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by ninian

(Some parts of the story are based fact, but for the most part this story is totally fictitious, based on my two deepest fantasies coming true. The first one being the meeting with the online Master, the second Ö well you will see. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.)

Jenna chewed her lip nervously, glancing at the clock again, noting the time. She had arrived very early for this meeting, wanting to be here first. She hadnít realized how nervous it would make her, checking the time every 5 minutes thinking he should be here by now. It was still 30 minutes before the time they were to meet and she had been waiting that long already. She was sitting in a far corner in a private booth. From her position she could see anyone who entered, but it would be difficult for him or her to see her.

She knew she looked good. She was a very petite woman with lush curves in all the right places; she had long waves of golden blonde hair hanging down her back and bright blue eyes framed by thick lashes. Many men had called her mouth kissable, she had full lips that always seemed to be begging for a kiss. Living in Florida had given her a rich golden brown tan. Knowing she turned heads wherever she went didnít help her now though. She was afraid he wouldnít be pleased, afraid he was expecting something else. She wasnít fat, but she was very curvy, and had some meat on her bones.

Tonight she was going to meet the man she had called Master for over a year now. They had met online; she still couldnít believe the intense relationship they had, considering they had never met. They would have met sooner, but circumstances, hers and his, had kept them apart. She had tried to date other men, thinking that they could never have a fully committed relationship. Things had changed 4 months ago, and now they were both free to pursue this bond they shared through the net. Neither knew if things would work, but they both agreed that they had to try, it would be torture not knowing.

They had agreed on tonight, she was shaking she was so nervous, she glanced towards the door and saw a man there, searching the room. She knew this it was him she could feel it, and she stared at him. Taking in his dark good looks, the muscles rippling beneath the dark blue shirt he wore, the way the black jeans seemed to be painted on, she could feel her heart rate increasing... nervously she stood up ... smoothing her sweaty palms over her hips. She had dressed as he requested, in a short black leather skirt and a red halter-top. She felt naked with no bra, and was sure every man present could tell she also wore no panties. Her blue eyes met the smoky gray of his as the hostess led him to her table, she barely noticed when the hostess left, both of them just stood there staring. Finally she remembered what her place was and whispered softly, "Hello Master."

She could see he hadnít expected that, she was glad, she knew how he loved to hear those words from her when she called, she felt so in tune with him, she knew he owned her completely. Heart, mind, body and soul. And he had never even touched her physically.
He sat down and indicated she should do the same.

"Hello precious" he said once she had sat down across from him. "You are more beautiful than I could imagine."

His words sent shivers through her; she truly felt like the goddess that he so often called her.

"Master," she whispered. "I couldnít imagine being happier than the day you collared me online, but today, meeting you has far surpassed that. Iím so glad we were able to do this. Even if things donít work out, this is the moment I have been dreaming of for a year."

He smiled at her and told her he felt the same. The waitress came and they placed their drink orders, then both decided on what they wanted to eat and conversation turned to their likes and dislikes. They found that they both had pretty similar tastes, but because of her fight with her weight she rarely got what she liked most. She told him that was one of the things she had him to thank for.

"Whatís that precious?"

She grinned and said he had taught her the ability to deny herself the things she enjoyed most and that is what had helped her lose weight.
He laughed and said he was glad he could help, but he knew what she looked like when she was heavy and wanted her then, too. It was her mind, her passion that he loved. She already knew he felt this way. They had discussed it often, but she was glad she was in better shape now she said with a wicked grin that promised many things. He smiled in understanding and said they would discuss those things later.

It was nearing 2am and the place would be closing soon. It was time to say goodnight so he walked her to her car. They stood there close together, barely touching, he smiled down at her and whispered "Precious, I love you, but this night has to end here, we will meet again, I promise."

She nodded, though she craved him so much, she understood. "I love you too Master, shall I call you later in the week?"

