I can get maximum penetration and maximum distance between fully out and all the way in.

I soon feel an orgasm building. I don't want to come this way. She had said she likes being on top. My ex-wife never liked to be on top. I asked Michele to switch and she readily agreed. At first it was awkward. I didn't know whether to move also or to try and stay still. Finally I realized she could do it all. So I held my body still while she, in a kneeling position, pounded into me. It was fantastic. Her strength and stamina were amazing. Finally, I could take no more and had a wonderful orgasm. My moans of pleasure brought her to climax as well and she collapsed on top of me.

Soon, she got up, cleaned up, got dressed, and drove away. Leaving me to wonder. Did I dream the whole thing?


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