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He & She
by Whirling Dervish

This part one of a fantasy sequence that my lover and I wrote. She is older, we'll say 40+, and I am in my mid 30's. We met online in a chat room and have actually been together once - for four glorious, sex-filled, passionate days and nights. This was written before we met and before we knew the level of passion that resided in each of us. We thought it was worthy enough and erotic enough to share with others. Here it is and enjoy. Please send comments to the link above. If comments are positive, we may consider sharing some of our chats with you.

* * * * *

He -

I dreamt about you last night. Must have been the notion you planted in my mind. I was in your house. I instinctively found your bedroom. I pushed the door open. It was dark at first, then my eyes adjusted to the light coming from your window. I looked at your bed. You were lying there, naked, spread-eagle on your stomach. I crept closer to your bed; suddenly I am naked too. I carefully crawl on your bed, listening to your breathing and smelling your wonderful sex aroma. I lay on top of your butt and place my stiff cock in your pussy. You move then lay still. Not sure if I woke you. I gently pull on your hips to bring you slightly on your knees. I reach one hand around and start playing with that bulbous clit of yours, feeling your juices just below my finger. I start to pump slowly, in and out of your wanting, fire hot pussy. I hear you breathing harder, moaning slightly. I take my other hand and start playing with your right nipple. You shudder at my manipulations.

I begin pumping a bit faster and deeper. You match my thrusts by grinding on my steel-hard dick. I hear you breathing harder and softly moaning my name, yet, somehow, you are still asleep. Are you dreaming? No, my lover, I am fucking you while you sleep and you are enjoying every erotic minute of it. I manage to place one finger at the entrance of your love canal and use my thumb to stimulate your hardening clit while rolling your erect nipple between my finger and thumb while pounding you from behind. Your breathing gets harder and moaning gets louder, forcing me to fuck your hot cunt with my throbbing and wanting prick. I feel your cunt muscles grabbing, clinging, and massaging my hard cock as I fuck you. You start to convulse.

You start cumming in your sleep. Your cunt is milking my cock so hard and hot I cum with you. We explode toward each other in one loud groan of pleasure and lust. Still rubbing your clit and nipple - fucking your juicy, cumming pussy while you fuck me back. God it is so wonderful - beyond words. I collapse onto you, as you lay sleeping. I kiss your back moving up to your neck and around to your ear while still impaled in your pussy. I lay next to you while inside you, still hard and horny, yet drained. I lay my head down to rest, holding you in my arms.

She -

I'm still moaning softly, almost like a kitten purring, so overcome by the explosive climax that rocked me to the core of my being. I feel your heart pounding against my back, your hand still cupping my breast, your cock buried deep inside me as your breathing slows down.

I smile thinking about how much we enjoy each other's bodies and pleasuring each other. The feel of your cock still hard and pulsing in my cunt excites me so much I start milking your cock while you rest. You stir ever so slightly feeling my cunt muscles clenching you. You instinctively tighten your grip on my breast...twirling the nipple between your thumb and forefinger. I turn my head and gaze at you. I kiss your lips...gently at first...until the raging hunger over takes us and our tongues entwine and explore...sucking and kissing...devouring each other! I kiss your lips, your you little love bites on your ear lobes.

I whisper in your ear..."You're so sexy... I want you...fuck me lover...fuck me into a coma!!"

You raise up on your knees, place your hands on my hips and pull me up against you driving your rock hard cock deep inside me. I tremble and moan as the ecstasy of your prick pounding inside me filling my tight cunt again and again sends me reeling over the edge...I clench you each time I feel you pulling back...never wanting to let you go. You sense that I am going to cum... you pull out so just the tip is teasing the entrance of my hot aching pussy. As I arch against you wanting, needing to feel drive that magnificent tool hard deep inside me...feeling my juices explode around you soaking your cock with my nectar as I cry out your name.

You hold me close as the spasms rack my body, caressing my arms, my breasts, kissing my neck, slowly easing in and out, not ready for this night of passion to be over. When you feel my pussy relax, you pull out your still hard cock and gently turn me around to face you. I lick my lips and you see that devilish glint in my know what I want to do next...

I turn you around so you can lay back on the pillows. I straddle your face and lean down to take your luscious cock in my hand. It's so hard, throbbing in my hand, covered with our juices. I stroke you up and down as I begin licking your cock, swirling my tongue up and down and around, licking and sucking... sucking you into my hot little feel my lips and my tongue caressing and sucking in and out while my hand is pumping you. My tongue plays with you, sliding up and down searching for that special spot...that one spot that will drive you wild...making you thrust into my mouth...aching for release...fucking my mouth as I suck you in and out. I lick down your rod of steel and gently take your nuts in my mouth... first one then the other... I feel you tremble as I suck on your tongue gently teasing and taunting. I work my way back up to the tip and swirl my tongue around the head tasting the mixture of our juices. I take you in my mouth and you thrust deep!

...your cock pounding against the back of my throat...harder and harder...faster and hot...faster and faster I suck your cock as you fuck my give one final thrust and I feel your jism spewing down my throat...mmmmmm I drink in all of your hot seed as it spills down my throat...draining you of every last drop!

