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Family Affair Ch. VIII
by JoeZ

Tonight is the big party night. According to Helen the whole family should be here, including some I had not met. I was assured that everyone who would be here had, at one time or another, been a guest at a party in the past. That meant that family fucking was all part of their makeup. Usually any new members became part of the family at some later date. She explained that this was how Betty and Bill came to know each other and later married.

Angela and I spent the day getting to know each other better. Beside the sex she and I had a lot of mutual interests. The afternoon seemed to fly by when all the sudden the first guest arrived. Helen's youngest brother, Adam, came out to the patio flanked by the two naked women. Helen and Mom helped him undress. Apparently he and Mom had been introduced in the house because Mom was already stroking his cock as they kissed. Angela hurried over to greet him with a passionate kiss and he returned her greeting by caressing her body.

"Adam, I want you to meet my friend, Jimmy. Jimmy, meet my Uncle Adam," Angela said.

We exchanged handshakes and pleasantries while making small talk. Adam, I found out was in his early fifties. Mom seemed to like what she saw because soon the two of them were off in a corner chatting away.

"I think Mom has a new friend," I mentioned to Angela, to which she replied, "she will like him. He is a very considerate lover. Like you, everything he knows he learned from Gramma. Don't worry about her, she is in good hands, trust me I know."

Angela and I went into the kitchen for a drink and there was Helen with another naked guy. She was on her knees sucking his cock.

"My god, Uncle Larry, how nice it is to see you. Larry, this is Jimmy, Jimmy this is my dad's older brother, Larry," said Angela.

Helen didn't slow down one bit. I wanted to stay and watch but Angela took me back on the patio. "Let's leave them alone for a few minutes, Gramma hasn't seen Larry for over a year and I am sure she wants to show her appreciation for showing up at the party."

We hadn't been outside very long when Bill and Betty arrived. Both, like everyone else had shed their clothing. Betty, as usual looked fantastic. I still found it hard to believe her age as I did Mom's sometime. Maybe it was the constant intake of male ejaculate that helped, or maybe it was that these women wanted always to look good so took care of themselves. Either way I loved looking at her naked body.

Angela caught me staring at her mom and jokingly said, "Would you like to fuck her or eat her as an appetizer before her pussy gets too sloppy?"

"No, but I do want to go over and say hello," I replied.

Angela and I made our way over to them and as Betty and I kissed and fondled the other's body, I noticed that Angela was busily stroking her dad's massive cock.

"Jimmy, I have been hearing some great things about you from Mom," Betty remarked, "she tells me you are one fantastic lover. I'm sorry we haven't seen much of each other lately, my bad luck I guess, but I plan to make up for it tonight. I notice you and Angela together. Have you had a chance to fuck her yet?"

"I sure have. Mom and Helen set it up this afternoon and I have to tell you she is everything I could wish for."

Angela, meanwhile, had her dad's cock at full attention. "Now sweetheart, see what you have done," he said.

"I want you to advertise," she said back to him with a slight chuckle.

As we were standing there I noticed Mike come through the door with a beautiful redhead, a tall beautiful redhead, at least five feet, ten inches tall, with huge tits, tits that sagged very minimally, tits with nipples at least three inches in diameter, nipples with nubs in the center a half inch across and standing out a good inch and a half. The rest of her body was equally fantastic. There was just enough meat on her bones so that she didn't look anorexic and legs, long shapely legs that met at a clean shaven pussy, a pussy already moist around the outer seam.

I must have been standing with my mouth open when Mike walked up to us. "Jimmy and Angela, I want you to meet Cindy. Cindy, this is my sister and best friend. Cindy is a new mom. She has a baby boy about six months old who nurses. Wait until you try her sweet milk. Maybe later we can try a foursome."

Leave it to Mike to come up with something different. I was so excited about meeting Cindy that I didn't notice how hard my cock had become.

"You poor guy," said Angela, "all these naked bodies are having an effect on you. Come with me, I want you to do something for me."

We went into one of the spare bedrooms, which also was furnished with a king-size bed, and Angela laid me down in the middle of it. She got some cream which she applied liberally to my cock.

"This is called STAY-HARD which is what I want you to do."

She had a jar of KY jelly that she also spread on my dick. What was left on her hand she put on her rosebud asshole.

