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Family Affair Ch. IX
by JoeZ

Remember the last chapter of my story when I told you how Angela and I had been seeing each other and about Mom and Adam enjoying being together, well I have another part of my life to relate to you.

First let me tell you about Mom and I. Here is a picture of me doing what I love best to her. She was really thrilled that I had learned to be such a great lover, always making sure that any woman I happened to be with was totally satisfied. Her and I still made love on a regular basis, never tiring of each other. Mom also taught me the fine points of winning a woman's heart, proper etiquette, how to shop for clothing and lingerie, and most of all, those things that most men don't do that women crave.

In the process I learned that I loved the feel of silk and silky nylon underthings on a woman. Her and I often shopped together as she taught me the proper fit and feel of clothes on her body. I was soon buying nice sexy things for Angela. Mom instructed me how to put hose and garterbelt on her and even now I get a throbbing hardon as I picture her pussy at the top of those gorgeous legs of hers as I dress them in silky hose and attach them to the garter snaps. I could never do it without licking her tasty slit and giving her at least one orgasm.

With Mom's help I was able to persuade Angela to see the benefits of dressing sexy. I never tired of seeing her naked but I sure did love seeing her in fragrant, beautiful lingerie. I never told Angela where my bedroom was located so on a couple of occasions I was able to see her and her dad fuck again. One time while it was happening I went and brought my Mom into the room so that we could watch it together.

Mom and I laid on the bed, in the dark, in a spoon position, with my cock buried in her hot cunt from the rear and my hands caressing her nipples and clit. We matched them stroke for stroke as Bill filled her pussy with his hot pole. I am still not sure how Mom was able to stay quiet when she came or how she stayed on my cock as I shot into her. Later that evening Angela and I talked on the phone as Mom and I lay in bed joined at the crotch. Mom was on top riding my hard cock to yet another orgasm as Angela and I made small talk. To this day Mom and I still laugh about it.

We had just returned from a shopping trip one day when Mom made a startling suggestion. "Why don't the four of us have an evening together, you know Adam and I and you and Angela? We could go out to dinner and then come back here for a night long party. Let me call her to set things up and I am sure Adam will be game too." Mom made all the arrangements for the following Saturday.

That day Mom and I busied ourselves preparing everything for that night. The house was arranged so that we could spend the night downstairs in the family room, in front of the fireplace, doing whatever we wanted. Before Adam arrived Mom and I spent the early evening in the bath and shower. We took turns shaving each other until we were as soft and smooth as the day we were born. We soaked together in the Jacuzzi tub in Mom's bathroom for over a half hour and then I massaged her from head to toe with fragrant cream.

Needless to say I was not able to finish without making her cum. While massaging her ass I could not resist the temptation to tongue fuck her beautiful asshole. As usual she came over and over as I thumb fucked her cunt also. Mom reciprocated by giving me one of her tremendous blowjobs until I filled her mouth with cream.

I dressed Mom in a beautiful matching bra, garterbelt and black lace top hose. The garterbelt framed her bare pussy as I stood there admiring my work. I finished off the outfit with a sheer dress and black sandals.

While Mom finished her make up and hair I dressed and went next door to pick up Angela. As always she was a vision of loveliness. Her dress was cut low enough that her breasts appeared to be almost falling out. I wanted to reach in and touch them but she stopped me telling me there was time for that later. As I kissed her I felt down her back and discovered that she too was pantiless. Her legs were covered with white hose and I could feel the garter straps on her ass and legs.

My cock was instantly erect. Now matter how often we fucked she had that effect on me and now dressed like this I had no control over my cock. She had a beautiful white satin dress that clung to every curve of her body. I knew that I would be the envy of the restaurant tonight being in the company of not one but two beautiful and sexy women.

Angela and I returned to my house where we found Mom and Adam locked in a passionate embrace. It was no secret to anyone that the two of them were seeing each other almost exclusively. My guess was that soon he was going to pop the question. The four of us left shortly thereafter for the restaurant. Mom was cuddled close to Adam in the front seat and Angela was laying in my arms in the back. I had my hand under her dress caressing her smooth bare pussy.

Her pink button clit was standing at attention as the tip of my middle finger dipped into her hole to get coated with her natural lubricant. Every so often I would bring my finger to my mouth so that I could taste her. She knew how I loved that taste as I made smacking sounds with my lips. I could tell by watching Mom what she was doing to Adam. I knew she had his cock out and in her hand as she was whispering in his ear. I was sure she wanted to suck him but within a few minutes we arrived at the restaurant.

We shared a wonderful evening, with a fine meal and great conversation. All evening long I was either stroking Angela's or Mom's leg under the tablecloth and I know that Adam was doing the same because we bumped hands several times. As we were enjoying after dinner coffee Adam made an announcement that took us all by shock.

