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by Aixela

Hunger...I hunger for so much that I am often overwhelmed by my need. These days it has become more difficult not to give into the hunger. Like the old adage beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the hunger is in the psyche of the person. Each person's hunger differs from another, two people may have a similar hunger but how much it controls them and how they satisfy it is never the same.

My hunger is both emotional and psychological as well as physical. My needs sustain me-they give me purpose. I am like others though...I have that need to love and be loved, to feed and to grow, to create and destroy. I am not sure why I am trying to define it when all I know is that is it as much a part of me as breathing is to others.

I look at the clock and sigh knowing that it is time to get dressed and begin the hunt to quench my hunger. Laying my brush on the vanity, I peer into the mirror maybe hoping to see a glance of what I used to be instead of the empty shell devoid of emotions that I have become. The only thing I see is the faint shadows under my eyes and the paleness of my skin.

I stand up moving towards the closet trying to plan the perfect outfit. We have become such a status defined society-how we dress, where we live, what car we drive and who we know takes precedence over what we really are. However I am just as guilty since I play the game too well now.

Hmmm...The black leather mini skirt with the white tank top and the cropped black leather jacket should suffice for my hunt for love tonight. I toss the outfit on my bad then walk to my chest of drawers. Opening the top drawer, I peer inside looking for the perfect lingerie. I look back over my shoulder at the chosen outfit of the night.

Something with garters...

I casually toss a black leather teddy on the bed with a pair of black garter stockings with seams up the back. Looking back into the drawer I shrug then shut it knowing that panties aren't needed for what I have planned for the night. I stop lost in thought for a moment trying to figure out if this is the best course of action. After all this way is much more dangerous then I smile slightly thinking that the risk taking just makes it all the more arousing.

I softly bite my bottom lip as the first wave of arousal flows through me. Closing my eyes, I run my hands up my thighs, over my stomach, gliding over my breasts then touching my face-caressing my face trying to memorize every detail and finally through my hair. I arch my back swept over by the tide of sensations, losing myself completely in them, letting it linger for as long as possible. Then I open my eyes smiling at my own reflection knowing that the predator that I am becoming tonight is armed and ready. Looking back towards the bed, catch a glimpse of the white tank top...

Too virginal and pure...

I think for what I am planning tonight. Now maybe if I was meeting a church choir it would fit in better but for what I have planned, it simply won't work. Moving towards the closet again, I then pull out the black lacey see-through tank top. I carefully appraise it then smirk in satisfaction and toss it onto the bed. Now the outfit is complete and as I look at the outfit, I begin to feel a twinge of something almost like a conscience. Frowning slightly in annoyance, I quickly stifle the urge knowing that it was a part of me that I killed a long time ago. Reflecting momentarily on that thought almost kills the hunter's urge but the hunger drives me back into my persona of the night.

I pick the bottle of my favorite perfume up off the vanity and dab it on my neck, behind my ears, along my arms and behind my knees. Smiling slightly I think how the name is so fitting-Obsession. My hunger has become the obsession of my life-it has taken complete control of it but I know there surely are worse things. I set the bottle down and critically look at my naked body in the mirror then slowly smile. I am aging very well even if I do say so myself in fact it is almost as if time has stopped for me. Then again maybe in some strange way it has.

Moving to the bed, I grab the leather teddy and slide it on slowly. I smile thinking how much I love the feel of leather against my skin. There is nothing that feels as sensual as pure leather directly on the skin- whether it be clothing or straps or just wearing leather thigh boots with nothing else. Leather gives me the biggest sense of power like I walk above all the cattle that are content to graze in their nothingness. I then sit on the bed slowly pulling up one stocking and attaching it to the garters then putting the other one on and pulling it up. I let my hands trace the contour of my leg revelling in the sensuality. Letting a moan of pleasure escape my lips, I then hook the stocking to the other garters. I reach behind me grabbing the lacey tank top and slide it over my head then steps into my skirt tugging it over my hips. Tucking the tank top into my skirt I zip the skirt then walk over to the mirror studying my reflection for any imperfections. I smooth the tank top over my breasts and next move my hands over my rear making sure that it hangs just right.

I move back to the closet and withdraw a large box with the lid tightly on it, turn and move back to my vanity sitting down. With a slight smile of anticipation I pull the lid off of the box and gaze inside at one of my favorite possessions. I remember searching stores for weeks looking for the perfect ones-I gently pull on out and put it on. As I zip it up, I admire the texture and the angles then I put the other one on and stand up checking my reflection once again. I turn to the left and then to the right deciding that my spiked heel mid-thigh boots help me pull off my predatorial image. Smiling, I think those little fishes better stay away or I will eat them alive-heart, soul, and body. Of course then again that may not be so horrible after all-it would be the perfect way to die. At least dying with a smile.

