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Four Heads are Better Than One
by Jake

I was getting ready for bed after a full day. I finished work and had just put the kids to bed . We just moved in to our new house and really liked our new surroundings. I took off my clothes and put on some panties and a one piece night gown. I liked the feeling of sleeping bra-less. I sat next to my husband to watch a little TV before bed. We noticed a noise from the basement but didn't worry about it. The basement had the extra bedroom but not much else.

We continued to watch TV when all of the sudden 4 young men walked into the room. They must of broke in from the down stairs. One of the boys had a gun and demanded us to stay still. Another boy tied our hands behind our back. They told us to do whatever they asked as they would not harm us. They simply were robbing us. Being new to the area I did not recognize any of them. They were teenagers, probably 17 or 18. One of the boys was black and another looked Latino. The other two were white with long black hair. The leader was one of the white boys. I remember thinking how handsome he looked and wondered how a young hot guy like this could get involved in something like this.

They proceeded to gag us. We sat on the couch, bound and gagged as 3 of the boys pillaged our house, robbing us of anything of value. The Latino held the gun to us. I noticed the boys would whisper and look at me. I was helpless as the black kid grabbed my arm and asked for jewelry. I told him that all I had was in my bedroom. I wasn't sure of how to take it when he led me downstairs. He took me into the spare room and gagged me again.

He pushed me onto the bed. He raised my tied hands and tied them over my head to the headboard of the bed. He looked around the room and shut the door. He said that he found me attractive and if I remained quiet he would not hurt me. I was petrified as he slowly pulled my nightgown down and to the floor. His eyes widened as he scanned my tight white body. My exposed breasts were round and firm. The cool room was enough to make my nipples swell.

I mumbled "no" under the gag and the black teenager told me to be quiet. He said he just wanted to see and feel a white women. He ran his dark black hands down my face and neck. As he maneuvered downward a sudden rush of adrenaline ran through my body as his hands cupped my breasts. His eyes were glued to my filled fun bags as he fondled my tits. I was scared and did know what to do as this young black man caressed my hard nipples and firm tits. He positioned his body on top of mine, eye level with my milky white breasts. He leaned in and I moaned as his warm wet mouth took in my hard nipple.

I tried to fight off my attacker but my hands were tightly tied. The young black boy continued to suck my tits. His warm black hands looked so wrong as he squeezed my fun bags. He held one tight and sucked the nipple until it was long and than he did the same to the other. My tits were swollen and my nipples were huge as he licked each breast and felt me up. I looked around the room for help as I couldn't stop the powerless feeling of excitement that was for some unknown reason racing through my body. I couldn't move as I was breast feeding this black boy. I mumbled through the gag as his tongue licked its way down my body. He leaned up and gently pulled my wet panties down. They momentarily stuck to my wet crotch before relenting, sending a smell of a women in heat through the air. A nervous rush went through my body as I was helpless. His black hands parted my thighs as I wondered to myself if this black boy ever seen a tight wet cunt before. These uncontrolled thoughts sent a wave of passion as my cunt was becoming moist.

I watched in nervous anticipation as He lowered his head between my legs and started to lick my snatch. His long tongue swept through my gash causing my back to arch . He spread my legs and licked my tight cunt. I looked to the ceiling as the sound of his tongue lapping up my wet cunt was really starting to turn me on. I moaned "noooo" as I looked back down and watched this black man eat me out. He let go of my legs but continued to eat me out. I noticed him reach down and I heard his pants unsnap and unzip. I nervously watched as he pulled his pants off all the while licking my drenched white cunt. I couldn't see but I knew by his motions that he was starting to jack off. I was hoping that this was all it would amount to.

He stood up and took his shirt off. I now could see his black cock. I was shocked to see how enormous his young black cock was. I had never seen a black cock nor one of it's immense size. It was totally jet black and had to approach nine to ten inches in length. The shaft was thick and the head was enormous. He took my gag off and kissed my mouth. I refused to let his tongue in as he settled for licking my lips. I begged him not to rape me. He said that he wanted me bad. I told him not like this. He asked if my husband had any rubbers and I said no, knowing that my husband was half his size. His inexperience gave me hope as I begged him to stop. He said that if he wouldn't fuck me I would have to suck his dick. I begged him to jack off on me as the thought of his huge cock in my mouth was frightening to me. He said he was going to fuck me so I told him I would give him head. I was still tied to the headboard as he kneeled next to me. His big black cock was erect and waiting. He moved it in and I shut my eyes and opened my mouth wide.

My hands were tied as his huge black cock entered my mouth. I could barely breath as I licked around his huge black head and started to bob back and fourth. His huge black cock was more than I could handle as I took it towards my throat and back. I licked it up and down its tremendously long black shaft. He moved to straddle my body as he was now in front of me. I opened my mouth and started to bob back and forth taking in as much of his black snake as I could. He was too big as I bobbed up and down on his long black cock.