He -

I lay there as you are still sucking the last of my jism from my balls. I have completely expended all my cum into your body. You cuddle up to my cock, stroking and licking. I am semi-hard and sensitive as hell. I suggest we go downstairs, get a bottle of wine and lay next to the fire. You tell me you will meet me there in a few.

I rush downstairs, excited for the events to unfold. I grab some wine, a corkscrew, a bucket of ice and two glasses and head for the fireplace. The fire is going but has settled down to a smolder. I pour some wine for us and lay naked and chilled on the big bear skinned rug while I await your arrival.

I hear a noise and turn. You are standing in the doorway as the light of the fire dances all over your body. Then I see why it took you so changed into a red and black teddy, short that comes to just above your pubic mound. I see your nipples erect and jutting over the top of the teddy as the split up the middle reveals your shapely tummy. Below that, I see panties of black with red lace. Your legs covered with black stockings that and are held up with red garters. You are wearing red spiked shoes. I let out a little moan as I take all your beauty in from head to toe.

You saunter over to me, over-exaggerating your walk, swinging your nicely shaped ass I take your hand and raise up on my knees. I offer you a glass of wine. You tell me you only want to drink from my fountain. I pull you down to your knees and ravage your mouth with mine while caressing all over your body. My hands roaming where they can reach.

Touching, squeezing, kneading, pulling, flicking every part of your body. I gently lay you down as we still kiss. I rise momentarily only to work on your nipples. Sucking and licking the left nipple while pinching the right one as your tits remain encased in your teddy. You gyrate underneath me as I start sucking on your right nipple; pinching and pulling on your left nipple. I move my leg to between your legs and begin dry humping you with my knee. I become fully erect and start throbbing. You see my idle cock and wrap your left hand around it while I accost your femininity. Your ministrations become more urgent. Sensing this, I reluctantly relinquish your nipple from my mouth and move down to your torso.

I lick and kiss and nibble on your body as I make my way to the edge of your panties. My hands cannot release their hold from you. I start nibbling and kissing your panties. Working my way down I realize that there are pubes sticking from the center of your panties. OH MY GOD - CROTCHLESS!! You have thought of everything! I settle between your legs, my hot breath caressing your pussy hair. Making it sway as I breathe in and out. I nestle between the crease of your panties and begin to lick from the bottom of your cunt to the top. Licking and biting and sucking your lips. Up and down...side to circles...every direction I can think of.

I feel my nose bumping your clit. I take my right hand and begin to play with it. I use my left hand to keep your labia open from underneath and sneak a finger into your wanting volcano of love. I lick and suck and nibble and flick and finger fuck you as your pelvis thrusts toward me.

Wanting me to devour you with my mouth, I move up just a bit so I can suck on your clit. I put another finger in your pussy and begin stroking harder and more urgently. I take my right hand and start tweaking your left nipple. Sucking and licking and nibbling your clit as I finger-fuck your hot twat and pinching your nipple.

Your breathing is very ragged and needful. You begin moaning and thrusting into my face telling me to fuck you with my tongue and finger. You grab me by the back of my head keeping my face mashed into your pussy. Wanting me to devour you alive. I fulfill your wish and start faster and harder and deeper. Sucking and licking and pinching and finger-fucking and sucking. You are out of control. Your body starts to spasm as you start cumming on my face. My face jammed into your hot slit. Not wanting to give up this pleasure until you cum on my face. You start screaming that you are cumming. You shake violently. I hold on somehow and keep licking and sucking your enlarged clit and fucking you furiously with my fingers. You cum all over my face with an unknown force. Bucking and moaning and groaning and screaming as you cum. Licking and sucking all your juices. Feeding on your love and swallowing your nectar. You start to settle a bit and I slow to allow you to rest for a few minutes!

You notice my reluctance and tell me to mount you NOW!! With an urgency I have never felt before, I manage to place my throbbing manhood at the entrance to your loving, wet cunt in no time. I begin to speak, but you say "FUCK ME NOW". I place my cock at the entrance of your luscious cunt and pause. Then in one thrust, I jam my pulsating prick deep into your womb, hitting your pelvic bone. You scream and tell me how wonderful that felt. Out of carnal lust, I begin fucking you hard and fast and deep. Fucking you as you still wear your clothing.

Feeling your panty-hosed legs wrap around my waist, pulling me into your fiery pussy. Pumping hard and fast. You slip a finger between us and play with your clit. I take your right nipple in my mouth and begin sucking as if my life depended on it. So much moaning and groaning and the sound of our fucking echoing throughout the room. Feeling your body under me as I pound you into the bear skin rug by the firelight. You start bucking and tell me you are going to cum again.

I keep pounding into you without reserve. I tell you to cum on my hot pulsing cock and I will cum with you. In one gigantic thrust we cum together. I feel our love juices flowing and mixing in your womb. I keep spurting into you and feel some of our love seep out of you back onto my balls as I smear your panties with our love. You take your hand from your clit and I relinquish your nipple. I lean a bit and inhale your tongue into my mouth as I stroke slowly into you, draining every last bit of cum from my balls. We collapse into each other's arms and sleep on the rug by the fire. Totally exhausted from our recent sexcapades.

