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Family Affair Ch. VII
by JoeZ

Now you know how I got to be like I am, damn near a sex addict. I couldn't remember the last time I went more than two days without getting laid. Mom and I were still getting it on regularly and Betty and I fucked once in a while, but my favorite was still Helen. The things she taught me you will not find written in any book. I referred to it as "the straight forward approach to fucking and pleasing a woman."

Whatever Helen taught me I tried on Mom, much to her delight. The two of them became great friends and several times they went out of town together. I wondered about the extent of their friendship until I asked Mom one night. She filled me in on how she loved the way Helen treated her when they were in bed. It started the night the three of us had our night of passion. Mom said that Helen had called her a few days later and they spent the day eating each other and ever since they meet whenever the urge is overpowering.

I asked Mom if she liked it better than fucking or men and she emphatically proclaimed that she still loved the feel of a cock filling her pussy with hot cum. She told me that nothing would ever replace how she felt when we made love. Helen told her that I was the most considerate lover she had encountered. I have to admit Helen taught me to be that way. Helen told me that Mike was also a good lover but that she couldn't take his huge cock as much as she used to. I know Mom liked Mike's cock but after that first time with him she could only do him once in a while. He had, in fact, penetrated her uterus that night, something that had never happened before or since. Painful as it was afterward, the enjoyment she felt that night seemed to be one of those once in a lifetime experiences, never to be repeated. Not that our sexual flings were getting boring but one night Mom and I admitted to each other that we needed something new. Mom said that she had told Helen the same thing and Helen promised that she would plan a big get together at her place some Saturday very soon.

True to her word, Helen set the date for a party. Mom and I were invited, in fact Mom offered to help Helen get things ready. We were invited to spend the Friday night before the party at Helen's house since Mom was going to be there early preparing things. When we got there Helen greeted us at the door in the manner of dress she loves so well, nudity. Mom and I have become so comfortable being like this that immediately upon entering we stripped too. Passionate kisses were exchanged all around and we set down to a nice light meal that Helen had prepared.

Afterward the three of us made love, and I have to call this one making love, until the three of us were satisfied. What a joy it was to watch Mom and Helen make love to each other and then they both turned their attention on me. For the first time in my life I got to butt fuck someone. As usual Helen was the instructor, making sure I learned the proper way to fill a woman's ass without hurting her. I must have passed with flying colors because Helen asked me to spend the night in bed with she and Mom. We made love and fucked several more times that night before drifting off to sleep with me in between these two beautiful women.

The next morning, Mom and Helen got out of bed without waking me and started breakfast. I awoke to the smell of bacon frying and all the good smells of a full meal. After brushing my teeth, washing my face and combing my hair I joined them at the table. I kissed each one passionately before sitting down.

"I'm glad you could join us," Helen joked, "but I knew that either the smell of food or pussy would bring you to your feet. If this didn't work we were going to come in and sit on your face."

"We want you to rest today, lie by the pool if you want, because this evening will probably turn into an orgy. Helen explained how these parties are and I am getting antsy already from trying to picture it," Mom said. "There may be a special surprise for you later today, you never know."

I took them at there word and lazed by the pool most of the day. A couple of times they had me do something for them but for the most part they treated me like a king, making sure I had plenty to eat and drink. One time Mom came out, concerned that I might be getting too much sun, and covered me with lotion. Naturally with her being naked I couldn't help but develop one of those massive hardons. Mom joked about it and told me to save it for later because I would need all my stamina. So I did, but it never fully deflated. I lay there at half mast most of the day.

I must have dozed off after lunch because when I awoke I got the surprise of my life. It took several minutes for my eyes to adjust in the sunlight but in the chaise next to me, absolutely naked was the body that had started all this for me. Angela was laying there in all her glory, like the rest of us, without a stitch on. I felt like I had a lump in my throat the size of a basketball and my mouth went totally dry to the point that I could not utter a word. Here she was looking me straight in the eyes smiling that radiant smile of hers and I was tongue tied.