I licked the size of this massive tool and really started to bob up and down pushing the black cock down my stretch throat. I couldn't handle the size and started to gag. He pulled his black cock from my mouth and gagged me again. He proceeded to the end of the bed and lifted my legs straight up into the air. I moaned "nooooo" loudly as he double crossed me. With my legs resting on his shoulders I watched in terror as he inserted his humongous black cock into my white pussy. The feeling of his huge black cock stretch through my tight cunt sent a shiver of spastic pleasure through my body.

As he thrust forward my body would raise as it was trying to allow his huge black manhood passage. Figuring out he had to stretch my cunt he started to slid in and out a little at a time as my body instinctively lubricated my joy mound for his massive dark meat. I started moaning and bucking wildly as he entered his huge black cock all the way inside my little white cunt.

With my hands tied over my head I could only arch my back and Moan in passionate delight as he hammered his huge black dick into me. He fucked me relentlessly as our black and white bodies molded together in an intense orgasm. As he unloaded his cock inside of me, the Latino boy entered the room. He asked what was going on and ordered the black stallion to go back upstairs. Asking me if I was o.k. he shut the door. I thought he was going to help me as he turned my body around so I was on my knees facing the headboard. I tried to talk but I was still gagged.

My Latin hero started to rub and squeeze my tight ass. He reached down and peeled my ass into the air so my freshly fucked pussy could be seen from behind. I couldn't believe it as I felt his warm lips part my cunt lips and penetrate my wet pussy. He was licking my wounds as the huge black cock tore me in half. I arched my back so this Latin stud could lick deep inside of me. I wasn't sure if it was luck or experience but he found my overworked clit and warmly licked it back to health. I pushed into his face as my cunt was coming back into shape. He licked and sucked the inside of me and tasted the joy juices that were now being produced. I could hear the familiar sound of pants unsnapping and a zipper pulled down.

I regained my senses as he abruptly took his mouth away from my drenched cunt I knew I was going to get fucked by another foreign cock. I couldn't look as I felt a rush of heat pour through my body as a slightly smaller but still capable dick entered my love canal.

His Latin cock easily slid into my cove as I had never been with two other men in my life and certainly not back to back. I compared the feeling of this prick inside of me to that of my husbands. It was not as wide but definitely longer as he thrust deep inside my engorged cunt. The black cock was beyond compare as that was a man among boys. My cunt was aching as I was feeling hot passion as I was being fucked in the doggy style position. I knew I couldn't do anything about it so I arched my back to invite his long Latin cock in. I was again reduced to moans as he grabbed my waist and power thrust hid able dick in and out of my ripe cunt. As with the first rape I was surprised that I started to orgasm as he thrust his long Latino cock deep inside my sweet white pussy. My delight turned to fear as he started to rub my neck with the back of a knife.

He removed my gag and ordered me to suck his dick and swallow his cum. He dismounted me and kneeled at the headboard as I leaned in and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked his long cock as if my life was on the line. This dick was more manageable as I easily bobbed up and down and gave him head. The big black cock made everything else easier as I sucked his long shaft. He started to tense as I felt hot thick fluid inside my mouth. He ordered me to swallow and I did. I ingested all I could as I swallowed and licked his Latin cock.

It was salty and did not taste as bad as I feared as this was the first time I had ever tasted a man. I was still bound to the headboard as I had cum dripping from my face and cunt. As he pulled his cock away from my mouth I heard one of the long-haired white boys tell him to get upstairs. I looked over towards my white night when I noticed he was taking his clothes off. It was the good-looking boy and he was sporting a major package. He told me to remain quiet as he untied my hands from the headboard. I instinctively hugged him as I was sexually and emotionally spent after taking on a Latino and a black man.

His body felt good next to mine as I was finally being held. He had a lean toned body that fit nicely to mine. He stroked the back of my head as I felt safe figuring he was saving me. My tits were swollen against his tight body. He whispered that it would be all right as he gently kissed my face. This awakened me to what was happening. I looked at him as he whispered that he wasn't like the other guys. I didn't have time to get excited as he quickly added that he would make love to me instead of just fucking me. He leaned in to kiss my mouth.

Feeling my resistance he said that this was going to happen either way so I might as well enjoy it. Even though I was fucked twice already he said it would feel a lot better if I got into it. Confused by the events I allowed his warm tongue to part my lips. He gently licked my sore mouth that had just been home to a couple of multi-racial cocks. His tongue gently massaged my inner mouth as I was still trying to figure out what was happening. I felt like a whore who was finally being loved. My dignity was gone along with my purity. His tongue sought mine and found it.

As he gently licked my tongue a feeling of sexual passion reloaded my body. I actually felt my annihilated cunt come back as a warm rush of moisture greased my loins. He pulled his tongue out of my mouth momentarily as if to await my answer. When he slid it back in my tongue met him and passionately kissed him back. We were kneeling on the bed facing one another as we continued to French kiss. He lifted me forward as he started to suck my tits. Feeling the carnal desires inside I raised my body up and voluntarily mounted his erect pole. As I slid down his cock I realized I initiated this fuck.

