The Best Erotic Stories.

Family Farm Fun Pt. III
by Tawny T.

The next morning they both got up early and Kim helped Mae get breakfast and get Ed off to work on the other side of the farm. He wouldn't be back till evening, he told them. Kim's heart beat faster as she realized they had the whole day to make love. After the breakfast dishes were washed and put away, Mae took her by the hand and they went into the bathroom. This time Mae ran water in the large bathtub and put bubble bath in it. They kissed and fondled each other as they waited for the tub to fill. They laughed when Kim told of lying with her pussy under the faucet and bringing herself off. Mae admitted she and Kim's Mom had discovered that years before too. They got in, and turned facing each other, arranging their legs so that they straddled the other. There was much laughter and fondling as the two bathed together, washing the others bodies with large natural sponges, but mostly with their bare hands.

Kim slid her hands under the water and found her aunt's pussy and slid inquisitive soapy fingers up inside her. It felt so good to play with her aunt's pussy. She was able to get three then four fingers up inside her aunt. Mae loved the feel, and instructed her how to move her fingers, and rotate her hand inside her pussy. Mae fingers found Kim's tight young pussy and slipped one then two fingers inside. Kim cried out as Mae's fingers curved up behind her pubic bone and found her g-spot. She almost came from the intense sensation. Kim had never felt anything quite like it. Mae rubbed it slowly and softly till Kim was moaning with pleasure. Mae instructed Kim how to find her g-spot and Kim's fingers quickly found the small pleasure spot inside her aunt's larger pussy. They leaned forward and kissed as they explored each other. Mae had Kim slip a finger up into her ass while she did the same to Kim. It felt so very good to both of them.

They kept each other just on the edge of a climax for a long time till the water began to cool. They washed off and went naked down the hall to the bedroom, moist from the bath and smelling wonderfully sweet.

Mae lay down on the bed and pulled Kim down beside her. "Kim, Honey, we have all day to make love. One of the really nice things about making love to a woman is that there is no hurry about it. It is much better if you both take your time and build the sexual tension up for a long time. It makes it more exciting and you usually have a more intense climax.

The two moved close and began to kiss softly. Mae coached Kim on how to make love to her. For the next two hours as Mae helped her, Kim made slow love to her aunt. She learned all the places a woman likes kissed and stroked, how, and where to lick. Kim loved sucking on Mae's full breasts, tonguing her large areolas, and bringing her nipples to hard points. Mae had her kiss and lick slowly down her body. She had Kim kiss and lick her soft full thighs, teaching her the sensitive areas at the juncture of her thighs and belly.

Kim could smell her excited pussy and wanted to go straight to it, but Mae taught her patience before she allowed the young girl to move to her spread sex. Mae had Kim spread her pussy wide and gave her a very detailed look at her feminine parts, and how and where to suck and lick. Kim found this the most exciting and erotic thing she had ever done in her life. She was excited beyond her wildest expectations as she licked and sucked her beautiful aunt's pussy. She learned how to make Mae pant with desire and beg her to let her cum.

Sucking her aunt's delicious pussy was fantastic. She loved the wonderful taste and the arousing smell of the excited flesh, and the feel of soft wet feminine flesh against her lips and face. She couldn't seem to get enough of her aunt's pussy. Mae came over and over, as her sweet lovely young niece brought her to one gasping, moaning climax after another. Kim learned how to make love to her clit, to suck and tongue it, and how to slip it from hiding in the sheath that covering it. She loved the rather large pink clit that seemed to want nothing more then to have her suck and lick it.

Mae came one last time, crying out in passion, her pussy drenched with her juices. She gently pushed her niece's face from between her thighs and pulled Kim up beside her. "Oh God, I don't think I have ever cum that many times in my entire life. Baby, you are the best. You really are good. God, I love to have you eat me."

"Oh, Aunt Mae, I absolutely loved it. I love the taste, the smell, and the touch of your pussy. I could eat your pussy for hours. You are delicious. Thank you so much for teaching me. Can I move in with you? I'll eat your pussy every day - all day if you want me to. Ohh, that was wonderful!" Kim gushed.