He said yes and they parted with a goodbye and a soft kiss. Her body was on fire she couldnít remember being this excited, this sexually frustrated. She knew what he was doing; he wanted to make sure she was ready, as if she wouldnít be ready for him, her Master.
She called him on Wednesday and he told her he had to go out of town and found out he would be gone for a week.

"I'm sorry precious, but you have always known I have a hectic schedule, I will see you Friday night when I get back. While Iím gone I have instructions for you. I want you to touch yourself everyday, rub your sweet little clit, pinch it for me, bring yourself to the edge of orgasm and stop. Friday we will meet at the same place. I want you to be there at 8pm no earlier and no later. Just before you leave I want you to bring yourself to the edge again. Do you understand?"

She trembled as she listened to him and whispered a hoarse yes.
"Very good, Precious." His voice was vibrated through the phone lines, her body was on fire for him, and it always was. "One other thing, Precious ... I want you to email me ... write to me about a fantasy ... your most outlandish fantasy."

She told him she would and hung up the phone. She quickly went to her computer and wrote the email. Describing her fantasy in explicit detail. Just that brought her to the edge and she groaned. It was going to be a rough week, the frustration was building in her every hour. She was hoping when he first told her he would be gone that she could at least masturbate, she hadnít been expecting this.

* * * * *

"Tonightís the night," she murmured as she stepped from the shower. Reaching for a towel and drying herself off she reflected on the past week. She had done as instructed. Bringing herself to the edge of orgasm every day had left her feeling totally keyed up for tonightís meeting. She glanced at the clock knowing she had better hurry. She went to her bureau and applied her makeup and brushing out her hair until it shined. She went to her closet and set out her outfit for the evening, a short red silk dress that emphasized her delectable curves. She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled on the black thigh highs she was wearing that night. Once again she was to go without any other undergarments. She glanced at the clock knowing now was the time to follow through with the last of her instructions.

She lay down on the bed, placing her feet flat on the mattress. Her hand moving between her spread legs she began circling her tender clit with a long nail. She moaned softly, already so close because of the past week. With her other hand she teased her already wet cunt, sliding two fingers in and out quickly, she began pinching her clit. Gasping and letting out small cries she was able to quickly bring herself to the edge. It happened so fast she almost let the pleasure take her over the edge. Sobbing she quickly stopped before disobeying him. Sliding off the bed she quickly dressed. Fixing her hair and makeup, she took one last look in the mirror and knew anyone seeing her would see a woman ready for sex. She groaned and stepped into her heels, grabbed her keys and practically ran to her car. She had 20 minutes to get to the restaurant.

As she navigated the late evening traffic her thoughts strayed... a nervous fluttering in her belly. She had checked her email constantly ... hoping for some response on the email she sent. But there was nothing. What was the purpose? She asked out loud to herself. Would he fulfill it? Doubtful. Maybe it was just another way to keep her on the edge of frustration and to keep her wondering ... whatís next.

Well she gave up that futile train of thought. With Brad, she never knew what was next. She reached the restaurant 5 minutes before 8, parked and walked in ... her legs slightly unsteady. She didnít see him but was told by the hostess to wait at the bar.

Walking to the bar she noticed several men watching the sway of her hips and breasts. She felt a rush of excitement, knowing these men were turned on by her appearance. She made eye contact with each man, her clear blue eyes dark with sexual frustration.

At the bar she slid onto one of the high stools ... shivering as she felt the smooth glide of leather against her bare skin. She ordered Madras and smiled at the bartender. She guessed him to be 25. He had long blonde hair and blue eyes much like her own; he was maybe 5í6" with a slight build. He didnít look dressed for work in a loose tank top and baggy jeans that rode his hips. She guessed him to be a surfer type.

She turned in her seat a bit and noticed two men sitting together at a table. Both dressed in their business suits, one in navy and the other in gray. The gentleman in navy was a bit on the short side, but still very handsome. His hair was brown and curled slightly at the nape of his neck. He had soft chocolate colored eyes and an almost boyish smile as he glanced at her.