I panicked and said no as he put his fingers to my mouth and slid me up and down his pole. Hot flashes started inside as I was filled with passion as the two earlier rapes drove me into the arms of another. I was taking my third dick of the evening with moistened pleasure. I rode his teenage cock like a pro. I slid up and down his long pole as he continued to suck my tits and lick my neck and mouth. He gently laid me down and slowly made love to me. I wrapped my legs around him and made love back. I met every thrust of his with one of my own. I was moaning and whispering in his ear to fuck me as we continued to passionately fuck.

I was delirious and in a fantasy world as I grabbed his ass and pushed his cock deeper inside with every thrust. I was startled to hear the door shut as the other white boy finally arrived. He removed his clothes as my new sex mate pulled his cock out of me and forced me to the edge of the bed on all fours. I looked at him and wondered what was happening. It woke me up to the fact that I was being gang raped and it was yet another boys turn. My teenage sex partner mounted me from behind. I was being fucked doggie style again but now with a twist. The new boy walked over to me and ordered me to suck his dick. I was now getting it from both ends. I shockingly opened my mouth to my fourth dick of the night. This dick was short but wide. I was becoming experienced. I sucked his dick while getting fucked by his buddy. This cock was wide in my mouth but I was able to bob up and down on it enough to deep throat him. As I was getting rammed with one cocked I swallowed another. This kid thought I was great as I gave him a deep throat blowjob.

He started to thrust his cock back and fourth in and out of my mouth as his partner rhythmically thrust his cock into my soaked pussy. I continued to take it from both ends for minutes. I started the evening pure but since have fucked three other guys, soon to be four, including a black guy, a Latino and two guys at once. They turned this good girl into a slut and if that is what they wanted that's what they would get. I was eager to take on the new guy as Romeo dismounted me and yelled switch. They spun me around and now I was being fucked doggie style by my fourth dick of the night.

I also was ordered to give my fourth blowjob. They rhythmically thrust at the same time as I was getting fucked in the cunt and mouth at the same time. I was delirious from the parade of dicks when I noticed the Latino and black boy get back in line. I wondered were my husband was as I was getting fucked and sucking dick simultaneously. I had three different colored cocks in front of me as the fourth kid continued to thrust his cock inside my overworked pussy. The long-haired leader said the sooner I made them cum the sooner they would leave.

As the one kid rapidly fucked me from behind I sucked the white dick while jacking off the black and Latino cocks. I switched to sucking the black dick and then the Latino cock. I was taking turns bobbing up and down on the multiracial cocks, all the while taking the fourth dick from behind. I was attempting to deep throat each cock as I felt the fourth boy tense and unload his dick into my tight wet cunt. Only my husband has unloaded inside of me and now another. I was breaking all my sex records. I was not on birth control and I knew I would end up pregnant.

I knew from being a nurse that when a women's twat receives more than one mans load, the body would ingest and become fertilized by the dick it wanted most. I figured on giving everyone a shot. As this poor boy dismounted my cunt yearned for more. One down I thought to myself as the Latino boy pulled his dick from my mouth and mounted his long cock into my spent cunt. He thrust hard as I sucked the two remaining cocks. I was getting a second wind as I decided I would give these boys what they wanted. I sucked and licked the two dicks hard as the huge black cock was becoming my favorite.

I stroked the white dick as I deeply sucked the big black cock. The black dick got the best of me once but I was determined to settle the score. I learned a lot this night and I was really giving this black cock head. His black body quivered as his massive big cock was starting to spew pre cum down my throat. He moaned loud as I grabbed his ass and forced his black cock down my throat as the Latino thrust hard . I could only take half of the long thick black cock. The Latino boy couldn't keep up with my wet stretched cunt as he exploded deep and ejaculated inside of me. As he withdrew the black guy pulled his huge black crank from my mouth and wanted to mount me next. I told him to lay down as I slowly lowered my wet cunt onto his tremendous black pole.

I was facing away from him as he grabbed my waist. I slowly rode his big black cock and continued to give the remaining cock head. The massive black cock ripped me in half as I slid up and down his incredible mount. The black boy couldn't take it as he lowered me down onto his massive black pole and shot warm cum up into my hole.

At the same time I was digging my nose into the remaining boys pubic hair as I had his entire cock down my throat. He was bucking and moaning as I blew his cock. I slowly released his crank from my throat . The black stud had to help me off his massive pole as the sheer size was too much to take. I grabbed prince charming and laid him onto the bed. I straddled over him and told him "you want to make love to me, so lets do it" I lowered my cunt onto his rock hard pole and slid it deep inside of me.

I swiveled my hips leaving his erect cock deep inside of me. I leaned in and vigorously kissed him. I was fucking his brains out and licking each others tongues. I started to pump up and down as I wanted to teach him how to get laid. His young cock couldn't take it as he unloaded his love gun into my drenched snatch. He quickly pulled me off his cock and they all got dressed and left. I threw my gown on and rescued my husband. He wanted to know what happened. I said I didn't know as I was tied up in a different room. He was shocked to find that they forgot to steal anything. I wasn't.


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