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Dare To Be Different
by Bill Smith

I can't believe I'm doing this. I know we are both going to end up in jail. Why did I take this dare? God I feel so stupid and scared. Oh God don't let me end up in a jail cell with someone with the name of Bubba!

You look so cool just sitting next to me. I know that you have nothing on underneath your trench coat. You see me looking at you and you smile then spread your legs. I watch as your legs are slowly revealed as your coat falls away. Then I see your trimmed pubic hair. As I stare at the junction of your thighs I see your right hand snake towards your pussy and watch as you slide one finger inside. A sigh escapes your lips.

I feel myself starting to respond to this erotic sight as you slide your finger in and out. Out of the corner of your eyes you see my dick twitch. With your left hand you push my trench coat aside and gently grasp my dick you so affectionately call Lucifer. As stupid and scared as I feel I start to respond to your touch.

Our reverie is shatter by a sound that can only be the trumpets of the archangels as they come to take away the faithful. Here we set in my car with nothing on but trench coats and you are playing with both of us. God have mercy upon us sinners! But it is only the car behind us honking to get my attention as the traffic light has turned green. Oh Lord I know we are gonna end up in jail before the night is over. I accelerate away from the intersection and the blaring horn.

You laugh but I hear the nervous edge to it. You were scared as well but your hands never lost contact with either of us. I pull your hand away from Lucifer who has shrank and started to crawl inside my belly at the thought of Arch Angels approaching.

Why did you choose to go to the airport? It is so far from our house, I don't understand why and you won't tell me. We arrive at the tollbooth and as I roll down the window I see the agent inside smile as I reach out to grab the ticket. I forgot you were still playing with yourself and he can see you! I accelerate away from the booth knowing the agent is calling the Airport Police to report our actions. It will take only minutes before we are pulled over and hauled to jail where I will become the unwilling sex slave of a goon the size of professional football player called Bubba. If I ever get out of here Lord I will never ever do this again. I promise!

There are no police cars approaching with lights and sirens on coming to arrest us as we continue to drive towards the parking lot. I park the car and turn to you but you shake your head no as you know what I'm going to ask. Opening the car door I turn and slide out and as I do my coat opens to reveal that the pants legs that I'm wearing stop at the top of my knees. There are no other articles of clothing that I have on except shoes and socks. I look around quickly to see if anyone saw me but I was lucky and there was no one around.

You show no nervousness as you turn and slide to the end of the seat. You are fully exposed from the waist down and as the cool night air hits your pussy you gasp but quickly recover. You look at me and look down indicating to me to get on my knees and eat you. I want to protest but your look says it all and I give up without a struggle and drop to my knees. As I spread the lips of your pussy open to expose your clitoris I hear voices approaching. I start to pull away but you grab my head and pull me to your cunt. In my surprise I already had my mouth open and your clitoris found its' way between my teeth and nestled next to my tongue. You hump my face faster and faster as the voices come closer. All I can think of is being caught and going to jail, but you start to cum as the voices draw along side of us. Then the voices pass by never knowing what was happening just a few feet from them. After a few moments you push my head away from your sex and stand up.

I think you are just getting situated to get back in the car and go home since you had climaxed. But no, you turn bend over and remove the keys to the car. Pulling me to my feet you push me away from the car as you lock and close the door. Depositing the keys in your coat pocket you turn and walk towards the terminal with a smile on your face. I can't believe my eyes! A million thoughts flood my mind and among them is the thought of Bubba who is waiting for me in jail with a dick a foot long and a half-foot wide. Oh God why did I take this stupid dare!

You stop and turn around to stare at me, then raise your right hand and curl your index finger upwards commanding me to follow. I start walking towards you and as I get closer you look downward and start to smile. I look down and see Lucifer who has parted the folds of my coat much like Moses did to the Red Sea. I take my hands and push him back into the coat but he keeps fighting his way back out. Then I focus on what I thought was the trumpets of the Arch Angels when we were at the intersection and along with the thoughts of Bubba salivating to get to my ass Lucifer decides to cool down and seek shelter in my coat.

Once again you turn and head towards the terminal, and then you are through the entrance. Meekly I follow you. You walk with your head up like you belong here, just a traveler passing through on her way to exciting destinations. If anyone would look at you for a few moments longer they could see the flash of thighs and breasts as you only have two buttons latched. It is good that it is so late at night. I walk quicker to catch up with you.

We pass real travelers in our jaunt around the airport. A few men stare at you as you walk by not really believing their eyes. Were they seeing nipples and pubic hair or was it just an illusion? All of them just kept walking, wondering.

Then we pass an older lady who is setting in one of those TV chairs watching an evangelist preaching on hell and damnation. As we pass by she looks up scrutinizing our outfits and our reason for being. I almost hear the evangelist whispering to her describing our sins and expect her to get up and start screaming for the police, but she returns to her TV.

