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Family Farm Fun Pt. I
by Tawny T.

Kim stepped off the bus in the small rural, central Illinois town. She was smiling from ear to ear. She turned and saw her Aunt Mae standing waving to her. She ran and threw her arms around her favorite Aunt. She was enveloped in a warm hug and smelled the nice perfume her Aunt wore. Her perfume always reminded Kim of fresh flowers. Her Aunt's soft full breasts felt so wonderful against her body.

"My goodness Kim, you have grown since I last saw you. You are really getting to be a lovely young lady." Her Aunt said holding her at arm length. Kim's young figure was developing nicely; her breasts now wore a size C cup that she was very proud of. Just slightly above five feet she had shiny brown hair just past shoulder length and wore it curled forward, framing a lovely face.

"You are really lovely. You are really filling out. I think you are going to be like your Mom and I in that department. And such lovely hazel eyes, and I'll bet the boys go crazy when you bat those long eyelashes at them." Aunt Mae said still holding her.

Kim was embarrassed at the praise, but pleased that her beautiful Aunt liked her young looks. She knew she was a just a little heavy, but that ran in her family. A friend referred to her, as Reubenesque and she liked that. She remembered Reuben's paintings of beautiful "full figured women". God, what lush erotic figures they had. Some of the models in the fashion magazines looked like they were on a starvation diet - no-tit skinny bitches!

Her Aunt asked her how the trip had been and how her Mother was. They talked for several minutes as the luggage was being unloaded from the bus. She had almost forgotten how beautiful and full-bodied her Aunt was. Mae was two years younger then her Mother, and just as pretty. The two sister's bodies were both built along similar lines, full and sensual. She hoped when she grew up she'd have big tits like them. She looked at her Aunt's breasts and wondered what size bra she wore. Her C cups were nice, but Mae's breasts were larger, fuller, and sexier. She wondered momentarily what they looked like naked. She shook off the thought.

She had a whole two weeks to stay at her Aunt's house. It was summer and her Mother had wanted her to spend some time on her Aunt's farm. Kim had been there before several times, and loved the quiet countryside, the warm friendly house, and the freedom to do pretty much as she wanted to do.

The neat farmhouse was as she had remembered it. Stepping inside she smelled the familiar odors of furniture polish, the very faint odor of mothballs, and suddenly the delightful aroma of fresh baked bread. She knew which room was hers and put her suitcase inside. She slipped off her shoes and ran to the kitchen. Her Aunt Mae hugged her again and had her sit down and cut a huge chunk of still warm bread off, smothered it with farm butter, and put a jar of honey, one of home made strawberry preserves, and another of pear preserves before her.

She went from one jar to the next; unable to deciding which was the best. Her Aunt had put a large glass of milk before her and she ate ravenously as she hadn't had any lunch on the bus.

Filled and happy, the girl thanked her Aunt and ran to her room. She rummaged through her clothes and selected a pair of shorts and a tube top. Stripping to her panties she stood a moment looking at herself in the mirror. She taken off her bra and her newly developed breasts were nicely rounded cones. Her areolas, she knew the term, were small and puffy, her nipples also small. She hoped they grew. She had pulled and rolled them since she was small, hoping they would get longer. She pulled at her nipples a little and it felt so good. It made her pussy tingle and she ran a hand under her panties and felt the soft brown pubic hair. She had shaved it a little, shaping it. Her finger moved down to her slit and she pressed it inward a little. She liked the feeling. Looking in the mirror, she slipped her panties down so she could see her pussy in the mirror.

She looked in the mirror and smiled. She had taken a hand mirror and looked at her pussy many times. Her pussy lips were full and just peeking out a little. She ran her finger between her inner lips, and parted the deep pink lips. It felt so erotic, she ran her wet finger upward to find her clit, well hidden by it's hood, but now itching and swelling a little from looking at her naked body.