She then turned her attention to the other man. He was wearing a tailored gray suit and looked like he just walked out of the pages of a GQ magazine. His dark hair was cut short perfectly styled. Definitely done by a professional, she thought. She used to go for that type, but they were usually smooth talkers with nothing to back up the words. She smiled at both men winking and then turned to check out the man to her right.

She gasped. This man was magnificent. Dark ebony skin, piercing black eyes and wide sensuous mouth ... 6í7", wide shoulders, huge arms. But he wasnít fat; in fact there didnít seem to be an ounce of fat on him. He wore tight black pants and a skintight purple shirt. On some men the color would look silly, but contrasting with this manís otherwise dark skin and clothes ... it was almost like art. She smiled at him and he smiled back. He was by far the most attractive of the men in the bar.

When he spoke his voice was a deep rumble, she could feel it to the tips of her toes, and her pussy clenched. Lord, he was lovely. She was so lost in the sound of his voice she had to ask him to repeat himself.

"Iím Devin. You must be Jenna?"

Her eyes widened. He knew her name! Who was this man, and where was Brad?

She flushed and nodded her head. "I am. Are you a friend of Brad?"

He threw his head back and laughed and said yes he was a very good friend. With that he put his hand on her thigh and began caressing the bare skin. He began telling her how they had met, and how he knew all about her.

He then smiled and said, "You have a way with words sweet girl, particularly when describing your fantasy."

She blinked and thought back to what she had wrote in her email. She had told her Master that her fantasy was to be gang banged. 5 different men. She was very particular about whom, but she did say, she wanted one to be her Master of course. Businessmen, one shy and sweet, the other sculpted, almost like a model. A bum type. And a black man. Swinging her eyes around the room again she gasped. They were all here. Each type of man that she desired in her fantasy. That was when she saw her Master.

He was leaning against the wall in the far corner. She hadnít seen him because he was dressed all in black and standing in a dark corner. She had been so overwhelmed with her frustrations that she hadnít felt his presence. He was wearing a black silk poetís shirt, opened at the throat to the middle of his chest. And black leather pants.

Oh, God. Those pants. They molded to every curve of his legs, his hips, his ass. His blue gray eyes glittered as they made eye contact. He knew what she was feeling. He inhaled and she knew he could smell it. Her arousal. She moaned as he pushed off the wall and made his way towards her. So into him, she didnít notice the other men leaving. She didnít care. Brad was here. Her Master was here.

He didnít speak; he took her arm and led her into the dining area. He ordered for both and she knew that she was not allowed to speak until he addressed her. The first meeting had been different. A getting to know you time, a friendly meeting. But this, this was it. She was his slave. She was there only for his pleasure. And he would let her know what to do, when it was time. The anticipation was killing her.

Had it been coincidence all those men had been there? Where had they gone? What was her Master planning? She was dying of curiosity. And her body was alive with desire.

Dinner passed in a blur. She barely tasted the food, didnít touch the wine. She was intoxicated with sensations; she didnít need alcohol to intensify that. She noticed that Brad didnít drink any alcohol either. She knew something was going to happen tonight then. Something he would need every ounce of control he had. She couldnít wait!

* * * * *

She glanced at the closed door again wondering where he had gone. She was sitting on the large bed in an expensive hotel room. Her Master had just left minutes ago with instructions to stay put. She had nodded her head and whispered a dutiful Yes, Master biting her tongue to keep from asking questions. He came back in within moments. It had seemed like hours. He smiled at her and moved to the bed. Not saying a word his hands began caressing her body ... sending shivers of delight through her.

"You look beautiful tonight, my slut."

Oohh ... she trembled ... she loved when he called her that. His voice was rich with lust and love. She smiled at him; her body responding to his touches and his softly spoken words. Her cunt was clenching ... her nipples were hard and throbbing. Suddenly he stood.

"Take off the dress."

The suddenness of the command startled her and she was frozen for a minute. "NOW!" He barked, his voice harsh, his eyes snapping with impatience.

Quickly she stood and pulled the dress of, throwing it to the side.