I don't know where we are heading and I'm so damn nervous that I don't even remember where we parked our car. I just follow you. You smile at me, and head towards an escalator and step on. Like a duckling following his mother I do the same. Then you turn towards me and release the lower button on your coat. With just a little wiggle and a spread of legs your pussy comes into view and another wiggle and movement of your legs and it is gone. It is almost like magic, now you see it and now you don't. Since you are a couple of steps ahead of me your pussy is at my eye level when you decide to show it. At those times I can see the wetness gathered there begging to be tasted. You take your hand and snake a finger between your pussy lips gathering up that wetness and then you place it between my lips. I taste the true nectar of the gods, and it is good. I almost forget where we are and dive between your legs but there is a couple coming down the escalator talking about flight delays and you make with magic and your pussy disappears. As we approach the top of the escalator you turn around and then step off.

Looking left and then right you locate a bar with a few patrons sitting in it. Like a plane on autopilot you head for it then choose a table facing the walkway and sit down. I follow suit. I almost panic until I remember that I did have my wallet in my coat pocket. We order drinks and I expect the waitress to say something about our dress but she just has a bored look on her face as she walks away to get our drinks. Then you perform magic again and I see your cunt. As we wait for our drinks your right hands finds you clitoris. I expect you to stop masturbating when the waitress returns but you don't, but she didn't see anything or didn't want to. It was amazing as the waitress leaned over to serve you your drink she had to see your pussy and what you were doing, or at least smell the aroma of lust but there was nothing on her face other then boredom.

As the waitress leaves you smile, and with your left hand you sip your drink as your right hand continues to dance upon your clit. I think about Arch Angels and Bubba to keep Lucifer in check as I watch you masturbate to a climax. You climax so hard that your lower lips bleeds slightly where you have bit it, but other then some rapid breathing no one walking past ever noticed. Amazing, truly amazing. Once again you allow your finger to dip into your wetness and then you present your offering to my lips and tongue. Amazing...

Finishing our drinks you get up and I follow you wondering where you are headed to now. It appears that you are going into the off limits employee section of the airport. I'm wondering why? Travelers aren't there and at this time of night it is unlikely that there are a lot of employees there either. I practice what I'm going to say if we encounter an employee, something to the effect of being lost should work.

I am amazed by your boldness as I watch you rattle doors like policeman until you find one that opens and then your peep in. Turning on the lights you walk into the room like you belong and then the door closes. Decision time, do I walk in or stay out? I stay out but not for long as I feel out of place in the hallway.

Opening the door I peer into what appears to be an employee break room. Vending machines line one wall, various cooking apparatuses line another, while one wall is painted white and the last is all glass facing the tarmac. And then I see you nude on top of the table closest to the glass wall. You are smiling looking at me, the right hand is once again performing a festal dance upon you clit as your left hand beckons me to come forward.

As I come into range your left hand darts into my coat and grabs Lucifer pulling him towards your open mouth. Damn the Arch Angels and Bubba Lucifer is here to perform. He swells with pride as his head passes your lips to be met by your skillful tongue. Is it possible that some games are worth playing, as I gaze into your lustful eyes I think so.

When Lucifer is as ridged as a diamond cutter I remove him from your mouth and move down between your open legs. I pull your body towards me and then guide Lucifer into your wetness. You pussy lips caress Lucifer as no others can. This is not a gentle act of love but one of combined lust as we thrust and pull. In a matter of minutes we both climax at the same time. It takes longer for us to collect our breaths then it did to explode. I think you for holding on to me to keep me from falling to the floor as I regain my breath. You laugh.

Since climaxing we no longer have that sexual edge that made us so bold. We hurry into our coats and out the door we walk quickly away from the break room into the main terminal. I walk behind you and notice my semen and your wetness as it slides down your legs below the hem of your coat. I find that strangely exciting. We walk past the entrance that we entered so long ago and head towards our car. I'm so excited that you remember where our car is located. I could not picture myself asking a police person to help us find the car being dressed the way we were.

Once at the car you remove the keys and bend over to place them into the lock. I see our wetness on your legs and reach out with my left hand and stroke your legs feeling the wetness. This action startles you but you quickly adjust and spread your legs and pull your coat up. I can't believe how wet you are. I run my hand up to your dripping pussy and then up the crack of your ass. After several passes I start to play with your asshole. First one finger then two find their way past your sphincter and as I move back and forth you relax to allow another finger to enter.

Lucifer has magically awakens and wants to play again. Since he is still wet from our last encounter it does not take much effort to replace my fingers. I slowly allow him to enter until he is buried in your sweet ass. As I allow you to adjust I reach around and find your clitoris and start my own dance with my fingers. In no time we are once again climaxing.

Then a police car drives by, but they don't stop. We look at each other and jump into the car laughing. Once we get to the toll booth I pull your coat aside so the attendant can see your cum soaked pussy as I pay. He smiles and licks his lips. We drive away.

You know this is fun. I wonder where we can play next time.


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