The Best Erotic Stories.

Fantasy Pt. I
by Spider1352

The bright morning sun glared in through the soft curtain. David pulled his pillow over his head trying to ignore the fact that it was only Thursday. Suddenly the annoying honking of David's alarm told him that he had no choice but to arise. He walked into his small bathroom and stopped to look in the mirror. David saw a twenty-four year old overweight male, with patchy facial hair looking back at him. David grabbed a razor, not bothering with gel or water he proceeded to dry shave his face. David jumped in the shower and ran cool water over his burning neck and face.

After a two mile drive David arrived at work fifteen minutes earlier then the rest of his co-workers. He went around and started the coffee pot brewing, turning on computers, and such, then a wonderful thought entered David's head; he would nearly be alone in the office today. David turned to the schedule calendar and confirmed that Michelle and himself were to be the only ones in the office that day. David quickly finished his morning chores and took up his position behind a computer.

David heard the door to the office open. He could tell by the jingle of the keys that it was Michelle, though he raised up slightly to confirm his suspicion. David spoke hello and there was no response. Suddenly Michelle appeared behind David's blue dividers that comprised his office. David turned to look at the woman he had come to regard as very attractive. David's loins twitched unnoticeably in his pants as he took in the site of Michelle in a black pleated mini-skirt, white blouse and vibrantly colored vest. David then noticed that Michelle was in just a pair of sandals leaving her toes exposed and she had not worn stockings. Michelle still looked great to David even though she had two children with shoulder length brunette hair, and large breasts. David could tell immediately that something was wrong.

Michelle looked down a moment before starting, "My daughter and John got into a big one last night." Tension at Michelle's home was very high: her husband, John and her daughter Kate hadn't been getting along with each other.

David set quietly listening to Michelle's story about the argument that Kate and John had, and Kate's walking out of the house for a short time. Michelle had always believed that she shouldn't fight her daughter's battles for her. It had been very tough for Michelle to sit in her room and listen to Kate and John scream at each other.

"John told me that he was thinking of leaving me. He said he may not be here when Kate, Tom, and myself come back from our trip to North Carolina in August," the pain on her face was evident to David.

David stood up from his chair and walked over to Michelle and placed his arms around her. Tears streamed down Michelle's face as David slowly stroked her back in a soothing motion. Michelle pressed her body firmly against David and he was suddenly aware of his growing desire.

David had fanaticized about having sex with Michelle before but he knew that this wasn't the time or the place for such an encounter. As David rubbed Michelle's back he felt her wince from time to time when he touched the same spot. David decided that there was more to the story then Michelle had told him. David stroked his hand down further and noticed that her shirt hadn't been tucked all the way into her skirt. Slowly he pushed his hand under her shirt and then placed his other on the back of Michelle's head to keep her from moving. As David's hand moved higher he felt pronounced welts upon her back, as if she had been whipped. David suddenly pulled Michelle's shirt up above her arms, and spun her around to see her back.

"So why don't you tell me the rest of the story now," David said still holding the shirt above Michelle's head. "How badly did he beat you last night?"

"Are you sure you want to know? I'm afraid that you'll go kill him."

"It's ok just tell me," David said as he released Michelle's shirt.

Michelle reached under her skirt and pulled her underwear off placing them on David's desk. Then she placed her hands and the edge of David's desk.

"Just flip my skirt up and see for yourself." Michelle said standing in a submissive position.

David placed his hands slowly at the bottom of Michelle's skirt. A lump lodged in his throat as he became aware of his desire to have sex with her. He raised the skirt and placed it on her back. David could see the painful welts covered Michelle's bottom as well. Wide red marks like those that were left on him after his dad would whip him with a belt. David could feel the anger rising within himself. David placed his hands over the marks on Michelle's ass. Michelle responded by moving her bottom and pressing it forcefully back into David's hand. David removed his hand and then set down in his chair.

Michelle was frozen in place for a moment and then proceeded to sit in David's lap. Michelle then continued her hellish story.

"When John came back into the room he was really mad. The yelling out front had stopped, but that was just the start of it for us. He accused me of not having control of my children. He told me that I don't know how to hand a good spanking and if I had, then my children would be better behaved. All I had on was a long night-shirt he came up to me and then ripped it off of my body. He told me that he was going to teach me how to give a good spanking. I was too shocked to move, that's when he bit down on one of my nipples. He started to bit the other one and finished pulling my shirt off. I began to struggle, but he was too strong; he forced me down over the bed and began tugging at his belt. That was when he struck my ass with it.