"Anne, ever since I met you I have never been happier. Along with the most wonderful sex life I can ever remember you have made me a complete man. Would you honor me by becoming my wife?" And with that he presented her with a fantastic diamond ring.

Everyone had an idea that this would happen someday but figured that since both had been in failed marriages before that they were gun shy.

Mom's eyes welled up with tears like I have never seen before or since. It was all she could do to get the words out, "Of course Adam, nothing would make me any happier."

Congratulations and thank you's were exchanged all around as we sat there almost too stunned to realize what had just happened. We finished at the restaurant and started for home.

"I want us to have a real celebration when we get home," Mom said. "Tonight we will go wherever our imagination takes us. I want Adam to see Jimmy and I fuck as I want to watch you and Adam, Angela. Our wonderful open relationships are not going to slow down because we are getting married. Angela and I got all dressed up sexy for you guys and we want you to enjoy it."

Back safely in the confines of our home we quickly made our way to the family room that Mom and I had set up earlier. It was apparent that all of us were eager to engage in some serious lovemaking. The four of us were entwined in the arms of our partner, kissing passionately, our temperatures rising dramatically as we prepared for a long night of sex. Gradually the guys removed most of the women's clothing, leaving the garterbelt, hose and shoes on. The women reciprocated by stripping us of everything we were wearing. Adam and I stood there stark naked, our erect cocks hard enough to hang clothes on.

"Angela, I want to see you suck your uncle's cock," Mom said to her.

"Sure Anne, It has been a long time since I tasted him," she replied.

Mom and I sat very close to them as Adam sat on the couch and Angela got between his legs. Mom laid across my lap so I could rub her ass as we watched the show unfold before us. I was well aware of the feeling that Adam was experiencing as Angela licked his balls, taking them gently in her mouth, washing them with her tongue, and them making her way from the base of his cock to the purple head.

Adam was laying back with his eyes shut when I suggested, "Adam, open your eyes and watch what she is doing to you. It's almost as good as feeling it. I love to watch her suck your cock as much as mine."

Angela is an artist who uses her mouth and tongue to paint a picture of pure ecstasy. Mom had her hand wrapped around my dick at the same time, looking through and past my cock as she enjoyed the sight before her. My hand was busy massaging her ass, something I have found turns her on more than anything. I dipped my finger into her cunt to get some lubricant as I gently began probing her beautiful asshole. Little by little I started sliding my finger into her until it was buried all the way. Mom began rotating her ass against my hand trying to get me deeper into her chute. Slowly I began expanding the hole as Mom's moans started.

She looked up at me with half closed eyes and said, "Jimmy, when the're done I want you to fuck me in the ass. I want to feel that beautiful meat of yours in my ass and your cream coating the inside of me."

Until I had slipped my finger into her I had no intention of doing that but since I felt the warmth of her insides I wanted to feel that on my cock too. Angela had Adam at the point of no return. Not only was her head bobbing up and down on his cock but he was fucking her mouth with equal fervor. Suddenly he grabbed her head as he jammed his cock deep into her mouth, shooting jet after jet of his cum down her throat. His ass lifted off the couch as each shot blasted from the end of his cock. Mom and I were both so hot watching them that we could hardly wait until they finished.

"Angela, lay down in the corner of the couch so I can lick your pussy while Jimmy fucks my ass," Mom said to her. "I have to feel Jimmy inside me and I want to taste your cunt."

Angela didn't waste any time getting into position. Mom knelt on the floor with her face buried in between Angela's legs. I knelt behind Mom with my cock in my hand and slid it up and down her seam to grease the head with her pussy juice. Just to be sure I slipped it into her cunt to oil the whole shaft. Mom reached back, grabbed an asscheek in each hand and spread her butt apart giving me clear access to her light tan, puckered hole. I removed my cock from her cunt and placed it at the opening of her ass.

Gently I pushed against her as I watched my cock slowly disappear into her butthole. Mom was pushing back toward me wanting more and more of my pole in her tight ass. Finally I was buried balls deep in her. Like Helen had taught me, I stayed still as she got used to the feel of me inside her. When Mom was ready she began moving back toward me. I took a tight hold on her hips and began fucking that tight chute. Slowly she loosened up as my cock stretched her enough to accommodate me.

Adam was kneeling beside me watching my cock slide in and out as he stroked his own cock. I knew that I was not going to last long so I went as slowly as possible. I could feel my cock start to swell as my orgasm approached. Almost without warning my jism erupted from the tip of my cock like a shot from a cannon, spewing glob after glob of hot cum inside her ass.

Mom was moaning into Angela's cunt as she each shot hit her insides. Now Angela joined in the festivities as she too started to cum. Mom had her mouth locked on Angela's clit as she let out a scream signaling the arrival of her climax. Still Mom wouldn't let go of her. Time and again Angela went over the top until she had to push Mom's head away. Mom had clenched her asshole around the base of my cock so hard that it was impossible to remove my cock.