"Hi Jimmy, what a joy it is to finally meet you," she said in that sweet voice of hers, "I have heard so much about you that I am upset with myself for not getting together with you. Gramma and mom think you are the greatest and since you are Mike's best friend I know you have to have something on the ball."

Slowly my composure was returning. "Thanks Angela," I gulped, "I wanted to meet you too but I understand you went back to school in another state."

"Right," said Angela, "I left early to get settled and I must say you are quite different from when I remember seeing you back then. Gramma has been keeping me informed of your progress and even sent me a picture of you, so when she told me about this party I knew I had to be here. You know there are no secrets in this family and with Gramma being the sexy matriarch of our clan she makes sure everyone is kept up to date."

Angela had stood up and walked over next to my chaise, a distance though not far, gave me an opportunity to look at her fantastic body. It was just as beautiful as that night I had seen her through the window in her bedroom, if not more so. Her tits were absolutely perfect, about the same size as Mom's, but like all women, unique to her. She had the pinkest nipples I have yet encountered, with areola the size of silver dollars and centers were hard nubs that seemed constantly at attention. And that pussy, my god what a pussy, clean shaven like all the rest of the women, but puffy like two small pillows on either side of her slit. The hint of inner lips peeking out that made her slit look somewhat open. And the rest of her body just complimented the parts I described.

"Do you mind if I sit next to you," she asked, "I would like to get to know you better."

"Of course not," I answered, my composure almost totally returned.

As warm as I was from the sun I felt the heat from her body when she sat down next to me. Her hand touched my arm and I thought I had been hit with a lighted match. Angela leaned down and placed her pouty lips tenderly on mine, kissing me like I have never been kissed before. As much as I love the way Mom, Helen and Betty kiss me, this was different in ways I can't describe. Her tongue slipped between my lips and met mine, lovingly caressing it as we embraced. Her nipples seemed to be boring holes into me where our chests met.

When our lips finally parted her head lay on my shoulder as she whispered in my ear, "Jimmy, I want to fuck you, I want to taste your cock, I want to you to fuck me like you do your mom, my mom and Gramma. I want to feel your tongue on my clit and deep in my cunt and I want to cum in your mouth like you cum in mine. I've heard enough about you, now I have to feel it for myself."

Needless to say, my cock was rock hard, pointing straight up. "Angela, it may not be what you are used to but you can bet I will make you happy."

"Jimmy baby, size isn't everything. Being made love to is more important most of the time. Anne and Gramma both like your way of doing things more than they like Dad's or Mike's even though they love those big cocks of theirs. Those big things make you hurt afterward even though they feel wonderful at the time, so don't worry about them, just worry about me."

OK, if that's what she wants then that's what she will get. There was a king size air mattress on the patio that Helen had me inflate earlier for the party. I figured we should make use of it now. I took Angela by the hand and lead her over to it. The mattress was in the shade making it much more comfortable than out by the pool. We laid down together and resumed kissing along with some serious exploration of each body. My hands were everywhere on her, as hers were on me. This was so much better than I remembered from watching her and her dad. Her skin was so soft and smooth almost, as they say, like a baby's butt. My finger dipped into her slit at the same time her hand wrapped around my cock.

Again our lips broke contact. "Please Jimmy, fuck me first before anything else. I want to feel your cock in me. I want to watch you fuck me, to see your cock slide in and out of me and to see the look on your face when you cum in me. There's plenty of time for the other stuff, please just fuck me now."

I got on my knees between her legs and put my cock at the opening of her pussy. I slid it up and down her inner lips and watched the head get shiny from being covered with her pussy juice. As I pressed toward her she was doing the same to me. She curled her legs back and spread them more so that I could get closer to her. Before I knew it I was buried all the way into her, our bare pubic areas tight together.

Our eyes locked as she hoarsely said to me, "Now Jimmy, fuck me, please fuck me."

My hips started gyrating and pumping as I pistoned in and out of her hot hole. Once I looked down in time to see her thrusting up to meet me. I was sure I was not going to last long and told her so.

