The Best Erotic Stories.

Family Farm Fun Pt. IV
by Tawny T.

Kim awoke feeling refreshed and a little horny. She'd had dreams about something sexy, but couldn't remember what it was. She certainly remembered watching Mae and Ed making love. That was really exciting and very sexually stimulating. Her pussy felt warm and tingly. Mae knocked lightly on the door and Kim called for her to come in. Mae sat on the side of the bed and reached over and kissed Kim on the lips. Kim kissed her back and slid her tongue across her Aunt's smooth soft lips.

"Mnn, that feels so good, Baby. I just wanted to see if you wanted to eat breakfast with us. Ed is already in the kitchen. Come on sleepyhead." Mae said kissing her lightly. She slipped her hand under the covers and squeezed her niece's bare pussy mound gently.

Kim got out of bed, put on her house slippers, and walked down the hall. She stopped briefly in the bathroom to wash her hands and brush her shoulder length hair back.

In the kitchen Ed had just gotten up to get another cup of coffee and greeted her. He looked at her as she came in and he could almost see through the thin shorty nightgown she had on. He caught a fleeting glimpse of the faint shadow of her pussy. Her young breasts pushed the thin material out and the nipples were very evident, the pink of her areolas just visible.

Kim couldn't help herself, and her eyes went down to his crotch, to see if she could detect a bulge of his cock. There it was, a large rounded mound down one pant leg. She quickly pulled her eyes up. He had been so busy looking at her, he hadn't noticed.

She sat down and Mae passed her the food. They talked and she noticed Ed's eyes kept going to her breasts. The top of her gown was cut rather low, and the material thin. She hadn't realized that her breasts were exposed so much. She remembered their conversations of the night before and grinned to herself. Let him look! She felt her nipples stiffen more and poke out. A glance down, showed them erect and very evident. Kim acted like nothing was wrong. She remembered she didn't have any panties on either. Could he have seen her pussy?

Mae looked over at her, let her eyes drop down to her breasts and winked. They both smiled at the inside joke. Kim made it a point several times to bend forward toward Ed to give him an even better look at her breasts. With a wink to Mae, she knocked her spoon off on the floor and swiveled in her chair and bent forward to get it. She feigned a momentary inability to pick it up, and her top fell away from her beautiful, full, young breasts, and she knew her Uncle could see down to her erect small nipples and small pink areolas.

It made her pussy tingle to exhibit her breasts to him. She straightened up and didn't look at him at all. She saw him shift in his chair and one hand disappear under the table to adjust his cock. She almost giggled. She had gotten him hard. Mae had not missed this little play-acting, and she too was trying to hide a grin. She put her napkin to her mouth and faked a cough to hide her huge grin.

Ed finished his meal, and when he got up, she could see his cock clearly hard and erect in his pants. He turned hurriedly and left the table, but not before both she and Mae had seen it. He went out the door, and when he was out of earshot, both dissolved into gales of laughter. Mae got up and looked outside and saw him drive off.

"Oh, Baby, you really got him hot. His cock was really hard. That made my day. You sexy little wench. Come here and let me suck those nipples." Mae motioned for Kim to sit in her lap facing her, straddling her. She took Kim's gown and in one motion, pulled it over her head, leaving Kim naked. Kim straddled her thighs and sat in her lap. She was hot, and the two kissed for several minutes. Mae pulled back and began to suck one nipple then the other, making them harder, longer and so erect they almost hurt.

Kim unbuttoned her Aunt's blouse and stroked her full breasts above her bra. Mae slipped a hand down between them and found Kim's pussy, and slid a finger along her now wet slit. She pressed it down and under, then up inside her young niece's tight pussy. Kim moaned and pressed her breasts against the sucking mouth of her Aunt. Mae's finger got her hotter and hotter.