Driving to the club, I reflect over the difference between the hunter and the hunted. Maybe it is only attitude or possibly perception and lack of perception. I shake my head slightly thinking how the hunted never seem to realize they are prey until it is too late for them to escape. I glance around noticing all the neon invitations making it easier to hunt. Little prey seem to feel safety in numbers but they don't realize how much they become a buffet, allowing us to pick and choose at will-a little helping of this, a little helping of that, discarding what we don't want at will.

Pulling into the parking lot of my buffet tonight, I look around and smile with anticipatory satisfaction seeing a full lot this early in the evening. I know the other unwanted hunters will stay away especially since they were made aware that this is my territory - I had to fight and kill for it but they eventually learned not to cross me. Yes I tend to be very selfish of my playground but I don't share. What is mine is mine plain and simple.

Sitting in the club, I look around trying to appear interested but inwardly yawning with boredom. Same old rejects and I was craving fresh meat. I hand the waiter a couple of bills as he deposits my wine on the table but otherwise he isn't worth my attention. Early on, I learned not to waste time with the help, those above me tend to view them as their own playthings. In my society it does help somewhat with who you know but if you step on someone's toes or meander into their territory they will kill you without a second thought. I lean back in my chair, grasping my wine and look around the club. Nodding to a select few who are worthy of my gracious attention, I recall the rumors that a couple of them will be falling soon-they upset the wrong group of people. Hmmm...that means I will have to pull out a respectable black dress since I will be attending a wake very soon.

I turn my gaze over towards the dance floor watching the gyrating bodies with little interest. Nothing there to capture my imagination or even my curiousity. This hunt tends to become old and repetitive but my hunger is so overbearing that I cannot ignore it. Scanning the club slowly my attention is caught...

...deja vu...

I focus on the man then sigh inwardly. This is not the night I want to run into old lovers. Moving farther back into the shadows, I suddenly smile as I see who his date for the evening is. I look her over noticing the ill fitting clothing and the uneasiness she wears like an expensive perfume, realizing that she is nothing more than a bad attempt at a pale imitation of me. Poor little girl, she doesn't realize that she is swimming in uneasy waters filled with ravenous barracuda. Poor little fishie about to be eaten up by one that has helped make the rules or at least honed them enough to where they are second nature. I smile wickedly thinking how he will use her then discard her like yesterday's trash. Somehow it seems very fitting to me...

I spend the next couple of hours watching the dance floor for any sign of life, trying to keep my boredom hidden within. The refreshed wine helps me appear outwardly interested while inside I seethe with impatience. My thoughts begin to consume me as I wonder when the buffet choices will change for the better-I refuse to settle for sloppy seconds or anything that would not be considered Grade A filet mignon. I lean back letting the shadows cover me, teeth biting gently down on my bottom lip thinking perhaps I should just satisfy my urges on my own tonight then I close my eyes as I jolt forward in my chair, my hunger overwhelming me. I begin to feel ravenous as if my own body is eating upon itself. I grasp the edge of the table and hold on for dear life, hoping the urges run through me quickly before I lose absolute control.

After taking several deep breaths, concentrating on pushing that part of my urge back inside I finally begin to regain my control. I wait a couple of more minutes then I am reassured my outward composure is back in place serving as my mask to the world around me. Grabbing the stem of my wine glass tightly, I finish the contents and set it back on the table with tightly reined control and look back onto the dance floor, hoping to catch up on anything interesting that may have occurred during my inner turmoil.

I arch my brow upwards as I see the buffet has definitely changed for the better-no more bologna now we are talking a nice selection of delicate and rare meat to feast upon. Tilting my head slightly, I notice one particular nice piece of meat standing by the dance floor and watch him from my shadows for a moment. I smirk as I realize he is exactly what I need tonight and knowing that I am exactly what he needs tonight even though he may not realize it yet-but he will soon enough.

I motion to the help and my wineglass is refilled as I continue to keep one eye on my prey not willing to let him out of my sight for even one moment. Practically salivating over my choice cut tonight, I lean back in my chair crossing my legs, allowing my skirt to ride up my thigh showing the top of my garter knowing that for most prey a little shapely leg goes a long way to garnering attention especially from the unsuspecting . Too bad most of the male species thinks with the wrong head and doesn't realize where it leads them until too late-so pathetically easy almost like that old saying of shooting fish in a barrel Eye contact...I force a sly little smile upon my lips as I nod slightly to him, letting him see the come hither in my gaze.