She and Trish, a close friend, had already discovered that they could rub their pussies and it felt so good. Trish had showed her clit to her as well as how delightful it was rub it, and to stick things inside you, but very carefully. They had tried cucumbers, almost anything that had a rounded tip. Kim had watched fascinated as Trish had taken a "pump" toothpaste tube, with a rounded tip, and slipped it almost all the way inside her pussy. They had rubbed their pussies and clits till they came. It was delightful, and Kim was tempted to reach over and rub Trish's pussy, but held back. She loved the look of Trish's pink pussy when she finally pulled the tube out of herself. Her pussy was open for a moment, and Kim could see the pinkness deep inside her pussy, and smell the delightful odor of her friends excited sex. It made her mouth water, and her pussy tingle to look at it.

Standing there, she rubbed her clit just a little. It felt so good. She withdrew her finger and brought it to her nose and smelled the odor of her sex. It was a little strong from sitting cooped up in the bus. She'd have to take a bath, or shower later. She giggled and slid her finger in her mouth and tasted her pussy juices. She loved that term. Pussy. Pussy. She laughed out loud and slipped on a tube top, her shorts and ran her hands through her long brown hair. She took a moment to put a rubber band around it, bringing it back in a ponytail.

She went out into the house. Her Aunt saw her barefooted and asked her to put on her sneakers, as the farm had many hazards for bare feet and she could get serious infections from cuts. She dutifully obliged, wishing she could go barefoot.

Kim knew the farm and its boundaries, and the farm was a safe place for her. She ran out to the barn to see the young Shetland pony. He was a gorgeous animal. She stroked him and was joined by the two farm dogs. One was a collie, named Bullit, the other a smaller Rat Terrier named Scooter. They knew her from previous visits and danced around her. She petted them both, stroking their soft coats, and scratching their ears, much to their delight. .

At the back of the farm was a large pond, and she loved to go there. The dogs followed her, happy to have found a friend who paid attention to them. She and the dogs walked together. She felt so free. Crows cawed in the fields and meadowlarks sang nearby. At the pond, she walked out on the short wooden pier and sat down on a wooden bench and watched the white ducks and geese swimming over the glassy water. She slipped her shoes off and moved down onto the pier and dangled her feet into the water.

The water was warm and inviting. She knew she was safe here with the dogs, and the trees gave shelter from prying eyes. She laughed and slipped off her clothes. She stepped naked down the short wooden ladder into the water, and it was just the right temperature. She was an excellent swimmer and glided through the water, a nude water nymph. The dogs barked and ran up and down the pier, but didn't want to get into the water. The sun overhead felt so wonderful on her skin.

She floated on the water enjoying the feel of it surrounding her nude body. Damn that felt so sexy. Her breasts were twin gleaming cones and the water made her nipples poke up. She ran a hand over her breasts and it felt so wonderful. She swam for a few minutes then got out, still naked and lay on the bench to dry. The sun felt warm on her body. As the water dried on her, it cooled her a little and her nipples came erect even more. She pulled at them a little it felt so nice.

That made her a little horny and she spread her thighs and slid a hand down to her pussy. She closed her eyes and rubbed her excited clit. God, that felt good. She screamed and sat up suddenly. Scooter had hopped up on the bench and had stuck his cold nose against her spread pussy. He looked up at her and cocked his head inquisitively.

"Scooter, you scared the hell out of me." She chided the dog. "Can't a girl have any privacy?" Scooter's tail wagged and he did a little dance on the bench. He moved closer and his tongue started to lick her bare pussy. "Scooter, dammit, no! " She scolded. The small dog backed off and hopped off the bench.

"Jeeze, who taught you that? Does Aunt Mae let you lick her?' Kim asked the small dog. The warm sun and the fleeting thought of her beautiful Aunt, and perhaps the dog licking Mae, made her flush with excitement. She dropped her hand to her pussy and slid a finger slowly down her wide spread slit.

From the side Scooter whined. She looked over at him and he was licking his lips looking at her. "You son-of-a-bitch, you really want my pussy, don't you? Sorry you little shit, no pussy from this girl." She continued to stroke her pussy and quickly her sex lips became enflamed and firm, her pussy became wet and her clit ached for release.

