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Getting Mom
Pt. II: Changing Denise
by MotherIncest

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* * * * *

I entered my mother's room and saw her standing by her bed. She was my dark fantasy about to be realized. She was wearing only a black bra and panties. She had let her long curly red hair hang down on her pale white shoulders. As I stared at her my flaccid cock stirred as I inhaled her beauty. Denise's body has held up well for a forty year old. Her C cup breasts do not sag and she only has about ten extra pounds in the middle. Age has affected her ass but that is to me her best feature. I call her ass a full ass. Her cellulite makes it sag at each end but I love the softness of a middle aged woman's butt and could hardly wait to have it! She motioned to me to come towards her. As I sat next to her she stroked my hair and spoke softly.

"I will help you John, just relax. This is how you kiss a woman."

She leaned in and kissed me. Slow and long. I forced my tongue into her mouth when she pulled away.

"No. Don't force your way in, John. Slow. Like this."

She then started to kiss me again. Slow with no tongue then she slowly let her tongue find its way into my mouth. It wasn't sloppy infact it was the most incredible kiss I have ever had. After about 5 minutes of making out she broke away and laid on her back.

" Now John. Take off my panties. "

As I did so I saw the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen and the last I would ever have. It had thick full lips and was covered by thick red hair. Alot of hair. This was fine because I love pubic hair. I love its taste and feel.

"Ok John show me how you eat pussy. And I will help you improve. "

She sounded like a school teacher. I am experienced in pussy eating but wanted my mother to guide me so I dove right in and began licking her pussy. I licked the hair and lips but did not let my tongue into her cunt. After a while she stopped me. She grabbed my head And told me how to do it.

"John, You have to force your tongue into my pussy."

I did what I was told she then guided me to her clit. Her pussy had a clean smell and a tangy taste. stronger then any one I had tasted before.

"John find my clit. Yes, right there. Now Suck it Ooooh Goood. Hard baby. Lick the Ohhh God."

My mother was now thrashing about. She thrust her pussy in my face by lifting her pelvis in the air. I then spread her cunt with my fingers to gain full access. As I worked feverishly my mother closed her eyes and prepared to orgasm. I quickly threw off my boxers and prepared to enter my mothers throbbing cunt. I knew she would fight me. Denise letting her son eat her pussy was one thing but fucking was out off the question. Even though my plan was working and the video was rolling I did not know if I could rape me mother. I quickly jumped on top of her and entered her cunt. It took her a moment to react because she was so close to orgasm.

"No John. I am your mother! Stop right no. You said you would do as I said. Stop. No! Please John this..."

She was in tears now, thrashing on the bed. I said nothing as I fucked the woman you gave me life. I fucked hard and fast. It did not take long before I was close to coming.

"John don't come inside. Aaaah!"

And then we both moaned as I exploded my cum into my mother. I rolled over and fell asleep knowing my plan and dreams were almost complete.

--The Next Day -

I woke up and Denise was gone. I call her Denise because my mother is gone and all that is left is my lover. I got the video tape and everything worked. I made copies. Now I waited for my mother to return. When she came home she seemed very come.

"John how could you. Did you get carried away? Why couldn't you stop. What if I get pregnant?"

That is when I dropped the bomb.

"That is the goal Denise. From now on we are lovers. You will resign from school tomorrow and we will move to Washington."

"You are fucking insane. What has happened to you. You need therapy. You are sick."

"Not as sick as a woman you fucks her own son. It's on tape and this will get you fired and put in jail. And don't think I wouldn't send you to jail. If I can't have you. No one will."

I played the tape and Denise just sat down on the sofa in silence.

"Denise I will give you one chance to change my mind."

"What, Now at least you are talking sense."

"Denise my condition is this If I fuck you right now and you come we move away and become husband and wife and if you don't orgasm I give you the tape."

"No problem John let's go right now then tomorrow you get therapy."

She followed me to her room and she quickly stripped down to nothing and laid on the bed.

"Come on you don't have a prayer. Just make sure you pull out."


I had a plan as usual. I began licking her cunt in a way that made her laugh and think I had no chance of winning. She laughed at me but she relaxed and let down her guard. I then moved in. I stuck my finger in her cunt and gently massaged her clit. I then swallowed her entire clit. I knew how to push her buttons and she was suddenly wet. Her breathing became short.

"Oh Denise likes it. Doesn't she."

"So what! You will have to do better then that."

She bit her lip and closed her eyes. I am sure she was fighting it in her mind but her body was betraying her. I then moved in to finish the job and Denise surprised me. Even though I knew I could seduce her. When she gave in I unleashed an animal.

"You disgust me fucking your own mother. Come on give it to me you sick shiiiit."

"Why are you wet Denise. and breathing heavy. My cock feels nice in your cunt doesn't it"

"You will have to fuck my harder then this. Ohhhh GOD FUCK ME! NO I..."


I then grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her close and forced my tongue down her throat. She welcomed it and returned the favor. I was fucking away and totally entranced by her sweaty tits. They were white and soft with the largest nipples I have every seen. My balls were ready to explode when I felt Denise's body betray her mind. "Yes!Argggh."

Her body spasmed as she climaxed. Knowing I had won I had to give Denise her final humiliation. I pulled my cock out of her then began wanking it right in front of her face. I exploded shooting my seed all over her face. I then grabbed her and shoved my still hard cock in her mouth. She got the last few loads and swallowed like the whore I made her. As we laid in bed she was silent for awhile.

"John you win but you will not want me when I am 60. I will fuck you any time but no kids ok."

"Denise I love you. I want only you to be my lover and the mother of my children. You want kids and I want you."

She smiled and we kissed. That was five years ago. We have two kids. I love her now more then ever. My lover Denise just happened to be my mother.


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