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by Fantasy Girl

Hi my name is Angela I'm 30 years old, 5'4", long blonde hair, blue eyes and wear a size 36-D cup. I am a very sexual woman. Most men think I am very sexy and love my shapely figure. I really enjoy teasing & exciting others and watching the look on their face just before I am going to blow their mind. I always enjoyed making others feel something I have often fantasized about using my imagination. I can say that I have surprised many men and sent them into spasms without breaking a sweat. I often have been told I have the sexual appetite of a man.

We all have fantasies we hope would come true one day but the fact is most people keep them inside and are afraid to admit they have these desires. I often satisfied myself at my own hand and wild imagination. I have always kept these fantasies inside and never even gave it a second thought that any of them would ever come true until I met my boyfriend Jack.

Jack is just as sexual as I am and him alone is every woman's dream come true. He loves to excite just like I do and he often comes up with new ideas to please me. I've told all of my fantasies to Jack and now him and I together satisfy each other's desires. Jack once surprised me with another man in bed. I was tied up and blindfolded and didn't have any idea what was going to happen. The next thing I knew I was being touched by another set of hands, and sucking on another man's cock.

Both of them taking turns on me and in the end I sucked and stroked both of their cocks at the same time until they reached orgasm all over my tits. He fulfilled my fantasy of having two men and I am still seeking the right woman to join me to make his fantasy come true.

One day while searching the Internet under sex clubs I found an ad with a picture of a Blonde woman dressed in a leather halter top and crotchless leather pants. The ad read:

"What is your sexual fantasy? We want to make your fantasy come true? Just follow the following contest rules: Submit a story to our site telling us about yourself and the fantasy you wish to come true. We will notify you when the winner is selected."

I thought to myself that so many people must have entered this contest and it would be impossible to win but I figured I would give it a try. I told them all about myself and one of the many fantasies I wanted to make come true for my man and then submitted my entry.

A couple of weeks later I received an e-mail notifying me that I won the contest and they invited us to a night club called Fantasies that Saturday night. The woman on the phone told me she would send me the passes in the mail. I wanted to surprise Jack so I just asked him if he would like to go out Saturday Night to a club my girlfriend referred me to. Jack loved the idea as we haven't been out in a while and I told him that we were going to have a lot of fun.

Saturday came and it was almost time to leave, I just finished getting ready. I wore my short white mini skirt and a white halter-top and I put on my white high heels. I made sure I didn't wear any undergarments, as I wanted to be easily accessible to Jack. Jack was wearing his tight blue jeans and a ginny T-shirt. He looked so sexy.

I love looking at his ass in those jeans. Before we left I made sure Jack could see I had no underwear on by bending over in front of him and on the way to the car I lifted my skirt slightly so he could look at my ass when I walked. My nipples were hard with anticipation of what was going to happen that night. I turned around before Jack got into the car and showed him my nipples popping out of my shirt. He begged me not to do this to him now and to wait until later. He loves when I tease him.

It was 9:00 PM when we arrived at the club. When we arrived at the address they had given me it didn't seem like it was a nightclub it looked more like a warehouse. This isn't a nightclub Jack said. Well this is the address my girlfriend gave me and I knocked on the door. A gentleman dressed in warehouse attire answered the door. "Can I help you?"

"Yes I am looking for a nightclub called "Fantasies". He asked me if I was a member or if I had a guest pass. I showed the man the passes that were sent to me in the mail when I won the contest. Jack looked at me and said, "but I thought you said." and I quickly interrupted him "Shhh I'll explain later honey".

The man told us to follow him. We walked through the warehouse to the elevator. We entered the elevator and Lit up was the number 3 which meant that even thought it seemed as if we were on the first floor we were actually on the third and the 1st floor was three levels below ground. This was actually scary to me because it didn't seem like a nightclub and I didn't know what to expect when the elevator opened. As we came closer to the 1st floor I wondered why the elevator didn't stop. It seemed as if it just kept going past the 1st floor. The man stated that we are going down to level F and then I noticed there was a secret panel the man had opened that had the letters F and an F1.

