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Gina's New Thing
by Foleyj98

The company I had been working for had laid me off a few weeks before. My buddy Jack was still in school and was also working at a Mexican restaurant. I hadn't had any luck finding another job which let me write at the same time so I let him convince me to get a job there. I was only 25. Not too old to start waiting again and there might be some hot girls working too.

There were. But none of them really clicked. But I really liked one of the managers, Gina. She was 27, blonde, short, real good looking and more then a little wild. But I figured she didn't see me as her type.

One lunch shift, Jack and I were joking by the food window with one of the waitresses, Carrie. We were telling her about our porno collections and how much use they got.

"Is that all you do?" she asked.

"What else should I do?" I replied, "It helps me sleep."

"I think it's gross," she said.

"You're just not watching the right ones."

"I guess," she answered, "it just doesn't turn me on."

"I bet you don't give head either."

"Fuck that shit. It's all about me."

"Fucking women," I said to Jack.

"Perverts," Carrie said and walked off.

"You'd be more relaxed if you masturbated once in a while," I called after her. I turned around only to see Jack giving me the "cool it" sign.

Gina was right behind us. "Fuck!" I thought.

Jack walked off. Gina didn't say anything.

Later, at the bar, Gina nonchalantly walked over to me as I was doing my checkout.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey," I said, trying not to lose count.

" you watch a lot of porno?" she asked quietly, looking around.

"Where is this going?"

"Just curious. You know? Why you guys like it?"

"Man, I don't know. If I have to explain, you'll never get it."

"Oh." She seemed a little timid, which wasn't like her.

"Listen, if you really want to know, I'll lend you one. Just ask." I immediately regretted it when I said it.

"Really?" She seemed interested.

"Call about it. But let's not discuss it here," I said, knowing that was one conversation we'd never have.

But two weeks later, on my Sunday night off, the phone rang.



"Who is this"

"Gina. From work."

"What's up, Gina from work?"

"Remember our talk? About..."

"Porn?" Suddenly I was interested.

'Yeah, well my boyfriend is out of town and I really didn't want to have to go rent-"

"Alright Hon, here's how you get to my apartment-"

"Wait. Will anyone else, you know, be there?"

"Roommates are gone. And I won't tell if you won't"

An hour later, Gina was at my front door. Baby tee, hair in a tail, too cute. "Great," I thought, "and I'm about to relinquish my porno. What I am I going to stroke to?"

I had three tapes out. "Here's some Vivid stuff. Has like a story. Well, kind of, anyway. And these other two are gonzo. A little more hardcore but really hot."

"Which can I have?"

"Take all three."

"But which will I like?"

I popped one in the VCR. Nikki Tyler was getting it from behind.

"See? Kind of creamy. Soft focus."

I started to turn it off.

"WAIT!" she yelled. I looked up at her. We were both kind of surprised.

She was fixated. I couldn't believe it.

"You can watch it at home," I said.

"Yeah..." Her eyes were glazed over.


"Hmmm...yeah..." Gina eyes never left the screen.




Silence. Then...

"Could we watch a little here?"

"Oh-kay." I was getting a little turned on and wanted her to leave so I could jerk off.

Gina sat down on the couch.

"Should I make popcorn?"

She barely noticed my joke. I sat down near her.

"How many of these do you have?" she asked.

"Like this? A few more."

"Do you watch them a lot?"

"Sure. Everyday. But not ALL day. Eventually I get bored with them."

"Oh. And you..."


"You jerk off when you..." Her eyes still hadn't moved. But the scene had changed. Lexus was seducing someone.

"That's why I bought it."

"Are all the girls this...fake? They all look like strippers."

"That's part of the appeal, I guess. The whole thing is...I don't know. But you seem to like it."

"I kind of see why you like it." Her hand brushed a nipple. She tried to compose herself.

"Yeah? Cool. Well, I'll see you," I said. She stood up.

"You'll excuse me if I don't stand up," I smiled.

She was flushed. "Are you hard right now?" she gasped.

"Of course," I said, turning red.

She sat back on the couch.

"Will you do it for me? I want to see."


"I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"You first."


"You have to jerk off too."

She looked away. "Nevermind."

I started rubbing myself through my shorts. "Whatever." And I looked at the screen. Lexus was sucking cock.

"Alright!" Her went down her pants. "Turn it up."

I turned up the sound. Lexus purred softly.

We both sat there, jerking ourselves off. I was WAY excited. She pinched her nipple. I got bold.

"Let's jerk each other off."

She looked at me a moment. Then motioned me over.

I sat done next to her. Her hand gripped my cock. I slid my hand into her panties. She was drenched.

"Stroke me when you get excited," I said.

Every so often she'd really stroke, then stop and just run her hand up and down the shaft. I'd do the same to her in her rhythm. She'd get real turned on during the cumshots.

The movie ended but neither of us had cum. Her hand rested idly on my cock.

"Turned on?" I asked. She nodded. Then tilted her head slightly.

"I've never had anyone cum on me."

"Tonight's your lucky night. But first..." I went down between her legs. I pulled her pants off, shoved her panties aside and licked away.

I heard the VCR rewind. The remote was now in her hand. She hit PLAY. Nikki and Lexus were licking some guy's cock.

Seconds later, she came. Her fingernails dug into my scalp. Then she came again.

I moved up and kissed her. She was sweaty. Flushed. Hot. She smiled and pushed me to the floor. Her arms crossed and she pulled off her shirt. Her tits fell out.

Then she went down on me.

I could barely contain myself. She used her hand and her mouth, stroking faster and faster.


Her mouth popped off me. She stroked furiously.

"On my face! On my face!"

"AHHH!" I shot all over face and tits. She slowed her stroking.

"Rub it in like a pornstar," I said weakly. She grinned and with her free hand she rubbed the cum all over her tits.

"Can we watch some more movies?" she sighed.


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