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Family Affair Ch. XII
by JoeZ

Aunt Ruth had been gone about a week and things had just about returned to normal around our house. Mom and I relived our experience with her sister one night and ended up in bed as usual fucking like two dogs in heat. Helen had returned from vacation and had called Mom asking her if it was all right if I spent a couple of nights with her. Mom readily agreed stating that she would have Adam come over to keep her company. Mom had gotten so used to being fucked every night, as had I, that I don't think she wanted to be alone.

Before I left, Mom asked me if I would like to go on vacation with her. She wanted to go to Florida to visit her mother, whom none of us had seen for almost ten years. Her mom was somewhat of social climber who had married well, leaving her a widow three times at last count and very wealthy. Mom had filled me in on her latest husband whose ashes she had strewn off the bow of their yacht into the ocean. Mom figured it might be a good time to visit so she could catch up on her mother's escapades. Gramma's age seemed to be a closely guarded secret but since Aunt Ruth was fifty-nine and Gramma had gotten married and pregnant early we figured her to be somewhere around seventy-five or seventy-six.

Mom had plenty of vacation time so we planned a three-week leisurely trip down in the car, giving us plenty of time to relax at the ocean. We made plans to leave the following Monday. That gave me the weekend with Helen while Mom and Adam could be alone before we left.

That weekend Helen treated me to some of the greatest fucking in the world, not that all the times with her weren't great. While on vacation she had met another lady who had just turned seventy. They became close friends and when Helen informed the lady about her sex life, Louise, the lady she met, wanted to experience some of it.

Louise was nowhere as sharp as Helen but for her age she was not too bad. Helen introduced us when I arrived and almost immediately I could feel her eyes taking in all my features.

"Jimmy, I have heard so much about you. It seems like every other word out of Helen's mouth is about you. I can see why too."

I thanked her for the compliment, not quite sure how this was going to play out, but was positive if Helen set it up then everything was OK. Needless to say, it was. The two of them were almost insatiable. Many times that weekend I thanked God for my youth and for the things Helen had taught me when my supply of cum was temporarily depleted. I learned that Louise had not had any real sex for at least fifteen years. Oh she had relieved the tension upon occasion with her own hand or lately with her new plastic friend but had not had the chance to feel a man inside her body. Her deceased husband was no great shake in bed when he was alive and for the last five years before he died he had not touched her at all.

Helen and I initiated her into modern sex, trying as much as possible to erase her Puritan upbringing. As usual Helen had some new trick up her sleeve (when she was wearing clothes which was not often). Helen and I spent the first half of the day shaving every bit of hair off Louise's body and massaging her with fragrant oils and creams. At no time were we ever in a rush. After preparing her, the two of us set about making sure she had every orgasm she missed since she was fifteen. It seemed that once we got her juices flowing there was no stopping her.

For two days we fucked her, sucked her, licked her, and nibbled her in so many places that she was tender in areas she didn't know existed. I left Helen's house on Sunday morning fully aware that Louise was totally satisfied. I had her promise that anytime I wanted to I could visit her.

Maybe in a later chapter I will detail the weekend with Louise and Helen more fully.

Mom and I spent Sunday getting ready for our trip. Adam had loaned us his nice big Lincoln Towncar for the drive. He wanted us to be safe and since Florida was so hot this time of year he figured the darkly tinted windows would help us stay cool.

We went to bed after showering together, made love for over two hours and then fell asleep in a lover's embrace with Mom's back firmly against my chest, my cock nestled in the crack of her beautiful ass and my hand resting on her engorged nipple.

In the morning I packed the car as Mom made sure that everything was safe in the house. When she finally came out I noticed that she was wearing one of her loose fitting summer outfits that buttoned down the front. I could discern no bra or panty lines under it which made me, even after our previous night, feel the beginnings of another hard-on. I helped Mom into the car whereupon she slid to the middle.

As I positioned myself behind the wheel she snuggled up close to me and whispered in my ear, "Jimmy, I have you all to myself for three days and I plan to show you how much I love you for what you have brought out in me."

"My pleasure, Mom," I replied. Her light perfume and natural body aroma wafted into my nose causing my cock to become steely hard. "See what you do to me even after last night?"

"I'm glad. I intend to keep you that way during the whole trip. When it gets to be too much let me know and I will relieve the pressure," she snickered.

"Are you kidding? We haven't even left our neighborhood and I want to fuck you right now. How am I going to make it through twelve hundred miles?"