Mae held her and kissed her passionately. "I'd love to have you do that, my little lover. I'm afraid we can't. Now, it's my turn. You must be on fire. I'll bet your sweet tender pussy is drenched. Lay back and I'll make love to you. I love making love to a pussy too, I've never made love to one as young as yours since I was a girl. Now relax and let Aunt Mae make love to you."

Kim laid back and her beautiful aunt made love to her for almost an hour. She came and came. Mae kissed and licked her body from top to bottom, front and back. Kim felt so loved and she had climaxes that seemed to almost melt her into a puddle of hot juices. Her aunt's skilled fingers and tongue probed her front and rear. She loved the feel of a finger sliding up her back passage while an educated tongue probed and slipped up inside her pussy. Her cries of passion filled the house as she climaxed over and over.

Finally, spent, she lay panting. The two lovely women, one sensually mature, the other a still budding young lady, moved together twining, and then took a short nap. They took a leisurely shower together, and each had another climax as they kissed and probed each other under the flowing water. Mae showed Kim how to take the pulsing showerhead with its long hose, and point it at her clit and let the water bring her to a fantastic climax. By the time they got out, both were almost exhausted. They dressed and sat on the sofa, kissing and gently fondling each other till it was time to prepare dinner.

During dinner Uncle Ed commented how wonderful both looked, how good their color was, and how lovely they looked. If he suspected the cause of their well being, he didn't comment on it.

Mae came into Kim's bedroom before she went to bed. They kissed for a few minutes and both told the other how much they had enjoyed the day. Mae's hand slipped under the sheet to cup and squeeze Kim's firm young breast. It felt so good to Kim. After her Aunt had left she slipped under the covers and was almost asleep immediately. She was exhausted, but so satisfied.

The next day was almost a repeat of the day before. Mae and Kim cleaned the house quickly together and then spent the rest of the day in bed making love. Mae taught her young niece several new ways to make love to her.

That evening, after dinner Uncle Ed sat on the front porch while Mae and Kim were in the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes. "Ok, you sexy young lady, how would you like to see me get fucked tonight? Ed is frisky and wants to make love. I'll leave the room light on like we did the other night. You go to bed a little early and turn your light out. I'll tell Ed you are sound asleep and will close your door. You can slip out the window and get into position. I'll try to get him in the best position so you can watch us fuck. Would you like to watch us fuck, you horny little Devil?" Mae said in a conspiratorial tone.

Kim was ecstatic. The prospect of watching them fucking was very exciting, and knowing her Aunt would know, and be fucking for her benefit would make it all the more exciting. They went out on the porch and sat for a while. Mae nodded slightly at Kim and she yawned and said she was sleepy and was going to bed. She kissed Ed on the cheek and her Aunt on the lips. For devilment, she slipped her tongue into her Aunt's mouth quickly and her body hid from view the fact that she squeezed her Aunt's full breast. Ed was not watching and they both enjoyed the momentary daring kiss.

She got ready for bed and left off her panties. She lay quietly, fingering her swollen clit gently, exciting herself. She got up quietly and went over to her dresser. Using the soft light coming from the hall she picked up her favorite unobtrusive sex toy, a small nail polish bottle with a rounded head, and took it to bed. She lay back, covered by the sheet, spread her legs a little and slipped the bottle up and down her pussy, wetting it with her juices. Damn she was wet. She slipped the bottle inside her pussy, and moved it gently in and out, fucking her pussy gently, not trying to bring herself off, just teasing herself.

She heard Uncle Ed coming down the hall and lay very still. He passed by and didn't stop. Mae came by several minutes later and came in. Kim pulled the covers down, and spread her thighs. Her Aunt had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud when she saw the nail polish bottle being pushed in and out of Kim's pussy. Kim pulled it out. Mae bent down and slipped her tongue part way into Kim's spread pussy.

"I don't want to get pussy juice all over my lips, you rascal." She whispered. "Give us ten minutes. I have to put on some perfume, and wash my pussy squeaky-clean. He loves to eat me." She kissed her niece, turned and closed the door quietly behind her. Kim lay gently fucking herself with the bottle watching the clock. She heard Mae come back down the hall and give a gentle tap on the door as she passed. Kim slipped out of bed, put on her slippers, and crawled out the window.

