The Best Erotic Stories.

Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. IX
by Che

Using deep tanning oil, Leticia applied a generous coating on Marla's graceful back and delicious legs. After making her spread them wider, she slipped her small hand between the blonde's warm thighs, oiling the smooth golden flesh, teasing her new playmate's pussy-cleft through the narrow crotch of the metallic Spandex swimsuit.

"Marla, you darling slut. You're making me want to go back op to the room. Your suit fits like second-skin," she purred, fingers sticky with Michael's semen. "Your little pussy-lips show right through this material as obvious as if you were nude. Mmmmmm, Michael must have shot a quart of cum up your little cunt this morning. My God, baby, its still oozing out." Raising hand to mouth, she licked sticky fingertips. "Mmmmmm, you're making me hungry! I wonder if that film guy can see between our legs. Is my suit as revealing as yours?"

"Even more," grinned Marla, lustily, remembering Michael's daring application of tanning-oil a few days earlier. "Want me to put some oil on you? You have such beautiful skin," she sighed, getting up and kneeling beside the exotic beauty, rubbing oil over shoulders, back and lusciously-curved perfect buns. "God, I wish mine was as naturally golden as yours. I gotta work at getting a tan. You're so lucky." Pausing, she closed the container. "Can you really see cum between my legs?" she giggled, trying to look without being too obvious. "That's his room right there. Think that film-maker is watching us?"

"If he is, we'll give him a show," smiled Leticia.

Marla lay back down on the towel. Today the crowd was in a mellow mood, Reggae rhythms wafting on summer air, birds adding a happy note to afternoon ambiance. The marine layer had cleared, and with the exception of a few lacy clouds, the sky was deep blue.

"Think he's sleeping?" asked Leticia, pleasantly toasting on a towel.

Marla opened her eyes.

"Who? Michael? Probably. I think we wore him out."

"You did, that's for sure. It took him thirty minutes to recuperate from that little act. From now on I'm not buying that bit about me being the one who's wearing the guy out. We have to share the guilt."

Marla rolled over.

"Speaking of which, are we gunna tell him what we did yesterday when we went up to get your swimsuit? He asked me about it when you were in the bathroom. I told him you hadn't laid a hand on me!"

Marla smirked. Leticia giggled.

"Don't laugh," grinned Marla, rolling over on her back. "He wanted to know if you'd come-on to me. We took a long time getting back, remember?"

Leticia smiled and nodded.

Marla adjusted the crotch of her suit again.

"Did he ask you about it?"

"Yep. He asked if I'd tried to put the make on you but I gave him the same story. Maybe he believed us. He didn't ask again."

When the waitress came by they both ordered ice tea. Neither spoke for some time.

"Maybe I should tell him," suggested Marla, conscience bothering her. "I don't feel right about keeping secrets. I mean, what if the situation was reversed?"

She didn't open her eyes, but Leticia was back with a quick tease.

"You mean, what if he went up to the room with that young desk-clerk kid and sucked his cock?"

The sound of Marla's hand making contact with Leticia's golden ass made guests turn to look. Leticia only squirmed and smiled. Marla blushed and lay back down to enjoy the sunshine. After awhile she rolled over, sat up and rubbed oil on the front of her legs and arms.

"You and Michael got together in Thailand?"

"Mmmmmm-hmmmmm," murmured Leticia, almost dreaming.

"Just the two of you?"

Marla was rubbing oil on the upper curve of upturned-breasts.

Leticia looked up, sighed, sat up and took a drink of water.

"Okay; you want to talk. Okay. I have a playmate in Bangkok. A cute little girl with a body you'd have to see to believe! She's tiny, like Candi; maybe five foot in heels. Asia. That's her name. She's an inch shorter than I am but her legs are actually longer; and tits? That little girl has the most beautiful pair of orbs I've ever seen! Just like us and Candi, she's about a C cup, but nipples. My God, Marla, they're longer than yours; almost as long as the last joint of my little finger when she gets excited, and she's excited all the time! Her father died before she was born. An aunt raised her from infancy and trained her to be a prostitute. Asia never thought of being anything else. She's the best. Prostitution isn't looked upon as sinful. It's the most income a young girl can earn. Asia took her training seriously but didn't want to live and work in a sex-club. They have these sex-clubs in Bangkok; everyone goes there when visiting Thailand. It's 'sanuk', working in clubs, but she wanted to freelance."