"Oh. Aunt Mae, I'm going to cum. Ohh, make me cum. Fuck me with that finger and suck my nipples. Bite them. Oh please, bite them. Yess, harder. Harder! Ohhh, like that. Now fuck my pussy. Ohhh, yes." Kim cried. She hurriedly reached down and began to finger her swollen clit, her hand colliding with Mae's from time to time. She finally screamed out as she came. Her Aunt's finger fucking her young pussy, her mouth sucking and biting Kim's small nipples. The pain sent her over the edge, and she screamed over and over as she exploded. Her pussy seemed to be liquid fire, and she threw her head back, and her screams filled the kitchen. She climax seemed to go on and on as her Aunt made love to her. Finally she slumped in her Aunt's lap and sat spraddled out, panting.

They kissed softly, till Kim got her breath. Kim reached back and unfastened her Aunt's bra and pulled it down. She and bent forward and kissed the flesh of Mae's abundant bosom. The exposed flesh tasted so delicious and smelled wonderful. She cupped the full breasts.

"Oh, let me suck them. Let me make love to you. Please Aunt Mae!' Kim cried out. Mae smiled and they got up. As Mae started to take her dress of she looked down at the lap portion. She pointed to the small wet spot there where Kim's pussy had shot out a little of her juices.

Mae quickly undressed till she was deliciously nude. She pulled her niece's sweet body to her and held her close. It felt so sensual to have her Aunt's full soft body against her. She pressed her head between the full soft breasts and just held her Aunt close. She wished for a moment that she and her Mother could do this. It felt so wonderful, she felt so loved. Then her lust came to the fore again.

"Get up on the counter and let me make love to you, please." Kim said pulling back. Mae smiled, kissed her and walked to the counter, pushed some dishes aside and effortlessly hopped up on it. She scooted back a little and spread her legs. Kim moved between them and leaned forward and began to kiss her breasts again. Mae pulled her beautiful niece against her body and gave herself to the budding young lover. As Kim sucked, licked, kneaded her breasts, she thought how much the young girl had learned in such a short time. She wished Kim lived nearer to her. She would love to make love with her every day. If only she wasn't her sister's daughter!

Kim sucked the hard nipples, going from one to the other. The faint perfume reminded her again of flowers. Mae's nipples got harder and longer, and the full large areolas crinkled with desire. Kim kneaded the large breasts and felt them swell with blood as she heated up her Aunt. She loved the feeling that she was responsible for her Aunt's arousal. She pushed her body against Mae's and rubbed her young breasts against Mae's body. Her breast brushed against Mae's thigh and gave Kim a new thought.

"Lie back Aunt Mae. Spread your thighs a little more and pull your knees up to your breasts. Open your pussy wide for me. Please?" Kim asked looking up at her beautiful Aunt. Mae leaned over and kissed her niece, slipping her tongue into the girl's mouth for one last kiss, then lay back.

Mae spread her thighs wide, pulled them up to her breasts giving Kim a lovely view of her treasures. Kim stroked her velvet soft thighs, running her hands up and down them slowly and sensuously as her Aunt had taught her. She looked at the beautiful pussy spread out in front of her, caught the inner lips between her thumb and forefinger and pulled them slowly apart. Her Aunt's lips were engorged with blood, thick and swollen. The vaginal opening was deep red, crinkled, leading inside her body. Kim was always amazed at how beautiful it was.

She wanted to be a nurse and knew her anatomy. She had saved her money, and at a used bookstore bought a copy of Gray's Anatomy. She kept it well hidden at home, lest her Mother find it. She poured over the details of the female anatomy, learning everything she could about it. She had looked at her own pussy many times with a mirror, plumbed her pussy with her fingers and other objects. Since she had been here, she had learned still more, first hand. She absolutely loved to look, finger, lick, and suck her Aunt's wonderfully rich pussy.

Mae's pussy was spread before her, every line and lovely wrinkle waiting for her. She leaned forward and licked her Aunt's pussy from the bottom to the top. She pointed her tongue and slid it up a little till it brushed against Mae's clit. Mae moaned and her hips rocked forward a little.

"Oh, Baby, you do that so well. Lick my clit again, sweet child. Ohhh, yes, you learned your lessons well. Now suck it. Yes, suck my clit." Mae sighed.

Instead, Kim moved her mouth lower and ran her tongue around Mae's small neat brown nether hole, then pressed inward a little, causing Mae to gasp out. Kim replaced her tongue with her finger and slipped it carefully inward, and fucked the brown anus slowly with her finger. She went back to Mae's pussy, sucking and licking her, thrusting her tongue inside from time to time, then sucking out the salty/sweet juices, savoring the taste as it flowed over her tongue.

