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First Gang Bang
by Chuck Wood

I still remember the first gang bang I participated in like it happened yesterday. It was the early 70's and I was in college. I roomed with two other guys in a run down, three bedroom house. Paul was my best friend from high school and I met Steve my freshman year at college. We all had just started our sophomore year and this was the first time any of us had lived off campus. Jill was a cute little sorority sophomore who Paul picked up at a party. Steve and I had struck out and we were sitting around smoking pot when Paul and Jill came in. They both looked disappointed to see us. I was surprised when Paul did not usher Jill to his bedroom, but maybe he was not sure she was ready to fuck him. Or maybe he took her for a slut. They sat down with us and shared a joint.

The light was dim and we were all getting really stoned. The music was loud and I was lost in my thoughts. Suddenly I became aware that Paul was making the move on Jill and I was only a few feet away. Paul was kissing Jill deeply. She was responding. Paul's hand was exploring the buttons on her jeans. Jill's legs relaxed and parted ever so slightly. Paul's hand continued to caress her pussy through her jeans. I was mesmerized watching Paul. I looked over and saw that Steve was watching as intently as I was. I was holding my breath because I was sure Jill would come to the realization that Steve and I were present and watching her seduction. That would be the end and I would be relegated to beating off.

Jill was getting turned on by all the attention from Paul. She was not resisting his advances so he moved his hand beneath her sweater and began caressing her tits. She moaned and moved her hand to Paul's crotch. Paul returned his hand to her jeans. I held my breath. If he got in her panties, maybe she would get so hot that she would forget we were present. I had never seen anybody else fuck a girl. I listened to a girl give a friend a blow job in the backseat of my car while I made out with a girl in the front seat, but it was too dark and I was too scared I would screw it up for him if I looked. So I never saw anything.

The first button of Jill's jeans gave way to Paul's nimble fingers and Jill put up no resistance. The second button was open in no time. Jill adjusted her position and Paul's hand disappeared inside her pants. Now her legs opened and Paul was nearly up to his elbow. Jill whimpered as she opened her legs wider and raised her butt off the couch. It looked to me like she wanted Paul to remove her pants, but he was so busy finger banging her that he was not taking the hint. I wanted to see some pussy. I almost jumped to my feet and helped, but I knew if I moved it would be all over. I looked at Steve and he looked at me. His eyes looked like saucers.

I heard a zipper as Jill rolled to her knees and her mouth dropped to Paul's crotch. Paul helped her as she pulled at his pants. His cock was free in a flash and Jill enveloped it in her mouth. Paul reached behind Jill and pulled her pants down. He winked at me as he exposed her panty covered ass. She had on white panties that were bunched up in her ass. Her ass was beautiful. It was full and round. Paul pulled her panties to the side to expose her pussy. I could not believe what I was seeing. While Paul ran two fingers in and out of her pussy, I could hear her slurping and sucking on his dick. This was sensory overload. I could smell the musky smell of her sex. Suddenly Paul said "Jill, do you care if my two buddies do you also?"

I was in shock. Why did he have to fuck up a good thing? Jill grunted what I thought sounded like "No."

I did not wait to find out if that meant she wanted us to fuck her or not. I was out of my pants and had my dick buried to the hilt in Jill's pussy before she had a chance to clarify her thoughts. I did not even remove her pants and panties. She repositioned herself to give me better access. Steve had dropped his pants and Jill was giving double head to he and Paul while I pounded that beautiful ass from behind. Jill stopped sucking and started groaning. I could feel her pussy lips spasm as a guttural UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH escaped her lips. I grabbed her hips rammed my cock deep inside her pussy and lost my load.

When I finished, Paul lifted Jill to a standing position and pulled her pants and panties down. She stepped out of them and lifted her arms. Steve pulled her sweater over her head and she was completely naked. She had that sleepy, just fucked look on her face. I could see the combination of her pussy juices and my cum running down the inside of her thighs as we all admired her. Her lips were puffy and moist. Steve sat down on the couch and pulled her on top of him. When he leaned back I could see his cock impaled inside her cunt. She started humping him up and down. His cock glistened with her juices as she got the rhythm going. I had not noticed Steve leave, but he had snuck away to the bathroom and returned with a jar of Vaseline. He rubbed a gob on Jill's asshole and I knew I was going to see my first anal fucking.

Jill protested as Steve rubbed her anus. "No, not there! Please!" she exclaimed. But, she revealed her true desires when she orgasmed as Steve slipped his middle finger deep up her ass. Steve rubbed the head of his cock around her anus. Paul could see what was going on and he grabbed her cheeks and spread them. Jill realized she had no choice and relaxed. The head of Steve's cock began its entry. Jill grunted. Steve pushed down on Jill's shoulders and his cock slipped in about three inches. Jill was sweating now. She was moaning. Steve pushed it in further and then pulled back and then rammed it in further.

On the third thrust, he buried it to the hilt. Jill gasped. Steve and Paul looked awkward at first and then they got a rhythm going. Jill was being two-holed for probably the first time in her young life. She got into it quickly. She came two more times and then Paul and Steve lost their loads. Steve pulled out and sprayed cum all over Jill's back. Paul inseminated Jill deep inside her snatch. When Steve pulled out, Jill's anus remained open for a little while. I watched it in amazement as it tightened and closed.

By now I was ready for another go. When Jill climbed off Paul's cock, I pushed her into a sitting position on the couch and pushed my cock into her face. I rubbed the head over her lips and they opened. She looked up at me as she let me slide my cock deep down her throat. I pulled it out and gently slid it back down the back of her throat. She was no amateur at this because she did not even gag. I wondered how many cocks had been inside this little slut's mouth before mine. She gently rubbed my balls and began to lick my cock. After she had licked it from stem to stern, she put her mouth around the head of my cock again. Her mouth was incredibly warm. I grabbed the back of her head and started cumming in her mouth. She licked and slurped and swallowed it all.

As soon as I finished, Jill was ready to go again. I watched her blow Paul and then Steve. I fell asleep. When I awoke, Jill was gone. I saw Jill many more times on campus and I even fucked her a few more times. Once she told me that she was afraid she liked gang-banging too much and refused to do it again because she did not want the guys to think she was a whore. I tried my best to get her to do it again, but I never succeeded. However, rumor had it that it was not the last train she pulled before graduation.


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