Lying on her back, legs spread; Kim slowly stroked her pussy, bringing her slick wetness upward to her aching clit. She rolled it slowly in little circles over and over. She brought her other hand down and slipped a finger up inside her wet tunnel and began to fuck herself with it slowly at first, then faster as her passion rose. She heard Scooter whining beside her as her fingers moved faster over her clit and her finger slid deep inside her young pussy. She cried out finally, her body becoming rigid as she climaxed. Her cries of passion echoed out over the still water and the birds on the pond turned to see what the noise was all about. She fell back exhausted and closed her thighs quickly as Scooter hopped up on the bench once more. He seemed disappointed and hopped off the bench quickly as she managed a sharp "No!" at him.

She lay there for several more minutes, totally relaxed and spent. She idly stroked her full breasts thinking how nice it felt. A flash of memory came as she wondered how her Aunt's breasts would look naked. She laughed and sat up. She looked around guiltily to see if any one beside the dogs had seen her masturbating in the open. She was alone.

She went back into the water a moment, and washed her pussy off. The cool water felt so good to her hot flesh. She came out, dried off in the sun again, and began to slip on her clothes. Scooter was lying on his side and she noticed his red cock thrusting out of the furry sheath that covered it.

"Scooter, you fucking hound dog. You've got a hard on. Is that for me? Did you get a boner watching me? Well, I'm just sorry, fellow. Sorry, little dog. That's the breaks of the game. I'm not your bitch. Sorry, Boy." Kim laughed. Scooter whined but Bullit obviously thought it was funny and danced around and barked at the sound of her voice.

She slipped on her clothes and she and the two dogs walked to the far side of the farm, exploring the big place. They jumped a rabbit and Scooter ran after it. Bullit disdained the chase. In a few minutes a panting Scooter returned, with no rabbit.

That evening her Uncle Ed came in and greeted her warmly. He made over how much she had grown and hugged her close. She felt so loved and protected. He asked what she'd done and she told him about exploring the farm with Bullit and Scooter for company. He told her she was in good company, as the dogs wouldn't let anything harm her. She told him she's been swimming in the pond, and he and Aunt May laughed when she told them she'd been skinny-dipping. They made sure she could swim well, and told her just to be careful, and she needn't worry about anyone spying on her there.

Kim got her nightgown and a clean pair of panties. She went down the hall to the bathroom, closed and locked the door and undressed. She ran the water till it was just the right temperature, put the plug in and got into the tub. She lay down and scooted down to the end. The flow of water was coming out at just the right flow rate. Kim moved down a little, spread her thighs wide and let the water flow down and over her young pussy. She had to suppress a gasp as the water danced delightfully on her pussy.

Moving her hips slightly, Kim spread her pussy lips wide and pulled up a little exposing her clit to the wonderful flow of water. Trish had told her of this delightful way to masturbate. It felt fantastic, and she thought of Trish's pussy and that thought triggered a wonderful climax. She let the water carry her to a second then a third climax before the water got too deep and she had to turn it off.

Kim lay back in the wonderful warm water and felt so relaxed. She should be, she'd cum three times, just now and once delightfully at the pond. She slid a finger up inside her spread pussy, exploring her young body. She washed her body slowly and it always felt so sensuous to bathe her body. She loved to use her hands, as the washrag didn't excite her. Kim washed her breasts for a long while, enjoying the feel of her slick hands on her bare skin. She got out, dressed in her nightclothes and went into the living room. Aunt Mae was darning a sock and Uncle Ed was reading a farm journal.

She watched TV for a while, but here in the country the channels were few and far between. She got her book, said her goodnights, and crawled into bed to read. Reading till she was sleepy, she opened the door, shut out the light, and the last thought that ran through her mind before she went to sleep was how would Trish's tongue feel if it licked her spread pussy. She gave a little laugh and wondered how Trish's pussy would feel against her own tongue, and how would Trish taste if she licked her. She felt her pussy tingle slightly as she snuggled down under the covers and drifted off to sleep.

