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Fantasy Pt. III
by Spider1352

David pulled into his driveway shortly after 5 and walked through the kitchen door. The most heavenly sight and smell greeted him. David took the few short steps to Kate, and nuzzled into her neck as she tilted it slightly.

"Something smells wonderful and I can't decide if it is you or your cooking." David said deeply inhaling Kate's perfumed neck.

"Maybe it's just a bit of both." Kate said as she turned to face David.

David looked at the eighteen-year-old goddess before him with renewed lust and desire burning in his eyes. The soft curve of her lips, to her small pert breasts. David leaned towards Kate slowly placing his lips to Kate's. She closed her eyes in anticipation and as their lips meet for the first time in passion David wrapped his arms around the slim waste of his goddess. The kiss slowly grew in intensity until Kate snaked her tongue out and touched David's lips. David parted his closed mouth and began stroking Kate's tongue with his own. Kate pulled away from the kiss suddenly out of breath and quickly turning her attention back to the stove.

"Why don't you go take a shower, and put on something relaxing, while I finish up here."

"Sounds like a great idea to me." David said. He looked at Kate's full length black skirt and white blouse, wondering what she had on underneath.

David turned and started towards his room, and had just closed the door when Kate placed her arms on either side of the stove, and began breathing heavily.

"That was the most amazing kiss I've ever had. I can't wait until desert tonight if that was the appetizer." Kate thought to herself. "Down girl, it's not time just yet." Kate said aloud to no one as her head hung over the stove. The heat and passion radiated from every part of Kate's body. Kate wondered what David would do to her when he found out that she was wearing a black teddy complete with garter belt and stockings under her clothes.

David stepped into the cool running water of the shower trying to regain his composure. His thoughts raced to what he had wanted to do to Kate. David rested both hands again the shower stall with his head hanging under the flow of water. He had tasted the sweet honey that Kate had to offer and wanted to drink from that divine cup again. The cold water rushed over his body easing his desire.

"What are you dong man. She's just a child; I'll be taking advantage of her. I can't do this. On the other hand she is the one starting it. I'd be helping her to learn. I would be her teacher. Some guys teach math, some teach history, some teach science, I teach sexual education with a hands on approach. I have her mothers consent." David raised his head filling his mouth full of water, swishing it around in his mouth before spitting it back out. David stepped out of the shower and put on a pair of jeans.

David walked out of his room and the dining room table had been set and candles lit. No other lights were showing in the room. Kate walked over to David; "I wanted to do something special for you tonight. I wanted to thank you for saving me from having been raped by my stepfather. I don't know if I could have lived with the humiliation that he would have placed me through." Kate hugged David tightly, and David wrapped his arms around the young girl's back.

"So she doesn't want to have sex with me tonight. This is what it appears to be a simple thank you dinner. That's ok there are other nights, and more fantasies that I can think of." David thought to himself as he stroked Kate's upper back.

David released his grip of the Kate and she stepped back. "I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you tonight."

"It smelt heavenly when I opened the door. I'm sure the taste will be exquisite." David walked over to a chair and assisted pushing it in for Kate.

The meal was simple; meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cream corn, but the care that had been taken in preparing the food made it appear as if it could have been served in the finest of restaurants. The meal was eaten in silence, but David could see that his first impression had most defiantly been wrong. The lust in Kate's eyes was evident. From time to time during the meal Kate would reach out and hold David's hand for a moment and even once David thought he had felt a foot move up the inside of his leg on purpose.

"That was the best meal I have had in a long time Kate. Thank you very much, I appreciate that." David said pushing himself back away from the table.

"You're welcome, but the best part is still to come. Desert, I hope you like what I have planned."

"If it is half as good as the rest of diner, then I'm sure I'll enjoy it."

"I think you are going to enjoy it much more than you did diner. Why don't you go light the fireplace and pour us a glass of wine, and put on some music, something soft." Kate said as she picked up the dishes from the table.

"That sound like a wonderful idea. Will you be joining me shortly?"

"Very soon." Kate replied in a deep sultry voice."

"I look forward to it." David walked out of his kitchen down the short hall to the living room. He lit the fire and went to the bar and poured up two glasses of the best wine he had. David walked over to the radio and turned on a soft radio station and set down on the couch waiting for his goddess to enter the room.