She could hardly wait to get home and teach Trish all the lessons she had learned here. Would Trish's young pussy taste as delicious as her Aunt's sweet pussy did? Her mouth had watered as she watched Trish slip the toothpaste tube inside herself. How would her pussy juices taste? She vowed to find out when she got home. She filled her nostrils with the exotic smells of her Aunt's aroused woman flesh. Burrowing her face down, she moved her face from side to side against Mae's wet spread pussy, wetting her face in the delicious juices that flowed out from the excited opening. Mae's hands ran through her long hair sensuously. Kim leaned up and twisted slightly. She brought her young breast to her Aunt's pussy and reached up and caught her firm breast with both hands. She pushed it against her Aunt's pussy and rubbed her hard nipple up and down the wet hot flesh. She and Mae moaned at almost the same time, it felt so good to them both. Kim took her breast and used it to rub up and down, and to slip the nipple into Mae's pussy.

"Oh, God, yes, titty fuck me, Baby. Titty fuck my pussy! That is so hot, I love it, Kimmie. Ohhh yes, sweet girl." Mae gasped out.

Kim continued this for several minutes then moved her nipple higher. Her hard little nipple made contact with Mae's clit and Mae groaned. Kim bit her lip. The hot wet flesh was almost as if someone was sucking ever so gently on her nipple. The hot contact against her areola and breast flesh gave her goosebumps. She continued this till her Aunt was panting with desire, and her own pussy was wet and excited.

She moved back and kissed the wet open flesh. Her wet breast felt so stimulated by the contact. She tongued her Aunt, spearing her pussy with her tongue. She pulled back and moved her hand to Mae's open flesh. Kim slid two then three fingers into the slippery opening, pressing down, rotating her hand, and stimulating the vaginal opening. She pressed harder, feeling her hand press down into Mae's body. She added a fourth finger and slid it into her aunt's drenched pussy.

Moving her lips upward she found Mae's erect clit nestled at the top. As she had been taught, she pulled upward on the flesh a the top and the engorged clit slipped out of it's sheath, greeting her sucking lips. She sucked and licked it while her hand pressed harder and harder, trying to get inside her Aunt's body. Mae's pussy was just too tight and she gave up trying. She would love to have gotten her hand inside her Aunt, or have her Aunt's hand buried inside her body. She had heard of fisting and wondered what it would feel like.

She continued to suck her Aunt's clit, and fuck her with her hand till Mae cried out, her hips humped against Kim's hand, and she felt Mae's pussy sphincter muscles contact around her pumping fingers. She kept up her sucking and rotating her hand, till her Aunt cried out for her to stop. She pulled her hand out, and lowered her mouth to the opening. Mae's vaginal opening contracted slowly and Kim could see deep inside her pink cavern. She covered it with her lips and thrust her tongue as far inside as she could. She sucked gently, and as Mae's pussy closed back to normal, her pussy juices flowed into Kim's eager sucking mouth. She was amazed and delighted, at how much fluid there was. She sucked and sucked until she sucked the wondrous vessel dry.

Mae gave a long sigh as Kim removed her mouth and looked up at her Aunt. Mae gave her a radiant smile. Her face seemed to light up as she smiled at her niece. She sat up, slipped off the counter and drew Kim to her, and hugged her with amazing strength. It pushed the wind out of Kim's chest for a moment it was such a strong hug.

"Oh, Kimmie, you have become such a good lover. Thank you for a wonderful lovemaking session. I have several female lovers who aren't as good a lover as you are. You are a fantastic! I'd give you all A+'s on that exercise. Wow, I saw stars. You are something else." Mae gushed.

Kim grinned, her head against Mae's soft full breast. She felt so proud of the accolades her Aunt bestowed on her. She looked up at her Aunt. "Aunt Mae, please do me a favor? Please don't call me Kimmie. I hate that." Mae roared with laughter and promised to never call her that again.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

Written for, and Dedicated to the Real Kim - hullo_nurse. Thanks DD'd Wonder!


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