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Hawaiian Fantasy
by Egyptian Spy

It was my sophomore year in college. We had been living in Hawaii for two and a half years. Today I had to get to class before beginning the day of fun I had planned for you.

After class, I took out my change of clothes and got dressed up in a changing room on the shore of the ocean closest to our beachfront home. I came in silently through the backdoor. You were in the kitchen, lazily clearing away the dishes from your lunch. I put my plan into effect, sneaking up behind you, putting a gun to your back, and handcuffing you. I dragged you upstairs to our huge, windowed, master bedroom.

I had disguised my voice and gotten dressed up like a cat burglar (ski mask, dressed in tight black clothing, w/ some sexy ass heeled boots). When we got upstairs to your room, I took the cuffs off you, pointed the gun at you, and told you to strip. You hadn't been wearing a shirt so you immediately kicked your shoes and socks off and began frantically unzipping your pants and pulling them down. You left your boxers on and stood facing me, hands at your sides. I walked up to you and hit you in the face w/ the butt of the gun. You slid your boxers down to your ankles and kicked them away.

I was shocked that you were so hard. Your dick was sticking straight out, anticipating a little TLC. For the insolence of your dick, I kneeled down before you, and nibbled your swollen head. You reached around and touched your hand lightly, lovingly, to my head. I bit you, hard. You let out a yelp of pain but for fear of any worse punishment, shut your mouth abruptly.

I told you to move over to the bed and lie on your stomach. I got on the bed behind you and sat down on top of you, straddling your back between my legs. You could feel my wetness soaking through my thin pants; I had decided to go w/o panties. You could almost taste my scent in your mouth as I leaned forward and tied one wrist to each bedpost. I sat a little lower on your back and placed a blindfold over your eyes. I rose off your back and left you alone on the bed. You heard my boots hit the floor as I walked out of the room.

It wasn't long before I returned wearing nothing but a 10" strap on dildo. You would've cried seeing was at least 3" wide and about to be forced into your virgin asshole. I leaned forward and laid a pillow beneath your pelvis. Your bare ass was now sticking up...begging for some cruel intentions. I kneeled on the bed behind you, sitting between your legs. I ran my hands along the curves of your ass. You looked so incredibly sexy like this. I bent over and gently kissed and nibbled nearly every inch of your ass. Leaning down further, I slid my tongue down your crack and swirled it around your hole.

I didn't push my tongue inside. You wanted it too much to deserve it. I then took the bottle of lube off your bedside table, unscrewed the cap, and squeezed some cream onto my finger tips. I rubbed the lube between my hands, warming it up before I slid it over your asshole. I pushed a finger inside you; a moan escaped your lips as I twisted my finger around, spreading the lubricant. I leaned over your slim sexy body and bit the nape of your neck. Then I straightened up and prepared for entry.

I placed the huge, rubber head against your asshole and pushed until the entire head was inside of you. You whimpered and I pushed more of the thick rubber cock into you. After about 4" (6" more to go), you screamed that you couldn't take anymore. "Shut up, bitch," I yelled out. Rethinking my words, I bent and kissed your neck as I pushed more of the dildo into you. "Just calm down and relax your muscles," I said in a husky voice you wouldn't recognize.

As I kissed and bit the sweaty flesh of your back, I slowly forced all 10" into you. When it was all inside of you, I began slowly pumping against your ass. You gradually adjusted to the pain and responded to my barking orders by pushing back against my thrusts. Little moans of pleasure were reluctantly getting past your lips. I rammed you with this big rubber dick until the balls of it were slamming against yours. I stopped abruptly when I noticed how hard your cock was and how close you were to cumming. I gently pulled the entire length of the dildo out of your ass and unbuckled the straps from around my waist.

I untied both of your wrists for a moment, telling you to roll over onto your back. You did as you were told and I replaced the ropes, pinning you to the bed once again. I ran my fingertips along your neck, down your chest, and around the base of your cock. Gently kissing and licking the tip of your dick, I slid the head into my hot mouth. I sucked gently on the swollen flesh, then removed my mouth and licked your shaft down to your balls. I wrapped my lips around your balls and sucked like a baby on a bottle.

Once again, I licked back up your shaft to your head, opening wide as I slipped my mouth over your erection. I slid my mouth up and down your shaft, clamping my mouth tighter with each motion upward. Finally, I slid my mouth over your entire length, down to the base, until you could feel the tightness of my throat on your head. I stayed like that for a moment, letting you enjoy the tight hot feeling my throat sent through your dick. I slid my mouth up and twirled my tongue around your head as it oozed precum. I replaced the head and half of your dick in my mouth and sucked hungrily until your balls and shaft began to throb wildly, shooting cum into my mouth and down my throat. You kept cumming, never-ending; you had been deprived of ejaculation for so long. I kept sucking until there was no more cream left to suck out of you.

You were totally spent. You had no more cum to give up. I left you tied to the bedposts, but decided to give you a break. I slid beside you on the bed, leaning my head against your shoulder. There we slept for a few hours, before I woke up, ready to fuck. You were still asleep. I wrapped a fist of fingers around your dick and pumped downward until you were hard. You rewarded me with gobs of precum. I slid it around your shaft, all over, with my fingertips. I kissed your neck and chest as I placed myself above you.

I guide your dick into me and you wake up, feeling the tightness around your cock. Sitting above you, with you inside me completely, I rotate my hips slowly and gently. I straddle your body between my legs as I slide halfway up your dick, then back down. I repeat that a few more times, not grinding you at all, just sliding up and down your dick.

I slide all the way up to your mushroom tip and you thrust your hips upward, wanting me to fuck you hard. I begin to push against your hips slowly, gaining momentum with each thrust until we are both pumping wildly. You're thrusting your hips into me, wanting your dick to go deeper inside me. I lean forward to kiss you. I slide my tongue into your mouth, pull back, wait until you do the same, and bite the tip of your tongue. You finally realize you've been with me all along. You smile to yourself, thinking I don't realize you know it's me. I fuck you hard, forcing my hips against yours, until your cum floods my hot wet cunt.

There's no point in your wearing the blindfold anymore. I remove it and kiss your eyelids sweetly. You smile up at me, overwhelmed with happiness. I untie your wrists from the bedposts and kiss the reddened, sore flesh. You slip your now semi-erect cock out of me and I slide down next to you. Lovingly, you reach down and wrap your arms around me, kissing the top of my head.

"I love you to death, Jules," you tell me as we fall asleep from our day of fun. We don't have any plans to go out for the rest of the day. We'll have time to rest up and have more fun later.


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