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Family Affair Ch. XI
by JoeZ

Well, like I told you, Aunt Ruth and I had a wonderful weekend. I don't know how many times she asked me about Mom finding out. Each time she mentioned it I tried to reassure her not to worry. I knew what would eventually happen but I didn't think she was ready to hear it yet. Mom and I had briefly talked about it before she left and Mom had asked me not to say anything to Aunt Ruth.

On Sunday morning I awoke before Aunt Ruth. We were still spooned together with my hands firmly on her perpetually hard nipples. We had fallen asleep like this after an extremely vigorous session of fucking. We hadn't even taken the time to wash up afterward, just fell into an exhausted sleep.

My cock was nestled into Aunt Ruth's asscrack at about half-staff. As I started massing her nipples she gradually awoke and began pressing back against me. As her ass moved my cock started to grow.

"How about a good morning fuck, Aunt Ruth?" I asked.

"Mmmmmm baby. I can't believe there's anything left in that magnificent cock of yours. Give me anything you've got though."

She was about to learn, if she hadn't noticed already, that my recuperative powers were extremely good. I rolled her onto her back and placed two pillows under her ass to more easily lick her cunt. Needless to say, after our fuck session last night, her pussy was thoroughly caked in dried cum, both hers and mine. Eating her was more enjoyable since I had talked her into letting me shave her pussy bald. I eagerly lapped that slit getting her hotter and hotter until she let go with a scream signaling her orgasm. As she went into the throes of her climax I quickly got on my knees between her legs and slammed my engorged cock deep into her pussy.

Aunt Ruth's eyes were closed, her head swayed from side to side as we fucked. I looked into the mirror over the bed where I saw Mom's image standing in the doorway to the room watching us. I motioned Mom to the bedside where she could better see the action. As she made her way over she shed her clothing until she stood by the bed totally nude. I knew, but Aunt Ruth didn't, that Mom had hoped to find us fucking when she returned from her weekend with Adam. Well she got her wish! Mom watched as my dick plowed in and out of Aunt Ruth's juicy quim. We had fucked so much last night that her pussy was still filled with leftover cum and with the pussy juice she was manufacturing mixed with leftovers the sloshing noises were almost deafening.

Mom watched intently as Aunt Ruth flailed about on the bed trying to get more of my cock deeper into her hole. Our two bare pubic areas were a tight together as could be. My pubic bone was grinding onto her clit and I knew it wouldn't be long before she started cumming.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, goddamn Jimmy baby, slam your cock in me. I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming, I'm cumming again. FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE, OH GOD FUCK MEEEEEE HARD!!!!!!!!!," she screamed.

I continued pounding my rock hard cock deep into her wet pussy with all the force I could muster. Even with all the juice in there she was still incredibly tight. I could feel the familiar tinglings start in the base of my cock and knew that soon I was going to shoot my load into her one more time.

"Come on Jimmy, cum with me sweetheart, I wanna feel you shoot in me."

I leaned over onto Aunt Ruth as my cock blasted its first shot into her. I held her tightly as I humped her shooting more jizz into her overflowing cunny. I also didn't want her to see Mom standing there yet. Both of us finished about the same time, gasping for breath as our orgasms subsided.

"Oh Jimmy, you are truly something. Trust me when I say that from now on every man I fuck will be measured against you. Christ I wish I could take you with me when I leave."

For the first time Mom spoke, "What would I do then, Ruth? Would you deny me the pleasure he has brought me?"

Aunt Ruth almost threw me off as she jumped from scare Mom caused. I grabbed her tightly and held her as I calmed her fears.

"Shhhhh, it's ok. Mom is quite aware of what we have been doing while she has been gone," I told her.

"Why do you think Adam and I left for the weekend. We wanted you to experience the wonderful things Jimmy can do. Who do you think loosened me up? It was because of Jimmy that I ultimately met Adam."

"Anne, I can't believe this. You mean that he is fucking you too? I have to tell you Jimmy is the greatest love maker I have ever encountered. Damn, I just noticed you are naked too."

"Of course I am. I want to join the two of you. Geez Ruth you have a terrific body. I see Jimmy has initiated you into shaving. He did the same to me. Doesn't it feel great?"

Mom climbed onto the bed as I rolled off Aunt Ruth. She was still propped up on the pillows, her pussy oozing my fresh load of gism. She went straight to the gaping gash and locked her lips over her sister's cunt.

"Oh my God, Anne. Holy Shit!!!!!. I've never had a woman suck my pussy and here my sister is licking me."

About that time I knelt next to her head and gently rolled her head over until my cock was pressing on her lips. The harder I pushed the more her mouth opened to finally admit my whole cock. There was just enough starch left in my dick to adequately fuck her mouth. The more Mom lapped her clit and hole the more I fucked her mouth. I watched as Mom cleaned our combined juices from her sister's body.

Aunt Ruth was about to cum. Having just spent the weekend experiencing the many ways she could orgasm I now recognized what was about to happen. I reached down and grabbed hold of her elongated nipples just as her orgasm started. She thrashed around, never losing her grip on my cock.

"Aughhhhhh," she gurgled around my cock.

Mom didn't slow down one little bit. I could see her lips and tongue giving Aunt Ruth's clit a workout.


Her ass bounced up and down as she went through the throes of her orgasm.

My cock was now hard as a rock from my Aunt's sucking and with nowhere else to put it I rolled Mom over so I could bury my bone into her gooey slit. Mom took me willingly, wrapping her legs around my waist as I pounded deep into her cunt. Aunt Ruth watched us in amazement as Mom and I fucked like two teenagers. We knew from previous times together that we were both about to cum.

From many night and days of lovemaking we nodded at each other knowingly that the end was near. My cock swelled with it's load shooting down the tube as Mom responded with her own orgasm.

It took a few minutes for Mom and I to collect ourselves. In the meantime Aunt Ruth was propped on her elbow watching us.

"I am totally amazed. I never guessed the two of you had a thing going. Here I thought I was getting away with something by fucking my handsome nephew and you have been doing it all along."

"Ruth, you can't believe how fantastic things have been around here since Jimmy and I have been making love and fucking. There is a difference you know? Jimmy takes care of me like no other man I have ever met. We have taught each other many things and as a result Jimmy has become the consummate lover. He thinks of his woman more than himself."

"I noticed that," replied my Aunt. "This whole weekend he has been so attentive to my every need. And not just in bed either."

"OK you two. You're making me self-conscious. How about some breakfast after a shower?"

The three of us went into the bathroom were we took turns washing each other. We joined forces in the kitchen where we prepared breakfast and sat around the table totally naked discussing what had just happened and how Mom and I had been enjoying our new relationship. Mom never brought up the subject of our neighbors and how she had met Adam. Maybe later, who knows. For now we want to treat our new guest to some fantastic sexual play.

Aunt Ruth still was having trouble believing what was going on but said that she enjoyed what we were doing.

To Be Continued...


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