"I ... Iím sorÖ"

"Did I say speak slave?"
Her eyes widened and she shook her head no. She was trembling with fear ...anticipation ... and desire. She had no idea what the evening held, but she knew her limits would be tested again and again. She prayed she would please her Master.
His eyes pierced her very soul as he met the turmoil in her eyes. His voice was soft, reassuring as he spoke to her.

"Tonight will not be easy, Precious. I will push your limits. I will see how far you can go. You know I will not take you further than you think you can, correct?" After seeing her nod he continued. "We have already set up safe words and gestures, so I do not need to go over that, do I? Very good." he said, again seeing a nod from her. His voice lowered ... whispering across her flesh as his hands began caressing her again. "I love you my precious, tonight you will be my slave, my whore. I will demand a lot of you, and will not except disobedience. If you truly canít comply, you know what to do. Now my precious slut, my sweet whore, are you ready?"

When she only nodded again ... her body trembling, flushed with desire, her eyes begging to speak, but knowing better to without permission.

He smiled and said softly, "Speak, Love." "Master..." she breathed. "Yes, I am ready ... more ready than I ever thought I would be. I belong to you completely ... I will be your everything ...anything you desire ... I will provide. I love you ... Your will is my life."

After the rush of words she fell silent ... watching Him ... hoping she said the right thing. He smiled ... his eyes reflecting his deep love for her. "Tonight my slut ... I look forward to seeing you show me that ... again ... and again. Now ... on your hands and knees ... facing the headboard...spread your arms and legs as wide as you can ... and donít move."

She quickly followed his instructions, spreading her legs wide for him, sure that he would now be cuffing her ankles. Feeling the soft fur closing around each ankle, she moaned softly, then she spread her arms wide, grasping each chain at the head of the bed. His hands trailed up her body, bringing on more moans as her flesh heated up, as he moved forward so that he could secure the fur lined cuffs around each wrist.

He tugged on all the chains, insuring that she could move a bit, but not much. She could feel the cool air caressing her hot naked flesh. In this position she was totally exposed, her cunt and ass exposed to his gaze and touch, her breasts hung free, dark nipples hard pebbles. When she moved they swayed and the nipples brushed the soft satin of the bed sheet.

She was centered on the bed on display for him and he loved it. This was his precious, his sweet little slut. She was beautiful; her words earlier had touched him deeply. He wanted to grab her and make sweet love to her right then, but that would be later. First.... first he would see how much of a slut he truly had.

She had never been tested like this before, and he knew she was eager. He had been working on her with words since the day they met online. He hadnít planned for the relationship to progress this far, this being only their second meeting. But she was ready, he knew she was when he read her email about her fantasy. He had become so hard, imaging it. He was just as excited as she was for this evening to progress. He loved watching her reading the anticipation and slight fear of his next actions, but this would be much better with a blindfold so he tied one around her head, whispering softly in her ear that he was proud of his slut. She smiled and nodded, and he was proud that she remembered no speaking again.

Once the blindfold was secure he removed his clothes and went behind her on the bed ... his hands all over her flesh, his lips following close behind, he lifted one hand and made a beckoning motion, not looking to see who entered then went back to teasing his slut.

She was on fire, her whole body was burning, and his touch was electric. She felt his left hand leave her ass; she had been enjoying the gentle massaging of his strong fingers. And then she heard the door open, and heard movement. Her whole body clenched, she wanted to ask who was there but knew she couldnít and knew he wouldnít answer.

Soon she felt a pair of large warm hands kneading her breasts, and felt a body settle on the bed, then a mouth on her right nipple, sucking. Gasping at the touch, then jerking, as another pair of hands was on her body, caressing her other breast, then a mouth on the other nipple. She was moaning and rocking back and forth, rubbing her cunt against the hand rubbing between her legs. She thought that might be her Master but she wasnít sure. She couldnít stop moaning and shaking. She couldnít tell how many hands and mouths were kissing and touching her body. But she had a good guess. And she had a pretty good idea it was the 5 men that had been in the bar. The sensations began to overwhelm her, she ached to cum, and her body was tense with holding it back. And forgetting she cried out.

