The Best Erotic Stories.

by Sue DíNimm

This time when he came, she almost felt real. He swore he could feel the softness of her breasts as she slid up his chest to kiss him, her imaginary lips still dripping with his semen. He could even feel the tickle of her long silky red hair on his still erect nipples.

Then she was gone. Only this time when she left, he heard a popping sound and felt a sudden breeze as if the air were rushing to fill the space vacated by her nubile body.

And Landon McHughes found himself alone in bed once again. He slowly examined his right hand, the real source of his pleasure. Despite the fact that he had felt himself come in a flooding torrent, there was remarkably little of the usual sticky slime on his fingers. Or on his belly for that matter. It was almost as if his imaginary companion had actually swallowed his cum.

Nevertheless, Landon, true to his fastidious nature, climbed out of his sheets and staggered into the bathroom to towel himself off. Despite the hour of the night, he felt remarkably light on his feet, so he was inspired to climb on the scale. Sure enough, he had lost two pounds. But as he examined his naked flesh in the mirror, there seemed to be no reduction in the middle-age paunch that encircled his waist. More worrisome, there were dark circles under his eyes, as if he were somehow being drained of energy.

The next night, it was even better. She rode him like a wild bull, her firm, tanned breasts crashing into his chest as she bounced up and down on his rigid shaft, squeezing it with her vagina in a manner he would have thought was impossible. His head was lost in the tent of her red hair, and when they came together they both moaned loudly. She collapsed on his chest. This time he didn't even have to use his hands, he realized in the brief moment before he fell asleep.

The next day he barely had enough energy to make the morning coffee. When he looked into the mirror, the circles under his eyes seemed to have deepened. And his flesh was ghastly pale. Literally like a ghost's, he thought. And when he stepped on the scale, he found that he had lost another three pounds. That made five pounds in two days. He really ought to tell the Ultra Slim-Fast people about his new method of weight control, he thought, grinning at the idea.

When he went back to the bedroom to get his keys, the girl was still lying on the bed. He was even beginning to hallucinate during the day now.

At the end of the day, Sally Kirkfield, newly risen to the position of CEO of Lakeland Foods, called him into her office. Her secretary had already gone home for the night. Landon suppressed an involuntary gulp as he entered her office. He knew what she wanted him for.

"And how is my favorite Vice President for Corporate Affairs doing today?" she asked him, her predatory eyes fixing upon Landon as if relishing a convenient piece of meat. "I read the draft of your report," she said, smoothing the skirt of her gray flannel suit with her right hand, "and it really could use some improvement." She had locked the door and was strolling toward Landon now, her forty-five year old dancer's body still moving with a modicum of grace and speed.

"Unlike these," she added, as she reached down to squeeze Landon's scrotum. "These are just fine."

Landon, who was by this time backed up against the wall, winced in pain. She released his balls, only to insert her hand inside his pants to renew her ministrations on his naked flesh. Her face pressed against his as she squeezed him once again. Her tongue probed his lips.

"Come on, Landon, open up," she told him, "if you want to have a place at Lakeland. Or anywhere else. for that matter. You do care about your career, don't you? Besides, am I so bad?"

Landon reluctantly opened his mouth to receive her probing, thrashing tongue. Despite himself, Landon felt his penis becoming erect against his will. Sally grinned in response. "That's my boy!" she told him as she released his balls and began to concentrate her attentions on his now turgid member.

Landon wondered why he let her continue with her abuse. He should file a sexual harassment suit, he knew, but that would only make him look like a wuss. Besides it was just his word against hers, and his version of events would sound simply unbelievable.

He also wondered why he became aroused each time.

"OK, Landon baby, it's time for supper," Sally said. She sat on the edge of her mahogany desk and raised her skirt. As usual, she wasn't wearing any underwear, and her cunt greeted Landon like a devouring mouth. "Come on, Landon, on your knees," she told him.

Landon obediently walked over and kneeled before the desk. He hesitated, and she grabbed him by the hair and forced his mouth onto her waiting mound. Her cunt tasted salty and had the faint fishy odor of yeast. Landon probed her vagina with his tongue as she pushed on the back of his head, urging him to go deeper. Then she raised his head to her engorged clitoris, and Landon began sucking and lapping that organ as eagerly as a Great Dane at his dinner plate. She pushed his head up and down, back and forth from her cunt to her clitoris, as her pelvis ground and bucked against Landon's mouth.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" she screamed, as her body began the throes of orgasm and she released a stream of jism into Landon's waiting mouth. She collapsed against him then, cradling his head against her lap as if it were the baby she never had.

"OK, your turn," she told Landon, as she finally released Landon's head.

