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First Meeting
by Copperhead

Walking into the hotel room in front of him, my heart was beating so fast and so loud, I was sure he could hear it. He'd been waiting for me in the lobby and when I first saw him, I knew the next few hours were going to be something that I'd never forget. We'd been talking intimately on-line and on the telephone for so long that the anticipation of our meeting was overwhelming. We'd just hugged when we said hello to each other and he picked up my bag and led me to the room he'd already arranged for us.

He closed the door, reached for my arm and gently turned me towards him. His arms encircled me and mine went up around his neck. I tilted my head up and we were looking directly into each other's eyes; something that I'd longed to do for months. His lips brushed mine lightly at first, then a little harder until the kiss deepened and our tongues were mingling together, dancing back and forth between our mouths. The feeling was electric. All of my senses were aroused being there with him. Neither of us was sure how fast to move, but neither of us attempted to break the embrace either.

I felt his hands rubbing my back, going up to my neck and down my spine, resting at the small of my back, and then moving again. I took my lead from him and began to do the same. We stood in the centre of the room for several minutes just holding, caressing and kissing each other. It was so wonderful. None of the awkwardness that I anticipated was present, I felt so comfortable with him and he seemed to feel the same way with me.

There was a large mirror on the wall over the dresser. He turned me around to face the mirror with my back up against his chest. His arms were around me again, this time with his hands at the front of my body. His lips lightly brushed against my neck and I reached up to lift my copper coloured hair out of the way, turning my head, offering my neck to him. His mouth kissed and nuzzled on my flesh as one of his hands moved upward to cup my breast. I could feel the softness of his beard and moustache against my skin, it tickled me but the warmth of his lips seemed to erase the tickling sensation. His right hand caressed my left breast through my shirt. His thumb found my nipple and even through the layers of fabric he could feel it become firm and erect. His left hand was on my right hip pressing me back against him.

We both looked into the mirror, our eyes locked together in the reflection. He began undoing the buttons of my shirt, first the top one, then the next one, which exposed the top of my lacey bra and the swell of my breasts. His hands reached inside to gently touch them. Feeling his fingers finally caress me the way he'd described to me many times is was electrifying. A low moan escaped from my throat, which was all he needed to hear to quickly undo the rest of the buttons and unfasten the front hook on my bra. Pushing my shirt and my bra out of the way, my large breasts were visible to him in the reflection of the mirror. We both watched as his hands cupped the undersides of them and pushed them upwards and together. My nipples were pointing straight ahead as he used his thumb and forefinger to stroke them and pulling them out to their full glory.

His mouth was right beside my ear and he whispered, "Oh Sweetheart, they're just as beautiful as I've imagined. I love how hard and long your nipples are."

I reached up and placed my hand on his cheek, bringing his mouth back down onto my neck. His hands moved toward the waistband of my jeans, undid the snap and slowly lowered the zipper. Once open, one hand went back to my breast and the other hand slid under my panties and over the soft hair on my pubic mound until his fingers reached my pussy lips. He pushed my jeans and panties down over my hips and thighs so we could both see his fingers caressing and rubbing my pussy. My head was back against his chest, my body leaning against him for support. When his finger slipped between my lips, I moaned and began moving my hips against his fingers.

Being able to watch and feel his hands roam all over my body was such and incredible turn on. As much as I wanted to continue to watch, I needed to touch him. I turned around in his arms and began undoing his shirt. When I'd pushed it out of the way, I put my arms around his back and pressed myself against his warm skin, my nipples rubbed against his chest. Oh God, he felt so wonderful. I knew that he was as aroused as I was by the hardness I felt against my lower abdomen. My hands reached for his waistband and undid his pants. Carefully, I pushed them down over his hips, until his fully erect penis was released. I gasped at the size of it. It was beautiful, long and thick with a huge head. My hand immediately surrounded it, my fingers barely touching and I began to stroke him ever so gently...hearing him moan was like music in my ears.