I wake sometime later as I feel you stirring in my arms. I realize we are spooning and my cock is poking you in your rear. I kiss you gently on the back of your neck. You squeeze your butt cheeks together around my cock. There is a trace of light coming through the window and the fire is but a glow, now. I reach for the wine and glasses, still cool from earlier. I pour two glasses and hand one to you. We lay sipping our wine and fondling each other as we watch the sun rise together. We reminisce about the events from last night and begin fondling each other more urgently, not knowing if it is the talk or the wine causing our increased actions.

With the sun peeking over the distance and our wine glasses empty, I suggest we go take a long hot shower. I stand up and help you to your feet, admiring how well that teddy looks and fits your glorious body. I have you walk in front of me as I snuggle up to your back and feel my cock bouncing against your still pantied covered ass cheeks. We arrive at the bathroom. It is still dark but with enough light shining in to be able to see each other's body. I help you remove your crotchless panties. I kneel before you, grab the top of the panties and pull them slowly down your shapely legs then off your feet.

I undo the snaps to the stockings and gingerly roll them off your legs one at a time - kissing my way down your legs. I do the same with the other leg, kissing and licking on my way down. I then relieve you of your garter belt, getting a quick stroke of your pubes as I do. Once off, I stand, facing you. You turn around and I begin unbuttoning your boustierre. Delicately kissing and nibbling the back of your neck as my work progresses. I undo the last button then spin you around. I gently take off the boustierre and watch as your tits fall free. I lean to your left tit and lightly kiss the nipple then move to your right nipple and do the same.

We move toward the shower, a large shower with a multi-spray shower head. You turn on the water, adjust the temperature and we enter the hot, soothing sensation of the shower. We embrace each other as the water splashes on and off our bodies. We kiss deeply, holding each other tightly. My cock is throbbing against your tummy and your nipples are jabbing into my chest as our hands roam freely over each other's body. We release our embrace and you turn to the stream of water. I take you in my arms and begin rinsing your body off, first from your neck and slowly down to your perky tits, over your tummy to your crotch, then further down your legs as I kneel behind you. I raise up again and turn you around. We embrace again, kissing and fondling each other, our hands becoming a blur on one another. I release you and kneel before you again. I take your hips in my hands, lean into your beautifully wet and inviting pussy and begin sucking and licking your velvety cunt. You spread your!

legs a bit and I take advantage of the better access to your dripping wet pussy. I sit on the floor, now, as you lower your torso a bit to my mouth - hot water beating on your back and down your ass and onto my body. I begin nursing at your cunt, wanting to suck the juices from your womanhood. You begin thrusting your pelvis and rubbing your tits and those especially sensitive nipples while moaning as I clean your pussy of all impurities - sucking and licking and drawing your clit and cunt lips into my mouth. Your moaning is getting louder and your hips begin to thrust a little more. I look up at you over your pussy mound, your face contorting as I suck and nurse from your delicious cunt. I hear you breathing harder, groaning and moaning louder as I eat your pussy.

I lean back just a bit and take your hands in mine. I guide you to my face as I lay on the floor of the shower and you sit on my face. You sit on your legs while straddling my face. I feel the water splashing our bodies, stray streams beating on my erect and pulsing cock. I start licking and sucking your wet cunt more urgently now, knowing you are close to cumming and spreading your sweet pussy nectar over my face.

I nibble your clit, my hands moving to your erect nipple, massaging and squeezing your tits. Your grinding becomes more incessant and urgent, breathing harder and moaning my name, telling me to eat your silky, hot pussy. Faster and faster, I move my tongue, up and down your slit, sucking your clit, tweaking your nipples as you grind on my face. You scream you are cumming. I grab your ass and impale my tongue into your pussy, sucking and licking the steamy froth of orgasmic juices coming from your cunt. I swallow heartily as you cum in my mouth and on my face, the heat warming and soothing to my skin. Your gyrations start subsiding as I drain the last of your female cum from your steaming love hole.

I look over your pubic hair, past your pointy nipples and into your sultry, deep blue eyes. A look of satisfaction in your eye and an evil grin developing on your mouth. You raise up, move down my body and place your cunt at the tip of my jutting cock. You tell me you are going to fuck me now then slam your pussy down hard onto my cock, impaling your soaking pussy on my stiff prick. You pump fast and hard and without abandon. I take your face in my hands and guide it to mine. We kiss with great, passion unknown to most lovers.

I suck on your tongue as you suck on mine, tasting your juices in my mouth while fucking me under the splashing spray of the water. I move a hand to your clit and begin stroking and coaxing another orgasm from you. Your pelvis is digging into mine as you take all my stiff cock into your horny hot cunt. I tell you that you are so wonderful, sexy, erotic and I am about to cum in your pounding pussy. You tell me you are going to cum too and for me to keep rubbing your over-sensitive clit. We fuck like we invented fucking, hard and deep and fast. I take your right nipple in my mouth and suck on it hard.