Landon stood, having by now learned his role in this twice weekly ritual. She climbed down from the desk and pressed her breasts against his back as she reached around for his belt buckle. She undid the belt and the button on his pants and began to unzip him. She pulled his pants and his underwear down and over his shoes. She came around the front of him, bent down and untied each shoe. Then she took off each shoe and sock and placed them neatly on the chair. She left his tie and shirt on.

She lowered her skirt and stepped out of it. She took off her blouse and bra, her large white breasts flopping free from their encumbrance. She walked around the desk, opened the drawer and pulled out the box. Then she came up behind Landon, raised his shirt and began nibbling his ear, her huge soft breasts pressing against his naked back.

Her hands slid down over his buttocks, her finger tracing his crack, and she reached between his legs to caress his balls. Landon felt the coolness of the K-Y jelly as Sally rubbed it into his crack with her other hand, finally using her middle finger to insert it deeply into his anus.

He heard her reach again into the box for the dildo, as her left hand released its grip on his balls and came around his waist to grab his renewed erection. Her fingers stroked the front of his organ, just beneath the helmet, squeezing a pearl of fluid out of its mouth.

She forced his head down upon the desk and used her knees to spread-eagle him. Her fingers continued to play with his penis, occasionally straying to his balls. He winced as she penetrated him with the dildo, now strapped to her waist. She thrust hard, forcing the exposed flesh of his chest against the cold wood of the table. Then she thrust again, and with each thrust she pumped his throbbing organ with her right hand. With her other hand, she reached around to grab his balls. She methodically slid the skin of his shaft up and down as she thrust ever more vigorously into his rear hole. She pulled out for a moment and ran her tongue around the rim of his anus before inserting it in his hole. Her tongue flickered in and out of his rectum, while her hands continued to pump his organ and squeeze his balls. Then she entered him again with the dildo, pumping harder than before as she squeezed and stroked his member. Finally he came like a geyser, his squeezed balls leaping toward his shaft and spilling their contents all over the polished wood of Sally's executive desk.


As he was tucking in his shirt and getting ready to leave, he noticed that Sally seemed more tired than usual. She was just sitting in her chair and staring off into space as though his presence had been forgotten entirely. There were dark circles under her eyes.

He weighed himself when he got back home. He had gained back the three pounds. So much for his new diet plan.

And the girl was still lying in his bed when he entered the bedroom. Somehow, he had half expected that she would be. She sat up in bed, pressing her breasts against her knees. "You don't remember me, do you?" she asked him. "I used to ride the blue line into work every day. I used to sit right across from you. You were always staring at me."

"I remember," Landon told her. "I always fantasized about you. But you haven't been riding the train lately. Where have you been?"

She slid across the bed and over him, her naked mound pressing against his pants. She kissed him gently, quickly inserting her tongue in his mouth before her finger strayed to the buttons on his shirt. "I've been kind of out of commission lately," she said. "But you helped me get back. Let's just say that your fantasies have a way of coming true." She removed his shirt, and Landon slid out of his pants.

Landon thought he could see the wall right through her translucent skin. She was still just an hallucination after all. When he turned off the light, out of the corner of his eye he could see that the bed was in fact empty. Nonetheless, when he climbed back into bed he could feel her flesh in the dark as she crawled over his back, her knees surrounding his head, her tongue licking his spine as she worked her way ever further downward. She kneaded his buttocks as her tongue found its way into his crack. She worked his anus for a long time, her tongue just circling the rim as she reached with her hand for his exposed balls.

Her tongue flickered in and out of his asshole as she moved his balls around as if she were a female Captain Queeg playing with her marbles. Then she stroked them more gently and the thrusts of her tongue into his ass got firmer and firmer. Landon's lingering soreness from the dildo was soon forgotten under her healing touch. Then she moved her tongue down to his balls and used her hand to pull his erection out from under his stomach so that it lay on the bed pointing down toward his feet. She slid her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, lingering on the sensitive area beneath the helmet. She drew her tongue back down the length of his penis and took each ball into her mouth, all the while fingering his ass.

Then she rolled him over. He reached for her. "I want to lick you," he said.

"OK, but just for moment, she said, smiling and putting a finger to his lips. "I need to have all your energy tonight. Besides, this is your fantasy, not mine."

She slid up his chest and wrapped her legs around his head. Landon could sense the fineness of her red pubic hairs in his mouth and smelled the bouquet of her freshly washed cunt. She was wet and eager as the lips of her cunt melted into Landon's own lips. She held his hair as she rocked up and down on his mouth. But just as she was about to enter the throes of orgasm, she pulled off of him. "I need to save all my energy for you tonight," she explained as she straddled his waist and impaled herself upon him.