"Master ...oh, God, please ... let me cum ... please!"

Her only answer was five sharp slaps to her ass. Taking that as a no she began sobbing softly ... rocking hard against the chains. Her moans turning to low keening sounds of need. Whimpers filling the air along with the sounds of her and the menís heavy breathing, the sounds of tongues and lips kissing and sucking. And then she heard it.

"Cum, slut."

And she screamed as she released the flood of hot cum, some dribbled down her legs, but some she knew coated the hand that pinched her clit. She trembled and she sobbed, feeling the most amazing mind blowing orgasm of her life.

She was startled when she was pulled to her knees. Soon she knew why when she felt a man maneuver in front of her ... standing. He grasped her hair and pulled her face to his crotch, she inhaled the musky scent of his arousal, then felt the push of his cock as he pushed into her mouth. She took him deep into her, sucking hard, loving the taste and texture. She felt both her hands grabbed and placed on raging hard-ons, she got the message and quickly began stroking, trailing her nails down the length of them, cupping their balls, then sliding back up again. All this while she greedily sucked the man's cock in front of her. He had her hair firmly grasped and was shoving his cock deep in her mouth now. All she had to do was keep her mouth open ... and slide her tongue along the ridges as he pushed in and out. From the low guttural moans of each man they were enjoying themselves.

She was so caught up in the heat of the situation it took her awhile to notice a man had slipped under her until she felt his mouth on her breast. She moaned around the thick cock fucking her mouth, her hips writhing, bumping against the erection of the man beneath her. It wasnít long before she felt the man's cock at the entrance to her pussy, the head teasing along her slit. Then the fifth came; he pulled her cheeks apart and spread lubricant around her asshole. Just as the man under her pulled her hips down onto his cock she felt the pressure of the last man on her puckered star. He inched in slowly, he grunted, feeling how tight she was. Finally her muscles relaxed enough that he could push in all the way. He paused for a moment to let her adjust more, as did the man in her pussy. He hadnít moved since the other started to enter her ass.

Slowly both men began moving, trying to establish a rhythm. Ohh the sensations were incredible, she couldnít believe this was happening. A cock in every hole, 2 more in her hands. She felt like ... a slut. And, God, she was loving it. It didnít take long for all the men to get into a fast hard pounding rhythm and they began fucking her hard and fast and deep.

She couldnít move. She was just there for them to pound into, as her hands rapidly stroked the two cocks. She could hardly think. Five men, just as she had said. How did he do this? Who are these men? She wasnít too worried about the men, her Master was careful, but still ... you have to wonder. Quickly the men grunted hard, slammed home one last time and came. She felt the explosion in her mouth first and struggled to swallow all of it, but some dribbled down her chin. Then the two men in her hands let loose moans of pleasure as their cocks erupted, splashing white sticky cum onto her breasts.

From behind her, Brad surveyed the scene. Such a wickedly delightful scene. His slave, being used by 5 men. The way she was positioned, she wouldnít be able to move she was just a fuck toy. A hole to slam into. A slut. His slut. He was loving it. After the men came, they cleaned themselves up and left. His slaveís eyes were still covered by the blindfold, but her head was lifted, straining to hear if there was still someone in the room.
Brad moved silently on the thick carpet towards his slut. He released her from all restraints, and removed the blindfold.

"How do you feel, Precious?" He asked her. His eyes taking in her feverish skin covered with cum and sweat. "You may speak."

Jenna blinked rapidly, and looked up to her Master, her breathing erratic, her breasts heaving.

"Wonderful, Master. I feel like your fuck slut, and it is wonderful. Who were those men Master?"

He just smiled and said, "Your fantasy, Precious. You have pleased me tonight." he continued. "Perhaps a reward is in store."

She felt the warm rush of pleasure at his words, along with the tingle of excitement and anticipation.


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