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Fun on the Fourth Pt. III
by Lesbian's Brother-in-Law

I woke up early in the afternoon of the 5th of July feeling pretty damn good. Not only had I gotten the chance to fuck my girlfriend's best friend Emily, whom I had lusted after for over two years, the night before, but my girlfriend was already awake and was giving me head. I watched as Brenda tried to take more of my cock down her throat. Emily had showed off her deep-throat talents the previous evening, and Brenda was anxious to duplicate them.

Speaking of Emily, I thought to myself, where is she? I turned my head to the left and saw her still asleep next to us. As I looked at her firm breasts, large nipples, and tight cunt, I hoped I would get another chance at her. Soon, though, Brenda's blowjob captured my full attention, and I watched as she moved her lips over three-fourths of my cock. "Suck it, baby," I whispered.

And she did, enthusiastically. Just as I felt myself getting ready to come, I noticed movement beside me, and turned to look. Emily was now awake, and was gently working her clit with a finger well-lubricated in her own juices. She grinned as she noticed me watching.

I returned my attention to Brenda as she continued taking even more of my cock into her mouth. "Oh shit," I moaned, "suck my cock, baby, I'm gonna come in your mouth."

Brenda moaned deep in her throat and picked up speed. Just as I felt her lips touch the base of my cock, I let out a groan and came. Brenda made loud swallowing noises as she gulped it all down.

"Jesus, that was good," I told my girlfriend as she sat up on her knees. I smiled as I noticed her eyes zero in on Emily, who was still masturbating next to us.

"It sure was," Emily said. "You learn fast, Brenda."

"Until I saw you do it, I didn't think it was possible," Brenda answered, her eyes still glued to Emily's crotch. Brenda leaned forward until she was on all fours above me, watching her friend's finger as Emily slowly stroked herself. "Looks like she needs it bad," Brenda whispered in my ear. "Maybe she could use some help."

I don't know if Emily was supposed to hear that or not, but she did. "I sure could," she said.

"What kind of help did you have in mind?" Brenda asked.

"Hey, this was your idea," Emily replied. "What did you have in mind when you first said it?"

"Well, I was thinking that maybe you'd like Pat's tongue buried in your hot, wet pussy," Brenda told her.

Emily arched her back and moaned, rubbing her clit a little harder. "That's just what I had in mind," she managed to gasp.

"Go get her," Brenda whispered in my ear. "Lick her like you lick me, baby." She rolled off of me, laying on her stomach so she could watch.

I took my place between Emily's legs and lowered my mouth to her waiting muff. She took both hands and spread herself wide open for me. "Ohhhhhh, God," she moaned as my tongue first touched her clit. After that, all she could make were incoherent noises as I ate her pussy. It wasn't long before she was arching her back, pushing her hips up into my face as she neared her orgasm. I rubbed two fingers around her lips, wetting them in the juices that were flowing freely from her slit, then slipped them both deep inside her. Emily screamed, and I felt her vaginal muscles spasming as she came.

As Emily recovered, Brenda came up beside me and reached between my legs. Finding that my cock was once again erect and ready for action, she asked Emily, "Ready to be fucked again?"

I was somewhat surprised to hear her talking to her friend that way. Not that I minded, of course.

"God, yes," Emily said. "I'm ready to have that big thing inside me again." I didn't waste any time, sliding my cock into her wet, ready cunt. "Fuck yes," she yelled, "give it to me!"

And give it to her I did, fucking her as hard as I could. She soon slid a hand down between our bodies and began rubbing her clit again. "Just a second," I told her. She looked concerned as I pulled out of her. Laying down on my side perpendicular to her, I draped her legs over me and spread them wide. This was a position Brenda and I often used when she needed some extra simulation to get off, giving her plenty of room to play with herself.

Emily soon discovered the benefits of this position as she furiously rubbed her clit. "Jesus, this is good," she moaned.

Brenda moved closer to us. "God, look at her do herself," she said, again staring at her friend's exposed clit.

"I need it," Emily was whispering. "I need it bad." I don't think she even realized what she was saying. "God, why can't I be fucked and eaten at the same time? I need a tongue on my cunt now!"

What happened next surprised me, although I'd been subconsciously hoping it would happen ever since this escapade began. Brenda leaned over us, moved Emily's hand away, and began tonguing her best friend's pussy as I fucked it.

"Oh, shit!" Emily screamed as Brenda zeroed in on her clit. Again, Emily spread her pussy open with both hands to expose the bud inside. "Oh, eat me, Brenda! Eat me! Lick me!"

I couldn't believe this--my girlfriend, who'd always rebuffed my half-teasing talk of threesomes, was eagerly bringing off her best friend. "I'm gonna come!" Emily yelled, and yet again I felt the muscles of her cunt spasm as my cock and Brenda's tongue brought her to orgasm. It was all too much for me, and I felt my own orgasm rapidly approaching. Just as I started to come, Emily shifted position to allow Brenda (who was still eagerly eating her out) better access. My cock slipped out of Emily's pussy, and my come shot wildly about. Brenda stopped tonguing Emily just long enough to lick up all the come she could find, then went right back to Emily's cunt. Before long, Emily came again, even harder than before.

Not a word was spoken as the two girls traded positions. Brenda laid back on the bed, legs spread wide to reveal her wet pussy. Emily, still shaking from her last orgasm, wasted no time in repaying Brenda for the pleasure she'd received, and was quickly tonguing Brenda's clit intently. "That's it, right there," Brenda told her. "God, you're quite the little pussy eater, aren't you? If I'd known you were this good, I would have had you doing this every night back in college."

Looking at Emily's ass as she ate my girlfriend, I felt my cock hardening. Brenda noticed it, too. "Bring it over here," she told me. "Let me suck you while she licks me."

Immediately, I had my cock above Brenda's face. She reached up to stroke me, then raised her head and took me into her mouth again. Using her new found skills, she deep-throated me until my cock was rock hard again. Releasing me, she ordered, "Get back there and fuck her again."

Moving behind Emily, I watched as she wiggled her ass at me. She didn't take her mouth off Brenda's pussy long enough to say so, but I knew she was looking forward to another fuck. I certainly was. Doggy-style was one of my favorite positions, and I knew that Emily's tight cunt would feel wonderful from this angle.

As I slowly slid into Emily's wet pussy, she moaned into Brenda's. "Jesus, I can't believe how fucking hot this is!" Brenda yelled. I grabbed Emily's hips and fucked her hard. This, in turn, caused her to increase her efforts on Brenda, and it wasn't long before Brenda screamed, "Make me come, Emily, make me come!" As Brenda thrashed about and groaned, Emily just kept licking her and I kept fucking Emily. "Don't stop," Brenda moaned, "please don't stop. Do it to me again."

Emily did as she was told, licking away until Brenda erupted again. This time, Emily came with her, and I felt those wonderful spasms yet again, I joined in the mutual orgasm as well.

There wasn't much of an afterglow to bask in, as Emily and I both had to hurry away. Sharing one last three-way kiss, we said we'd have to do it again sometime.

Unfortunately, we didn't. Shortly afterwards, Emily found a guy she wound up marrying. Not long after that, Brenda dumped me. But the memories of that weekend stay sharp in my mind.


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