"That's how a good spanking is handed out, on the bear ass," John said to me. I could feel his spit hitting my back. I had tried to stifle the scream that escaped. I lost track of how long he beat me with his belt. I bit down on the bed sheets to muffle my cries of agony," Michelle stopped for a moment tears coming to her eyes.

"I though he was done and then I heard the zipper on his pants come down. I was too tired to move. He had to have moved my legs apart and then I felt me ass checks being spread, and with that he just shoved his dick into my ass. I had never taken one there before: I was too tired to scream. I couldn't believe the pain as he fucked my dry ass. John, he isn't big but he still has a good six and a half inches, and at least three of my fingers wide.

"I don't know why we've never tried it this way before honey. This feels just like a tight little virgin's pussy," John whispered into my ear. He pounded me furiously and then he came in my ass. I lay there for a moment as he walked off to the bathroom. I collected myself and crawled into bed. I then felt John on top of me pulling my legs apart. He had never been able to get an erection that fast before so it surprised me.

"I think that little bitch Kate needs a good fuck to make her understand this world a little better," after some time he added "You better make me cum or she's next." When he finished he rolled over and went to sleep," Michelle hung on to David and began sobbing into his shoulder.

"That bra must be killing your breast," David said looking at her white blouse. David reached around Michelle and began unbuttoning her blouse. David reached to her shoulders and slowly pulled the shirt off of Michelle's body. He didn't waste any time as he unhooked her bra and pulled it from her chest. David turned Michelle to face him and looked at Michelle's large breast covered with bite marks. David picked up the shirt placing it back around her and buttoning it up. David wanted to reach out and touch the bite marks to sooth the pain that Michelle was feeling but he thought better of it.

"Is that a little better?" David asked.

Michelle looked back at David with love in her eyes, not lust but something much deeper and simply nodded her head affirmative.

"I'm sorry about how rough I was before but I knew that something was wrong, I needed to find out what it was." David said.

"It seems to have worked out for the best." She said.

"So how did Kate fare the rest of the night, after her argument?"

"She was still upset this morning but appeared to be ok, I told her to that when she gets going to call me and I'll pick her up and bring her here for the day. John is off from work, and I don't want him to be alone with her too long after what has happened to me."

Just then the phone rang and Michelle answered it. "Yeah I'll be right there."

"Trouble?" David asked

"No she's awake."

"Why don't I go pick her up. That'll give you a few minutes to pull yourself together."

"Would you please, that would be great."

"Not a problem. I'll be back in just a minute."

"Don't let John know that you know what he did to me, Kate either."

"It may be hard, but I can do it." David placed his arms around Michelle and gave her light squeeze feeling his manhood grow again.

David pulled into the driveway, honked the horn, and climbed out of the truck. Kate walked out the front door through her gate, to where David was standing.

"Come On jump in" David said. Kate climbed into the passenger's side of his 1979 Ford 4X4. "Your mom needed a moment to get caught up so I offered to give her a hand."


"So how is it going today?"

"No to bad yet. But the day is young."

"Well we're the only ones at the office so feel free to watch a little TV, and enjoy." David said looking over at her. She had put on a pair of black baggy jeans, the kind that are three sizes to big, and an extra large polo style shirt. David had always seen Kate as being a very attractive young woman at eighteen, well developed breast, a nice round face, dirty blonde hair. More than that though she also has a nice personality, a person that you can talk to he thought. Kate's clothes hid her feminine figure very well.

She looked over at David, as his attention turned back to the road. He could feel that she wanted to ask him something, but was uncomfortable broaching the subject. He decided to try to give her a hand.

"I think that I'll stop here at Allsups do you want something for breakfast, drink maybe, my treat." David said as he pulled into the parking lot of the convenience store.

David and Kate climbed out of the truck, and went into the tiny store; he grabbed a Dr. Pepper, and a box of Saltine crackers, while Kate looked around. Soon she met him at the counter, and David asked the man behind the counter for two red burritos.

"Would you like something from there?" David asked Kate pointing at the hot food case. She looked for a moment, then settled on something.

"The ham and cheese hot pocket." Kate responded. David looked at the guy behind the counter and asked him for the ham and cheese hot pocket and a sausage biscuit.

The guy behind the counter rang David up, and Kate helped carry the stuff out to the truck. David moved the truck over to an empty parking lot.

"Something is on your mind, and I don't think you want to ask me when we get to the office, do you?"