I pushed his pants down his legs and he kicked them off onto the floor. He reached for mine and did the same. I removed his shirt at the same time as he was pushing mine off of my shoulders. All of our clothes were scattered on the floor and we were facing each other completely naked. He nudged me towards the bed and I sat with my legs and feet off the edge as he stood in front of me. I reached for his hips and drew him closer to me. Holding the base of his cock between my fingers, I kissed the head; the tip of my tongue encircled it, feeling the soft, velvety, smoothness of the skin. He was holding my shoulders as I took more and more of his shaft into my mouth and sucked on it. I pulled him as far inside of my mouth as I could and while sucking started to pull my mouth away. I looked up at him watching himself going in and out of my mouth. My fingers were gently massaging his balls, giving them a slight squeeze every time his cock was buried in my mouth.

After only a few moments, he pulled away and bent down to kiss me. It was a wonderful, deep, tender kiss filled with passion. Lowering himself to his knees between my outstretched thighs he kissed his way down my neck to my chest, stopping to tease and suck on my nipples. He took each one into his mouth, flicking the hard nub with his tongue and gently biting on it while his hand fondled the other one. I was holding his head between my hands, pulling my body backwards while he held one of my nipples between his teeth. The meeting of pleasure and a tiny bit of pain was exquisite. When he released my nipple from his mouth, it was red and swollen and ever so sensitive.

He pushed me backwards, so I was lying on the bed. He picked up my right foot and began sucking on my toes and kissing up my leg. When he reached my knee, he placed my foot on the edge of the mattress and lifted up the my left leg and did the same thing, placing my left foot far from my right and pushed my knees outwards, exposing my wet, swollen pussy to him. I grabbed two pillows and placed them under my head; I wanted to see, as well as feel everything he was doing to me. He used his tongue to trace a line from knee to my pussy. The wetness of his tongue and the coarseness of his beard against my inner thigh were so erotic.

I was pushing my hips upwards, but he stayed away from my pussy until he had repeated the ritual on both of my legs. I was so wet; I could feel my juices between the cheeks of my ass. I reached down to pull his head towards my pussy, but he firmly pushed my hands away, telling me to relax and enjoy. He was smiling, knowing what he was doing to me and then I felt his fingers part my outer lips and using the flat part of his tongue, he placed it on my clit. The sensation was amazing. He took me to the edge of the world with his fingers and tongue, but wouldn't allow me to go over the edge. I would get so close, and then he'd pull back and reach for my nipples, pulling and pinching the red tips. This man was making me feel things that I'd never felt before and I didn't want it to ever end.

Finally, I asked him to please stop; I wanted our first orgasms to be mutual, with him inside of me. The first time isn't a time for teasing and tantalizing, we'd waited too long to be together and I needed him to fill me with his cock.

As he got to his feet, I scrambled to move up towards the top of the bed. He crawled up on towards me, separating my thighs and kneeling between them. He leaned down over me and looked directly into my eyes. My desire and passion was reflected in his eyes. His mouth covered mine and I felt the head of cock pressing against the opening of my pussy. I lifted my hips towards him, wanting him to enter me. There is no other feeling that compares to the way a cock feels when it first enters. He pushed in slowly and I could feel the head and then the shaft passing through my opening. My hands reached for his ass, trying to push him deep inside of me. I was so wet, so ready, there was no resistance at all. He pushed hard against me, filling me, then pulled out and back in again. It only took a few strokes before we had developed a rhythm.

Our breathing became laboured; he was sliding in and out of me with increased speed with every thrust. We could hear the suction noises and the sound of his balls hitting my ass as he lunged deep into me. He grabbed my knees and pushed them up towards my chest, getting as close to me as possible. I was pulling on my nipples, pulling them out and towards him. I felt the contractions starting, knowing that I was about to cum and told him how close I was. I reached for his arms, tightening my fingers around his forearms. He pulled himself back as far as possible with out coming out of me and then thrust deeply back inside of me. My orgasm began just as his body stiffened and he tightened his hold on me. I could see the tension release from his face as he spewed his cum into me.

Once our bodies began to relax, he lowered himself down on top of me, staying inside of me. Our lips met and we held each other until our breathing returned to normal.

The thoughts going through my head were many, but foremost was the one that all the anticipation, and all of the waiting was worth every second to have had this kind of marvelous feeling of intimacy and closeness with him.

He moved to lie beside me; my head was on his chest, one leg across his thigh, feeling the warmth from each other's bodies. Just reveling in the pleasure we'd both experienced and dreaming about what we were going to do next.


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