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Fun With Karen
by The Rackman

This evening I was sitting out on the patio when my best friend Ray (who is a firefighter) and one of his buddies drove by in Ray's pickup. When they saw me outside they turned around and came back. Because he is a fireman and also rather active, Ray stays in pretty good shape. He also has a cock on him like a telephone pole. The first time I ever saw it was when he used it on my wife Susan but that's a whole other story.

Ray's friend Greg is a quite a bit younger than Ray and I, probably 30 something, very handsome, very well built and very black. I had met him a number of times before as the three of us had been out drinking together several times. Greg is a super nice guy and I always enjoy his company.

Ray said they were on their way for a drink and I should tag along. I thought that sounded like a great idea and asked where they were headed. He said the usual place and I said that was fine as it was a quiet little neighborhood bar but there were frequently some decent looking babes hanging around there.

As we walked in the front door, Bill the bartender saw us and nodded toward the back of the room( knowing we were usually trolling for pussy). There at a small table in the corner sat a 40 something couple and the female half was quite something to behold. We ordered a round of margaritas (our usual) and Bill said that was what the folks in the back were drinking as well so I said make a whole pitcher of them and we'll go back and make their acquaintance. They had seen us come in and looked a little mystified when we started walking their direction with the pitcher of rather strong (that's the way Bill makes them for us) 'ritas.

We grabbed some chairs from a nearby table and gathered 'round their table and sat down. We introduced ourselves and said they looked lonely sitting back here all by themselves and that since she was the only female in the place we hoped he didn't mind sharing her company. They said their names were Ron and Karen and they guessed they didn't mind if we joined them. That's when I noticed that Karen was wearing a very loose fitting semi-low cut top and when she leaned across the table to shake hands with us she was putting on quite a show as she had not bothered with a bra that evening. Even though her breasts were not large they were beautifully shaped and very suckable. As we sat down I also noticed the sleeve holes of the blouse were very large and when she moved during conversation the view from the side was fantastic as well. Her brown, quarter sized aureoles were clearly visible through the sleeve holes of the blouse and as I blatantly starred at her chest those hard little nipples began to rise and threatened to poke a hole in the shirt.

It was about then that I noticed Ray and Greg were also aware of the show Karen was putting on and they too were making no bones about their interest. We commented to Ron how beautiful and sexy his wife was and how we appreciated his sharing her with us. Karen just blushed and Ron seemed a little dazed like he couldn't even believe how bold we were being. Trying to figure out how I could get more peaks at her hot little body I asked if they played pool as I knew there was a pool table in the backroom. They seemed a little hesitant but with the three of us encouraging them they finally agree to join us. So we took the pitcher of 'ritas and headed for the back room. As we entered the pool room I refilled everyone's glasses and then sent Ray back to the bar for a refill and told Ron and Karen to drink up as more were on the way and they're no good warm.

I then challenged Karen to the first game, put a quarter in the machine, released the balls and racked them up. I told Karen it was lady's choice if she wanted to break or not and she said since she was very good at pool she'd let me break. Well, what I wanted was Karen leaning over that table taking shots so I made certain that nothing went in on the break and then it was Karen's turn to shoot. As she bent over to line up for a shot it made little difference where in the room you were standing, because either from the down the front or either side you could get a great view of her delicious tits, and from the back you could feast your eyes on an ass that was to die for which was tightly incased in a pair of jeans about a half size too small.

Well, Karen missed her shot and Greg said it was because she was too tense and told her to drink up so she could loosen up a bit. So, down the hatch went a large gulp of her drink and I said that each time one of us missed a shot we had to take a drink and then proceeded to intentionally do just that. I drank and then waited as Karen moved to the table. Predictably she missed the shot as I am a half way decent pool player and in the process of the intentional miss I had buried the cue ball leaving her with no shot.