Kate walked into the room a moment later and set down beside David on the couch.

"This is nice. You not running away from me." Kate said looking at David in the eyes.

"This is nice. Not running from you. Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I'm sure."

David leaned in towards Kate timidly at first, unsure about the situation still. He lowered his mouth to Kate's. Her tongue reached out to explore David's mouth. David pushed his pelvis into Kate's leg where she could feel the growing bulge in his pants. David began grinding himself into Kate's leg as she explored his mouth with her tongue. Kate's fingers slide down her body to her breasts where she began pinching and pulling on her nipples. David pulled back from the kiss he looked into her eyes and saw pure animal lust as she continued to pull on her nipples and bite her lower lip in pure bliss.

David slide off of Kate now sure of what he wanted he pulled Kate to her feet. They were both tipsy with lust and not wine. David wrapped his arms around Kate's neck and began kissing her again, this time it was his turn to probe her mouth with his tongue. David's hands roamed over Kate's small back and around her hips and ass. The soft flesh giving to David's every touch, and Kate's eyes were half closed as she enjoyed the sensation that her body was feeling.

David stepped back and placed his hands on the front of Kate's blouse. He unbuttoned the shirt slowly, tugging the bottom of the shirt out Kate's skirt. As the third button was undone David could see that he was in for a treat. As the last button was undone David pulled the blouse from Kate's slim shoulders, the blouse slipped down Kate's arms falling to the floor like a leaf in the wind.

David looked at Kate's heaving breasts though the black teddy, feeling his desire grow. David stepped back up to Kate and wrapped his arms around her slim waste fumbling for the zipper to the skirt. After a couple of moments David found it and pulled down the zipper. With one quick tug two of the most beautiful legs that David had ever seen were revealed.

Kate stepped back up to David and placed her lips to his. The soft feel of the silk teddy, electrified David's every touch on Kate's lithe body. A small moan of delight filled David's ears as he caressed the small of Kate's back.

David eased Kate back down to the couch. Kate spread her legs apart inviting David to do as he pleased. David moved in between Kate's legs and began rubbing Kate's breasts. Kate's eyes closed completely as she threw back her head opened her mouth as if to moan but no sound came out. David continued moving his hands up and down Kate's sides as they kissed with their tongues reaching out to touch one another's. Kate began tugging at the sides of David's shirt and pulled it over his head. David then rubbed his hand down into the dripping honey pot that he had fantasized about for so many nights. He could feel the moisture on the outside of the teddy. David slowly rubbed Kate's cunt lips in small circles. Kate began to thrash about with David's touch. The sensations tingling in her body was extraordinary. Kate's mouth lay open but no sound came out as she continued to push herself back into David's hand.

David began to kiss his way down Kate's body to the awaiting desert between Kate's legs. David pulled the crotch of Kate's teddy out of the way and gazed upon the most heavenly sight in his life. Two beautiful pink lips looking back at him, wet, puffy, and virgin. David began to rub the exposed lips with the tips of his fingers and then he lowered his head.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh." Kate moaned loudly as David's tongue flicked across Kate's clit.

David began to rub his finger upon Kate's clit. Kate's body began to respond as she continued to grind against David's face, tongue, and fingers. Kate's breathing began coming in short gasps as she sucked for air, then she began to moan her delight.

"Um, Um, uh, um, uh, uh, um, um, oh, um, uh, uh, uh, uh, uuuuhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhhh gggggooooodddddd, I'm cuming" Kate screamed out. David continued to lap at Kate's little pink lips.

David eased his assault on Kate, and her breathing returned to normal. Kate looked down into David's eyes, a warm glow emanating from her entire body. The love Kate had for her lover evident in her eyes, she wanted to return the favor. David looked up and could see the joy that he had given Kate and wanted to please her.

David stood up and kicked off his shoes. He then undid his belt and began to lower his pants. David slowly pulled his boxer shorts down around his ankles and his normal sized six-inch dick flopped out for Kate to behold. Kate licked her lips seductively as she gazed upon the flaccid cock.

Kate crawled off the couch on her knees and crept so she was just inches away from David's rapidly, hardening cock. Slowly Kate wrapped her small hands around David's shaft, and then began to stroke up and down the length. David moaned his delight at the young girl's touch. Kate then licked the end of David's cock. She slowly opened her mouth and began taking David's meat into her mouth. Unsure what to do she began to bob her head up and down a little.