I watch him slowly make his way towards me, keeping my little smile upon my face as my mind quickly runs through which direction to use to hook him completely. Silent and mysterious should work for few can resist an enigma as long as it is not overdone. As he approaches I lean back letting my jacket fall open exposing the see through black lace tank top and feel his eyes upon my breasts-he is definitely hooked now. Now for the line and sinker, I arch one brow slightly as I watch his eyes move down the rest of my body stopping at the part of my garter belt that shows, deciding to tempt him more I cross my legs again, reversing them this time allowing him even more glimpse of the garter. His eyes continue to stare at the piece of delectable flesh above my stocking then he slowly looks back into my eyes...


I slowly stand and gracefully moves toward him, stopping inches away from him. Leaning forward, my breath softly blowing into his ear I whisper "perhaps we should go someplace a little less distracting." I trail my fingertips softly along his jaw and smile seductively as I watch him swallow then nod slowly. Grabbing the top of his pants, I lead him through the crowd thinking how much fun me and my little prey shall have tonight.

Reaching my car, I turn around and kiss him deeply, feeling his enthrallment with me as my hand moves down the front of his pants and begin rubbing his bulging cock gently, enjoying the hardness and size. I break the kiss and smile innocently keeping the seductive gleam in my eyes though, watching him carefully behind my disarming facade. I unlock the door and step away as he slides into my car and make my way to the driver's side, knowing he is to be mine in every sense of the word. Pausing behind the car for a moment, I wrestle with my hunger which insists that I take him now, I concentrate for a moment managing to defer my hunger for this moment, willing control for the parking lot is not the place to take him. That would be very dangerous for me. Suppressing my urges for the moment, I move to the driver's side and slide in...the driver's seat exactly where I will remain tonight.

Speed...I love to drive fast for I love feeling the power of the car at my control, my companion of the night just smiles at me , enjoying the ride-little does he realize what kind of ride he will be taken on, one that he will remember for the rest of his days. Although tonight the speed is not only for the power but also to help control the hunger that threatens to overwhelm me. As I drive to my home, I leave one hand in his lap, playing with him, showing him just a small preview of what is to come, his moans filling the inside of my car, arouses me in way long forgotten, ways that I had thought long dead within me.

...home sweet home...

Home never looked so good to me before. I glance over at him, thinking few prey have looked as good as he does. I tilt my head slightly as I continue to study him through the shadows that fill my car, could he be a keeper? Mentally I shake my head thinking I am getting soft for there are none who are worth keeping, they just end up disappointing me in the end. I give his cock a quick squeeze then open my door, stepping out of my car. The prey of the night follows me into my house, waiting patiently almost like a trained seal as I lock the doors and set my security system. I drop my keys onto a table and lead him back into my bedroom, not bothering with any formalities or even niceties.

He follows me into my bedroom and silently shuts the door behind him, I turn and push him against the door, melding the front of my body to his and kiss him deeply, feeling the power from his obvious arousal and revelling in it. He is surprised at first but quickly regains his momentum as he runs his hands down my spine, cupping my ass and pulling me more into him. Breaking the kiss, I move my lips to his neck, gently sucking then biting on it, pulling his shirt out of his pants, my hands begin to slowly move up his chest, feeling the hard muscular build. I hear a groan in the back of his throat which just spurs the calculated seduction even more, I take a step back from him, looking into his eyes holding him as my hostage and begin to unbutton his shirt.

A change of plan as he stops my hands, I smile at him with a slightly arched brow, feeling his hands push my leather jacket off of my shoulders and onto the floor. I feel his hands on my shoulders then slowly moving down over my breasts, he cups my breasts and leans down sliding his tongue around my nipples. Shivering, I moan loving the feel of his tongue pushing my leather teddy more against my skin. His hands move to the top of my skirt, gently tugging the hem of my tank top out and moves his head away from my breast as he lift my shirt over my head, dropping it on the floor next to my jacket.

Stepping back, I move my hands to the back of my leather skirt and unzip it. I push it over my hips then let it slide down, stepping out of it as it puddles around my ankles. Standing in front of him in just my leather teddy, garter stockings and boots, I wait with what appears to be patience although the hunger is slowly taking over. He leans down to me and I feel him kissing me deeply, letting his tongue lay with mine, oh all the things I have forgotten such as pleasure...sexual pleasure.

He picks me up as if I weigh no more than a child and carries me to my bed, laying me softly on it not once breaking the kiss as he gently lays on top of me, I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him closer to me, wanting to feel his hard body against mine. The hunger continues to rise making this so much easier as it overwhelms me, letting me lose control. My hips begin to gyrate against his cock which I feel pressing into me, I smile inwardly as I can now feel how much I have turned him on. It just makes it so much better for the feast-something we will both enjoy.

