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Fantasy Fulfilled
by EvansP

Well to start you off, let me tell you about a fantasy that has been running through my mind the past few days:

We've finally got to meet for a long period of time. We've gotten together before, but it was usually for a dinner, or a quickie in the airport as I stop over during another trip. As a matter of fact were getting good at quickies: in the parking lot, that one time in the men's room, even that one late at night behind the gate check in desk (how do you think they enjoyed all my cum in the printer??)

You and I now have a 2 day seminar in the same town. Funny too, how we didn't have to plan it and it just worked out that way. The only problem is, your in a different hotel then I. My fantasy begins at the first day cocktail party at my seminar. I'm talking to a lovely young (25-30) lady who the audit manager for a large private broker in California. She's dressed in short shorts and a tank top. From what I can see she is bra less. Every time she talk or gets animated her breasts jiggle a little. I start to get excited, not so much from her, but knowing you and I are going to get to fuck tonight ... all night.

Shelly (the California girl) looks at me kinda funny and notices I'm not listen as closely as I was before. When I tell her I was thinking about something else, she asks me what. I told her about our "date" later on and told her how long it had been since last time. She smiled coyly and I noticed her nipples getting hard, as a matter of fact, I notice a distinct odor in the room, of a squishy pussy.

Shelly seems a little more than interested in our date, so on a whim I invite her to have a drink with us later. She is appreciative of the offer and to show it, kisses me. I notice her lips are VERY soft and think you would love them. As I go off into fantasy land I notice her tongue is pushing through into my mouth. She pulls back and smiles and tells me she's going to get ready.

I'm standing there, with my mouth open and my cock hard. A few other guys have seen this exchange and have a look of jealously in their eyes. I run upstairs to get ready for you and jump in the shower. My cock is so hard it hurts and I begin to rub its length in the shower. The next thing I know I am furiously masturbating thinking about you and Shelly. With a loud grunt I cum and I shoot across the shower stall in thick hot spurts.

MY heart is pounding as I dry off and get dressed. You'll be downstairs in the bar in 10 minutes and I'm not even in the bar yet.

You decided that since you didn't know where my hotel was you'd leave early and arrive at the hotel bar 1/2 hour before the scheduled time. As you sit at the bar, you notice a nice looking man at the bar watch you walk across the room. He probably can see through your sun dress that tonight underwear was optional. You turn and walk to the other side of the bar and give him a little show as you hike your skirt up to sit on the bar stool. He can see right up your dress and his eyes open when he sees you are panty less.

After a few minutes the bartender comes over and informs you he would like to buy you a drink. The next thing you know you and he are sitting close to each other at the bar talking like old friends. You glance down and notice a HUGE bulge in his pants and realize your dripping.

Just as you begin to think about a nice hard cock, I walk into the bar with Shelly on my arm. Noticing your "situation" I quickly think of a way to approach this and walk over to you and say: "PJ, what a surprise, my friend Shelly and I are going out to dinner tonight, how about you and your friend joining us?" Shelly catches on as well as you and you audibly moan when you see her nipples stiffen, and laugh to yourself when you realize you don't even know your dates name, just that his cock is hard and you want to fuck.

I introduce Shelly to you and .... Bill .. he says. Bill seems a little annoyed because he thought he might get lucky, but you immediately see the gleam in my eye and say sure. Off we go into the restaurant and although you and I can't take our eyes off each other, we have to be careful if this is going to work.

In the restaurant we have some nice conversation and you jump when you feel my hand begin to run up your leather skirt (see I knew you would be wearing it). I find your cunt and slowly slip my finger inside of you getting it good and wet. I pull it out and then without anyone noticing say, this whipped cream looks delicious an run my finger through it and slip it into my mouth.

You don't realize it but as you watch me you slip your hand onto Bill's lap and grasp his cock through his pants. He almost chokes, but never-the-less you feel him immediately begin to grow in your hand. I call for the check and suggest we go back to my hotel for a night cap. We all jump into a cab, you, Shelly and Bill in the back and me in the front. Bill's in the middle and you start where you left off and begin to slowly run your hand up his legs. Shelly looks at you and smiles as she begins to run her hand up the other. You both get to his crotch at the same time and begin to massage his cock and balls. You unzip his fly and take out his hardening cock. You look me in the eye as you dip your head down and take him into your mouth. Shelly begins to play with her nipples and kisses Bill on the mouth. Bill is so excited that he doesn't last long with your gyrations and cums into your mouth. You swallow some but leave some in your mouth. You lift your head off his cock and look at Shelly who leans over and kisses you on the lips as your tongues entwine Bills cum is shared between you.

Throughout this ordeal, the cab driver is looking through the rear view mirror and I am chuckling as I see he is besides himself. He pulls into the hotel and drops us off and I give him a big tip, since he's the only one who is not going to get any today.

The four of us, after our little excursion laugh as we ride up to my room. I open the door and everyone moves in. I put a CD on and we begin to talk about things and the air in the room gets a little heavy about what is next. Shelly gets up and says .. well ... I think Joe needs to have some fun too. She drops to her knees in front of me and begins to pull my cock out of my pants. She kisses its length and starts to lick from my balls to the tip, where I begin to ooze cum. You and Bill are looking at Shelly's head bobbing down on my cock and the two of you begin to undress. You step out of your skirt and drop to you knees in front of me and Shelly and you begin to share my cock. Each taking a turn sucking me into your mouth and then kissing each other intermittently. At one point you are sucking me and Bill comes up behind you and slips his cock into your cunt, slowly. He is bigger than me.

Thicker and longer and you moan as you begin to suck harder and faster. Shelly gets up and slips under Bill and begins to lick both you and Bill as he fucks you. You take me out of your mouth because you need to moan and tell them to fuck you. And you begin to blow me again. All this action has gotten me to a boiling point and I begin to cum.. You take me out of your mouth and jerk me off into your face and hair licking my cock clean afterwards. Bill sees this and begins to cum too. He slips out of your cunt and begins to cum on it as Shelly is licking your cunt and ass. The cum dripping down into her mouth.

We all collapse into pile and you go into the bathroom to clean the cum off your face, taking care to use your fingers to lick whatever you can into your mouth. Shelly cums up behind you and begins to massage your breast and begins to like your face and breasts to help get my cum off.

You turn around to face her an you lips meet. After a while she takes you by the hand and leads you to one of the beds. And the two of you meet in a 69 position. Your tongues touch each other simultaneously and you each begin the exploration of each other. Almost instantly you cum when Shelly touches your clit. Your hips buck up and down and she buries her face into your pussy. You pull away and slide down her body until you can concentrate on her cunt and you begin to lap up her juices.

Meanwhile, Bill and I look at each other and both understand we need to do something fast. Bill slips under you and lowers you onto his cock. It splits your lips and your cum drips down his cock. He begins to slip inside of you slowly as you begin to eat Shelly with gusto. Not wanting to be left out and not yet having a chance with you, I slip in behind you and slowly push my way into your ass. Bill and I begin to fuck you together. When I push forward, it pushes your tongue further into Shelly who begins to moan and thrash about. Bill begins to moan and shoots his cum deep inside of you. I continue to slowly slip in and out of your ass. As Bill and Shelly are finished they get up and go into the bathroom to shower. We continue to make love slowly and lovingly. You look over your shoulders and smile that smile at me and with that I cum deep inside your ass. I collapse on top of you and we cuddle as we drift into a satiated sleep.


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