"That's it baby, uh, you're doing fine. Use, uh, your tongue on the bottom side of me as you come back up. Oh yeah that's the way. Now try to take a little more into your mouth. Oh fuck that's good." David's hands dropped to behind Kate's head and he wrapped his fingers into her brunette hair. David pushed her back down his cock each time a little further.

"Ugh," Kate choked for air, and David eased up his pushing.

Soon Kate picked up a rhythm and David was grunting his pleasure. "Ugh, oh yeah, your mouth is so fucking hot." Kate let out small moans of delight as she masturbated herself. The vibration of Kate's moans finally sent David over the edge.

"I'm going to cum. Do you want to swallow?" David looked down at Kate, as she shook her head no. David released the back of Kate's head and grabbed his own cock pumping it furiously.

"Ooohhh fuck" David called out as his cum splattered Kate's face and breasts.

David and Kate's eyes locked, and their souls spoke to each other. Kate turned her head away for a moment unable to handle the flood of emotions behind David's eyes. Kate turned back and the unholy fire and turned to embers.

David set down beside Kate trying hard to regain control of his breathing. David wrapped his arms around Kate and pulled her close to his body and began kissing her face. Kate basked in David's gentle touch.

David reached up to Kate's slim shoulders and began pulling the small straps of the teddy off. Kate offered no resistance as David pulled the teddy down exposing Kate's soft breasts. David plunged his head towards Kate's breasts and began sucking and nibbling on her sensitive nipples. David finished stripping the teddy down to Kate's waste.

David allowed his hands to roam the naked torso of the goddess before him. Kate placed her hands behind David's head and pulled him in as he sucked one nipple and then the other. One of David's hands found it's way down to Kate's wet cunt. Kate climaxed a second time under David's ministration.

"That was sexy watching you orgasm." David said looking into the eyes of his lover.

David placed his hands at the sides of Kate's teddy and began pulling it down. Kate lifter her body slightly to allow David to finish taking the lingerie off. David ran his hands back up Kate's stocking covered legs and felt the static electricity as it popped. David sunk two fingers into Kate and she jerked her hips while biting her lower lip.

David's cock began to stiffen as he finger fucked the beautiful virgin beside him. David pulled Kate so that she was under him on the floor. They looked at each other's eyes and new it was time. David pushed Kate's wonderful legs apart and positioned his dick at her ready entrance. David felt just the tip sink in and he knew heaven in that instant. David slowly rocked his dick back and forth each time pushing a little more into Kate. Kate continued to move her hips sporadically as she cried out in a mixture of both pain and delight.

David could feel his dick press against Kate's unbroken skin and new that there was no turning back. He steadied himself and with one quick thrust pushed past Kate's hymen. Kate arched her back and tried to pull away from David.

"Oh, oh, god it hurts." Kate said with tears rolling down her checks.

David stopped moving for a moment. "It's ok. The worst is over." David wiped the tears away from Kate's eyes and kissed her as he slowly began to rock himself around inside of Kate again.

Kate nodded her head after a couple of moments and David knew that it was safe for him to continue. David pushed with one last hard thrust and buried his cock into Kate's hot cunt. Kate cried out in pain, but she knew that this is what she wanted. David began to slowly pull his cock out and push back in. After some time David was stroking his entire shaft out and back into Kate's willing hole. Kate continued to grind her hips, and moan out in a mixture of pain and elation. David brushed his hand across Kate's face as he started going faster.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh" Kate continued to cry out with every thrust. Kate lowered one of her hands to her clit and began rubbing it. Kate climaxed in an earth shattering orgasm. Kate's cunt gripped David's dick and held it in place, milking it.

"Oh shit!" David exclaimed as he unloaded into Kate's already dripping pussy, which sent Kate over the edge of another orgasm.

David collapsed onto Kate with his prick still in her freshly fucked cunt, them both breathing hard.

"That was incredible. I've never felt anything like that before." David said in between gasps for air. He stocked the sweet drenched hair away from Kate's eyes.

"That was the most intense pain and pleasure I've ever had." Kate replied her small breasts heaving as she sucked in air.

David pulled Kate to him and they laid in front of the fire and slowly drifted off to sleep. David knew that his fantasy had become reality.


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