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Fantasy Pt. II
by Spider1352

David climbed into his truck started it and had sudden flashes of fear about how could he tell Michelle, should he tell her. David backed out of the drive and took his usual route to work. He walked into the office at his normal time ten minutes earlier than every one else. He had just finished retrieving some information from a download when Michelle walked in. David greeted her without even standing. After he didn't hear anything for a moment he stood up and walked across the room with his coffee cup, David noticed her reading something that had been left on her desk, and figured that was why she hadn't spoken yet. She looked up at David with tired eyes.

"Morning," She said.

"How was your night?" David was afraid that she would tell him that he had taken her again for his pleasure.

"It was surprisingly uneventful. No arguments, and the best sleep that I've had in ages, I don't know why. How was your evening with Kate?"

"It went pretty well, we talked, I gave her a full tour."

David poured a cup of coffee and set down at the table and began reading yesterdays paper. Michelle walked in with her own cup in hand. She had worn a blue stretch dress that fell to mid thigh, and a short sleeve wool shirt. After pouring herself a cup of coffee she walked over to David and set in his lap.

"This is something new." David said. She looked down at him and laughed lightly.

"Now what I want to know is was Kate good."

"She behaved perfectly, went to bed early, I didn't hear a word come from her room."

"That's not what I mean and you know it!"

"She was great, hot, wet, tight, and willing." David said sarcastically.

"So you fucked her. I thought that you were a gentleman."

"I am, your daughter pulled off her joggers last night, bent over intentionally I think to show me that she wasn't wearing any underwear, then when I went to the living room and tried to kiss me. I stopped her."

"I'm just giving you a hard time."

"So you're not pissed?"

"She told me she was going to seduce you."

"Why did she try it? I'm not the best looking stud on the farm by any means."

"She doesn't care how you look, she cares more about how you treat her, and if you don't know that about her by now than I'm disappointed in you."

"I know that she cares more about what's in a person, but I thought she felt that I was more of a brother than anything."

"She's told me about how she wished she could find someone like you to be with. I told her why look if he's already there. She's thought about that for a long time, and she decided that I was right. While we were unpacking her clothes she told me that she had decided. I knew that you would try to resist her but it was no use."

"Well you're right it is no use. I just hope that I can live up to her expectations, as a friend, lover, and mate. I know that she's everything I've ever wanted, beautiful, intelligent, caring," By now David was fully erect. He knew she could tell because she had repositioned herself a couple of times to get his prick out of her ass.

As the day slowly passed David set at his desk and began fantasizing about what it would have been like to have Michelle want him the way her daughter had. He closed his eyes and she was sitting in his lap again like she was that morning.

She looked down at David, and then reached to her sides and started pulling her shirt off. He decided not to stop her, he had always wanted to fuck her, and if she's was going to offer him that chance he'd take it. She was wearing a white lace bra that barley held her breasts at bay. She reached down to the front and undid the snap and released her large heavy breast. David lowered his head to her left nipple and started playing with her right. He raised his head and she lowered her lips to his. She got up off his lap and grabbed the sides of her skirt.

David shook his head no, and then he reached up and pulled her skirt down. Michelle was standing there in only her black silk panties. David got up out of the chair and then pushed her down backwards onto the table. He grabbed her ankles and placed them on his shoulders and lowered his head to her panty covered pussy. David inhaled the pungent scent that was emanating from her love box. David ripped her panties to get to her snatch, and then noticed that she was dripping juices.

"David, please I need a release. John he woke up this morning, and fucked me silly. I never peaked. Please, I'm begging."

David didn't care he lowered his head and started licking her pussy clean. His tongue ran across a large glob of John's cum mixed with her juice, He held it on the tip of his tongue and slid up and kissed her slipping the glob into Michelle's waiting mouth.

Michelle looked at David in surprise, as he kissed his way back down her body, he decided that her clit needed some serious attention. David flicked it with his tongue and noticed her jump slightly, he wrapped his lips around it and started sucking, flicking it with his tongue.

Michelle's breathing became erratic, as she gasped for air. David continued assaulting her clit pushing her closer to orgasm. Then he pushed two fingers into Michelle and she screamed out her pleasure. Michelle's legs suddenly locked around David's head holding his mouth in place, her body shuddered. David's mouth was flooded momentarily he decided not to stop the tongue lashing that he had started, sucking her clit in and out of his mouth she raised her hips slightly. David began pumping his fingers in and out of Michelle.

David knew that if he didn't' get his dick in her soon he would just shoot his load in his pants. David pulled his fingers out and pushing her legs apart he slipped them into her mouth, as she started sucking. David pulled his fingers out, and lowered his pants to reveal his throbbing hard on. He didn't waste anytime as he plunged his dick deep in her moist cunt. Soon they were moving together, and he knew that he couldn't last long. David unloaded his spunk in Michelle's aching cunt which sent another shudder through her body. David could feel her muscles squeezing and milking him for every last bit of cum. He looked down at her knowing that nothing would be the same between them but he didn't care. David looked into her eyes and could tell that she was physically drained after he fuck session with her husband.

David lowered his head back to her sweet pussy licking up the juices dripping from her. His dick was hard in only moments and needed more of her. He slipped his tool back into her moist slit, then pulled it out, he repositioned her legs on his shoulders raising her ass into the air. David placed the tip of his dick to her rosebud she looked up at him as if say please no. David gently eased the tip through her, she moaned in pain. David left his hot throbbing tool in Michelle's near virgin ass for only a moment then with a single thrust pushed the rest into her as she rolled her head, clenched her fists, and tears steamed down her face. David left his dick buried in her for nearly a minute so she could get used to it being there. He felt her muscles relax slightly, and began pulling his dick out slowly, then pushing it back in. Michelle moaned but this time David couldn't tell if it was in pain or pleasure or both.

David slowly picked up speed pistoning in and out of her, grunts escaping her with every stroke. He tried to prolong his time by stopping periodically, but the muscles in her ass would continue to massage his prick.

David unloaded his white sticky cream in her ass, with a final thrust. He knew that I couldn't leave her like that so he started tongue lashing her pussy again driving her over the edge of two more powerful orgasms.

David collapsed onto the table next to her, they laid there for nearly an hour. The rest of the day they exchanged glances, and touches, but nothing like the pleasure of the morning. The day came to a close and David and Michelle didn't know what to say to each other as they stood in the doorway. She closed her eyes as he leaned in and softly kissed her pursed lips, caressing her back. They walked out the door and said goodbye to each other.

The day flew by with David lost in his fantasy and before he knew it 5 o'clock had come. David climbed into his truck started it and made the short drive home, to another wonderful fantasy or would it be reality?

To Be Continued...


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