By then Ray had returned with another pitcher of margaritas and topped off everybody's glasses and then sat down along the wall next to Ron and engaged him in conversation while watching the action out of the corner of his eye. After enjoying her gyrations trying to get a shot at the ball we then watched as Karen gulped another large portion of her drink after missing. Ron said she better go easy on the drinks as they hadn't eaten dinner yet and she was drinking on an empty stomach. No one paid much attention to him as I stepped up and proceeded to make a shot so the whole thing would not look too phony, followed by a miss to return the shot to Karen. Karen then made a shot so we raised our glasses to toast her success there by getting her to take a drink anyway. We could tell by her movements and the way she slurred certain words that she was beginning to feel the drinks. She missed her next shot and Greg told her she was still too stiff and was holding the cue stick the wrong way. He slipped up behind her and while reaching around to coach her on how to hold the stick pushed his now rather pronounced bulge against the tight little ass. As he worked with her grip he also worked his cock against her ass and his hands were brushing her tits.

This did not escape Ron's attention and as he looked like he was about ready to say something Ray pointed to a beer poster on the wall with a well endowed Babe on it and commented on how hot she looked causing Ron to look away from the action momentarily. Karen seemed a little confused by all that was happening but did not protest when I walked over to join them and assist Greg in showing her how to line up a shot. As I took over working with her hands on the cue stick Greg pulled his hands back and boldly cupped her breasts as he continued to fuck her through her jeans. As she looked up at me as if to ask what was going on I turned to face her, placed my hand behind her head and proceeded to kiss her.

She resisted slightly at first but as I pushed my tongue against her lips Greg let one hand drop down to her crotch and began to rub her pussy through the jeans. That did it. She opened her mouth to let me french kiss her and my free hand reached inside the neck of her loose blouse to play with her now abandoned tittie.

Greg pulled her up straight and I reached down and grabbed the bottom of the blouse and pulled it upward releasing the kiss only long enough to let the blouse pass over her head. By now Ray had stood up and moved toward us saying hey guys don't leave me out. Ron, meanwhile, just sat there dumbfounded half not believing what was happening to his pretty wife and half getting excited from it.

As Ray arrived six hands began to caress and fondle Karen and work on getting her jeans off. Greg then dropped his pants and as we turned Karen around he pushed her back onto the pool table and lifted her lovely white legs with his coal black hands. Greg then moved his huge black cock toward her now dripping pussy as Ray and I played with her tits with one hand as we released our pants with the other. Karen was spell bound looking down at Greg's big black dick and then began to moan as he slowly slid it inside her. As Greg began to fuck her Ray climbed onto the pool table and began to rub his equally big cock against her face. As he slipped it into her mouth Greg began to pound her hard with his cock and I took one titty in my mouth and began to work on it as I played with the other. My free hand was pumping on my hard cock. It wasn't long before Greg had dumped his load in Karen and I immediately moved around to take his place.

As I slid my hard cock into her sloppy wet hole Greg looked down at his big black cock dripping with his cum and Karen's pussy juice and said, "Somebody needs to clean this mess up" and with that he pulled Ray off the table and got up on it himself and proceeded to clean his black cock in Karen's pretty little mouth. She seemed to love to taste and the perversion of sucking a black cock as she really got into it causing her to fuck back hard at me causing me to blow my wad in short order.

As I pulled out Ray said "now baby, we've saved best for last, let me show you how a real man fucks." And he moved around to take his turn. Karen pulled her head back from Greg's cock to mumble something about needing to rest but Greg shoved his dick back into her mouth and said she'd have plenty of time to rest later. As I stepped back from the action to enjoy watching my two friends gangbang this hot babe from each end I looked over and saw Ron had his dick out and was pumping on it, obviously hot from watching how his pretty little wife had been transformed into our slut. Ray was pounding away so hard he was moving the pool table and it appeared that all three of them were headed for a huge climax at about the same time.

I had not noticed before but Bill had evidently locked the place up and had come back to watch the action in the pool room. But he was to be disappointed if he expected a piece of the action because Karen climaxed so hard she passed out on the table. I asked Bill to get us a wet bar cloth and we proceeded to clean her up and put her clothes back on. Her husband continued to sit quietly by the wall taking it all in amazement. We finished dressing Karen and then ourselves and as we walked back out into the bar Ron was helping her off the table and toward the door. Bill unlocked the door and they left quietly. We never did find out who they were or where they were from, Bill said he had never seen them in there before. But from the reckless abandon with which she fucked and sucked us once she got into it, we figured that pussy had seen lots of action before she finally settled down with Ron and we hoped we had rekindled a desire for that kind of action again. We go there frequently and we're hoping Karen liked the royal fucking she got enough that she'll be wanting to stop by there again sometime soon.


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