"I saw something last night, that I wasn't supposed to see. I didn't mean for it to happen. I heard mom scream, so I ran down the hall quietly, and looked through the cracked door. He had ripped her shirt off, and was beating her with his belt. I was afraid that if he had seen me that I would have been next. When he started fucking her, I wanted to go in and stop him, but I was too afraid. I need to get out of that house for a while."

"It's ok, let's get to the office before your mom starts to worry about us."

The trip from the tiny store back to the office didn't take long. When David and Kate arrived they brought in the stuff purchased. David handed the box of crackers to Michelle.

"You didn't have to do this." Michelle said.

"The three of us need to have a little talk." David said to Michelle. As Michelle stood up, David noticed that she still had not put her underwear back on. Kate had already walked into the conference room, so David placed his cold hands on the welts. Michelle stood there for a moment, then walked around the corner into the conference room."

"Kate why don't you start." David said pulling up a chair.

"Me, I don't know where to." She looked down into her hands, and then said "last night I heard you scream, and I got to your bedroom door, which was cracked, open. I looked in and John and ripped your shirt off and was beating you with his belt. At first I thought that you two were playing, though I couldn't figure out why. Then when the beating continued and I saw the pain that he was causing: I wanted to go in there and try to help you but I was too afraid. Then when he stuffed himself into you, I was scared that I might be next." Kate sobbed for a moment, scared that Michelle wouldn't understand what she was going to say next. "I can't sleep in that house knowing that he might decide to not stop with you. I couldn't stop him, he's to strong."

"It's ok." Michelle said looking over at David.

"It's not the Emperors Palace in Vegas, but if Kate wants to she can come stay with me for a while. I have that spare bedroom that I'm not using, and a spare mattress is already set up in there. You can get out of there too if you need to." David said looking at Michelle.

"No I can't do that to Tom, but I don't see a problem with Kate going to your place for a while, if she's comfortable with it. I can give you some money for her stay," Michelle said.

"It's not necessary. I'm just trying to help out," David replied.

"No you have to let me give you something," Michelle said.

"If you want to give me something, just promise me that if he hits you again tonight, tell me, and you and Tom are out of there until he can be arrested for assault and battery charges."

David left early that day, a quarter to five. Kate climbed back into the truck as they had planned. David pulled into his driveway a few minutes later, and shut off the truck. He walked to the door of his three-bedroom home.

"I don't have much in the way of valuables and I live across the street from three different churches so I've never seen a need to lock the door." David said pushing the door open.

David and Kate entered the house through the Kitchen.

"Well here comes the whirlwind tour. Are you ready?" Kate looked at David for a moment lost in thought then shock her head in an affirmative manner.

"This is obviously the kitchen and dinning room." David said. He walked to the back of the kitchen were a hallway ran to the left. They walked straight back out of the kitchen to a door. David opened the door to reveal his room. They walked through David's room.

"Through this door," David said motioning towards a door on the back left wall "is the joined bathroom."

David opened the door and they walked through the tiny bathroom, David opened the door that was directly in front of them.

"This is going to be your room for as long as you would like." Kate stepped in and noticed that there was a queen-sized bed, dresser and some other things that she could put to good use.

David turned to his left again and walked to the door, and they walked into the living room.

"On our left was the hall that we would have come down, if we had not taken the jog through the back bathroom." They turned and started down the hall, and David pushed open a door on the left.

"This is the other bathroom. You may want to use it, with it having the garden tub." David pushed a door open on the opposite side of the hall; "this is the other bedroom." They walked the rest of the way down the hall back to the kitchen "this concludes our whirlwind tour."

Kate hadn't said anything since she and David had gotten into his truck at the office. He noticed her looking down at her feet, having regrets about what she was doing. David laid his finger under her chin and slowly raised her face upwards. He looked down into her eyes, as they darted this way and that. David pulled his finger from under her chin, as she threw her arms around him.

"Thank you. Thank you for being so kind. Thank you for being here to help our family. Thank you for taking me in like this."

"Stop it's ok. You don't have to thank me for any thing. I'm more than happy to help you, your mom, and your younger brother out. You look as if you need it the most right now." David pushed her gently away, taking her hand in his, guiding her down the hall to the living room.

David set her down on the couch, and took his first honest look at this young beauty that was in his home. At only eighteen she had the mentality of a woman thirty years old but the emotional control of a teenager. Her perk young breast heaved as she sobbed into her hands. David wrapped his arms around her shoulders. David held Kate comforting her, and trying just to be a friend to her at the moment.

