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Dark Surprise
by Xana Duvian

She had been seeing him for several weeks. They met in motels once or twice a week, whenever they could both get away. These were times of hot passion, for they were both passionate people who were not fulfilled in their separate lives.

Several times lately he had restrained her, binding her wrists and ankles with soft, yet strong material, the type used to restrain patients in hospitals. At first, she was a little apprehensive, but it was such a rush to lose control, to be helpless under his lovemaking.

And he was skilled at the art of love, too. He took his time, kissing her, licking her neck and breasts, sucking them, fondling her, rubbing his large, hard organ on her until she would strain at the bindings. When he sensed she was hot enough, his kisses led to her wetness, and there he used his tongue masterfully, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. At these times he was almost cruel. She would climax until she was weak, yet still he would eat her. Finally, he would move up and enter her fully, her wet vagina offering no resistance, and ride her until they both came together.

Afterwards, he would untie her and they would lie together stroking, fondling each other. She would be utterly spent, until some time later when he would make love with her again in a more conventional fashion, bringing them to the peak again.

They did not do this often, but she had learned to love it. This time, she thought it would be like the others, and smiled inwardly when he brought out his restraints. They were naked by now, having spent several minutes in hot foreplay. He stroked her limbs as he placed the restraints. He was an expert at it, too, and while he did not leave her uncomfortable, she had little room to move, lying spread-eagled on the large bed.

This time, there was a new twist, however. When she had been fully restrained, he placed a large black sleep mask over her eyes, blocking her vision completely. She felt the bed move, heard it squeak, as he got up.

In a moment, she heard a door open. It sounded like the connecting door to the next room.

She heard whispered conversation, but couldn't make out anything over the hum of the air conditioning and the music he was playing on the portable CD player he had brought. They had talked about a third person. Both of them were experimental, and had discussed both a man and a woman, but both felt that another couple would just be too many people.

She felt dizzy, hot all over and instantly aroused almost to orgasm. She had imagined something similar, but never thought it would happen to her.

Soon she felt the bed sag, twice. It dipped on both sides, as it was mounted by two people. She fought for clues as to who had gotten into the bed, but found none. Her nipples were hard, puckered with desire. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.

She heard no voices, but began to feel hands exploring her, touching her breasts, legs, ass and pussy. Four hands, roving over her body. Both people had soft hands, no clues there.

Shortly, both of her nipples were surrounded by warm, wet mouths, simultaneously. She moaned involuntarily, as her nipples were sucked and licked. Although he shaved close, she could always feel some stubble during their lovemaking. She knew that he was on her right, sucking her right breast, because she felt a slight stubble there, and none on the left side.

Her mind raced, wondering who it was, fighting to take every sensation in.

By now, the person on her left had inserted fingers into her vagina. She did not know how many fingers, but loved the way they were probing her.

They licked and sucked her nipples, pulling them into their mouths. She could hear their sucking noises, like hungry puppies at feed. She was moaning now, without even realizing it.

His mouth moved up to hers, and she felt his long tongue enter her mouth.

Oh, to be kissed deeply and have a nipple sucked at one time! She could only tremble with anticipation of what she knew was to come.

His mouth moved to her neck, and the other mouth replaced his. She felt no beard, but smelled no perfume and felt no hair on her. The mouth was soft on hers, the tongue exploring tentatively. She kissed back, thrusting her tongue in the mouth. Her tongue was greedily sucked. She was no longer being fingered; that hand was rubbing her wetness on her left nipple, pinching and rolling it.

She was frantic now. Whoever was with them, it didn't matter. She wanted to picture the scene, however, and was not sure whether her phantom lover was male or female. She could feel his hardness on her right side, but none on the left. Surely its a woman, she thought. Still, she wasn't sure.

Slowly the mouths began to kiss their way down to her belly and then her groin, tracing wet lines with their tongues. One of them, she could not tell which, licked her clitoris a few times before they moved past.

Down her legs they moved, licking, sucking and biting. All the way to her feet. She felt the mouths descend on her great toes, both feet. What a curious sensation. The mouths were warm and wet, much like she was...

They sucked her toes like 2 cocks, pulling them in and out of their mouths.

By now, she was ready to explode. The unknown person got between her legs and began to tentatively explore her pussy with their tongue. He had moved back up to suckle her breasts, alternating between them.

The person eating her paused. She felt a shake, and the sensation of long hair brushing her thighs as their mouth slowly descended on her again. She knew it must be a woman, that's the only thing that made sense. But she had seen nothing, and could only guess what she might look like. Long hair, for sure.

She could no longer stand it. She began to climax, in wave after wave, like some sexual hurricane pounding a beach. It was such an erotic feeling, fighting the restraints, being pleasured by two lovers at once.

She was no longer moaning now. She was screaming, and she continued to scream as she came and came, until at long last the tongue stopped. She heard him whisper something, but couldn't make out what. She was drunk with pleasure.

The person (woman?) between her legs began to shift, moving up beside her head. She felt them slowly position themselves over her head, and at last her question was answered. She had always wondered what it would be like to eat another woman, wondered if she could. She found that, as he entered her with his cock, she could do nothing less.

She was so hot she wanted to devour her, the silent lady, and began to explore her partners wetness as he moved in and out of her. The flavor was much like her own, which she had playfully tasted, and also tasted on his mouth many times. She was still hot and was soon coming again, but this time, she was partially in control. She licked the other's wetness, flicking her tongue as he had showed her, wishing she could get a grip on the woman's ass, but unable to move her hands.

He was riding her fast, pounding her. This only served to rub her face into the other's wetness. In only moments, they were all three coming noisily.

She felt them shift positions and lie beside her stroking her. Finally, she felt the bed shake again, heard the connecting door, and felt his hands removing her bindings. Reaching up, she removed her mask, and found, as she knew she would, they were all alone.


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