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Fighting Sisters
by Loser Freak

I have never gotten along with my sister Amy. We always seemed to be screaming at each other when we were kids, and when we grew up, and we started dating boys, it just got worse. Maybe it was a simple personality conflict at first - the way she acts, the way she talks, it drives me crazy sometimes - but after all the stolen boyfriends and all the humiliations, it became a nasty little war.

One of the problems is that we're both blonde and pretty and we can have any boy we want. I'm a year older, a little taller than her, smarter and more athletic; Amy might be a bit cuter than me, she has bigger breasts and a curvy figure, and she's shallow, spoiled, and slutty. We're both popular in school, although we never hang out together. Everybody knows we don't like each other. Rebecca and Amy, the fighting sisters. When we cross paths, something bad always happens.

One day a few months ago I thought I was alone in the house, but I heard something when I walked past my sister's room. I stopped and listened - she was fucking some boy. It was just like Amy to sneak a boy into her bedroom; I wished that Mom and Dad would catch her doing it, but they never did. I stood by her door for a while, thinking of ways to get her into trouble, but then I heard her moan a name. "Oh, Jack..."

Jack? My Jack? I had been dating Jack for three weeks. Rage swept over me. She was doing it again!

I threw open the door. Amy was on her hands and knees, Jack was fucking her from behind. He looked up, saw me, and said, "Oh shit, Rebecca." Amy opened her eyes and screamed at me, "Get out!" Jack stumbled off the bed and started pulling on his pants, mumbling, "Sorry, I'm sorry." Amy sat up on the bed, yelling, "You bitch! Get out of my room!" Jack looked like he wanted to crawl away and hide.

I was beyond anger. This was the final straw. The war had gone on long enough. It was going to end now.

When I moved away from the door Jack ran past me. Lucky for him. I heard a door slamming, then I saw Jack through the window, barefoot, half-dressed, walking across the front yard, scratching his head and looking confused.

Amy was gloating, sitting naked on the edge of her bed. "I didn't even have to try very hard," she sneered as I walked up to her. "I guess he couldn't get what he wanted from you."

"You stupid slut," I said, and slapped her face, fast and hard.

Usually we just yelled and screamed at each other. Sometimes we threw things. I couldn't remember the last time we had a physical fight; we haven't hit each other since we were kids. I'd gone over the edge. That's how angry I was.

Amy jumped off the bed, screaming. She grabbed my hair and pulled - it hurt like hell. I went for her hair, bunching it in my fist, making her squeal. With my other hand I tried to twist her fingers out of my hair, and she did the same. I don't know how long we struggled in this position, arms locked, snarling, cursing, faces inches from each other. She kept pushing against me, her bare breasts rubbing against mine. I could smell sex in the room, the smell was coming off her body. Maybe I went a little crazy. Maybe I was getting excited. Maybe. But she was the one who started the kiss. She was the one who stuck her tongue in my mouth.

It was a shock. One moment she was pulling my hair, the next her lips were melting against mine, and I was still angry with her, even as our tongues slid together. What the hell was going on? I had never kissed a girl before. Now I was kissing my sister. My sister! This was deeply, deeply perverted.

I had never been more excited in my life.

God, I think I was coming as we kissed, my knees were shaking, I couldn't get enough breath. I felt out of control, I couldn't believe what was happening. She pushed her hands up my shirt, I ran my hands over her body. A twisted desire was building inside me, it was unstoppable. I was frantic. I was out of my mind. I pushed her back onto the bed, she opened her legs, and I put my mouth to her pussy.

I attacked her with my tongue. She screamed, I wanted her to scream, I wanted to drive her insane, like she drove me insane. I wrapped my arms around her legs, she pushed my face into her pussy. I couldn't believe how she tasted. She bucked on the bed, gasping, pleading; I kept licking, I don't know how long, I couldn't stop. I learned how to drive her wild. She screamed, I licked faster. She screamed louder, I went faster, deeper. Suddenly she was silent, thrashing, shaking on the bed; I held on, slowed down, ran my tongue over her pussy as she came. I thought she would never stop, hips thrusting, pussy gushing, it was dripping off my chin. She caught her breath, body twitching, my tongue inside her. She moaned as I licked her clean.