"You've made the right decision you know. He could very well make you next, and your mom knows that there is a standing offer for her and your brother. You have the right to think about yourself and your well being." David stated frankly.

"What if he hits her because of me leaving the house? I can't live with that. I would rather lose my virginity to him than have her pain on my consciousness."

"How do you think that Michelle feels. She would rather have him beat her with a belt again then, him de-flower you. You must understand that parents for the most part will put themselves in danger to protect their children. And if he lays his hands on her again in that manner, I can promise you that you won't have to worry about him ever again. I will not stand for a man any man to beat or abuse you, your mother, or your brother."

David heard a car pull up in the drive just then. He looked down at Kate "Are you going to be ok?"

"I think so." She said drying tears from her eyes.

David walked out the door of the living room to the driveway and meet Michelle at the car.

"Everything ok at home?" David inquired.

"Not a problem. I told him that she went to a friend's house, and that she may be there for a couple of weeks. I told him that she wants to consider his point of view objectively before coming back to the house. He was satisfied that she might actually try to consider seeing his reason for feeling the way he does. I brought her a lot of clothes and some of her personal pictures and stuff like that for her."

"I'm sorry, please feel free to come on in."

Michelle walked through the door, and she and Kate came together in an embrace. David watched from the doorway. They whispered something into each others ears then walked to where David had shown Kate her room would be. David figured that they would want to be alone for a while. He walked into the kitchen and started cooking the New York Strip steaks that he had been defrosting all day. After an hour Michelle walked down the hall to the kitchen, a moment later Kate followed her to the kitchen, she had changed out of her black pants and polo type shirt into a pair of sweet pants, and lose fitting T-shirt.

"Just in time for a little dinner."

"What is it?" Kate asked.

"Well, my attempt at being a chef." David said stifling a laugh.

David placed a piece of steak, a baked potato, and fried spinach in front of both Kate and Michelle. He looked at them and said his would be done soon, that he liked his meat a bit deader then others. They took a bite of the steak and looked up at him in surprise.

"This is very good." Michelle said.

"I'm glade you'll like it." David flipped his steak one more time on the grill. After he pulled his off, he took a seat between the two women.

"Thank you again for letting Kate stay here with you. And thank you for dinner, that was delicious, but I guess that I had better be getting back to the house, before John gets mad."

David hugged Michelle, as did Kate and then Michelle left to go back to her house.

David turned to Kate and said, "I guess it's just you and me." He started cleaning up the dishes from supper, Kate came over and started rinsing and drying the plates. She stepped back away from the sink a moment, and untied her sweet pants draw-string. She stretched the gather at the top of the pants, and they fell to around her ankles. David looked over to see what was the matter, then when he noticed her taking her joggers off he turned back to the plate that he was scrubbing. The shirt she was wearing was long enough to cover her adequately, but David didn't want her to think that he was a pervert and liked watching her strip. She stepped out of the pants and came back to the sink.

"I hope you don't mind. There are some days I just can't stand the feel of material next to my skin."

"No it's ok. Please feel free to make this as much your home as it is mine, if that means whatever than feel free."

When they finished the dishes, Kate bent over to pick up her joggers that she had dropped earlier, providing David with a nice look at her long lean legs. He also discovered that she hadn't been wearing anything under the joggers. David tried not to look, but with that tight teen snatch that close he couldn't help but look at the rose pink lips between her thighs. When she stood back erect they walked down the hall, to the living room. Michelle had told David how Kate liked to go to bed early, so he was surprised when she took a seat on the couch next to him.

"So what do bachelors like yourself do on nights like these?"

"I have a glass of wine, read, possibly listen to the radio, and catch the news, go to bed. Now if you asked what do normal bachelors due, then I couldn't have answered that." David said as stood and walked towards the wet bar in the living room. "Would you like something to drink, Michelle told me about your experience with wine coolers when you were out east."

"She did huh. What else has she told you about me?"

"Not a lot." David motioned at the cabinet.

"What ever you're having."

David poured two glasses of an inexpensive red wine that he had purchased, bringing the bottle with him. He handed Kate both glasses. It had grown cold outside, the temperature was supposed to fall to the teens, so he lit the fireplace. It was a newer gas type, though with the artificial logs in there it was difficult to tell. David set down on the couch, and Kate moved towards him until she was cuddling. She handed David back his glass.