"Jimmy, I want you to fuck me in the ass. I want it before anything else happens tonight. I have never been fucked in the poop chute and I know from Gramma that you were tender when you did it to her. I just want to feel your cock in me. Dad and Mike are way too big and beside I want us to have something no one else has done to me. Let me lay on my back with my ass on a pillow and you can butt fuck me that way."

Angela lay on the pillow presenting me with a beautiful, light tan, puckered hole. Her legs were pulled back as far as she could get them. I crawled on my knees, with my cock in my hand, right up to the point that her asshole and the tip of my cock met. Gently I applied pressure, as did she, until I felt the head enter her with a pop as her sphincter muscle closed around the backside of the head of my cock. It almost felt like it was in a vise. Slowly the pressure subsided and I could feel her relax. Ever so gently I moved forward, fucking her slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time sliding into her, until my cock was buried balls deep in her hot ass. What a feeling I had as my cock lay bathing in the heat of her ass. No pussy I had ever fucked felt anything like this. Even Helen's ass, which I had fucked earlier didn't feel like this. Maybe it was that she had never done this before. We both lay still for a few minutes almost afraid to move. Two thoughts went through my head, "If I move I am going to cum during the second stroke" and "Christ I don't want to hurt her". Slowly Angela began moving her ass. I could feel her riding me a little more on each stroke. We got into a rhythm within a few strokes and try as I might I couldn't hold it back. I let out a growl and groan as my white cream erupted into her ass. Her legs locked around my waist and her arms around my neck.

"Don't you dare slide out of me," she said, "I know you stay hard, now stay hard for me."

I wasn't about to come out of her ass. I was still buried deep in her. We kissed deeply and passionately while regaining our strength. My cock seemed to have a mind of its own. With her assmuscles locked around the base it was almost like I had a cock ring on. There was no way the blood was going to escape. I began moving again, very slowly at first, until I was fucking her ass liked I had fucked her pussy earlier in the day. Angela reached down as I straightened up and started finger fucking herself. She dipped her middle finger inside her cunt, gathering as much juice as possible, and spreading it on her clit. Angela rubbed her clit, first in a circular motion, then flicking it, then massaging it with two fingers, moving them so rapidly they were almost a blur. The faster she rubbed the more her ass moved and the harder I slammed into her. I was feeling my orgasm start again. Angela must have been at that point too. We both hit the top at the same time. Neither one of us knew what hit us. We yelled, moaned, groaned, screamed once and just held on for the ride. When It was finally over we collapsed in a heap, breathing uncontrollably as we returned to near normalcy.

"My god, Jimmy, that was better than when I lost my cherry. God, thank you so much for being you. What a great lover you are."

At that point my cock popped out of her ass. As I watched it try to close some of my cum was oozing out. I wanted to lock my mouth on it but she stopped me saying she didn't think it was as healthy as sucking it from her cunt. She just let it slowly run out until her ass closed firmly then the two of us went into the guest bath where she sat on the toilet and expelled it into the bowl. She used the bidet before joining me in the shower where we washed each other thoroughly.

Helen had evidently heard the shower running and came in to see what was going on. When she found out that Angela had lost her ass cherry she was happy beyond belief.

"You kids are so lucky to have the kind of opportunities to do things I never did."

"No, Gramma, we are lucky to have you to teach us these things without having to fumble and fuddle our way through. What you taught Jimmy about ass fucking is like a dream come true. I didn't want Mike's huge pole tearing my ass apart and Jimmy not only fucked me he made me love it too."

We dried off and rejoined the party to find another of Bill's brothers, Mark, had arrived with his wife, Maureen, their daughter, Katie, and her husband, Will. All of them had shed their clothes and were standing around catching up on past happenings while sipping drinks. Angela introduced me to the group and each of the women made sure they let me know how happy they were to meet me by the way they kissed me.

"Helen has told us about her new friendship with you and Anne," said Maureen, "and if it's all right with Angela I would like to get to know you better later."

"No problem," replied Angela, "it has been a long time since Mark and I fucked, I think since my first party when I turned sixteen, so when you want to switch let me know. Mike wants us to do a foursome with him and his new girlfriend, Cindy. In case you didn't know it she is nursing so her boobs are full of milk. I want Jimmy to suck one of her nipples while I do the other before she uses up all her milk with someone else."