Kim awoke feeling happy and rested. She slipped on her robe and walked down the hall toward the kitchen. As she passed the bathroom she noticed the door was open and she could hear the rush of water. She looked in and saw Aunt Mae in the shower. The shower door was slightly frosted and she could see Aunt Mat's naked body only slightly veiled. Mae was soaping her breasts and Kim caught her breath. Mae's beautiful, full breasts were low slung and absolutely gorgeous. Lower, under her softly rounded stomach lay a darker patch of pubic hair. Mae's hands moved leisurely over her breasts again and again. Kim's pussy tingled as she watched, knowing that Mae was playing with her breasts, running her soapy hands over her treasures instead of just washing them. She watched as the breasts moved voluptuously from side to side as Mae played with them. Kim slid her hand down to her pussy and slid her finger into her moist pussy.

Mae's hand moved from her breast, took the soap, and moved it to her pussy. Her legs spread a little as she soaped her pussy. Kim could imagine the feel of the soap being applied to Mae's bush. Mae put the soap aside and ran her hand up and down her slit, moving her fingers deeper. Kim heard a sigh and imagined Mae's fingers finding her clit with an invading finger. She moved her finger down further in her pussy and found it was now very wet. She'd never seen a grown woman masturbate only Trish. It set her on fire.

Mae's fingers continued to rub up and down her pussy, while she fondled one breast with her hand. Kim could clearly hear her breathing becoming more ragged, and a little moan once in a while as her passion built. Mae did something totally unexpected then, she took one full, long breast and lifted it up. The water from the shower washed the soap off quickly, and she brought her breast up to her lips and lowering her head sucked on her own nipple. Kim suppressed a gasp as she watched. This sucking of her own breast seemed to set Mae off and she climaxed with a long gasp, and a quavering moan of pleasure.

Kim came a moment later. Her pussy exploded and she had one of the most violent climaxes of her young life. She had to hold onto the doorframe to keep from falling. She stood for several minutes before she could move. The water shut off and the shower door rolled back. Now she could see her beautiful Aunt, splendidly naked.

She couldn't move the sight was so enticing and erotic. Mae stepped out of the shower, and her back was to the door. She began to towel off. Mae turned slightly and Kim could see one magnificent full breast from the side. It bobbed and moved as Mae dried herself. She put one leg on the commode and bent forward slightly. From Kim's viewpoint she could clearly see the wet pubic hair on Mae's pussy and the pouting pussy lips wet and gleaming. Mae moved the towel underneath her drying her pussy. Kim could see the pale brown star of Mae's anus. It looked so lovely, a rounded rim, leading inside her body.

Kim watched fascinated as Mae slid a finger along her pussy, dipping between her prominent and meaty lips for a fraction of a second. The lips were brownish and looked like pouting lips in need of a kiss. That thought almost floored Kim and she moaned aloud.

Mae turned around and saw her standing there. Luckily Kim had removed her hand from under her panties and stood just staring at her beautiful Aunt. "Well, Kimmie, how long have you been spying on your Aunt?" She asked with naughty smile on her face. "Fess up, now." She turned facing Kim, and didn't cover herself. She continued to towel her wet body off.

"I - I - I'm sorry, I came down the hall and you were in the shower. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spy on you." Kim said face reddening. 'Damn, caught in the act!'

"It's OK, I should have closed the door." Mae said bending forward to dry her legs and feet. Her full breasts swung tantalizingly, moving from side to side. "Did you watch me masturbate?" Mae asked standing up straight. Her nude body was breathtakingly full and voluptuous.

"Yes." Kim said hesitantly, in a voice barely above a whisper, her heart sinking.

"Hey, it's OK, Kim. Everybody masturbates. Your Grandmother told me it was OK when I was small, but to do it only in private. Did you masturbate while you were watching me?" She said a twinkle in her eye. Kim could only nod. She was afraid she'd croak an answer if she tried to say anything.

Mae finished drying off. She took powder and dusted her body. Kim watched fascinated as she lifted each breast and powdered her underbreasts and body. She spread her thighs wide and gave her pussy a couple of pats. Kim's eyes were riveted to Mae's pussy lips, so full and pouting. Mae put a drop of perfume between her breasts and on the inner surface of each thigh, then hung up her towel. She came out of the bathroom beautifully naked.

