The Best Erotic Stories.

Day Two
by Theresa Moore

Taking off my blindfold and untying both of my arms, this handsome stranger informs me that I will be helping him paint. Hmmmm....all kinds of ideas are going through my head! With a confused look on my face he smiles. "Don't worry my pet, you will enjoy what I have in store for you today." He then takes my hand and leads me to a bathroom. Thinking to myself, "this room is the size of my house!" I smile but still confused. He opens up a draw and takes out 8 small bottles...each one a different color. Glancing at one of the caps I read, "Edible." Now I can feel my body getting very excited. I am then informed that these are edible body paints and I am to paint myself as he watches and then I will paint him. Now this is something I will enjoy!

I start with orange and slowly trace my nipples...One at a time. I look over into my Master's eyes for approval and he intensely watches...glancing down I can see he is very turned on. I take some blue and make a trail from each nipple down to my pussy. Switching to purple I then cover my pussy lips and start to continue down my thighs. Adding some erotic humor...I take white and massage it onto my ass, thinking to the moon is out.... And I let out a small chuckle. My body is very sensitive and smells very fruity. Wondering if I will be his breakfast I start to feel my juices dripping down my thighs.

Come my pet, it is now time for you to create your masterpiece on my body. I bend down to start at his feet.... Each toes a different color. I then start to massage his calves as I work my way up his legs. Allowing me to be very creative, I put red in my hands and start painting my name on his thighs...then I mix some green with the red and continue higher where he is rock hard. I very carefully make a face on the head of his cock. I love every minute of this and from the looks of things he is also! I now mix all of the colors on his hairy chest and make a rainbow starting at one nipple and then ending at the other one. I complete my work of art by painting a pot of gold at the end of his rainbow...he starts to laugh because I have slightly tickled him.

Taking me into his arms we smear our painted bodies together. Turning me around, his hands go right for my nipples and he is playing and teasing them. Pulling me closer I grind my ass into his hardness and I hear moans of pleasure being whispered in my ear. His hands are caressing my breasts and then traveling lower to my juices are now flowing out and onto his hand where he rubs it into my painted body. He turns me around, smiling he puts his lips to mine and kisses me... putting his tongue deep into my throat ...Our bodies are woven together and our tongues are inter-locked. This has been an extraordinary experience for me and I love it!

Thinking to myself...What will his plans be for me next...He then releases his hold on me and turns the shower on. My slave, it is now time for you to lather my body while massaging me. We both enter into the shower and he hands me a pair of shower gloves and the soap. I lather my glove-covered hands and start to massage his chest. I love to touch and play with the hair on his chest. I am so excited that he comments on how hard my nipples are and have stayed this way since we started with the paints. Just the idea of not knowing what is next has made me cum over and over again...even without the feel of his touch. I start to massage his cock with my hands and then he turns me around and bends me over in the shower.

Water beating on my back I feel him putting gel all on and around my asshole. Anticipating this and now for it to entire body is aching for his cock to enter. In his stern voice I hear him ...are you ready for me my pet? I answer, "Yes." He rubs a little more gel on his cock and then slowly enters my ass. Moving in and out and increasing his speed I moan so loud that between the tightness on his cock and my moans of pleasure we both start to cum so hard like never before...With a very satisfied look on our faces we rinse each other off and get out of the shower. My tall handsome stranger is definitely no longer a stranger to me after this. He is now towel drying me and kissing some of the droplets of water off of my shoulders. I turn and dry him off and massaging him at the same time.

"You look a little tired my pet, perhaps a nap will help?" Carrying me into the other room he puts me on the bed and covers me with a lightweight blanket. Walking over to the side he makes his way into bed and cuddles up next to me. Whispering to me ...Now sleep well because my most exciting surprise for us is yet to come. Kissing my cheek, he smiles at me...I look into his eyes, smile back and then cuddle closer into him.


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