She began to buck wildly and Landon met her every trust with renewed passion. He could feel her cunt gripping him, almost as if it had muscles he had never felt before. Her back arched, and Landon could see the erectness of her rose colored nipples in the darkness. She lowered her breasts to his mouth, and Landon sucked as she pumped ever more wildly upon him. Finally, she reached around behind her back and grabbed his balls, moving and squeezing them as her cunt gripped his prick every more tightly. Landon could contain himself no longer, and he exploded inside her. His orgasm did not subside in its usual manner. Instead, her cunt seemed to milk him and milk him and milk him forever until he was drained as dry as the Sahara desert, his balls feeling like two shriveled raisins. It was almost as if she were imbibing his life energy away from him.

He collapsed against the sheets, and his last waking memory was of the silkiness of her red hair as it lay across his face.


When he got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, he looked briefly in the mirror. No one was there.

When Landon weighed himself that morning, the scale showed him to be down over seventy pounds. Something was seriously wrong.

And when he glanced in the mirror, he thought for a moment that he could see the bathroom wall right through his translucent flesh.

But when he looked again, he appeared to be as solid as ever.

At work, people were beginning inquire about his health. Landon brushed them off, saying that he was just coming down with a cold.

The meeting on the Everfresh Markets contract went quite smoothly. Until Landon began to dematerialize.

At first he thought that he was the only one to notice. His right hand became briefly transparent, and he could see the pen he was writing with right through his fingers. But then Rollin Edgemont, never one to miss the opportunity to crack a joke (or to be fazed by anything he saw), quipped, "I don't know Landon, your ideas are becoming pretty transparent. I can see right through you. And you know what? You're not all there."

The others, including Sally Kirkfield, looked quite panic-stricken. Landon's flesh was barely visible, and the pen finally passed right through his fingers and fell upon the table. Then Landon's clothes passed right through his body, and he found himself sitting naked at the conference table.

People were screaming now, and Landon tried to pick up his clothes from the chair and retrieve his briefcase from the table, but his fingers passed right through them.

Then he found himself somewhere else. Drifting in a formless void of fleeting colors and sounds. Shapes materialized and dematerialized without any discernible pattern. Floating genitals. Breasts the size of skyscrapers. A four-masted schooner being tossed on a stormy, moonlit sea. A troop of flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, their erect penises poised to deflower a witch girl.

And there was the dark voice of God. Calling Landon to the place of non-Being. The final rest stop. The place where universes were born. The place where conscious souls were absorbed back into their Maker.

But Landon was not ready to go without a fight. He was far too attached to the world of maya, much too engrossed in illusions for that.

And so he found himself back in his own bedroom, staring at the now solid girl on his bed.

"Landon, I see you've returned. How do you like my new dress?," she said, causally flipping her long red hair back over her shoulder. "I used one of your credit cards to buy it. I hope you don't mind. You see, you won't be needing clothes or food or cars where you're going. I know, I've been there." She flashed him a vicious smile.

"Where am I? What's happened to me?" Landon asked her.

"You are floating in a world of dreams. A world of nothingness. Most people just spread themselves on its winds and disappear. But you're like me. Too attached to material things to go easily into that gentle night. By the way, I want to thank you for thinking about me. For bringing me here. Without your energy, I would still be stuck where you are now."

"Make love to me," Landon asked, practically begging her. "Give me some of my energy back. Help me get out of this place."

"Sorry, Landon. I'm afraid that I'm your fantasy, you're not mine. The energy transfer would never take. Besides, now that I'm solid again, I intend to remain here. Maybe live off your credit cards for a while until I can figure a way to reclaim my old identity without raising too many questions. I'm too attached to this little body to give it up again, just for the sake of some imaginary sex.

"But you have a pretty good chance, Landon. You're not a bad looking guy. Surely you must be the object of someone's fantasies. Maybe she will call you to her just the way you called me. Bye for now, Landon. Its time for me to think of other things."

And Landon found himself back floating in the psychic maelstrom of dream images, fantasies and hallucinations. A rose-colored shape dissolved and revealed a chained man being flagellated by a troop of dwarf women. Disembodied tongues flashed in and out of existence. Red wolf eyes leered at him, and canine teeth tried to close around him. And a thousand other meaningless, uninterpretable shapes drifted in and out of his consciousness.

Then he felt the tug. Of one who still thought of him. Wanted him.

He was standing in a dark bedroom. His body felt different. There were ribbed muscles in his abdomen. He was wearing the high school linebacker body of his teens once again.