I reach down and unbuckle his belt, releasing it from the belt loops and toss it over to the floor, neither of us caring where it lands. I unzip his pants, opening them and exposing his cock, seeing no underwear I think to myself nice touch. I grab his bare cock in my hand not being able to completely cup it as it is so big and hard for me right now. I feel his hand along my breasts, caressing them, melding them into my skin, reacting like I remember reacting so long ago, I moan and arch my back, letting my breast meet his hand. As he pinches the nipple through the leather, I gasp out at the unexpected rush of desire...desire I thought long dormant or even dead.

I begin sliding my hand up and down his cock, taking guilty pleasure in his moans, gently squeezing on it then slowly moving down the shaft, gripping his balls with one hand. He breaks the kiss as he arches back, something between a loud moan and a grunt coming from his mouth. He looks at me and I hear him tell me how much he wants me, how much he needs to be inside me. I take that as my cue as he stands up still watching me, pushing myself up, I lean forward and slide his pants down to his knees then look back at his cock.

I hate to admit it even to myself but I am very impressed, such a fine specimen such a pity to let it go to waste. I grasp his hard cock, hearing him moan and lean down taking it into my mouth. I take my time as I slowly slide down the shaft, feeling his body tremble with his supposed desire for me. I feel him put his arms on my shoulders, holding onto me trying to keep his balance, his moans increasing in intensity as I stroke his cock with my mouth.

All my senses go on overload from my hunger taking control, I can smell his desire all around me, experience all of the tastes within his skin, I can even tall it has been over a month since he had been with anyone else by just knowing it is only his aroma I am sensing. Oh god the hunger...the hunger I have for this man. I taste his precum and with a sigh slide my mouth off of him, looking up into his face for the first time since I took him in my mouth. I tilt my head slightly as I study him, his eyes closed in sexual ecstasy and feel a moment of something like regret for his face appears almost angelic, bringing up memories from my past.

I stomp both the memories and the regret deep within me, refusing to acknowledge them, killing them for they have no place in my existence now. I stand up and push him onto the bed, murmuring something to him along the lines of this is all for you tonight, just sit back and enjoy. A look of surprise crosses his face briefly but then he relaxes letting me know that we shall be doing things my way tonight. I look at his cock one more time, marveling at how perfect it is, then climb on top of him, a wicked thought within my mind letting me know I have wanted to do this with my boots on for a long time and now I am going to. I straddle him, taking his cock into my pussy, slowly sliding down his shaft, watching his face with something akin to curiosity as he closes his eyes, moaning, enjoying this. I begin to slowly fuck him, wondering how long he will be able to hold out as I continue to watch his facial expressions almost mesmerized by them.

Placing my hands on his chest I lean forward having learn that men like this slightly different stimulus as I continue to move up and down on his cock, continuing to fuck him as I take my time. I keep my mind purposely blank as the hunger rushes through me, thinking this may work for some control right now. Closing my eyes, I change my rhythm, sliding up and down on his cock faster, my vaginal muscles clenching hard on his cock. He lets out another groan and begins to bed me to finish, telling me that he is about to cum... to my ears...

I smile and begin to pump his cock with my vagina, slowly building him up, taking him to place he will never reach again, places that he could have only dreamed about before if his imagination was willing. I continue to bring him closer and closer to the edge, feeling his body begin to flop under me as all of his control is lost. I slide down harder and faster on his cock as his whole body begins to shake, my own hunger I can hear roaring in my ears now. His body shakes more now then he sighs out loudly as his cock explodes inside me, sending his cum in spurts within me, I feel him orgasm inside me and that breaks the last rein of my control. I lean towards him, laying my head on his shoulder, listening to him murmuring something about next time it will be for me, my blood pounding in my ears, my hunger finally taking complete control of me.

I lean up to his ear and softly whisper, telling him my turn to be satisfied is coming very soon. He smiles then leans down kissing me gently on the lips, murmuring something about he will make sure I get my turn, although I am not sure with the blood pounding in my ears. I kiss softly along his neck, using m tongue to tease until I find the perfect spot. I can feel him relaxing under my touch-perfect.

I open my mouth just as he mutters something about how much he could love me and sink my teeth into his neck, inhaling his life source like someone who is starving. He remains still for this kiss is as pleasurable for him as it is vital for me. I continue to drink, slowly killing him, my thirst seeming never-ending. I take my fill until there is nothing left of him, then slowly remove my mouth from his neck, looking at him once again, seeing him through a kaleidoscope of colors and smells and sensations. I look at him for a another moment then roll off of him, laying next to what is left of him.

Closing my eyes, I fall asleep next to him, my own hunger sated...for now.


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