It still amazed me when they talked so openly about what kind of sexual activity they were going to do. While the women were talking I had a chance to look them over. Like all the other women in this family, these two could have passed for sisters. Their pussies were also bare, as were their husbands pubic area. Katie looked about sixteen. Her tits were small but beautifully shaped with small pink nipples. Maureen had tits that were no less than DD with aerolae no less than 4 inches in diameter and huge nipples in the middle. When comparing their pussies Katie won hands down. Again, like a virginal sixteen year old, Katie looked as if she had never been fucked, even though I knew better. Maureen's inner lips hung out almost two inches, a sight I wanted to examine up close.

"Jimmy, wait until you see Maureen's clit. It's almost like a baby cock. I never get enough of sucking and licking it. In the meantime l let's mingle and see what's going on."

While walking over to where Mike and Cindy were laying on an air mattress going at it, I noticed Mom, Adam, Helen and Larry engaged in a foursome. We stopped to watch for a few minutes as Mom was the center of attention. The two guys were sucking her titties and Helen was eating her pussy. Mom pulled Larry up to where she could get to his hard cock and fill her mouth with it. Adam got behind Helen and slid his big cock into her juicy cunt. It thrilled me to see them sucking and fucking and watching Mom enjoy herself.

Mike and Cindy were waiting for us as we got down on the mattress with them. Angela and I took a position on either side of Cindy while Mike was kneeling between her legs. Mike had that monster cock of his in his hand aimed at Cindy's beautiful pussy. He had rubbed it up and down her slit until the head gleamed with her pussy lubricant. Angela and I took a tit each and locked our lips onto the elongated nipple. No sooner had I started sucking than I felt milk squirt into my mouth. How unbelievably sweet her tittie nectar was. I had never tasted it before but this was such a new sensation that I wanted it to never run dry. I peaked up at Angela who was going to town on the other nipple. She grinned at me and motioned with her eyes to look south. Mike's cock was buried to the base in Cindy's cunt and her legs were straight in the air. Mike started plowing into her with that massive cock of his as she raised up to meet him. I knew Mike was about to cum from the times he and I had fucked together. He crammed every inch into her and just stopped as his firehose sprayed the inside of her cunt with his hot cream. Cindy was breathless. Her mouth was open gasping for air. I knew she was cumming and nothing was going to break this frenzy she was experiencing. She raised up and wrapped herself around Mike, tearing us away from her nipples.

Angela motioned for me to come with her. I saw Betty and Bill with Katie and Will. Betty had Will's cock stuffed in her mouth while Bill had Katie sitting on his lap facing him with his cock lodged in her cunt. Katie was grinding her pussy against Bill while she had her arms locked around his neck and her mouth and his doing wonderful things together. Betty meanwhile had twisted her pussy around until was directly in line with Will's mouth. The two of them attacked the others genitals in a frenzy. Betty gobbled Will's cock as deeply as possible, thoroughly engrossed in the feel of it in her throat. I wanted to see and hear them cum but Angela wanted to get over to Mark and Maureen. Watching Betty and Will, I knew what that feeling was. I also knew he was loving the taste of her cunt.

On the other side of the patio Mark and Maureen sat waiting for us. As we approached they stood and opened their arms to us. Maureen came up to me, put her arms around my neck and attached her mouth to mine. Her tongue swirled inside as her lips sucked my tongue into her mouth. My hands were busy with her tits. Her nipples were hard as rocks. The aerolae was gathered to about half the original size and her nipples became even more elongated.

"I want you to suck on them, Jimmy. They need plenty of sucking and nipping. Please chew on them too," Maureen pleaded.

Maureen is a tall woman, I am five feet-ten and my guess is that she is as tall if not taller than me. Sucking her tits while standing was not a problem but I wanted her somewhere laying down. My hand strayed down to her pussy and I slipped a finger inside of her sopping wet cunt. It was almost like breaking a seal on something because as my finger opened her seam the juices flowed out. My hand was immediately coated with sweet, slick woman cream. It was not difficult to locate her clit. As Angela had said it was large, truly like a baby penis. It fit easily between my middle and index finger giving me clear access to stroke it. Maureen pressed her pussy closer to me and pulled my head tighter to her nipples.