Adam moved up onto the couch and slid his hard dick into Angela's cunt. We watched as he slammed into her with vicious strokes until we could tell he was about to cum for the second time. He pulled out just enough to spray his cream directly on her clit and from there it slid down into her cunt. Mom pushed him out of the way to get her mouth back on Angela's white creamy slit. She lapped every drop off her and swallowed most all of it. She moved to Angela's mouth where they shared the last that she had. Still she did not release my cock. Only when they had finished did I feel her relax enough to expel my rod from her butt.

"I want you to notice something baby, look at your cock. Notice how clean it is? I gave myself several enemas today to clean myself for you. Not only that but I put some KY jelly in my ass so it would glide smoothly in there. Once again I have to thank Helen for the good job she did teaching you to assfuck."

Angela added, "Doesn't he have the greatest cock for buttfucking? I am sure glad he took my butt cherry. Goddamn I love him!"

We sat down for a while to recuperate when we decided to watch the videotape of the party at Helen's house where Mom and Adam had met and Angela and I had our first fuck together. Needless to say viewing this and getting to see everyone and what and who they were involved with that night got us so hot that we started a new round of hot sex.

Mom wanted to try something she had heard about but never done. "I've always wondered what it would be like to be double penetrated? Both of you guys have great cocks and I bet it would be a great experience. Before you do though I want to do a sixty-nine with Angela. I love the taste of her cunt and I want to feel her tongue on my clit."

The two of them embraced as lovers should, feeling, caressing, touching and probing all parts of each other's body. Soon they were on the floor on a large blanket in front of us busily licking the others hot wet pussy. Adam and I watched enthralled as they completely forgot that we were in the room. My hand automatically began stroking my cock and I noticed that Adam was doing the same thing. I reached over and replaced his hand with mine and put his hand on my cock. We stroked slowly as we watched the girls and without any planning I slipped down on my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. Adam looked a little surprised but didn't stop me.

Every so often I have an urge to taste another man's love muscle and his still had the remnants of Angel's pussy on it. His cock was about the same size as mine so I had no trouble fitting him in my mouth. I loved the feeling of something so hard yet so soft, an instrument like no other, in my mouth. I didn't want him to cum, I just wanted him to know that I was not backward about doing anything. If he was going to be my step-dad then I wanted him to know that we would be involved as a family, not just he and Mom.

I felt a tap on my shoulder from Mom as a signal that she and Angela were finished eating each other. "Which one of you is going to fuck me in the ass?" she asked.

"Is it OK if I do?" asked Adam, to which I agreed.

Mom directed traffic as she knew how she wanted it. Adam laid on the floor on his back with his cock pointed toward the ceiling. Mom squatted over him and as he held his cock rigid she started it into her asshole. After having been buttfucked earlier her ass was more receptive to this latest intrusion. Slowly she impaled herself on his rod. She leaned back onto his chest where he could massage her tits.

"Now Jimmy put your cock in my pussy," she instructed.

I swear a river of juice was flowing out of her pussy hole. My cock slid in effortlessly. I could feel Adam's cock and mine rubbing through the thin walls separating her rectum and cunt.

"Now just hold still for a minute. Angela, come over here and straddle my face. I want to eat your pussy as they fuck me and you can have a front row seat for this," Mom said.

Angela did as requested and Mom gave the order to start. I don't know where he got the strength but Adam was able to slide his cock in and out of her butt while I was doing the same to her cunt. It didn't take long for us to get a rhythm going as fucked both her holes. I felt the heat building as our cocks rubbed together in her body. Somehow I knew he was about to cum at the same time as me. I could feel the swelling in our cocks and then the inevitable blast off. We both exploded at the same time as did Angela who was grinding her pussy on Mom's lips.

Mom lifted Angela slightly off her face as she screamed with pleasure. And scream she did. Adam was pinching her nipples and I was rubbing her clit as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her. She was in the throes of her climaxes for almost twenty minutes. We did not remove our cocks from her until they were completely deflated. Angela leaned down and proceeded to clean her pussy of the cream flowing out of it. In the process Mom actually had two more orgasms before pleading for mercy and begging for rest.

When she finally regained her composure, she remarked, "What a wonderful engagement party and how wonderful it is to share it with those you love."

The four of us showered together and snuggled in Mom's king-size bed where we spent the better part of the night chatting about this and that. Later Angela suggested that we leave the two of them alone and spend the rest of the night together, just her and I.

We left them and went into my room where we climbed into bed and made love, no, we fucked once more before falling asleep.

I have a feeling that Angela and I will someday get married, when, I don't know. But until then the two of us are learning everything we can about sex, mostly from her grandmother, to make us the best lovers and fuckers around.

You never know, there might be more later...

To Be Continued...


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