As if we were dynamite, we explode on and in each other with full force. My cum ricocheting off your pussy walls and your cum washing it back out and onto my cock and balls as the water washes our love from each other. We slow a bit as I start shrinking in your cunt. Your vaginal muscles grabbing onto my prick, keeping it inside you for as long as possible. You lean down and we kiss, long and deep, the water covering our bodies and washing all impurities away. We lay kissing and holding each other for several minutes. We reluctantly agree to get up and clean our bodies in preparation for our next tryst.

She -

You help me stand up, never releasing our hold on each other...still kissing and caressing each others slick bodies. I reach for the body sponge and the strawberry shower gel...pouring some of the gel on the sponge and lathering it up. I start washing you, first your chest, rubbing the bubbles all over your rippling chest muscles. My right hand washing and my left hand rubbing in the lather and stroking your skin feeling the slickness of your skin against my hand. My right hand moves lower down over your tummy, to your right hip, down your right leg and back up your left leg. I turn you around and scrub your back and your cute, tight tush, my left hand reaching around and stroking your nipples as I stand on my tiptoes and kiss your neck and your ears. I turn you around again and ask you to spread your legs so I can clean your magnificent manhood. I gently begin to wash your cock and your balls.

Your cock begins to swell as I hold it in my left hand and slide the sponge up and down with my right hand. I feel you tremble as I continue my ministrations. Swirling the sponge around your cock's head. You lean your head back and release a low growling moan. I look up at you and smile... a pleased, wanton, seductive smile. I continue rubbing the lather into your cock, washing away all traces of our previous encounters. You gently grab my arms and pull me up against your burning hot body. We kiss, long, deep, hot, passionate kisses. Our hands clutching each other close.

I feel your cock pressing against my pelvis. I grind my pelvis against your cock as your hands grab my ass cheeks and pull me tighter against you. My hands are all over you touching, fondling. As I wrap my hands around your neck to pull your head down closer for another long deep kiss, you lift me up so I am straddling your hips and you drive your rock hard cock deep inside my pussy. Thrusting hard and fast. Pounding into me. We are so hot for each other we both know there will be nothing slow about this union.

We devour each others mouths while you slam your cock into me again and again. Fucking each others mouths with our tongues while you fuck my hot horny cunt with your engorged cock. My fingers flex from the incredible pulsations spiraling through my body. You release your hold on my lips just long enough to give me that look that tells me you know I'm about to cum. You know when my fingers flex that you are about to take me over the edge. I try desperately to keep from clawing your back. My cunt muscles clench your cock as you continue thrusting in and out bringing us closer and closer to our final destination.

I cry out, "Ooooh Yes Baby Yes! Fuck Me!! Fuck Me!!"

I feel your body stiffen as you give one final deep, hard thrust. I feel your cock spewing inside me, pumping your cum deep inside my pussy. You take my nipple in your mouth and flick it with your tongue and suck it as I arch against you and cum all over your spewing cock. I reach out and grab hold of the bar in the shower to keep us steady as our orgasms rocket through our bodies. I kiss your lips, your face, your neck, your ears. God you are incredible lover!!! You reluctantly lower me to a standing position. We are both incredibly exhausted from our vigorous workout, but sooooooo satisfied.

To be continued...This part two of a fantasy sequence that my lover and I wrote. She is older, we'll say 40+, and I am in my mid 30's. We met online in a chat room and have actually been together once - for four glorious, sex-filled, passionate days and nights. This was written before we met and before we knew the level of passion that resided in each of us. We thought it was worthy enough and erotic enough to share with others. Here it is and enjoy. Please send comments to: If comments are positive, we may consider sharing some of our chats with you.

He -

I lean to one ear and whisper, "It's your turn, my lover."

I take the shower gel and squeeze some on the sponge. I turn you around so I can work on your back. I gently scrub your back, smelling the strawberry scent coming from your body. I move in small circles from the center of your back working in larger circles to your sides, shoulders and toward your shapely ass. When your back is satisfactorily lathered, I lay the sponge to the side and gently rub the gel into your skin with my hands. You place your hands on the wall to steady yourself and you feel your body being molded by my strong hands and fingers. Massaging and kneading your back and shoulder muscles. I run my hands up your sides and under your arms, slightly rubbing the outer most part of your tits. You inhale a shallow, sharp breath as they jiggle from my touch. Once satisfied your muscles have eased a bit, I work my way down to your ass, feeling your buns between my strong hands as I knead the flesh. I take the sponge and begin washing your cheeks, over and!

around the curves and contours. Slowly, I work my way down the backs of your legs, scrubbing, lathering your toned legs. I lay the sponge down again and begin to use my hands once more. I massage and rub the lather into your legs, starting from just under your butt cheeks and working straight down to your feet. You spread your legs just a bit to allow me access to the inside of your legs. I stroke first one leg then the other, from the vee all the way down to your feet. You moan slightly when I touch your pussy as I begin my down stroke.

