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Garden Party
by Dr. Bull

Well, after twenty years of marriage it often feels like the excitement seems to falter. The wild days of sex on the fifty-yard line, skinny-dipping with a half dozen friends, and wet tee shirt contests were gone, heck we even sold the hot tub. It's not that we don't have sex, in fact we enjoy each other on a regular basis. What I'm talking about is the stuff that gets your juices flowing, makes you appreciate the beauty and lustfulness we felt toward each other as teenagers in the middle of a football field.

It used to be we were naked with friends or in locations where we could be caught and it added to the excitement. Anymore we seemed sex only happens in the bed room and nudity... never where others might see. But since the kids were born we spend time working in the yard, Karen loves her garden, me, I just love what it produces. Yes I till it up in the spring and help plant it but the deal is I won't weed the damn thing, so when she heads to the garden I head for the garage. It seems we've become without adventure when it comes to sex.

In college Karen was the ideal 36-24-35 and made you drool just watching her walk by, the passing years and two kids have added a little weight and increased her breasts and hips a bit but she still turns some heads.

I've been on the night shift lately and sleeping till 4 in the afternoon is pretty normal, my family is good about staying quiet or going away so I can sleep. I awoke early yesterday to find the family gone. As I stumbled around in a stupor looking for a soda to drink, I noticed the outside temp was eighty plus. I saw Karen was out in the garden working with her hoe, her white tank top clung to her back from her sweat, as she turned towards me her breasts bounced with her hoeing motions obviously she was bra-less. Her nipples almost showing through the fabric and I watched admiring my choice of spouses for a minute.

I slipped out to the garage, hoping she wouldn't catch me and guilt trip me into helping, I grabbed a second soda from my "beer" fridge, since it was a little early in "my day" for a beer, popped the top and glanced out the window. I had made it, she was still working away but now on her hands an knees pulling weeds around the other plants, as they popped from the ground her breasts would put on a show of their own as they tried to fall out of her tank top. So I pulled up a stool and enjoyed the show.

I was tinkering on a fan motor when she sort of sat back on her legs, sweat running down her face, she lifted her shirt, puffing air under it in an effort to cool off. Then with quick look around she pulled the tail up wiping the sweat from her face, flashing those beautiful 42DD's right at me.

Now we do live a bit out of town so it's not as if she took it her shirt on Main Street, and I had planted trees blocking the view from the road. But if the neighbors, Bill or Wanda were watching from the right location they might have seen her. I looked towards their house no one seemed to be there, Karen worked on down the row stopping from time to time and wiping the sweat and generally exciting the hell out of me. I kept looking at the neighbors because Bill retired a year ago and was normally around the house. As her shirt became more sweat soaked her breasts became more and more exposed as the shirt drooped and the openings widened. I thought I saw some movement over at Bill's but all I could see was Bill's hat sitting in the deck...then it moved, as I watched as it moved again.

I pulled down my hunting pack from its hook and pulled out the 7X50 binoculars I keep in there. Bill was sitting in the shade just out of site behind his deck, with his own set of binoculars watching my wife in the garden! I watched as she sat up again Bill would sit up getting a better view when she lifted her shirt, then he would sit back as she went back to work. From Karen's point of view all she could see was maybe a hat that appeared to be lying on the deck, even as he sat up it just looked higher and unless you were watching it, it would go unnoticed. And since their place was a hundred yards away you had to look closely to see him.

Karen stood up when she reached the end of the row, walking to the end of the garden wiping the sweat as she walked her large white breasts bouncing as the sweat glistened in the sun. She pulled her shirt down and turned on the water faucet letting it run, checking the temp as it ran out the end of the hose, when it was cool enough she drank. Then what was to me and I'm sure to Bill a welcome surprise, she ran the water over her shirt, cooling her body and turning the white shirt almost invisible. Then pulling the large sleeve openings together she ran the cold water over her exposed breasts, cupping each one she cooled the undersides also. Her nipples hardened under the cold water, much like my cock was as I watched. What a show she was putting on for her unknown audience of two, and a quick glance showed that Bill was practically standing.

She dropped the hose and looked around towards the house, as if she wondered if I was up yet. Then back towards Bill's where he was down low out of view again, I was hard to see in the garage but ducked a bit myself wondering what was coming next. She glanced back and forth then took her wet shirt off and hung it on the fence; another quick look and she dropped her shorts and panties hanging them beside her shirt. The hose came back up and poured across her nude body, I'm not sure what this did for Bill because at this point I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Starting at her shoulders she ran the cold water across her chest and over her shoulders, massaging herself with the pulsing water. As she moved downward she squirted each nipple deepening the areola to a dark red, the nipples standing out half an inch. Downward across her stomach to her reddish hairline, even though she has dirty blond hair her pussy hair runs more towards red, around her waist pouring the water on her ass and between her cheeks. As she hosed her self off she would use her finger to "jet" the stream stimulating some sensitive areas.

Her eyes half shut she brought the hose under her breasts again "jetting" each nipple then downward soaking her already wet bush, the hose paused for a moment as the cold water passed across her thighs. I knew what was about to happen just by the look in her eyes and the cute way she was biting her lip, as the hose rolled hitting her pussy lips and clit full on she squealed and orgasmed.

The orgasm had Karen twitching with pleasure as the water flowed upward across her clit the spasms made her large breasts bounce, then she collapsed to the grass, the hose cast away while her fingers finished the session.

I heard the car about the same time Karen did, Wanda was driving down the road headed home. Karen rolled over and crawled to the fence grabbing her clothing, I saw Bill headed around the far end of his house, and I slipped back into our house. I headed back to the bedroom, not wanting Karen to know I had been watching, I heard the garage door open as I slipped into bed, she must have taken refuge there to get out of sight and get dressed. I listened to her go in to the laundry and started the cloths dryer (presumably to dry her clothing). She came into our bedroom where I lay "sleeping" and slipped into bed, sliding her cool still damp body up to mine. "Waking" I responded to her touch, my raging hard on screaming for relief! Her hand slipped into my boxers, her cool hand felt wonderful on my burning cock.

"Good Morning" she cooed in my ear.

"Hi Sexy" I sleepily replied, "what have you been doing?"

"Working the garden, I took a shower and thought you might like me to wake you up."

Her damp gooseflesh and erect nipples rubbing on my chest she slipped off my boxers and slid her still wet pussy on to my waiting hardon. The sex was better than it had been in sometime, the thought of Bill watching and Wanda nearly catching Karen's "show" had me horny as hell.

I think gardening may become one of my favorite spectator activities.

* * * * *

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