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Endless Possibilities
by Xana Duvian

"So much for being hard-headed," Kat thought as she pulled into the restaurant parking lot. Barely two months had elapsed since she told him they'd never meet, in real life.

They'd met online, the marvelous playground for hot-blooded people to explore things they couldn't in their mundane lives. He was older than she was, but witty and a good author of hot scenarios when they "cybered."

Which they did as often as they could.

Then, one day he touched on a fantasy of hers--being the center of attention for a man and another woman, and she began to weaken. He told her of a friend, a bisexual woman, and asked if she'd like to make the fantasy real.

At first she demurred, but she was so excited at the possibility, something that in her life as a married mother of two in a small southern town was not possible.

She had her first kiss by another woman with him, although it was online.

Even that made her wet to remember. Often she'd rubbed herself remembering their conversations, or reading the stories he sent to her.

Now, she was meeting them--him and his female friend--for the first time.

Her stomach was full of butterflies. She'd described herself as a slow starter to him, but was afraid she would be a no-starter. At least five times, she'd started to turn around and go home.

Finally, she had completed the trip to Lake City, a middle-sized city between the three of them. She steeled her nerves, and pulled into the parking lot of the "yuppie" chain bar/restaurant. There was his little truck, just as he described it to her. The butterflies were REALLY beating to get out of her stomach now.

She pulled into a parking place, and hurriedly got out. If she waited, she might not have the nerve. The heat was mostly gone, as the summer was drawing to a close, but the air conditioning was still welcome.

The hostess approached her and asked if she'd like a table. Before she could answer, he was there, smiling, and telling the hostess smoothly that she was with him. He looked like the photo she'd seen except his shoulders seemed wider in person. He smiled, took Kat's elbow, and led her to his table. Their table.

Jill, the other woman was there. She was a large-boned woman of medium height and dark coloring, pretty, and with very large breasts. She'd told her how she loved to have her big nipples pinched and sucked.

"Stop it," she told herself, feeling her moistness start.

Introductions were made, and they ordered her a cocktail, to catch up with them. Lunch was ordered, and in time, delivered. Good, predictable chain-food fare, it was eaten while they chatted and pretended they weren't here for the reason they knew they WERE here for.

Halfway through the meal, she felt a foot caressing her leg. The place was dimly lit, so no one else would notice. She did not know to whom the foot belonged. It didn't matter. It might as well have been a hot poker, and might as well have been placed on her groin.

Gently, her leg was caressed, from the foot to her thigh. She could barely pay attention to the conversation. Her being was centered on what the touch of the foot was doing to her.

Finally, lunch was done, and they were preparing to leave, to go to the room he'd prepared for them, she knew. She told them she needed to freshen up, and started for the Ladies Room, only to have Jill say she'd join her. He said he'd pay and meet them at the door. He smiled that knowing smile again.

All the way to the ladies room, she wondered what would happen. She could feel her wetness sliding on itself as she walked. Luckily, she'd worn a dark skirt.

When they arrived Jill went to a stall and closed the door. "So much for that," she thought, a bit relieved, and a bit disappointed.

She went to her stall, quickly urinated and cleaned up. Jill managed to finish first, and was washing up when she came out. Jill dried her hands, and as she approached, turned and slowly took her into her arms. Jill watched her to make sure it was OK, and slowly put her mouth on Kat's. The touch was electric. Kat moaned into the slowly-developing kiss.

Jill fondled Kat's ass, feeling and squeezing it. Then, long before Kat had enough, she gently pulled back and told Kat that was all she was supposed to do, for now.

On shaky legs, Kat washed her hands, dried them, and followed Jill out to him. She felt drunk, but she had only had the one drink. They got into their cars, and drove to his motel, with him in the lead, of course, since he knew where he was staying.

Once there, he led them to his room and opened the door for them. The shades were pulled against the sun, and the room was cool. Soon, he had some soft music playing. He opened a bottle of wine, and poured them each a glass. The toast was his, "One for all and all for one," the toast of the Three Musketeers. He smiled at his own wry humor.

They were standing close, and he moved behind Kat. His free hand encircled her waist, and pulled them together. She could feel his hardness through her jeans. He pulled her hair aside, and she felt his wine-chilled lips on her neck. Delicious.

As he licked her neck, careful not to leave marks, Jill watched and sipped her wine. Then, through half-closed eyes, Kat saw herself reach out for Jill, and pull her to them.

Four hands played on Kat now. Two mouths sought to please, and be pleased by her. He was shaved close, but still she felt a little rasp on his face.

Jill's face was smooth and soft, and her lips so gentle. She opened her mouth to Jill's kiss, and their tongues danced together.

Her hands went to Jill's breasts, as Jill's went to hers. Somehow, they all managed to take off each other's clothing, and soon stood naked, pressed together. Jill was right, her nipples were huge. She was also right about loving to have them pinched and rolled between her fingers.

His cock, standing up at attention, pressed into her rear. He licked her neck and shoulders, then moved down, painting a wet trail down her back.

On his knees, he parted the cheeks of her ass and began to lick her. She could not believe the sensations of being rimmed at the same time as having her nipples licked and sucked, as Jill was now doing.

Who was moaning? She realized it was her. Everywhere, skin rubbed on hers, mouths pleasured her. She found herself led to the bed, and lay down for them, on her back. Each took a side, Jill to her left.

Jill covered her mouth with her own, her tongue sliding in. His mouth sucked, licked and gently bit Kat's right breast. Someone's hand was on her mound, doing delicious things with her clit. Fingers would dip into her, and smear her wetness on her cleft, rubbing her.

She was close to orgasm. She found it was Jill's hand on her when he stopped Jill from continuing, and directed her to give Kat a nipple. Jill's huge breasts dangled in her face, and she opened her mouth and caught the offered nipple.

He, meanwhile, was sucking and licking her own breasts. The sensations were was almost as if she were sucking her own. Jill began to moan, and this made Kat suck harder. Jill groaned and pulled her head to her when she bit her.

She needed a release, needed to come. As she licked, sucked and bit Jill, she reached between the other woman's legs and found her opening. It was incredibly wet. Rubbing back and forth on her cleft, she brought Jill to orgasm almost immediately. Wanting to, and not wanting to, she brought her hand to her lips and tasted. Jill's clean, musky scent filled her nostrils, and she licked the fingers clean.

Finally he slid down between her legs and began to lick her. Jill realized what was happening, and straddled Kat's face. Like strong drink, the sexual tension relieved whatever inhibitions Kat had left, and she buried her face in Jill's quim. She licked her from anus to clit, then paid her clit the attention she knew that she loved herself.

Jill began to come loudly. Her juices ran down Kat's face, but rather than objecting, this turned her on more. Her hands were on Jill's ass as the other woman began to vocalize in earnest.

At that moment, her own climax took over, and she clamped his head between her thighs, riding his face. He didn't seem to mind; he held onto her and licked faster. As her orgasm began to subside, he rose up and entered her fully in one stroke.

He pounded her, and she found herself having her first multiple orgasm. But not the last. The afternoon was young, and they'd come to play.

And, after all, there were endless possibilities to explore.


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