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Friends With Benefits
by DewDrop

I guess Evan and I would be called "friends with benefits." We had known each other for years, since 9th grade of high school. We met through a mutual friend, dated for less than a week, but kept in touch when we broke up. Our paths did not cross too often though. For the next 5 years, we periodically ran into each other, and every time we did, sparks would fly and we would end up in the back seat of my car, wishing we had somewhere more comfortable to go.

The last time I saw him was a couple of months ago. We ran into each other at a party that was thrown by someone we both knew from school. We hung out for most of the night, stole a few kisses in a corner, and he coyly asked him for a ride home.

On the way home, we kidded around about possibly hitting up some local clubs. But we both knew that we were going to create our own party. I had recently moved out of my parents' house into an apartment near my college with a friend, and for the first time we had a place to go. His hand casually rested on my thigh the whole way home.

Once at my apartment, we danced around the subject. We smoked a few cigarettes together on the couch and put on soft music. Streaks of morning blue were appearing on the dark sky, but the night was far from over.

Finally, Evan put out his cigarette, and began kissing me, forcing me back onto the couch, his large, strong hands playing all over my body, up my tank top, over my jeans-covered crotch. I caught my breath as my head fell back onto the cushions. I wanted him so badly.

Somehow I found the willpower to stop him, grab his hand and drag him into my bedroom. The second I shut the door he grabbed me by the waist and ground my body against his. Evan is a tall, muscular, well-built black guy with messy dreadlocks and a permanent sexy glance in his eyes. I am pretty tall too, with long dark hair and an "hourglass figure:" big breasts and lots of curves.

I could feel that he was getting hard, his cock was pressing against my stomach. We were both hurriedly shedding our clothes. He threw me down on my bed, diving in next to me and weighing me down. He was strong and knew how to take charge and what buttons to push. That night especially, I saw just how much Evan had changed from the awkward 15-year-old of 5 years ago.

He slid up next to me, his mouth covering mine and sending shivers down my spine with his deep, rough kisses. One of his hands was around my shoulders, lifting my head up to his, and the other had free unlimited access to my naked body. He roamed across my breasts, teasing and pulling on the nipples, and inching towards my pussy. When he got there, I arched my back and probed his mouth aggressively with my tongue, urging him to go on.

The guy knew what he was doing. He was not about to let me have it that easy. He teased, dipping a finger in my cunt for a second, then taking it out and lightly running his hand over my belly and my hard nipples. My hand found his cock. It was hard and warm, about 8 inches long and really thick. I tried to straddle him by locking my leg around his waist, but he pushed it away. His mouth left mine and began to trail down my body, his hands rough-handling my tits and making me arch my back. I moaned in anticipation of what was about to happen.

When he got down to my lower belly, Evan grabbed my legs and drew them apart so that my knees were bent in the air and my hungry pussy was exposed. He tugged at my pubic hair with his teeth, and I could feel his hot breath on my aroused clit. I wanted his tongue there, I wanted him to fuck me hard, anything, I just wanted him so badly!

Finally, his mouth was on my clit. I felt the stubble on his chin rubbing my pussy, and that turned me on even more. My hands were in his dreadlocks, pressing his face into my cunt. His tongue lashed at my pussy, his tongue ring hitting just the right spot. Suddenly, he inserted two fingers into my cunt, making me gasp as I drifted further and further into heaven. He was finger-fucking me as he licked and bit and sucked my clit. I was cumming before I knew it. My back arched, I moaned incoherently and tightened my grip on his dreadlocks.

While I lay there trying to catch my breath from that incredible orgasm, he slinked back and lied down next to me. I kissed him hard, tasting my own juices on his lips, and he responded by letting me feel his erection against my thigh. I pushed him onto his back and began to kiss my way down his body as he had just done to me. His cock was beautiful, standing up straight and dark with glistening drops of precum. I took it in my hand, and let him feel my breath on the head. Slowly, I began to flick my tongue across the mushroom head, touching the sensitive spot underneath. Meanwhile, one of my hands slowly worked up and down the shaft while the other one played with his balls. Finally, I engulfed as much as I could into my mouth. I ran my tongue over its length, and started sawing up and down, deep-throating him then bringing my lips up to the head. Evan responded by grabbing my hair and pushing my face down.

Despite the orgasm I had just had, I knew I was still hungry for more, and as much as I wanted to taste his cum, I wanted it inside of me even more. Taking his hand off my hair, I also took my mouth off his cock. He looked at me with protest, but then saw what I was doing. I quickly straddled him, sitting down sharply on his hard-on so it filled me completely all at once. I gasped as I felt him hit my cervix. Since I don't like being on top, I fell to the side, dragging him on top of me.

"I want you to fuck me hard," I whispered. He did not need the encouragement. He drew back, almost taking his cock out of me, then slammed back in hard, making my whole body shake. He continued with this, banging at my pussy with all his weight. I gasped with every thrust, each time he filled me up completely, and I grabbed his ass, pushing him into me. He leaned down, kissing me roughly, his tongue invading my mouth as his cock invaded my hungry cunt.

I felt him moan into my mouth, and he buried himself inside me, grinding against me, which caused me to moan also as I felt another orgasm flood my body from my head to my toes. Meanwhile, Evan pumped his hot cum into my spasming pussy. We had cum together, and it was electric and sweet and hard.

We lay there for some time, each of us catching our breath. The he slowly rolled off of me, and we lay in bed, hugging and smoking cigarettes. Although Evan and I do not see each other too often, each time is pure magic.


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