"Let's go find a room someplace," I suggested, "I want to eat that pussy of yours."

"Jimmy, eating my pussy will just be the beginning. We have lots to do tonight," she replied.

The four of us made our way through tangled bodies into the house and down to the rec room. Maureen and I took the love seat and Mark and Angela went to the large couch. Unknown to me the love seat was also a bed. We opened it and laid together feeling, fondling, kissing until I started toward her pussy. I folded the outer lips back to get a better look at her clit. Angela was right. It stood out proudly at the top of her seam, a bright pink nub of flesh, looking absolutely like a baby cock. I grasped the large flappy inner lips and pulled them open too. Ever since Betty and Helen had first let me examine their cunt, I have been fascinated about the differences in each woman. Maureen's cunt was something to behold. Her urethra was an immense hole, like nothing I had ever seen. It was big enough for me to fit my little finger into with no trouble. I laid my tongue on her erect clit, feeling the softness and firmness all at the same time. I got the same feeling from the head of Mike's cock that one time I sucked him. I massaged it in a circular motion until I heard her start to moan. Out of the corner of my eye I caught some movement. Mark and Angela had move a chair closer to us so they could watch Maureen and me. Mark sat on the chair and Angela sat on his cock with her back to him so that she could see too. Mark had a nice size cock and Angela was making use of every inch of it. All this time my mouth had not left Maureen's cunt. More and more she moaned as her ass moved in time with my tongue. Finally her orgasm hit with full force. I was not ready for what happened as her pussy erupted with a mixture of pussy juice and pee. Fluid gushed out of her vaginal hole and urethra at the same time. I almost didn't know what to do. I clamped my mouth over her peehole and felt the hot liquid shoot from her body. Much to my surprise it did not have a urine taste. It was a very unique taste, very hard to describe. My fingers continued to rub her clit to more and more orgasms. The more she came the more she gushed. Now I sucked the cream from her cunt hole as her interior muscles forced it into my mouth. This was the woman juice I loved. This was sweetness, taste and woman rolled into one. I alternated between the two as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. At last she pushed me away, literally gasping for breath. I crawled up next to her to embrace her and she started cleaning my face with her tongue.

Mark and Angela were smiling at us, no they were smiling at me. "Well, how did you like that?" Angela asked, "I didn't want to ruin the surprise for you. Have you ever had a woman who could cum that much and eject that much fluid. I envy you getting all that but maybe later I can try. Its been a long time since I tasted her."

Maureen leaned over to Angela and put her face in Angela's pussy. Her tongue flicked out at the exposed clit in front of her. She made long swipes tasting both Angela's pussy and Mark's cock. I needed release. I spread Maureen's legs after putting a pillow under her ass. It didn't take much pressure but my cock slid into her well greased cavity. Those inner lips were wrapped tightly around my pole. Damn, I needed to fuck her. In and out my cock slid ... coming near the bottom ... sloshing through her wetness. Christ her pussy was hot ... it felt like my cock was in an oven. All the sudden I knew I was going to cum. "I had to blow this load ... OH GOD HERE IT COMES!!!!," I thought to myself, and it did. It hurt my balls when it exploded and my legs went rigid.

At the same time Mark blew his load into Angela. She ground her cunt onto his cock as she leaned forward to get more of his meat into herself.

When I looked up I was surprised to see Larry and Helen and Adam and Mom watching us. "How did you like her juice, Jimmy?" Helen asked. "I wish I could have seen it. We have all been getting reacquainted or, in the case of Anne, making a new friend. Mom and Adam were obviously taken with each other. He couldn't keep from fondling her nor she him.

"When you four are done Katie wants Mike to fuck her. She wants to see how much of it she can take," said Helen.

"I know," said Maureen, "that is all she talked about on the way over. Let's all help her make it an enjoyable experience. Angela, go bring her in and let everyone know what is going on."