I stand and turn you around, your back and legs still soaking in the lather I just put there. You place your hands on my shoulders and give in to my cleansing ritual. I grab the sponge, apply more gel and begin scrubbing your neck moving in gentle circles, working toward your left shoulder and down the arm. Bathing your arm in the fragrant lather. I move to your right shoulder and apply the same technique, scrubbing and bathing in small circles. I feel you relaxed, but breathing a bit hard. Perhaps you are anticipating my next move. I take the gel, apply more to the sponge and begin buffing your chest. Cleaning your cleavage, I stroke up and down between your jiggling, jostling tits. Your hands caressing my arms, creating a lather between our hot, steamy bodies.

Your breathing picks up as I begin cleaning the top of your left tit, stroking from the top and down to just short of the nipple. Your nipple is erect and I can feel the heat coming from it. I clean your entire left tit in this manner - starting from the outer-most part and working toward your nipple stopping just short of the aureola. You thrust your tit toward my hand seeking some relief, but I sense that and react before your nipple can touch my hand. I work on the area below your perky boob, down the left side of your body, over your ribs and abdomen stopping just at the pubic line.

I raise and begin cleaning and scrubbing the right side of your body, cleaning just like I did the other side - your hands beginning to roam over my body, touching everything within reach. Over the tit, toward the nipple, all around the perky breast as I go. Holding myself back from sucking your desirous nipple into my mouth and sucking on it until it explodes within my mouth. Cleaning your ribs and abdomen, over your tummy, overlapping some of the lather as I go down to your pubic line, then I stop.

Your breathing is harder now as you stand, legs slightly apart and hands on my shoulders. I kneel before your beauty and silently thank you for allowing me to ravage your body in this manner. I kneel eye-level with your pubic mound, your labia swollen, your clit poking out from the top of your pussy begging for some attention. I take the sponge and begin cleaning the top of your left leg, rubbing the lather into your skin. You begin to caress your body, working up your own lather as I clean your leg beginning at the top and working down like I did with the backs of your legs. Once finished I work on the right leg, same technique - start at the top and pull the lather down to your petite feet. Your body is trembling now and your hands pick up speed on your torso. Knowing, praying for me to wash your cunt and your whole pubic area. I don't let you wait too long, my hot lover.

I take the gel and pour some in my hand - this is too delicate for a course sponge. I rub the gel in my hands then start stroking, lathering your pubes with my right hand. You turn just a bit and spread your legs even farther to allow me to bathe your most private area. I stroke lovingly back and forth, working up quite a lather between your legs. I start from your legs and work toward your steaming, aching hole as you begin thrusting in quick bursts, hoping to grab my hand and suck it into your wanting, horny cunt. I work the gel back to the crack of your ass and you moan as I pull my hand forward to clean your entire underneath area. I work the gel into your trimmed bush then down, down to your throbbing clit. Your breathing is harder as you reach for my hand and guide it to your fiery hot pussy, begging me to fuck you with my hand. In one quick maneuver, I manage to wiggle two fingers into your sloppy hole and pump my hand into you. Your hips begin to gyrate and fuck my hand as you hold my hand in your cunt.

I reach up with my left hand and finish washing your nipples, first your left then your more sensitive right one. Lingering on your right nipple, squishing the gel all over your tit and nipple as you groan with my ministrations of your body. Jabbing my gel slickened hand into your cunt as my other hand rubs your lathery body. You start grunting and tell me "Fuck me harder." I wiggle a third finger into your soapy, creamy, slick cunt and feel your muscles clinching my fingers. I rest my pinky at the entrance to your puckered asshole, gently rubbing and massaging the tight skin. You start bucking and screaming that you are cumming and for me not to stop. I tell you everything I am doing to your body in graphic detail - forcing my fingers into your cunt, feeling the crinkle of your virgin asshole and rubbing your lathery tits.

That sends you over the edge as you scream you are cumming and thrust and grind your cunt on my hand as I pound my fingers inside you and wiggle them a bit and squeeze your nipples. I watch as your cum rinses the soap from my jabbing fingers, bathing my hand in your sweet nectar while you writhe in ecstasy. Your breathing slows as you hunch your body forward and kiss the top of my head.

I look at you with an evil grin and ask, "Do you feel clean enough to get dirty again?"

"Yes," you respond in a low sultry, sexy voice.

I remove my hand from your sucking cunt and raise to my feet, my hard cock poking you in the belly, feeling the slimy gel coating your body. I take you in my arms and help you to the shower head to rinse your creamy body. First your back, washing away all the suds, then the front as I use my hands to squeegee your body clean of the soapy lather. I can tell you need to lie down, the heat and steam and all the orgasms has drained you. I pick you up in my arms and carry you to the bedroom and gingerly lay your dripping body on the bed. I reach for a towel and softly dry you from head to toe, making sure I don't miss any areas. You spread your legs wide as I reach your pussy.