I couldn't stand it, I needed her to lick me. I sat up and lifted off my shirt, Amy tore off my jeans. My panties were soaked, I threw them to the floor. I leaned back on the bed and my sister was between my legs. Oh God, her mouth on my pussy. Her tongue found my clit. She slipped in her fingers. How could it be so good? How could we do this? Oh God, I was coming. She kept licking, the orgasms wouldn't stop. She pushed her fingers deeper, I couldn't breath. My body shook, wave after wave. She didn't let up, her tongue faster and faster. I lost control of my body. I lost my mind. My sister! I screamed, exploded. I hate her! Oh God! I love her. My sister. Her mouth on my pussy. Lapping me up. It was so good. I couldn't believe it. Oh God, I couldn't believe it.

Afterwards we were two soaked bodies, a tangle of arms and legs, her face against my neck. I couldn't move. Thoughts came slowly. What just happened? It was like a dream. Did it make sense? No, it didn't make any sense. She was my sister. Sex with my sister. Unbelievable sex with my sister. How sick was that? They'd lock us away if they found out. But it was amazing. Sick and amazing. What were we going to do? How was this going to work? How do we live the rest of our lives?

"What do we do now?" I whispered.

She nuzzled my ear. "We can do it again," she said.

"That's not what I meant," I said. But I wanted to do it again too; I wanted to feel her tongue on my pussy, I wanted to taste her again. I wanted to think about things first. "We have to figure out what to do," I told her. "And we have to make sure nobody finds out."

"Well, duh. Do you think I want everyone to know I'm fucking my sister?"

"I can just imagine you telling your friends, some night when you're drunk."

She sat up. "How stupid do you think I am?" she said, sounding angry. I thought we were going to start another fight - and then we were kissing again.

Now I understood. Fighting with each other, our hearts beating faster, breath quickening, faces blushing - is there much difference between anger and desire? All those years of yelling and screaming, we'd been fighting something else, something inside ourselves, something forbidden. Anger was the only way we could deal with it. Now our feelings are all mixed up, anger blended with desire, a twisted lust between us, and I know it's bizarre, I know it might not be healthy, but I don't care. I want to be swept away by this passion. Having sex with my sister is the most incredible thing that has happened in my life. I'm not going to give it up.

We kissed long and slow for a while. I moved my kisses down her neck. She leaned over me, her breasts falling onto my face. I turned my head back and forth between them, her skin so soft, so smooth, her nipples big and hard. I reached down and stroked her pussy. She sighed, rocked against my hand. I rolled my tongue over her nipples. My fingers slipped inside her. I was going crazy again. My pussy ached. I needed her tongue. I needed her.

"69," I said, the idea suddenly coming to me. She smiled and nodded. We scrambled into position, Amy on top, never done it before, awkward at first, then it was perfect, perfect! Faces in each other's pussy, moaning as we licked, barely stopping to breathe. I knew her pussy now, I knew all her secret spots, and she knew mine; but as it went on I lost myself, I couldn't tell which body was mine, which pussy was mine, which tongue was mine. It was like we shared a single orgasm, round and round between us, pulsing through our bodies. It lasted forever. How could we stop? I wasn't going to stop. Nothing would make us stop.

But our bodies gave out. We were exhausted. And our parents were going to be home soon. We had to clean ourselves up and get dressed. We had to compose ourselves, act normal, so our parents wouldn't find out that their daughters had been fucking each other all afternoon.

We've kept our secret. We still date boys and yell at each other, just to keep up appearances. Actually, she still drives me crazy, and the fights are sometimes real; afterwards we have to sneak off and make love before our bodies explode. Amy has a talent for devising schemes so that we can meet secretly somewhere, and she is constantly bugging me for more sex; she loves the thrill, the craziness, the danger of it all, and she seems perfectly happy with our relationship. I, on the other hand, kind of worry about what we're doing - but the sex is so fantastic, I don't worry about it that often.


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