As we reached level F vibrations of music shook the elevator floor and I could hear the music faintly. The doors opened and on the white concrete wall was a dim red light and a sign that said level F. The man guided us down the hall to a set of double black doors and above the doors was a Pink neon sign that said "FANTASIES" and below the sign was another sign that said "For those of you who love to excite and give pleasure, want to receive pleasure or just like to watch". On the other door there was a sign that read. "You must be a member to enter or have a guest pass."

The man opened the black doors and motioned for us to go inside and then he walked away and went back upstairs. Jack and I stood there at the entrance where a Blonde Lady greeted us just like the one I saw on the ad. She was even wearing the same clothing, a Black leather Halter and Crotchless leather pants, she had long thick Blonde hair down to her ass and leather straps around her wrist and neck.

With an English accent she exclaimed, Welcome to Fantasies I am Katherine, do you have a guest pass or a membership card? I showed her the passes and she smiled and said "OHHH you are the couple that entered the contest hmmm? Jack looked at me with a confused and curious look on his face. Angela? He exclaimed. Shhh Jack it is a surprise. Yes we are the couple who won the contest. I am Angela and this is Jack. Katherine extended her arm out to Jack with her hand below his lips motioning for him to kiss her hand, Hello Jack. Why don't you and Angela follow me.

As we entered the club I noticed the concrete walls and pink neon lights at each end of the bar and on the ceiling. They were playing very erotic music and it seemed to look like your typical exotic nightclub. There was a bar in the center of the nightclub with tables around the sides of the room and in the middle of the bar was a stage where I noticed an exotic Dancer revealing her tits to a man sitting at the bar, the dancer then climbed up onto the bar and let the man lick her nipples.

This is definitely different than a regular go go bar I thought. Jack just looked on still confused but eager to find out what this is all about and we continued to follow Katherine. Let me start by giving you a tour of my club. This section of the club is for exotic dancers just like in your typical go go bar except all of my dancers are allowed to do whatever they want to please my customers.

So if he feels like the dancer is teasing him too much and his cock gets so hard that it hurts he can call her over and ask her to relieve him. She will do whatever the customer asks of her but not before teasing him to the point where his cock is so swollen and oozing from the head. If the dancer does not see this in his cock she will not allow him to be relieved. In other words she will not suck a limp dick nor let him penetrate her. If one of the girls is busy relieving one of my customers another dancer will take her place on the stage. I have just as many dancers as there are seats in this room because I want to make sure that everyone is entertained.

All of my dancers are volunteers and are girls that really love to excite and please a man as that is one of my requirements for being a member here. You must enjoy pleasing others. No body is paid to do anything here because the ones who are giving pleasure also receive the pleasure of their choice when their set is over. Not to mention the pleasure they get out of pleasing others. But remember that is my rule you must first give pleasure before you receive and enjoy it. All of the gentlemen sitting there at the bar have already volunteered earlier to make someone's fantasy come true.

Lets move on now to the next section of my club. We proceeded to follow Katherine through another set of double black doors where there was also a bar with a stage in the middle. This section is for people who just like to watch and masturbate while doing so. They are pleasing themselves so they are not required to please others. I noticed a sign blinking that said the next show will begin in 5 minutes.

Katherine asked if we would like to have a drink and watch one of the shows. She explained that each show was about 30 minutes. She also explained that the show would be equivalent to watching a porno film except it will be live and the people in the show were also volunteers and they got off on having sex in front of people. Jack looked at me and I nodded in approval. Do you want to have a drink and watch the show baby? Hmmm? Jack replied yes baby. Katherine guided us to our seats at the center of the bar and told the bartender to give us whatever we want to drink on the house. Jack ordered a beer and I ordered my favorite drink "sex on the beach".

I gave Jack a kiss and told him to just relax and have a good time tonight and that I had a surprise for him. Jack was a little hesitant but he smiled and said ok baby. I love you. I love you too Jack. The next thing I noticed is that the stage opened up and smoke started to come out from the floor. Everything went quiet. The erotic music was lowered but we could still hear it faintly. Out of the floor rose a king size bed made up with satin sheets and on the bed were two women and a man already engaged in a sexual triangle. One of the girls was very petite with long Black Hair and big tits.