She startled Kim by moving close and pulling her to her naked body and giving her a hug. Kim's legs almost buckled as her body was pressed against the still very hot flesh of her Aunt. Her Aunt's breasts were so soft and she could feel the nipples press against her chest. Mae gave her a kiss on her forehead, stepped back and went down the hall to her bedroom. As she had stepped around Kim, one soft breast brushed against Kim's arm and she almost fainted from the wonderful contact. Kim could only stand dumbfounded and watch the seductive sway of her Aunt's lovely naked ass as she moved down the hall. God, she hoped her body was as spectacular when she matured to a woman.

She rested a moment against the wall, her legs still shaky. When she had regained her strength she went to the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice and sat down drinking it and thinking about what she's just witnessed. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen, or even imagined. Her pussy got wet again. She had to refrain from touching it.

Her Uncle was, of course, already gone as farmers get up early. Aunt Mae made her a wonderful breakfast and she ate her fill. Aunt Mae didn't mention anything about the incident in the bathroom. Kim was almost disappointed, as she wanted to ask her Aunt a dozen questions. She ate a good breakfast and helped her Aunt clean up the dishes.

She went back to her room to dress for the day. Kim shed her nightgown and stood naked before the full mirror. Turning first one way then the other she looked at her young body. She imagined Mae's full breasts and cupped her breasts lifting them slightly wondering how Mae's breasts would feel in her hands. She felt her pussy stir and come to life. Her lips seemed to swell at the thought of her beautiful Aunt, her clit certainly did.

"Very nice. You'll probably inherit your Mom's and mine's breasts." Her Aunt Mae's voice said from the door. She guiltily dropped her hand from her breasts. Her Aunt's eyes moved up and down her body. She wondered if she could see that her pussy lips were aroused. She looked at her image in the mirror and her brown pussy hair hid them.

She remembered her Aunt's lush naked body and her eyes drifted to the full breasts. "I hope so, Aunt Mae. You certainly have very lovely breasts. May I ask what cup size you and Mom wear? Mine is a C and doesn't quite fill the cup up.

Her Aunt moved behind her and stood looking over her shoulder at her nude body in the mirror. "We wear a double D. But don't let anyone tell you it's all fun. They are heavy, bras are hard to fit right, and the straps dig into your shoulders. I sometimes get pains in my breastbone they are so heavy. Settle for a nice C or at most just a D. Yours are very lovely. Very lovely! So young and pretty, your nipples small and neat, the areolas swollen and puffy." Her Aunt said moving close to her.

Kim gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt two warm soft hands cup and squeeze her breasts. Her Aunt had reached around and cupped her breasts. Her breasts had always been so sensitive and she almost cried out at the touch. Her knees almost gave away it was so unexpected. Mae laughed and squeezed her breasts gently again, lifting them slightly, as if weighing them with her hands. Mae kissed her neck and turned and went out of the room. Kim was glad she did, for her whole body was covered in goose bumps at the soft gently kiss on her neck, a very sensitive spot on her body. She went over and slumped down on the bed, her legs about to give way under her. The encounter was so sudden and so erotic she felt faint from the encounter. Her pussy felt on fire.

Mae didn't say mention anything later about their encounter, or look at her out of the ordinary. She read most of the day and talked to her Aunt about trivial matters. She wanted to ask her Aunt about sex and a million more questions. After dinner that evening, she and her Uncle went out on the porch. He sat in a big rocking chair, and she got in the swing. They sat enjoying the evening sounds and smells of the country. Mae came out and sat in a rocking chair sewing a button on one of Ed's shirts. Cicadas sang in the trees, crickets chirped, and the silence was broken only occasionally by a highflying jet far above them.