Her hands held my face as she said to me, "Cum in me, I want that hot cum in me, shoot it in me, don't hold back, baby, don't hold back, come on, come on, come on, fill me."

And I did!! Shot after shot erupted from the tip of my cock. It felt so good it almost hurt. I growled and groaned all the way through to the end until there was nothing left. I needed catch my breath and what better place to do it that on her body with her arms and legs wrapped around me. Angela held me tightly in her arms and I knew I felt another familiar sensation as her cunt muscles massaged my spent cock. I was sure it was not going to soften very much while I lay inside her and I was rapidly regaining my strength to the point I wanted to fuck her some more. Gradually I began to move in her as my cock hardened to its rock like consistency. Angela was moving with me, not missing a stroke, meeting me as I slammed into her. It took but a few minutes before I was ready to cum again. She must have sensed it because once again she egged me on until I shot off once more.

"Jimmy, you have filled me with your sweet love juice and I have watched the look on your handsome face as I felt you spray my insides and I am impressed with how you fuck me."

"Would you like to taste the cream that I put in your pussy from my mouth?" I asked.

"Certainly I would," she replied.

Hardly missing a beat, my head was between her legs with my mouth firmly attached to he love tunnel. My tongue scooped our mixture from her pussy until I had all my mouth would hold. I crawled over her body until my mouth was once again on hers. This time she experienced our mingled fluids as our tongues bathed in my mouthful of warm love juice. When it was all gone I returned to her pussy so that I could return the favor she had given me. My fingers spread her open as I slowly fucked her with my eyes. So sweet, so young, yet so willing to accept any love tool.

The tool this time was my tongue. I reached out with it and touched her clit. My fingers skinned back the hood so that I could massage it with the underside of my tongue. I laid it directly on her clit and slowly, ever so slowly, began to move it around and around. I glanced up over her belly every so often, between the valley of her tits, and watched the expression on her face. I knew she was about to go over the top as her breathing changed rhythms from slow to fast. The first orgasm hit like a ton of bricks. Her hands grabbed the back of my head as she tried her best to pull me into her pussy.

I didn't stop or slow down. I wanted her to cum until she couldn't stand it any more. I am sure I counted no less than five separate orgasms before the really big one hit. When that one was at the very peak she was screaming so loud I was afraid Mom or Helen would think I was hurting her. I should have known better.

As I crawled up to hold her in my arms I saw Mom and Helen standing at the patio door. Angela rolled back into my grasp and I could still feel her shivering from the aftershocks of her orgasms. I whispered in her ear about the patio door and she told me that Helen had set this whole thing up. "They have been in there watching us since you woke up. Gramma wanted me to have you to myself before the party, to feel your tenderness and abilities where women are concerned, before the other women at the party try to monopolize you. Jimmy, you are one terrific lover. Later I want you to do something for me that I have wanted for a long time, but for now let's join Gramma and your mom."

When we went inside, Helen and Mom were waiting for us. They had pulled a sofa close to the patio door so as not to miss a thing. "You two make a beautiful couple," said Helen, "Anne and I came three times watching you. Why don't you go shower and come back and join us?"

We went into Helen's immense shower room where we washed each other thoroughly, enjoying the streams of water beating down on our bodies. After we dried we rejoined the two ladies in the living room where they were seated in front of a state of the art, big screen TV.

"Come sit down kids, I want you to see something," said Helen.

With her remote she turned on the VCR and much to our surprise there was Angela and I, in all our glory, on tape, engaged in our recent lovemaking session.

"Well, what do you think?" asked Mom. "Helen and I wanted to be able to watch the two of you over and over. Jimmy, I love watching you, especially when you are making someone happy."

We watched the whole tape, making little comments about different silly things but in the end we were so worked up we needed release one more time. Angela and Helen paired off this time as Mom and I sixty-nined each other. Damn I love eating pussy! And Mom has one sweet pussy. We decided to take a nap so as to be ready for the party later. Angela and I took the guest room and Mom and Helen went into Helen's big bedroom. Within minutes we were all asleep happily anticipating tonight's activities.

More later...


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