She was in place as Mae came into their bedroom. Ed was already in bed waiting. "She's fast asleep. I closed the door so she can't hear us. Oh, Baby, I'm so hot. That Kim is so hot; I'd love to make love to her sweet body. Did you notice those nice breasts of hers? I looked at her bra and she's a C cup already. She takes after Sis and I both. She's so cute, I love that cute little button nose of hers. Damn, she's going to be a knockout when she gets a little older."

"Hey, you're getting me hot thinking about her. She is quite a doll, with those big hazel eyes of hers and those long lashes. Damn, woman quit making me horny for our niece. You're all the sex I need. Get your gorgeous ass in bed. I want to eat your pussy till you cum and cum." Ed said throwing back the sheet.

Kim's eyebrow shot up when she saw her Uncle's large cock erect and swollen. She had seen it only briefly when they were fucking. Now she saw it clearly. She guessed it was at least seven inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. The head was almost purple in color, swollen and bulging.

Mae slipped out of her thin gown and moved to the bed. She looked toward the window for a second and Kim saw her wink. She was magnificent. She kneeled on the side of the bed and reached over and grasped Ed's cock. She slid her hand up and down the shaft several times before she leaned down and took the head and slipped her lips down over it. Kim had never seen anyone do this, and it was thrilling to her. She slid her hand under her nightgown and a finger into her wet and excited pussy. She suppressed a moan as she touched her swollen and aching clit. Ohhh, it felt so good.

Kim watched spell bound as Mae used her hands and mouth to give her husband an exciting time, orally making love to him. Mae kept him just on the edge of a climax till finally she pulled back and told him it was his turn. She lay down with her body sideways to the window. Ed slipped a pillow under her ass to raise her up a little and spread her thighs wide. Mae pulled her knees up to touch her breasts, giving her husband free access to her spread pussy. Ed licked and sucked her pussy for a long while, till Mae had two climaxes, moaning and crying out her ecstasy. Kim loved the sounds she made while she came.

They moved together and kissed for a while then Mae ran her lips down over Ed's cock wetting it, then got on all fours on the bed. She positioned herself so Kim could get a good view of Ed's cock going into her. Ed moved behind her, and Mae reached back and guided his cock to her wet and spread pussy.

"Mnnn, come on Lover, put that fabulous cock inside me. I need it. I'm so hot and horny. You really ate my pussy so well. Now fuck me hard. Mnn, yes, push that big hard cock deep in me. Ohhh, yes, all the way! Ohh, you've hit bottom, I can feel it punch in there. Now fuck me slow, long and slow. Mnn, yes, pull it all the way out then shove it in very slow, make me want it. Oh, Honey, that's so good. You're such a good fucker."

Kim fingered her wet pussy standing just outside the window. She could hear every sound, see almost every detail. She loved the way Mae's full rounded melons swayed and shook as the two moved together. Ed reached under her and fondled and stroked her breasts, squeezing and pulling on them. Mae became even more excited.

"Ohh, Honey, now fuck me harder and faster. Yes, like that. Harder. Ohh, yes. Faster!" Mae cried. Kim listened to the slap of Ed's thighs against Mae's ass, and the squeaks of the bed as they fucked faster and harder. Knowing Mae knew she was there, made it more exciting. "Oh, shit, Honey, I'm on fire. Fuck me harder. I'm your mare and you're my big stallion, fuck your mare. Slide that long thick horse cock up inside me. Fill my pussy up. Ohhh, yes fuck me, you big stallion. Fuck me hard. Ohhhh. Shit. I'm cumming. Ohhh, now!" Mae cried out as her husband's hips and thick cock slammed up inside her.

Kim's finger flew over her aching clit and she came too, hoping her gasps of joy didn't carry over the noise inside. Ed's thrusting slowed and he pumped slower now. Mae calmed down a little. "Damn, Honey that was good, you fucked me so hard. Just like a big long dicked stallion. Thanks, I needed a good cum. Do you want to do a 69 and let me suck you off while you eat my pussy?"

"Mnnn, I'd love that Baby. You suck my cock like a vacuum cleaner." Ed laughed.

"I catch you getting sucked by that vacuum cleaner and I'll cut that cock off, you fucker." Mae said laughing.