"So you never answered my question." Kate said in a matter of fact way.

"Well there's not a lot to say. She's told me that you like to go to bed early, around seven or eight. That the reason you're still a virgin is that you can't settle on a guy for very long, like him one week, see his faults the next. You could spend more time studying from time to time. You like to procrastinate to some extent. What else has she told me about you? Oh ya that you are very empathetic with people, you feel their pain."

"That's quite a bit more than she's told me about you."

"Well that's because there's not much to say about me. I'm really a boring guy, I don't go bar hoping on the weekends, and I like to read, have an occasional sip of wine, try to get along with people. That's about the extent of me."

"As well as rescue damsels in distress. A night in shinning armor so to speak."

They both stopped and sipped out of their wine-glasses. Kate looked at David and then leaned in quickly taking him by surprise and began kissing him. David pushed her back, and could see a lust crazed beast behind her eyes.

"You don't want to do this Kate. Not with me at least."

"Yes I do. You're the perfect man, intelligent, witty when need be, faithful, caring."

"I may be some of those things but, you're eighteen. I admit that you are very attractive, a real beauty. You're also the daughter of my best friend. I want to, don't get me wrong, God I want to badly. I've wanted to since I first saw you."

"Than why not." She said as she turned David's face with her hands and began kissing him. David pushed her young firm body away.

"I need to go to work in the morning," and David quickly left for his room.

David laid down in his bed thoughts rushing through his head: his mind went crazy with the possibilities. She wanted him and he definitely wanted her but she was still in school and Michelle's daughter, He couldn't do it, but it was nice to fantasies about what could have happened. David walked to the adjoining bathroom door to her room. He placed his ear to her door and listened closely, he heard her breathing come in gasps as she masturbated.

David closed his eyes and he was back in the living room with Kate setting next to him she leaned in.

"You don't want to do this."

"Yes I do" and she placed her lips to David's.

David didn't fight her this time, he accepted her affection and when her tongue darted into his mouth he thought he would explode right then. Kate moved her right arm that had been resting on her leg to his crotch, and began stroking him through his pants. She finally broke the kiss and pulled back.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" She asked.

"No that was great, but it doesn't help the fact that you're eighteen, and your mother would kill me."

"No she won't."

"Why not?"

"Because while we were unpacking I told her about my fantasy which includes you and me in a setting a lot like this one." She said as she straddled David's legs facing him. She reached down to the bottom of her shirt and started lifting. David placed his hands on hers to stop her from pulling it over her head.

"I don't want you to do this because you feel obligated in some manner. I want you to do it if you are going to because you have true feelings for me."

Kate began pulling the shirt up again, this time David didn't stop her. He watched as her flat stomach was revealed then her perky firm breasts. She finished throwing the shirt to the ground and was in David's lap naked for him to take. David sunk his head to her left breast and began suckling her nipple. Kate let out a small moan of satisfaction. David let his hands roam her back down to the roundness of her ass. He lifted his head from her tit, and looked down to see it fully erect. David lowered his head to the other breast and continued. Kate placed one of her hands in between her legs and started massaging her clit. David lifted his head to see both nipples erect. David rolled her onto the couch and began kissing down her belly to the neatly trimmed brown patch of hair. He flicked his tongue across her clit and felt her body shudder in delight. David sucked her into his mouth, while gently spreading her pussy open. David released her clit and pushed his tongue in and out of her tight virgin pussy. She began grinding her hips trying to take his tongue into her further. David crawled up the length of her body, and began kissing her, she looked up at him tasting her own juices. David went back down the length of her body, to her pussy licking it feverishly. He then replaced his tongue with first a single finger, slowly pumping it in and out of her. She arched her back in delight at the sensation, David slipped a second finger in. He could feel his finger pushing at her unbroken hymen. His dick begged to replace his fingers. David undid the zipper of his pants and pulled them off quickly while Kate massaged her clit, rolling it in her fingers. David slipped his manhood into her tight hole and could feel every muscle grabbing his prick squeezing it. Kate let a small moan escape as David penetrated her. Kate's eyes rolled back, and David felt the tip of his dick against her hymen, and slowly pumped in and out. Her breathing began coming in short gasps, then he felt her body convulse as her first orgasm swept her. With one quick stroke David pushed myself into Kate to the hilt popping her cherry, she cried out in pain and delight having him inside of her. David looked down at her and she shook her head for him to continue.

"Are you on birth control?"

"Yes, have been for two months."

