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Getting Mom
by MotherIncest

I have always wanted to fuck my mother. My incest infatuation has always been an obsession really. Maybe it is because my father died when I was young and this made me grow especially close to her. Earlier this year when I turned 18 I came to the realization that my desires towards my mother ran much deeper than just wanting to make love to her. I wanted to be her lover. I wanted to make her my life companion.

I came to this conclusion when she and I were watching TV one night. Denise, my mother, I should mention is fairly good looking 40 year old woman. The best way to describe her is she looks like Leeza Gibbons but with red hair, ten extra pounds, and she has size C breasts. She is by no means gorgeous because she carries the extra pounds in her ass but I an ass with some extra padding.

Any way, back to the story. We were watching TV and the program was about older women having children and she said,

"I wish I would meet someone and get married and have some more kids."

And that's when it hit me. The reason all of my attempts to satisfy my urge to have sex with my mother by outside means had failed was because I had the deep Freudians need to impregnate her and have her as my wife. That night I tried to shake the thought but it was true. I was fooling myself when I had affairs with older women. My French teacher, a woman I met at the country club. They both were attractive but could not fill the need I had to have my mother as my lover and be the mother to my children.

My mind was made up and the next few days it was if a weight was lifted from me. I had accepted my inner need to have my mother and now I set about the path to getting her.

I knew that getting my mother to become my lover would be very difficult but I had a detailed plan. The first part would be to use my ex girlfriend Sue as an excuse to perform oral sex on my mother. It sounds outrageous but I knew it would work. After I eat her pussy I would then fuck her brains out I would force my self on her if she does not want me to fuck her and she would not. I would video tape the whole thing then blackmail her into moving to Arizona with me and become the mother of my children. She could not fight the blackmail because it would be my word against hers and therefore I would have her teaching career in my hands. I knew my mother and she would give in.

- Part 2: The Plan in Action -

The day had arrived and everything was set. The video camera was set up behind a two way mirror I put in her bedroom when I began to put it all in motion.

After diner I asked mom if I could take to her about something very personal. "Sure John. You know you can tell me anything."

"Mom it is about sex and I know that you are not comfortable with that."

"Look John I am no prude just relax."

"Mom you remember Sue and the reason I said I broke it off with her?"

"Yes John, you said she was cheating on you. That was too bad I really liked her."

I then began to turn on the tears and tell my brilliant lie.

"Mom that is not the whole story. The reason she said she cheated on me was she said I was totally clueless in bed."

"John ant girl that says that you don't need."

"But mom she was right. That's why I am coming to you. Please show how to please a woman. At least show me how to eat pussy. I mean perform oral sex." I was by this point in total tears. I must say my acting deserved an Oscar.

"I don't know. I am your mother I couldn't it is wrong. I could get a friend."

"No, I want you mom. You are the only woman I trust."

She came over to me and gave me long hug and put my head on her chest. I breathed in her perfume and looked in her eyes and knew the plan had worked. She kissed me on the forehead and said,

"Give me a little while to think about it."


She left my room but about 20 minutes later she knocked on the door and gave the answer that she did not know at the time was going to make her my lover forever. She came in and sat next to me put one hand on my knee and gently stroked my hair as she spoke. She spoke softly almost wanting no one else to her us.

"I will do this but only on two conditions. First you tell no one. And second, you do exactly as I say. Agreed?"

"Of course."

"Come to my room in five minutes."

She got up and left. I was no in state of almost uncontrollable sexual arousal. I knew what I had to do. Masturbate. I had to have a clear head to execute my plan. I could not work while having the uncontrollable desire to fuck Denise. I quickly grabbed a sock and stripped down to my boxers. I pulled out my 6 and half inch penis and put the sock on it. I took hold of the throbbing cock and began furiously wanking myself. This was not for pleasure but release. I was jerking so hard and fast I could hear my fist slap against my balls. I was in a fever. My heart was racing, my breathing short and then I erupted. I let out a groan as I spewed what seemed like buckets of cum into the sock. I then composed myself and got up to go to my mother's room and change our lives forever.

To Be Continued...


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