Kim went into her room leaving the door open and read, her favorite pastime. Later, Mae came down the hall in her robe and went into the bathroom. Kim went out into the hall, but the bathroom door was closed. She heard Mae taking a shower. She lay back on the bed and a few minutes later Mae came back down the hall. Mae came in to gave her a goodnight kiss. This time she had on a very sexy negligee. It was very thin and Kim could clearly see her pussy hair, and the dark areolas of her nipples. The low cut negligee revealed her full breasts, almost as if she didn't have anything on. Kim got a good glimpse of Mae's full breasts as she bent over to kiss her. She could see right down to the erect nipples. Kim smelled a different perfume, more sensual then the one she usually wore, seductive and tantalizing. She commented on it, and Mae laughed and winked at her.

The house got quiet; Kim had turned off her light. She thought of Mae in her seductive gown. At her house, that meant that her parents were going to make love. The thought intrigued her and she guessed Mae and her Uncle were going to make love too. In an impulse she slipped down the hall very quietly and listened outside the master bedroom. She could hear whispers and a moan every once in a while.

She quickly made up her mind. She moved quietly back to her bedroom, She took her pillows and put them under the covers so it would look like she was in bed. Very quietly she slipped the catch on the window screen, pushed it out and crawled outside. She slipped around to the bedroom window.

The sky was dark and there was no moon to give her away. She moved silently outside their window. The shades were up and the window open, letting in the breeze. A bedside light was on and she gasped as she could clearly see them making love. Mae sat naked, upright over her husband, her magnificent full breasts swaying as she leaned forward pumping her hips up and down over her husband's cock. From her vantage point Kim could see the gleaming wet, swollen member slide in and out of Mae's pink pussy.

Kim's pussy tingled and she slid her panties down and her fingers dove into her pussy. She had never imagined watching someone make love. Mae leaned forward from time to time to kiss her husband's lips. She caught glimpses of their tongues slipping out. Mae's full breasts jiggled and bounced as she moved. She sat upright and pumped up and down on his cock. Kim loved the way her breasts jiggled and swayed. The nipples stood out hard and erect, at least a half-inch. Kim pulled on her own nipples till they were hard too.

"Oh, Baby, that's fantastic. I love it when you get on top and fuck me. Make your pussy milk my cock. Ohh, yes like that. Oh shit, you are the best, Baby." Uncle Ben said, his voice hoarse with passion.

"Rub my tits, Honey. Yes, like that! Pull my nipples a little, Oh, yes, harder, please." Mae cried out. "Oh, yes. Oh, Honey this afternoon I came up behind little Kimmy and she was naked. She has such a sweet young body. Her pussy has pretty brown hair on it. I reached around and cupped her sweet breasts. God, I almost came. Her nipples were so hard against my palm. Her knees almost buckled it affected her so much. I squeezed her tits again, and I thought she would faint. God she has a lovely young body. Oh yes, pull them harder." Mae cried out pumping harder down on her husband.

"Oh shit, yes. Yesterday she watched me take a shower. I left the door open on purpose, and she watched and while I was masturbating, she brought herself off too. I knew she was there, as I saw her out of the corner of my eye. Oh, yes. Honey, like that. Is it getting you hot thinking about me rubbing myself off in front of Kim? Oh, yes, I can tell it is!

"Mnnn, I gave her a good show, sucked my tit like you love for me to do, and rubbed my pussy. I had a good cum while she watched, even better knowing she was watching. When I got out of the shower she watched me, and looked at my pussy and breasts for a long time. I questioned her a little and she said she'd masturbated watching me. God, I loved it. Yes, Baby, I'm going to cum. Cum inside me, Baby, Oh Now! Yessss!" She screamed as she threw her head back. Her hips slammed down and her breasts jiggled hard up and down as she climaxed.

Kim rubbed her clit frantically and she exploded outside the window. Her pussy was on fire, and her breasts were swollen and hard from watching her Aunt and Uncle making love and hearing her Aunt describe masturbating for her. It took every effort she could muster to be quiet while she came. She had two violent orgasms in a row. She slipped back to her room and went back to bed spent, her brain in a turmoil. Her final thoughts were that her Aunt had exposing herself to Kim on purpose.

To Be Continued...

Written for, and Dedicated to the Real Kim - hullo_nurse. Thanks DD'd Wonder!


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