The other girl had long blond hair and more of a medium build. She was very shapely and also had very big tits. I noticed the women were wearing nothing except their belly bracelets around their waste. The man was tall and had blonde hair, he was just an average guy. All he was wearing was a cock ring. There must have been microphones hidden somewhere on the bed because I could hear the sound of the man groaning while the girl with the black hair sucked his cock while she was being licked from behind by the blonde girl.

She began to moan while the blonde girl seemed to be lapping up every bit of moisture from her ass and pussy lips. Not too loud but enough so that we could here every sound they made. All the men around the bar took out their bottle of petroleum jelly as if they made this a daily routine and proceeded to rub it on their cocks. All around me and Jack were men of all different shapes and sizes stroking their members and It looked as if Jack seemed a little uncomfortable but also seemed like he was interested in the show. I began to caress him and feel his cock over his jeans with my fingernails.

I kept doing this while we watched the show until his cock seemed to get too hard for his tight jeans to accommodate him. Ohhh Do you like what you see baby? Why don't you take your cock out for me so I can stroke it for you? Jack smiled at me and nervously removed his cock from zipper of his jeans. Jack didn't need any petroleum Jelly because he likes when I stroke him dry. I looked down and noticed his cock oozing from the tip and I knew he was getting really excited. The girls on the stage now switched places and the blonde was jerking the guy's stiff cock while the brunette licked her from behind.

The blonde smiled at the man while she stroked his cock and exclaimed, "You like getting your cock stroked huh? And the man just groaned and nodded. At that I felt my Jack's cock twinge and I whispered to him "That feels good doesn't it baby"? You like the way she is stroking him? Do you want me to stroke you that way? And I proceeded to copy the girl's method, as it seemed to be exciting my man. We watched while the brunette was splashed with the orgasm that just burst out of the blonde's pussy.

The blonde then asked the man if he would like to taste her cum. She climbed up and squatted down on his face. This was enough to make the man next to me stroke his cock vigorously and splatter himself with his cum. I continued to stroke Jack as we watched the brunette mount the man who's cock was now ripping at the seems after the blonde was finished jerking him off. She was really petite and I could see her little hole from where we were sitting. I noticed that her juices were flowing down her leg and dripping off of her tiny but hanging lips. The blonde lifted her pussy off of his face for a moment to ask him if he wants her tight little cunt wrapped around his mushroom.

YE ESSS, He shouted in a begging voice. Are you sure? Hmmm? You want to penetrate that dripping cunt hole? The man across the bar let out a scream Ho oly Shit Fuuuuckkk! His cock squirted so far it was hard to tell where it landed. The man on the bed couldn't take it no more and he wrapped his hands around the brunettes petite little hips and proceed to lower her onto his cock. His mushroom penetrated her and he groaned AHHHHHWWW!

And as his cock slid all the way inside her he began to fuck her with his hands still wrapped around her hips as fast as he could. She screamed in disbelief pleaded with him OOOHHHHHHH YEEHHH YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM! She screamed. The Blonde then leaned forward and sucked her nipple and exclaimed "CUM YOU LITTLE BITCH! THAT'S RIGHT ALL OVER HIS COCK!" The brunette had no control, he lifted her ass up in the air and lifted her up and down on his cock like a mad man and the blonde moved around to the Brunette and started to lick her ass HO OOOH MMMM M YYYYYY GODDD!

The blonde then took her finger and penetrated her ass while she bent over and licked the man's balls and the Brunette's wet & sticky pussy began to squirt all over the man's cock and belly. HO FUCK OHHH FUCK HE SCREAMED! I'MMM GOING TO FUCKING CUM! The blonde looked into the audience and pinched her nipples with a smile on her face as the brunette and the man were cumming together. At that anyone left that managed not to cum yet lost it and the whole bar was filled with screaming groaning men. But not my Jack, I let go of his cock and told him he can not cum yet.

Jack squirmed in his seat and I bent over and licked all the pre-cum off of his cock and then I told him to put it back in his pants. Katherine then walked into the room and asked us if we were ready to complete our tour of her club. Jack and I nodded. She handed us a locker key and told us we would have to get undressed and leave our clothes in the locker. She walked us to our locker and told us to remove our clothes. Katherine watched as we removed our clothes and Jack and I were hesitant and looked unsure. Katherine exclaimed that we should lock all of our inhibitions away as well. We finished undressing and Jack's cock was still sticking straight up oozing at the tip. Katherine then wrapped her hand around his cock and looked into his eyes, Ohhh you liked the show Jack? Well if you liked that you will love this and she gently tugged on his erect cock and pulled him along like a dog on a leash guiding us through another set of doors that lead to another elevator.