"Well we have these tinted windows so let me know and I will suck that beautiful cock of yours and you can cum in my mouth."

"Mom, anytime you want just suck it. I could stand one right now but I think I want to wait til we get on the highway."

"OK baby, just let me know."

We motored down the highway for about two hours with Mom snuggled tightly against me. The outfit she had on left little to the imagination as she shifted around. My arm slid around her body pulling her closer still. My fingers played with the buttons, opening them one at a time.

"Do you want it open all the way, sweetheart?"

"Of course Mom. You know how much I love your body."

Mom unbuttoned the dress all the way to the bottom. She scooted around until she was laying on her back with her head in my lap. This gave me the opportunity to caress her luscious tits and nipples and to occasionally dip my finger into her drenched honey-pot. Her clit was as hard as her nipples so slowly I massaged her to an orgasm. Mom thrashed around a bit until her body calmed down then rolled over like she was going to nap. Instead she reached up my pants leg, taking my hard rod in her hot hand. Her mouth engulfed the tip as her tongue laved the head. Mom opened my shorts to more easily access my rampant cock. As carefully as possible she maneuvered my meat up and out the top. Now there was no stopping her. My cock disappeared down her throat. She was stretched out face down on the seat, her head bobbing up and down in my lap.

I was sure this would not last long. How right I was!! My cock exploded into her mouth. Mom wrapped her hand around it as she jacked my manjuice into her mouth. I have no idea how I kept the car in a straight line or my mind on my driving.

As my prick deflated in her mouth Mom looked up at me with a big grin on her face and said, "I never tire of the taste of you."

"Nor I you Mom."

She rolled over with her head in my lap and fell asleep with her hand still wrapped around my cock. Her dress was open for the entire world to see, and they would have, if we hadn't had those tinted windows. This helped me to caress her naked body as she slept.

This happened twice more that day until Mom suggested getting a hotel for the night. I don't know how I did it but after spending the afternoon at the pool with Mom and then having a very nice romantic dinner, we retired to our room where we made some of most passionate love I ever remembered. After thinking about it I know how it happened. Mom couldn't seem to get enough fucking. No matter how often we fucked she made it her duty to see that my cock rose to the occasion for one more ride.

Later as we lay side by side totally exhausted she said to me, "Jimmy, this is like a dream come true. This is the first time since the first time we fucked that I have had you all to myself and I intend to make the most of it. It's because of you that I have had the opportunity to experience all the things that I have. One of these days you are going to be gone and Adam and I will be married so I want to make the most of this trip. You will always be welcome in my bed but baby this is our time."

We fell into a lover's sleep that lasted til I awoke to find my cock in Mom's mouth. When I was fully awake she mounted me and rode my bone to at least three orgasms before I blasted into her magnificent cunt.

After cleaning up together in the shower where, by the way, I soaped my cock and her asshole and fucked her ass, we had breakfast and were back on the road.

If there hadn't been such a difference in our ages people would have thought that we were newlyweds. No matter where we were constantly touching each other. Mom's arm was always entwined in mine as she looked up at me. We went into shops as lovers would looking at this and that not caring who watched us and at times even exaggerating our every move for their enjoyment. It was as much fun watching them as they were having watching us.

At the end of each day we would find a hotel to enjoy hours of hard-core fucking and sucking followed by pure lovemaking. At one hotel we ordered in room service. Mom opened the door while wearing a short filmy robe. I was hiding in the closet watching as the waiter from room service tried to figure what to do. Mom was at her best. She threw him some looks that would have had most men crying with want. I have a feeling the guy swung both ways. I think he wanted to fuck Mom on the spot but was afraid he was being set up. She sidled up close to him as she signed the check, turning on all the charm she could.

In her sexiest voice she asked, "Do you have to hurry back to work?"

Shakily he answered, "Well we are busy. What did you have in mind?"

About that time Mom reached down and caressed his cock through his pants. "God, you have a nice cock hidden in there. How would you like to have a blow job?"

"You have dinner for two there. Where is he or she or whoever?"

"Don't worry. He won't be back for at least a half an hour."

Mom immediately fell to her knees as she opened his pants. She fished out his hard prick and balls from his undershorts as his pants fell around his ankles. Her mouth opened to receive him as I watched his cock disappear down her throat. Expert cocksucker that she is, Mom had him fucking her face to the point where I knew he was going to blow his load. I saw the look of pure joy cross his face as he blasted spurt after spurt in her mouth. Mom didn't lose a drop.