"That's Thai for 'fun.'" Leticia adjusted the rubber head-pad under the towel. "Most girls working in those clubs feel lucky; first; because they're cute. That alone guarantees work, and second, sex. Sex is 'sanuk'. Ask any working girl, and they'll tell you 'sanuk' is what they live for. Professional sex is respectable work. Their workplace is usually fairly clean and girls make more money than anything else they could be doing. Most support families. If they weren't working in sex-clubs they'd be working in hotels, retail stores or rice fields all day. Not very 'sanuk'. Asia and I met at the artist's I told you about. She was modeling for him. For me, it was lust at first sight! He paid her to have sex with young girls and boys. You should see those paintings. Anyway, we made an agreement for her to take care of my place so she'd always have a place to live. She gets a check from me each month so she doesn't have to put-out for money. We're together when I have a layover; usually not more than a couple of days at a time. I fly in and out twice a month."

Because Michael had never mentioned Leticia's roommate, Marla listened with growing curiosity.

"So you introduced her to Michael?"

"Well, when I brought Michael home, we got together. I'm sure you know what I mean by 'together.'"

Knowing Michael as she did, Marla nodded.

"Don't be jealous, Marla, but he really dug her. Asia says she's twenty. She's been having sex since she had her first period and was giving head for a couple of years before that. She knows every sex-trick in the book and enjoys them all. She taught me to deep-throat and do all those oral tricks! Girls or guys, it doesn't make any difference. She let us dress her up any way we wanted. We played every game we could imagine and she was a more than willing sex-slave. Asia enjoys being submissive. God, you'd have loved to see those shows she put on for us. Michael was a lucky guy. I thought he was planning to bring Asia back to the States." She studied Marla's expression. "I hope what I'm saying isn't making you jealous. That was then. This is now . . . " She took a drink of water.

Laying back on the sun-warmed towel, Marla's movie-mind was busy with the steamy images Leticia's story had created. Not really jealous, she just wished she'd been there, too. Oh well, I haven't missed-out on much, she sighed to herself, mind back on the present.

"So, you noticed the young guy at the front desk?" she asked, changing the topic. Leticia's story had stirred-up salacious interests, and her oozing cunt was more than just a little juicy. "The one with the long blond hair?"

"Couldn't miss him," smiled Leticia, taking another sip. "I like blonds. He has a very sensual face."

"He likes girls, not boys. He's been hanging around the pool like a lost dog."

"Looking for a nice little bitch?"

Marla laughed.

"I guess they can't help it." She lay back down. "It's all those hormones. They make them crazy. Yesterday, he was hiding in the bushes, peeking at us. He's as bad as that film guy."

"I'd peek at you, too," smiled Leticia, setting the water glass down beside her.

"But the kid has a hard-on all day," giggled Marla, unable to subdue the twinge of excitement between her sun-warmed thighs. "The poor kid should have a steady girlfriend."

"Or a good hand," Leticia smirked. "Those young guys can do it all day long, I swear. I like sex, but there are days when I actually have other things on my mind. At his age, he doesn't have a mind. He has an erection."

"That can have its good points," Marla grinned, picking up suntan oil to rub on Leticia as she rolled over, "like, when ya really want it." Capping the bottle, she glanced around the pool and lowered her voice. "Even if they cum fast the first time, they can cum again and again and again. That's what I like. An' speaking of cum," she giggled, squirming on the warm towel, "I really can feel it oozing out of my pussy. If he's watching us, I hope that movie pervert gets a good peek."

Leticia's giggled.