They moved in the bed and Ed got on the bottom. Kim was still panting outside from her climax and she watched as the two moved into a 69. Mae straddled Ed's head and lowered her hips down. She took his cock in her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down its length. Kim was fascinated to see his thick rod slowly disappear between Mae's lips. Lover and lower her head dropped. Kim had heard the kids snicker about "deep throating," but thought it was a myth. Now she watched her beautiful Aunt's lips slip down lower and lower, till her mouth came against her Uncle's pubic hair. Mae held it for several long seconds then moved back up. Kim guessed she needed to come up for air.

Mae moaned and Ed's head was bobbing up and down as he licked and sucked his beautiful wife's spread pussy. Kim's mouth watered thinking of the soft wet flesh, and wishing she could have her face buried between the white thighs. Her clit began to tingle and ache again and she rubbed it a little harder while she watched.

Ed's hand moved to Mae's smooth ass, and Mae moaned as he slid a finger up her ass. She lifted her head a moment and moaned. "Oh yes, Honey, stick that finger deep up my ass, ream me out while you suck my pussy. Oh, God that feels so good. Suck my pussy harder, please, oh please. Yesss, like that!" She cried before she lowered her head and his cock disappeared down her throat again. They kept this up for about ten minutes. Kim thought that Mae's mouth and throat must have been aching from the strain of taking that big cock down her throat. They began to work harder and faster and Ed was the first to cum. She could hear him moan and cry out, his voice slightly muffled by Mae's pussy and thighs.

Mae's head moved up and down rapidly and she cupped and fondled his balls with one hand as she sucked him deep down her throat. He cried out and Mae's mouth moved up to catch his sperm as it shot out into her mouth. Kim could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked him. He cried out again and again till finally his head slumped back for a couple of minutes. Mae licked his cock and then his head lifted and went back to burrow in her spread pussy. Mae kneeled up and her hips began to thrust against his mouth. His fingers moved in and out of her ass, and Mae moved a hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit while he sucked her pussy.

"Oh yes, Baby, rub that clit for me. Make yourself cum for me. Make that pussy cum. I want to suck your pussy juices out. Cum for me, Baby, now, now!" Ed urged Mae, and his head went back to sucking and tonguing her pussy. Mae began to cry out and while one hand rubbed her clit, the other caught one beautiful breast and squeezed and kneaded it. She lifted her nipple to her mouth and sucked on it. Kim watched, excited by the two making love not six feet from her. She stoked the fire in her pussy with her franticly rubbing fingers. She reached back and jammed a finger up her ass, duplicating Ed's finger up Mae's ass. She was frantic to cum.

Mae screamed out her pleasure as she came, and Kim was only a moment behind her and she had to bite her lip hard to keep from screaming out as her young pussy climaxed and she almost bent double as she came. Inside Mae collapsed to one side, and she and Ed moved around in bed, hugging and kissing.

"Damn, Mae, you sure were hot tonight. What got you so hot? That cute little niece in there? You'd love to make love to her wouldn't you? I know you would." Ed laughed.

"Oh, hell yes, but I won't. Mary sent her here for two weeks and I'll try to contain myself. I would like to make love to her cute little body. I'll bet her pussy is so sweet tasting, and she's probably still a virgin. I'd love to suck on those young tender breasts of hers too, but she's my niece." Mae laughed too. "Dammit!" She added.

"Damn, woman, you're getting my hot again. Quit that, I have to get up early. Dammit!" They laughed together and Kim guessed the action was over for the night.

Kim slipped quietly back to her room. She put her hand down between her thighs and found them wet with her pussy juices. She got her used panties and wiped the excess moisture from her thighs. She giggled at the idea, threw them in the corner, and got back in bed. It had been quite an exhibition. She had gotten to see two grown ups making love, - hell - fucking, and seen a "deep throat." She'd have something to tell her girlfriends at home when she got back.

he pulled the covers up and snuggled down in bed. She put her hand to her face, and could smell the odor of her pussy. She thought of the events of the day. She wondered how many times she had cum. That thought ran through her mind then drifted from it as she slipped into sleep. She dreamed that she and Mae were making love, and Uncle Ed was watching them, stroking his large long cock slowly as they ate each other. Kim smiled in her sleep.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

Written for, and Dedicated to the Real Kim - hullo_nurse. Thanks DD'd Wonder!


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