Before he left she got his phone number and found out that he was indeed bi. Mom told him that we would be through here again in three weeks and if he were available he would be invited to a three-way party. He actually hated to leave.

Personally, I was happy to see him leave. I came out of the closet with a cock so hard you could etch steel with it. Mom giggled when she saw my predicament. As she had done with the room service guy, she swooped down on my prick like a vulture. Supper would have to wait. Not long though because the show I had just seen had me right on the brink of cumming. Within three minutes I blasted my load into her mouth. When I had finished Mom rose to kiss me and we shared my ejaculate as we have done so many times before.

"OOOOOO baby," she said, "dessert before dinner. How great is that?" And she grinned at me.

We sat naked having dinner and then retired to the king-size bed for four hours of leisurely lovemaking and robust fucking. Once again we fell asleep spooned together until the next morning. I don't think either of us moved an inch all during the night.

After a nice breakfast we were on the road again knowing that in about five hours we would be at Gramma's house. I was almost sorry to see the trip end. Mom and I were enjoying each other so much I wanted to stay another night in a hotel. Mom assured me that we would have some time alone at Gramma's but we needed to be careful.

Later that afternoon we arrived at Gramma's house. House???? More like an estate. I thought it would take all day to get to her house from the entrance off the street. I knew Gramma was well off but never expected anything like this. Everything about the place was first class. The lawn and shrubs were manicured to the nth degree. Thank God we had the Lincoln. Anything else would have been extremely out of place. There must have been some kind of alarm system at the entrance because Gramma was standing at the front door waiting for us.

Mom and I looked at each other in disbelief. If this was Gramma, my mother's mom, a seventy something year old woman, someone was going to have to quit playing a joke on us. Here was a woman about five foot-six, blonde, with a body to die for. She was wearing a pool wrap sarong down to her knees with the smallest of string bikini top that was trying desperately to contain her d-cup tits.

"Jesus Christ, Jimmy, do you see that?" Mom asked.

"Holy Shit", I exclaimed. "Nobody I know has a grandmother who looks like that. Do you think she is the sexpot she is dressed up to be or is it all show?"

"You never know anymore", Mom answered. "Until we know let's be careful."

As we exited the car she was all over us, hugging and kissing.

"Well it's about time you two got here. I was about to send out an SOS for you", Gramma said. "Don't you two look wonderful. Anne, I can't remember when I've seen you look so good. And Jimmy, the last time I saw you you were nine years old. My, you have grown into a hunk."

"Gramma, you aren't bad yourself", I said.

"First off, none of that Gramma stuff. Call me Marge or whatever. What you see here is a result of lots of money, plenty of workouts with a private trainer and some cosmetic surgery by some of the best doctors. Lots of sex helps keep me young too. Come on in, I had the cook fix a light lunch for your arrival. We can talk more then. Why don't you take your things to your rooms and change into something comfortable. Jane, the maid, will show you to your rooms. See you in a bit."

Jane took us to two rooms at the far end of the house. Mom and I were across the hall from each other in rooms large enough to have a party in. After Jane left us I went into Mom's room looking for her. I found her in the bathroom on the toilet peeing without a stitch of clothes on.

"Jesus Christ Mom, look at you. I can't ever get enough of you. Here we have to go down to lunch and I've got a hard-on from looking at you."

"Take it out baby and I'll take care of it."

I unzipped my shorts, pulled them down to my ankles as I walked up to her open mouth. As always, she greedily took my hard cock to the back of her throat. I fucked in and out of her mouth as she massaged my nut-sack. It didn't take long for me to explode into her mouth as she swallowed every drop.

"Feel better now, my sweet?"

"I will as soon as I get my breath back."

Mom rose from the toilet with the remnants of urine cling to her pussy lips. I lifted her up on the vanity, got down on my knees and cleaned her with my tongue. While I was at it I made sure she experienced a satisfying orgasm to repay her for the one she gave me. I watched her dress in a silk shorts and top outfit with nothing underneath and some sexy little sandals on her feet.

We joined Gramma, oooops, Marge for lunch in a sunroom that overlooked her pool and the rest of her estate. The two women made up for lost time, catching up on all that had happened since we last saw Gramma and about the things she hadn't mentioned when they talked on the phone.