A woman was writhing on the bed, her fingers pumping deeply into her own slit, before emerging to caress her clitoris once more. Suddenly her dream fog gave way, and she saw Landon standing beside her bed.

"Landon, is that you?"

Landon recognized the voice at once. He should have guessed. Sally Kirkfield.

With her recognition of him, the room gained sudden clarity. Landon could see her clearly now, her huge breasts still heaving from her recent exertions.

She sat up on the edge of the bed, leered at him, opened her legs, and then used her fingers to spread the lips of her cunt apart. "Come to momma, Landon. Crawl to me, you worm."

Landon figured his recent dematerialization was going to pose more of threat to his career than Sally Kirkfield did at this point. So he did not comply. Besides he could read her thoughts. Part of being her fantasy, he guessed. He knew what she really wanted him to do. His penis grew hard at the thought of it. It was huge, rising two inches above his bellybutton. And as thick as a bull's. Sally really had some fantasy.

He walked to the bureau and opened the top drawer. The silk scarves were there, just as Sally's mind had told them they would be. He picked four of them, of different colors, like magician's scarves, and strode over to the bed, his huge erection preceding him. He grabbed her right wrist roughly and tied it to the bedpost. Her eyes were wide open now, in both terror and delight. He leaned across her to tie her left hand, and her tongue tickled the underside of his penis, He forced its huge head into her mouth, and she gagged in response. Then he crawled down her body, his filled, aching balls sliding along the soft skin of her naked thighs.

He used the remaining two scarves to tie her legs. She now lay spread-eagled on the bed. Wide open to him. Helpless.

"We'll see who's the worm, now," he told her, climbing up her torso once again. His balls rested on her abdomen as he rolled her nipples in his fingers. He sucked each one deeply, alternatively. Her dark aureolas thrust up at him, begging for more. He bit into them then and she cried out, whether from pain or pleasure, he could not tell. Perhaps both. He twisted her right nipple, and she winced. Her arms struggled against their restraints.

The he climbed up her and sat on her face. He placed his massive balls on her mouth. "Lick them, like the lowly whore that you are!" he told her.

She licked, tentatively at first. Then faster. And faster. And wilder. She bit his skin once and he slapped her. Then he moved down to insert his huge member in her mouth. "Take in all in, you cunt, or you'll regret it," he told her. She sucked and sucked and swallowed. Landon could feel that his huge cock was down her throat, ramming against the wet walls of her esophagus. He lunged deeper and deeper, before finally releasing Sally's head. She gasped for air, then began licking the underside of his balls again, without any prodding. She licked and licked and nibbled and sucked him until he thought he was going to explode. He pulled himself off of her before he came.

"Now I'm going to do you." he told her. "I'm going to stick this dick in you and spread your innards apart." Her eyes were wide open and dilated. She watched his face in both fear and love as he plunged into her. She was incredibly wet and her cunt gripped him like a long lost friend. He move slowly into her, filling up her entire cunt, plunging past her cervix, into her womb. She cried out in pleasure and disbelief. Her teeth bit into his massive triceps muscle. Then Sally began kissing his arm, and he started pumping into her, slowly at first, then with a fury he would have not thought possible. He felt the trembling of the walls of her cunt with each orgasm she had. He lowered his head to accept her eager tongue. She raised her left thigh so that it rubbed against his balls as he moved up and down on her leg. She sucked his lower lip as he plunged deeper and deeper and deeper into her.

Finally her body shook with wave and wave of orgasm, and the softness of her breasts rubbed against Landon's firm pectoral muscles. He felt himself beginning to come. He was going to explode inside her, fill her up until she could not move. But Landon still clung to one small remnant of his own soul. He had not become Sally's fantasy entirely. With all his will, he resisted the impulse to explode, and pulled inward instead.

He could feel her life essence being sucked up his penis like a straw. He took and took and took, and the sensation was better than the most intense orgasm he had ever had in his life. His body shuddered with delight and he collapsed briefly into Sally's willing, naked flesh until be found himself alone on empty sheets.

He looked around the room until finally he spotted her. She was faint and he could clearly see the outline of the lamp right through her naked body. "Landon, What's happening to me?" she asked him.

"Don't worry Sally," he told her. "You are the powerful CEO of a major company. And a darn good-looking one at that. You must be the object of someone's fantasy."

"Sweet dreams," he told her as she slowly faded into the psychic ether.

Alone in the room, Landon let his hands stray to his belly. The familiar middle-age paunch had reappeared. He had his own body back now, rather than just someone's fantasy flesh.

It was time to put his life back together. He figured there were going to be a few things that were going to require some heaving explaining to people. He looked Sally's closet over quickly. Like why he was wearing a dress, for starters.


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