David pumped his dick in and out of her slowly at first, and then picking up the pace. He felt her body shake with two more small orgasms before he exploded in her dripping wet, tight pussy. David rolled to his side next to her, just holding on to her. She looked down at her dripping pussy and was suddenly embarrassed lying naked there next to David. She tried to stand but David just held onto her and told her that it was ok, she was beautiful lying there like that. David's dick hardened immediately, and he pulled her legs apart placing her ankles on his shoulders. He thrust his dick in her again pumping vigorously, David looked down and she was fingering herself as well. David lowered his head and slowly kissed Kate's neck and sucked on her nipples. Kate continued to let out small moans of delight as she was filled by her first lover. David exploded in her a second time. As he pushed into her for all he was worth Kate's body shook with her most powerful orgasm yet. This time David kept his prick buried in her hot pussy, her muscles slowly trying to push the invader out. They lay there staring at each other for ten minutes, nuzzling each others necks on occasion. David's prick was getting hard again, but he didn't want to abuse the situation that he was presented with, there would be plenty of time for that.

"You look like you could use a bath." David said looking at Kate.

She looked at her sweaty body and shook her head in agreement. David gently picked her up in his arms and carried her down the hall to the garden tub. He placed her feet on the floor and she stood up, David started running water.

"Are you ok?"

"That was the most painful and pleasurable experience that I have ever had."

Kate looked down at the still wet blood dripping down her thigh. As the water rose David helped her into the tub.

"The experience isn't over just yet." David said as he picked up a sponge and began slowly washing her body. David moved his hands slow and deliberate, caressing every part of her body. David was careful to pay extra attention to Kate's soft tender breasts, and between her legs washing the blood and cum from her. David slowly moved his hands up and down Kate's back cleansing her body. After he washed her he helped her out of the tub, and had her stand there as he slowly moved a towel over her body drying her, and then wrapped her in the towel.

David took her hand and lead her back to the living room where they had started. He had her lay on the carpet face down with out the towel. The plush carpet comforted her body, and David folded the towel and laid it across her butt to cover it. David had carried out of the bathroom a few oils, he squeezed one onto her back and she jumped from the cold oil landing on her back. David massaged the oil into her back relieving the tension that he could feel built up in her muscles. David worked down her lower back and then straight to the back of her calves, down the leg and back up then the other. He pulled the towel off of her and massaged her buttocks, working the oils into her fair skin. Her body glistened, David ordered her to roll she did so without a second thought. He squeezed oil onto her stomach and began rubbing. When he finished she was completely relaxed, David leaned down and slowly began kissing her sweet lips her tongue shot into his mouth and they began dancing around each other. He placed his arm under her back and raised her to a sitting position pulling her slippery body close to his. They both released the embrace at the same time. David helped her stand and they walked to her shirt picking it up so she could put at least it back on.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have allowed this to happen." David said.

"There's nothing to be sorry for. I wanted that to happen, if I hadn't I wouldn't have started it. I think that I truly love you." She looked at David with loving eyes.

"Still I took advantage of you, your age, as well as your situation at home."

"You didn't do anything like that. You told me that I should do it because I wanted to, and I did. Please don't feel bad." She curled up close to David, to show him that she wasn't mad, he placed his arms around her and they just set there watching the fire glow.

David looked down at his watch and realized that it was after eleven, and announced that he had to get some sleep to go to work tomorrow and face the wrath of Michelle. Kate just reassured him that it wouldn't happen.

David awoke the next morning feeling unsure about if what he had fantasized had actually happened last night. David finally decided that it had been a wonderful dream. David was happy that it would just be he and Michelle at the office again today. He decided to grab a shower and then cook a little breakfast before going to work. After cooking a couple of pieces of bacon, some eggs and fixing some toast, he placed some on a separate plate and walked into Kate's room. David pushed open the door, and saw her there, lying on top of the sheets still wearing only the shirt from the night before. David walked in with the plate and set it on a near by night-stand. He lowered himself to the bed leaned over and kissed Kate's forehead. She slowly opened her eyes, and looked up at David.

"That's much better to wake up to than an alarm clock." She said.

"An alarm clock won't bring you breakfast in bed either." David said jokingly.

She set up as David handed her the plate.

"I have to go to the office now. If you need something or you can't find something give me a call, other wise please feel free to make this your house." David stood up and she grabbed his arm pulling him back to the bed. David looked at her and she leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips.

"Have a good day."

"I will." This time David left closing the door behind him.


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