I excused myself from the table telling Mom and Gramma that I was tired and needed a nap. I went to my room and stripped naked and almost instantly fell asleep on the bed. I must have slept hard because almost two hours later Mom came in to wake me up. She told me that we were all going to dinner tonight. She suggested that I should dress well because we were going to a very exclusive restaurant. Mom told me to come in later to help her dress. She wanted my input as to what to wear and more than that, she wanted me to dress her. While she showered I chose her ensemble for the evening. As usual I chose black hose, garter-belt and bra to match, no panties and sexy shoes. Her dress was one that I had purchased when we had gone shopping together. It brought back memories of Mom and I fucking in the ladies dressing room at the department store.

Mom emerged from her shower and as she blew dry her hair I massaged her body with some fragrant cream. I wanted to fuck her so bad but she held me off until later when we didn't have any time constraints.

When we were ready Mom and I walked arm in arm to the center atrium where Gramma awaited us. Again she was a knockout, dressed so sexy that I had trouble keeping my eyes off her. If I didn't know for sure I would never guess this woman was over seventy-five. Here I was again, squiring two gorgeous women out on the town.

All during dinner Mom had her hand on my cock, gently stroking it to the point I thought I was going to cum in my pants. My dick was so hard I had to adjust it just so I could go to the restroom. And Gramma didn't help. Sitting on the other side of me, continually touching my arm and rubbing her tits on me. A couple of times I was almost sure she saw Mom's hand on cock.

Gramma was filling me in on all the hot guys who were after her while Mom was away at the ladies room. She assured me that this was why she had such a great outlook on life and had not turned into some withered, dried up old prune.

"Marge, no way are you an old prune. I would, and I am, proud to be seen with you. Matter of fact I would much rather be with older women than some of this young stuff around here. I have a regular girlfriend who is away at college who is much different than these beach babes but I never tire of more mature ladies. The things they have taught me are not in any book and, if they were, would take a lifetime to read. Mom has taught me so much about women and their personalities, what turns them on and what turns them off, for that I will be eternally grateful to her."

"Jimmy, I have to tell you, I love to fuck younger guys anytime I can get them but it was older guys who have left me with all this. I did my share though. Most of them never had it so good when it came to fucking. One of my late husbands had never had his cock sucked til I deep throated him, then he couldn't get enough. Let me tell you, that one died with a smile on his face."

I was having a hard time believing my grandmother was talking to me like this. Not that I minded. I was horny as hell anyway. Now I wanted to fuck someone, anyone, right now, this minute. Gramma began to look better and better to me. Damn, I wish I knew how to interpret this. I would love to fuck her but I didn't want to do something to ruin all this. I guess I will just wait until we got back to the house so Mom and I could fuck.

Finally Mom returned from the ladies room. We sat there for a while longer having dessert and coffee before leaving. Mom's hand was still stroking my hard dick under the table. Christ, I was about to explode.

When we got back to the house we all pleaded exhaustion and said our goodnights. When Gramma kissed me it was not on the cheek, it was square on the lips. I know I felt her tongue at my lips or maybe it was my active imagination. Gramma went one direction and we the other to our respective bedrooms.

"Get naked, Jimmy, and I will be in shortly. Whatever you do, don't stroke your cock or waste a drop of your cum.

Very quickly Mom was back in my room dressed in nothing but a shear robe. That didn't last long as she let it fall from her body while climbing on the bed.

"Jimmy, put your cock in me. I've got to feel you deep in me. I've got an itch that only you know how to scratch. Let me get on top of you baby. I want to ride that beautiful cock of yours."

My steely hard rod disappeared into Mom's hot, hungry cunt. She jammed herself down onto it until our bare pubic areas were tight together. Her pussy was leaking copious amounts of fluid as she began her assault on my cock. She bent over bringing her hot mouth down onto mine, jamming her tongue as deep into my mouth as my prick was into her pussy.

It didn't take long before both of us were in the throes of our first orgasm. My cock shot spurt after spurt into her cunt as she moaned into my mouth.

As we lay there entwined in each other's arms, breathing heavily, I could feel my hot cum oozing from Mom's cunt down onto my balls. I had really shot a load into her and as usual we both wanted more. Mom slipped off my cock and twisted around until her juicy twat was over my mouth and my cock was in hers. As we were deeply engrossed in licking and sucking I heard some movement in the room.

"The least you two could have done was invite me to join you," said Gramma in a husky sex laden voice. "I figured, after watching you two in the restaurant, that something was going on. Now do I get to join in?"

More about Gramma and us in Chapter 13...


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