We walked inside the elevator and Katherine just kept jerking his cock and she looked at me and told me to get down on my knees and suck him off. We proceeded to level F1 and the doors opened. Katherine still leading Jack by his cock stopped me and with her other hand pulled me towards her and started licking my nipples, she motioned to Jack to lick the other one and they both continued until my nipples were hard as rocks. Jack really loves when my nipples get so hard they wrinkle around the sides.

Katherine took her finger and began to finger my pussy while she tugged on Jacks now swollen member. Before we knew it we were both in a state of frenzy and moaning with excitement. Katherine exclaimed that she just wanted to make us relax before we entered the next section and reminded us that we must enjoy exciting others and be willing to participate in anything she asks us to do. We nodded and didn't care what she wanted us to do at this point. We entered a hallway where along the sides were several rooms.

Katherine exclaimed that she would give us a tour of all the rooms and that if we decide to become a member of her club in the future any room we enter we must be willing to participate before we can be the one who is receiving the pleasure. The first room had a sign above that said foot fetish, She opened the door to give us a quick glance at what was going on in there. There was a woman jerking a man off with her feet and we arrived just in time to see him cum all over himself and her feet.

In the room were several other men sucking on woman's toes & w being jerked off. Katherine told us that some of the woman wanted the men to return the favor by toe fucking them. Katherine exclaimed that we are allowed this one time to enter all of the rooms whether we wish to participate or not and we will have to let her know when something strikes our interest. We both agreed that we were not into the foot fetish so we proceeded to the next room. There were several rooms we entered a list of rooms filled with every fantasy you could think of.

First Time Gay, Bondage (where we noticed a guy hung up upside down by his cock), Threesomes (Where men who always wanted to experience two woman or woman that always wanted to experience two men anxiously awaited their turn), Foursomes, Double Penetration, The Hospital Room (Where people dressed as Nurses and Doctors were their to satisfy the typical Nurse or Doctor fantasy) etc. The next room was called the Bathroom and inside we men and woman bound by their legs and arms to the floor just waiting for someone to enter the room to pee on them and fuck them.

I watched as other's entered the room and walked around making a choice of which they wanted to pee on and fuck. I noticed a man walk into the room with a ripping hard on and walked over to the first girl he saw, he peed all over her face and tits all the way down to her pussy covering her whole body with pee and the woman moaned uncontrollably and the man proceeded to insert his cock inside her while she remained tied down to the floor. The rule is as long as you are willing to pee on one of the persons tied on the floor you may also relieve your self at their expense.

I saw Jack's face light up as he looked around and noticed a woman squatting over a man holding her pussy lips open as she peed in his mouth and all over his chest. Then she peed again and let it trickle down over the head of his swollen cock. The man's cock became even more erect and she still continued to pee all over him. When she finished she sat on his swollen mushroom and made herself cum all over his hard cock giving him no relief. I asked Jack, Did you like that honey? As I stroked his cock. I then noticed an empty restraint on the floor and asked Katherine if I could put jack in them.

She said yes but first Jack must go over and pee on one of the woman who are anxiously waiting. Also Jack must realize that he could lye here tied up drenched in several woman's pee all of them taking turns on his cock before he is allowed to have any relief. That's ok I exclaimed I don't want him to have any relief just yet. Katherine guided Jack by his cock again over to a woman tied down to the floor, she stroked his cock gently at the tip and told him to give this woman a golden shower.

Normally anyone who wanted to fulfill someone else's fantasy of being peed on would be allowed to relieve him or herself by fucking the other party or making the other party relieve them sexually. Since Jack also wanted to be peed on he wasn't allowed to relieve himself. Katherine and I stood on each side of Jack holding his cock and telling him to pee on the woman. After a couple of minutes a stream of pee left jacks cock and the woman let out multiple moans and opened her mouth to swallow it.