Angela and I went around to everyone and told them Helen wanted them in the rec room for something special. When we got to Bill and Katie, Angela took her aside and told her Helen had a treat for her. We took her inside and laid her on the large couch that also opened into a bed, a king size bed this time. Pillows had been arranged to make her more comfortable as we laid her in the middle. Helen, Betty, Maureen, Mom and Angela went to work on her, massaging her with oils on every part of her body. Helen climbed on the bed and let Katie lean back against her. The other women concentrated on her torso as Helen lovingly caressed her face and talked sweetly to her. Her tits were coated with the oil as Mom and Betty took one each and worked on it. They started on her chest and worked their way to her nipple which they pulled, rubbed and twisted into hard nubs. Maureen and Angela worked the area around her cunt and ass. One on each side, they caressed her pussy seam and ass cheeks as they held her legs straight in the air. Bill climbed on the bed and stood in front of Helen. He fed his half hard cock into her mouth. Larry on one side and Adam on the other, the two of them put their cocks into her hands. I stood in front of Mom, I wanted everyone to see her suck me, and Will stood in front of Maureen with his cock in her mouth. Cindy and Mike came into the room to this awesome scene. Cindy got on her hands and knees and licked Katie's pussy. Mike stood in front of Angela with that monster at her open mouth. Angela could barely get her mouth around the head but she did the best she could. She remarked about the taste of Cindy's cunt and everyone chuckled. Cindy moved out of the way to make room for Mike. He knelt between her upstretched legs as Maureen and Angela spread them open more. Maureen took Mike's cock in her hand and placed it at the opening of her daughter's cunt. Slowly, ever so slowly, Mike worked his cock in circular motions, opening her a little at a time. All the guys had taken their cocks from the women's mouths and had wrapped their hands around them as they turned to watch what was going on. The women were still caressing Katie as Mike fed more and more of his meat into her tunnel. Helen was calling all the shots. Mike had about half his cock into her when Angela and Maureen handed Katie's legs to Helen. Mike literally started screwing into her when all the sudden his entire length was in her.

"OK Mike, relax for a few minutes so Katie can catch up," Helen said.

Katie's face was a mixture of terror and ecstasy as she felt a cock where none had ever been. Mike had done something almost every woman here had felt, opened the mouth of her uterus that is normally open only during her period. All the guys knew their wives or lady friends had felt his specialty. Everyone watched as he began to fuck her. Small, almost imperceptible movements at first, slowly enlarging her love tunnel, he started on her. Each time he moved Katie took a deep breath and Helen was right there to soothe her. Mom reached down to massage her clit to help take her mind off the pole buried inside her. Katie had her first orgasm as Mike was on a down stroke. She jammed up to meet him to feel him all the way inside. Katie couldn't help herself as she let out a blood curdling yell. Betty clamped her mouth onto Katie's mouth. Mike didn't slow down now. He must have given Helen a sign cause she urged us to get ready to cum. Katie was still cumming one time after another.

"Now!!!" said Mike as he erupted into her.

Bill put his big cock in her mouth and shot his load. Larry, Adam, Will and I aimed our cocks at Katie as jet after jet of cream ejected out of our cock onto her body. Each shot was like a bolt of lightening striking her. She thrashed and yelled and screamed and even cried from the pleasure she was enduring. She experienced these orgasms and the after effects for a full thirty minutes. We all sat down around the bed and watched this scene that we had seen many times before, not Mom or me mind you, as the other women wanted to be the star of the show.

Mike just as slowly removed his cock from her as he had inserted it and the women took over cleaning the man juice from her. Maureen got the honor of cleaning Mike's cum from Katie's distended crease. The women did not miss a drop.

Helen had one more surprise for us. After we all showered and returned to the rec room she announced that she had hired professional video tapers who had caught all the action. We all paired off to watch what we had missed and before the night was over we were fucking and sucking again.

The next morning as we were leaving Helen presented each person a copy of the tape as a keepsake.

Angela and I have been seeing each other on a regular basis and sharing still with members of the family. Mom and Adam are getting along great. Mom has hinted that she and Adam might get married but that she wanted us to fuck each other anytime the mood hit.

Now you know how all this got started and how I got to like sex more than anything. I never stop trying to learn new things about pleasing women. As much as I love Angela, Helen is still my favorite. For a woman who is almost seventy she can still throw a mean fuck.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you. Maybe I will add to it as adventures happen.

To Be Continued...


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