I dab and rub all the water and cum from your nether regions, lingering a bit as the aroma of your sweet cunt juices fill my senses. I lean in to get a better smell and you thrust your pelvis into my face. I catch your butt cheeks in my hands and begin licking your clit as you writhe on the bed. Harder and faster, sucking and licking the bulbous flesh, hoping to send you over the edge in no time.

Then I decide, I have teased you long enough. I must put my cock in your wanting, steaming-hot fuck hole and unleash my cum in your freshly cleaned cunt. I raise up, move my body over yours and put my cock at the entrance of your love canal. Your pussy lips kissing the tip of my cock while I refrain from thrusting my cock deep into your pussy. I raise your legs up to my shoulders and sit on my legs then slowly, searingly force my way into your tight, fiery cunt, feeling your muscles and pubic hair tickle my pulsing dick as it enters you.

"Fuck me fast, lover. I need you hard and fast. I am going to cum again. FUCK ME!!" you scream as I begin pumping faster and harder into you as your legs follow my body up mine while your feet are pointing to the ceiling. Harder, faster, deeper, more urgently I fuck your hot cunt, your pussy muscles sucking my cock head and massaging the shaft. I feel my nuts twinge.

"I'M CUMMING" I scream as I pound faster and harder into your pelvis. You tell me to cum in you and fill your cunt up and then you tell me you are going to cum too! Harder, deeper, faster - we are fucking into each other, the penetration much deeper in this position. I hear the slapping of my balls against your ass then I cum inside you as you cum on my pulsating cock buried deep inside you. We moan and groan, our breathing very ragged and labored. I start kissing your legs and tweaking your nipples as we are still cumming on and in each other, our love juices mixing and bubbling into one gooey mass.

I am still stroking, but only slowly now as your gripping cunt milks my balls dry all of all the cum. I take your legs from my shoulders, then lay on top of you. We then kiss deeply and passionately, as a hint of your pussy juice lingers on my lips. Our kiss is sultry and sensual and longing. Wrestling and flicking our tongues in each other's mouth. Our passion consumed only by our lust. I feel my cock still buried inside you as I begin to soften. Your cunt muscles sucking and clinging onto my dick as it slowly slips from the bonds of your fuck chamber. We lay kissing and stroking each other for a long time before we agree to snuggle and hold one another and pray this moment never ends.

She -

We lie in each others arms kissing and gently caressing. Completely content to enjoy the taste and feel of our bodies as we cool down from our all night sexcapades. Our breathing slows and our heartbeats resume a more regular tempo.

We continue kissing and caressing, exploring each others bodies. My hands roam freely up and down your back and your tight little ass, pulling you closer against me. My hands memorizing every contour of your well sculpted body. Our lips meet and our tongues entwine, drinking in the heady nectar of our union. I move my head down a little and my tongue flicks first your right nipple then the left while my hands still roam all over your body, feeling the heat of your skin nearly burning my hand. I feel a stirring in your nether region as my tongue continues it's assault on your nipples. I reluctantly release my hold on your nipple and ask you to close your eyes while I go get a little something for us. You look at me with a quizzical expression and I wink and give you a saucy, seductive kiss and tell you no fair peeking. You promise to behave as I get up to leave.

You look so cute and innocent laying there with your eyes closed, a look of serene peace on your face. I set one of the containers I've brought down on the nightstand. The other container I quickly open and pour some of it's contents in my hand. I start massaging your neck and chest with the liquid. Then your strong arms next. I pour more of the liquid in my hand and rub it down your right leg and up your left leg.

"Mmmmm the scent is familiar, yet I can't quite place it," you tell me. You can't see my impish grin as I continue my ministrations of rubbing the liquid into your soft supple skin.

I pour a generous amount of the liquid in my hand and a little bit drips on your crotch. You tremble as you feel the cool liquid run from the root of your manhood down your balls. Your cock swells, reaching out as if to tell me it needs my attention. I rub the liquid up and down your cock feeling you swell in my hand. You spread your legs just a bit so I can rub the liquid on your nuts. I feel your seed rolling and boiling in your two magnificent jewels. My hand slides up and down your cock and I lean my head down to taste your pre-cum.

You arch to thrust your cock in my mouth, but I pull back, not quite ready to give you what by now you are aching for. I pour more of the liquid in my hand and rub it over my erect nipples, all over my chest and down to my tummy. I pour a little bit more and rub it into my hot waiting cunt. I straddle your lap and as I reach up to place the container back on the nightstand, my right nipple gently grazes your lips. You reach your hand up, grab my breast and suck my nipple into your mouth, flicking the hard nub with your tongue.

"Mmmmm it's so sweet and...Oh My God, it smells like....Lilacs" you moan as you continue sucking my hard little tit.

"Yes" I purr, "Edible Lilac Massage Oil, just for you my wild sensuous lover!"

You take the other nipple in your mouth and suck as if it is your lifeblood. You grin, knowing that you can make me cum by sucking my tits while you finger-fuck me. But I have other plans in mind, so reluctantly I pull away from you. I slide my body down your legs and wrap my fingers around your cock and pump you fiercely. With my other hand I gently fondle your nuts as I jerk you off, clenching and squeezing your cock to keep a firm grip on it, it's so slippery from the oil. I lean over and swirl my tongue around the flaring head of your cock.