Jack peed a good minute before emptying his bladder and enjoyed every second of what he was doing. Katherine then told him he could give the woman a taste of his cock if he liked. Jack looked at me and I nodded with approval and I then took him by his cock and guided his member into her mouth. She started to make slurping sounds and sucked on his head hard enough to taste whatever pee he had left trapped in his cock. I pulled down on Jack's cock while she sucked on his head and Jack gave her one last squirt of pee down her throat. Jacked moaned and his cock & balls began to swell.

Katherine and I then guided jack over to the restraints on the floor and told Jack to lye down. Katherine tied his legs while I tied his arms. I told Katherine Jack liked to be blindfolded and she pulled off the soft leather strap on her neck and tied it around jacks eyes. Then I walked over to stroke Jack's rigid cock and told him to lye back and enjoy. I wanted to be the first to pee on Jack but I figured I would save the best for last. I just sat back and played with my clit while I watched Katherine stand over Jack and let out a stream of piss all over his already hot cock.

And anxiously waiting were five other girls waiting to take their turn. Katherine exclaimed since she owned this place she would not be selfish and would let the other girls have their turn first. The first girl squatted and peed on Jack's face and all over his chest and then sat on his face and Jack eagerly licked her swollen clit. While she came on Jack's face another girl was peeing all over Jack and proceeded to squat down and get herself off on his cock. The next girl took her turn and whether he liked it or not she made him drink her piss and pulled her lips apart so she could spray it on his face at the same time.

The girl reached behind her to stroke Jack's cock while she peed in his mouth and Jack CALLED TO ME. BAABY SHE IS GOING TO MAKE ME CU UUUMMM! Shhhh Jack, You know you can't cum yet and I motioned for the girl to let go of his member. The girl intended to fuck Jack but then decided she would give Jack a break and make her suck her pussy instead. The fifth girl wasn't so compassionate and she covered Jack's Belly and cock with her pee and then proceeded to squat down and insert his cock inside her pussy.

My pussy was so wet with anticipation at this point and I couldn't wait any longer. Katherine and I took off the blindfold and both of us stood above Jack who was now telling me he can't take it no more. We both let out a stream of pee Katherine peed all over his cock while I held my hanging anticipating lips open so he could watch my pee come out. I drenched him from head to toe and then I told him that Katherine here is going to help me fulfill your fantasy of having two women. Katherine and I laid down in the puddle with Jack both of us on each side of him.

We stroked his member and balls at the same time and then leaned down to lick the pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock. Both of us licking both sides of his cock and gently stroking his balls with our fingernails. OHHHHHH FUCKK Jack Exclaimed, I'm gonna cum. Ohhhh you like that do you jack Katherine exclaimed, if you like that you will definitely like this and she pulled out her breast out of her leather halter top. How about two sets of hard nipples to suck on? Hmmm? Would you like that Jack?

And we both moved up to let Jack suck and play with our nipples and I slowly mounted Jack and as soon as he felt my anticipating dripping wet pussy jerking him off his eyes rolled in the back of his head and his face became distorted. Katherine spread her legs to reveal the crotchless pants she was wearing and showed Jack she had no underwear on and she played with her pussy right above his face while I fucked him just like he fucks me when he gets very excited. I fucked his ultra sensitive cock like the bunny rabbit that I am and he began to tremble all over.

Katherine still teasing him with her pussy asked him if he would like her to cum in his mouth. Jack pleaded that we were going to make him lose it and as Katherine's pussy began to kiss Jack on the lips Jack reached out and grabbed her clit between his teeth and licked her swollen clit UHH UHHH UHHHH OH MY< OH GOD< I'm CUMMMMINNNGGGGGG! That was it, Katherine's pussy went into spasms and cum splattered all over his face and in his mouth from where I was I could see it happening and I lost control all over his cock.

Jack felt my pussy clamping down on his rigid cock and It almost looked as if he couldn't breath for a minute, the build up on his face was indescribable, he couldn't speak or move his cock erupted inside me and the cum oozed out of my pussy like a stream of warm water from a faucet. He filled me up and my pussy could not accommodate the amount of cum that drained from his balls. I lied there motionless with Jack, as it was difficult to move after all of our energy was drained from our bodies.

According to Katherine being accepted as a member of the club isn't easy but Needless to say she made us a member of the club and we visit at least once a month.


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