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Dressing Room
by Tia Rose

My name is TiaRose and I'd like to share with you some of my sexual experiences both fantasy and reality.

I am a 25 year old part-time student, I also work part-time in a Doctor's office. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes and I've been told a very nice smile. I enjoy working out and I have long lean legs. I am 5'7 130 lbs-36B 26 36.

My first story happened when I was 19. My lover and I were always so hot and horny, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. One afternoon I talked him into going shopping with me at a local department store. He sat bored while I tried clothes on and modeled for him. One outfit peeked his interest-a short little skirt and a silky blouse-he could see I had removed my bra and my nipples were strained against the soft fabric. I grinned at him and turned and headed for the dressing room.

Before I knew it, he slipped into the dressing room and he grinned at me. I could tell by the look in his eye what he wanted-what we both wanted. Licking my lips I stared into his eyes as he walked towards me-we meet in an explosive kiss.! Our tongues danced, as his hands found my soft breasts and he began kneading them. We heard a customer walk by and I giggled-he shushed me- by darting his tongue down my throat. I could feel myself growing damp and I was so hot for him as we kissed.

His hands lifted up my blouse and his bare hands teased my hard nipples, I was moaning into his mouth, mmmm ohhh-leaning into the wall-my hands fumbled for his hardness-I moaned as I felt it growing harder and harder. I unbuttoned his jeans and reached in and found his hardness-mmm he was hot and sooo hard. His hands lifted up my skirt, pushed my panties to the side, he found how damp I was-soaking his fingers-I let out a squeal as he thumbed my clit-he covered my mouth with his other hand.

We heard another customer walk-by talking-somehow the excitement of almost getting caught was a big turn-on. My hands massaged his member-still kissing-I was pressed against the wall-struggling to keep quiet. His expert fingers teasing my! swollen clit.

Leaving my mouth, he lowered his face to my cleavage and kissed my nipples-arching my back-closing my eyes-mmmm ohhhhh. He backed himself over to the small seat in the dressing room corner and sat down. His dick standing straight out-I felt myself flush with hotness as I looked at him, wanting to taste him. My mouth quickly found his throbbing hardness and with my greedy wet mouth, I engulfed his every inch. Leaning his head back closing his eyes-his hands rubbing my hair-as I let my mouth work the magic.

Teasing his head with my tongue-swirling my tongue around and around. Mmmm he tasted good-I knew I had to feel him inside me now! Standing up, I lowered my soaked panties down and swung my leg over him. Rubbing his dick against my pussy-letting my juices make him all shiny. Holding onto his base I lowered myself onto him-ohhhh yeaaaahhhhhhh I sat there for a minute and felt him fill me up-slowly I started to piston my ass up and down. He was grabbing my ass! pulling me up to him-burying my face in his neck I moaned as I rammed myself on his hard hot dick. His feet placed firmly on the ground he raised up to meet my every thrust.

I was so close to the edge-I could feel my pussy starting to pulse-grabbing his shoulders and burying my face in his chest-I came intensely-my entire body shook. I heard him groan as he pummeled into me with his upward stroke and I felt his body tense-I felt his hot load erupting inside me-uhhhhh. Collapsing onto his chest-I let out a loud sigh and I said "damn!" He laughed and said damn is right-I really like shopping with you! We quickly got dressed, I smoothed my hair as best I could and I walked out-he followed me in a couple minutes. As we left the store I could see a male clerk snickering. Hmmm did he know? ;>


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