"Oh yes baby, fuck me with your mouth" you moan as you thrust your cock in my hot waiting mouth.I suck and lick up and down your throbbing manhood my head bobbing up and down as I suck you in and out of my hot wet mouth. I lick the underside of your stiff cock and feel you tremble as my tongue searches out all the spots to bring you pleasure. My hand still caresses your balls and strokes up and down your cock as you thrust into my mouth. I deep-throat you and feel your cock hitting the back of my throat. You pump harder and faster fucking my mouth as if your life depended on it.

"Oh Yes, fuck me my goddess" you moan as I stroke and suck your cock deep in my mouth. I feel you stiffen and thrust your cock deep against the back of my throat, your love potion spewing, bathing my throat with your juice as I suck and lick. I swallow all the sweet nectar you shoot into my mouth. Still clenching you with my hand and pumping you. As I feel your pulsations subside, I reach over to the nightstand and remove something from the other container. I lean down again to take your still hard cock back in my mouth. Your body trembles as you feel a mixture of heat and cold. I plunge your cock in and out of my mouth and each time I suck, my cheeks caress your cock and you feel this incredible coldness. It's a strange new sensation but somehow it's so erotic, your cock responds by swelling even harder than it was before.

"My God what are you doing to me my little vixen" you growl. It's ice chips I tell you as I go down on you once again. You feel the heat of your jism mixed with the melting coolness of the ice in my mouth as you thrust into me.

"I need to taste you, I need to fuck you" you moan. I quickly move my head so I can mount you, driving your molten sword of steel hard inside my slippery sheath. I ride your cock, clenching my cunt muscles as you pump in and out. You place your hands on each of my breasts, flicking the nipples with your thumbs. Gently, urgently you pull me to you so you can take a tit in your mouth. You suck first my left nipple until it is so sensitized.

I cry out, "Oh Yes, suck me, fuck me babe!"

Then you take my right nipple in your mouth and tease and pleasure me till I feel the explosion welling up deep inside. Thrusting and arching, your cock pounding deep inside me. I milk your cock as we slip and slide against each other.

"Cum with me darlin'" I moan as you slam your cock harder and faster inside my quivering cunt.

You release your hold on my nipple just long enough to growl..."Cum for me my goddess, cum for me nowwwwwww!!!" You take my right nipple back in your mouth sucking and flicking while we fuck each other...pumping and clenching. I tremble as the explosions rock my torso.

"Ohhhhh Yesssssss I'm cumming my fantastic lover...don't stop! Don't stop!!"

I feel your jism filling my pussy with your sweet nectar, mixing with my love juices, spilling out soaking us both with our lust. Just when I think I've died and gone to heaven, you pull out and flip me over on my tummy. You grab my hips and thrust deep into me driving your cock deeper and deeper inside my spasming snatch.

I suck in a deep breath and moan..."Oh god, you know how I love doggie-style, lover!!"

"Yes my little vixen" you groan, "I want to fuck you until we collapse."

Hard and fast you slam your cock into me pulling my hips tight against you, your balls slapping my ass with each thrust. Ramming your engorged cock inside my tight wet cunt faster and harder, in and out, faster and faster. I reach between our legs and fondle your nuts while you fuck me doggie-style.

"Oh god, I'm going to explode, I'm going to cummmmm!!!" I scream. "Yes! Oh, Yes!! Fuck me baby fuck me...ohhhhhhhh yessssssss!!!"

The spasms rack my body as I feel you shoot your load into my pussy. I clench your cock, milking you as you thrust, filling me with the fruit of our passion. My head is spinning, you take me over the edge. My juices pour flooding your cock with my nectar. I collapse on the bed, totally spent and thoroughly satisfied. You collapse on top of me, wrapping your arms around me. I sigh as I feel your cock slowly sliding out of my snatch. You roll over on your back and pull me into your arms. We kiss, a deep passionate yet tender kiss. I curl up in your arms and we finally fall asleep. So spent yet so happy!!

He -

I wake some time later as the sun is dancing through the window onto my face. I look at the clock and it is mid-morning. I rise and go to the kitchen, naked, to make coffee and to fix us breakfast. I am content to let you sleep, but hope the aroma of food stirs you and draws you into the kitchen. I make bacon and eggs and toast hoping this will replenish the energy we expended throughout the night.

Just as the toast is about to pop up, I look toward the door. You are standing, leaning against the doorway completely naked, your nipples reaching toward me as if begging for attention. I feel my cock come to life, once again. We walk toward each other and embrace as we meet. Kissing and fondling each other. The sound of the toast popping up breaks our embrace. I offer you a chair to sit as I wait on you this morning. I bring you coffee and a plate full of food, give you a peck on the cheek and return to retrieve my breakfast.

We sit side-by-side talking about last night, my eyes enrapt by your nakedness, your nipples daring me to stare at them as I try to oblige. Our talk is stirring my blood as my cock is pushing the table from underneath as I notice a slight squirm in your body language. Once finished, you say that you will wash the dishes - it is only fair since I made breakfast. I agree on the condition that I can stay to watch. Agreed.

Once the dishes are in the sink and it is full of soapy water, you begin your task. I am sitting at the table watching and admiring the way your body shakes and jiggles as you wash, my cock throbbing and needing to fuck you again.

I rise from the table, being led by my pulsing prick toward you. I stand behind you and begin lightly kissing your neck as my hands caress your back around to your front and down to your sweet, taut ass. Your washing slows as my attentions to your body increase. I reach around your body with both hands and take a tit in each. Rubbing and tweaking your tits and nipples. You begin to moan and slow even more with the dishes. I continue rubbing your right tit and sensitive nipple and lower my left hand down, down to your fluffy, pillowy pussy. I begin to stroke your clit while rubbing your right nipple; my cock nestled in the crack of your ass, slowly making its way toward your raging cunt. You stop washing dishes and take your hands and put them behind you and on my ass as if coaxing my stiff prick into your cunt. Your hands kneading my ass and pushing me closer to your wet and wanting pussy.

I take my left hand away and place it on your back. I gently push on your back, making you lean forward. I take my other had and put it on my cock so as to guide it to my intended target. Leaning over the sink now, you spread your legs, allowing me to enter your tight, smoldering cunt. I place the tip of my pre-cummed cock at the entrance of your pussy and slowly and deliberately ease my throbbing manhood into you. You let out a groan. I have this incredible urge to fuck you hard and fast, but I contain myself and keep with a slow and steady rhythm. Slow and deliberate as I reach around your hip and fondle and play with your distended clit. Your breathing becomes more erratic and uneven as I continue to fuck slowly and diddling your clit. Your left hand grabs my ass in an attempt to help speed things up while your other hand entwines with my hand as I stroke and pinch your lovely, engorged clit.

Our breathing increases and so does my rhythm. You take your right hand and reach under you to touch my balls as they bump your ass as I fuck you. The feel of your nails on my nut sack is incredible. I pick up some speed and am now thrusting into you. your body jerking back and forth as I fuck you at the sink. Your nipples are just touching the soapy water, your groans have become louder and your cunt hotter. I feel your muscles caressing, sucking my cock as I thrust into you. Harder now and more urgently. My hand a virtual blur on your clit, the sound of your pussy sucking my cock with each stroke, the smell of your pussy filling my senses and aggravating every nerve in my body.

Pumping, thrusting, pinching as I fuck you from behind, your hand cuddling my ball sack at each inward thrust. Your gyrations becoming more needful, pumping back into my cock as I ram it into your fuck hole. Your tits splashing in the water now. Your hard, erect nipples aching, your pussy being fucked from behind, your clit about to explode with all the blood trapped inside.

"YES...YES...FUCK ME LOVER!!! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME OOOOOOOOOOHHHH! I'M...I'M CUMMMMM...CUMMMMMMINNNNGGGGGG!!!" you scream as I pound furiously into your hot cunt impaling you with my seething prick, feeling your cum splashing on my cock as you cum hard and without abandon. I feel your love juice dripping, cascading on my balls as they slap your ass cheeks at every thrust. Your hips wiggling and jiggling and fucking back against my cock. I feel your body ease as the rush of your orgasm subsides.

I withdraw, raise you up, turn you around, pick you up and place you on the edge of the sink and impale myself into you again. I thrust hard and deep now. I lean in for a kiss; long and deep and wet as our tongues wrestle. I tweak your nipples as I continue pounding into your wet, hot cunt. You wrap your legs around me and hump into me, forcing me to go even deeper, your ass just dipping into the water. I remove my mouth from yours and immediately inhale your right nipple - knowing how sensitive it is. I suck and lick the incredibly hard nipple, nibbling on the tip as I fuck into you. Your breathing is harder now as I suck, lick and nibble on your tit and fuck you with all my might - your ass splashing in the water and overflowing the sink. Bucking and thrusting and pounding and humping until I feel a tightness in my balls.



We explode in a mutual orgasm that nearly knocks us both off the counter. We cling together, our juices flowing and being mixed by your massaging, quivering cunt muscles and my stabbing prick. Cumming and cumming and groaning and moaning at the height of our pleasure. Our embrace hot, holding each other to steady the other. Your nipples searingly hot against my chest. Our mixed love nectar flowing out of your hot pussy, onto my balls, down your crack and onto the sink as it makes its way to the dishwater.

We stay hugging and kissing each other while I keep my semi-erect cock in your grasping pussy. Our breathing becoming more regular. Our heartbeats slowing. Our kiss hotter and steamier as we fondle, stroke and caress each other.

Finally, you tell me you have to get off the sink as it is cutting into your ass. I take you in my arms and lift you up and onto the floor, my cock popping from your love nest in the process. You cling to me for support as we kiss and hug until the circulation returns to your legs.

Full of nourishment and drained of our juices, I pick you up again and take you to the bedroom, where we can lay and rest up for our next fuck session.


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