"I told you. Let's go to the girl's room and I'll suck it out, baby. God, I thought I got it all this morning, but it looks like I missed some."


Who's a piggy?" grinned Leticia. "You're the one who can't get enough. I didn't force you to go down on me, or to fuck Michael again this morning."

"You started it," whispered Marla, rubbing in oil. "I was just trying to get my share before you drain him dry."

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I happen to like mine in bed."

"You like yours where ever you can get it," laughed Marla, swatting Leticia's perfect ass again.

The thought of going-down on hard spurting cocks made her involuntarily salivate and she glanced around looking for Jeremy, even wondering what the fat-man was doing.

"You know something weird? Before I met Michael, I was pretty satisfied with straight fucking, especially back-door sex. That always made me cum so good! But ever since I started giving Michael head, you know, regularly; well, I've started wanting it more; actually craving it. Is that weird, or what? I mean, the more I suck, the more I wanta suck. My orgasms are getting better all the time ,and each one makes me wanta swallow more cum. Really; tell me; am I weird, or what? God, a second ago, I was even wondering what it would be like to do the fat-man."

"The more I licked pussy, the more I wanted," nodded Leticia, squirming like Marla. "Listen to us. It's the same with cock. The more I sucked, the more I wanted. I'll tell you Asia's theory on that subject when you're in the mood."

"Then why don't you go take care-a that poor desk-clerk," smirked Marla, the conversation arousing her more by the minute. "I could keep an eye out. You'd blow his mind."

A smirking Leticia chewed a lower lip, watching Jeremy standing the lobby archway.

"I don't blow minds."

The waitress approached with ice tea

"Here's some mixed nuts and Arare," offered the attractive auburn-haired waitress, smiling sweetly as Marla signed the check.

"Thanks," Marla smiled, counting out a couple of bucks from her bag. "Oh, excuse me," she asked, sitting up, "what's the desk-clerk's name? The blond fellow?"

"That's Jeremy," smiled the waitress, glancing back at him and arching one eyebrow. "Nice, huh?"

"Thanks," Marla smirked, nodding agreeably. "He is nice. He's been very helpful during our stay."

When the waitress didn't leave, Marla decided to introduce herself.

"I'm Marla, and this is Leticia. What's your name?"

"Venessa," replied the redhead, tucking the tip into a wallet. "Jeremy takes his job seriously. Mr. Kelly, the manager, he'll be pleased. I'll pass on the compliment."

"Thanks again, Venessa," smiled Marla, laying back down, appreciating the girl's lusciously-curved ass and model-perfect legs as she returned to the bar, a walk intended to make everyone watch.

The men were watching, but trying not to be too obvious. Women were watching, but were clearly envious, a few giving the redhead more than a casual glance. Leticia was watching, too. Boy, they must insist on looks when they hire waitress, she thought, and male help, too. Rolling over she handed the suntan oil to Marla.

"Put some more on me, baby. Feels so good when you do it . . . "

"Jeremy. That's an interesting name. Go introduce yourself," teased Marla, taking the bottle and oiling Leticia's tummy.

"Think I should?" Leticia got up on an elbow for a sip of ice tea.

Jeremy was still in the archway watching them, a look of distant longing on his face, and a distinct bulge in right pant-leg. Leticia wiped her eyes. That cock must be a foot long! she thought, raising up on both elbows. And thick! That does look inviting, and he's really cute, too! She lay back down.

"He's too young!"

"Too young for what?" giggled Marla, warm oily hands close to Leticia's crotch. "A wheel-chair? He's excited to see you."

"Have you done other guys since you started hanging out with Michael?" Leticia was watching from behind dark glasses.

"No;" Marla giggled, unable to stop staring at Jeremy's bulge, "but I've thought about it a bunch-a times. Not because he doesn't satisfy me or something. You know how horny he is. I think it's natural to get sexually attracted to people without feeling you have-to do something."

"I like doing something," smiled Leticia, hips undulating, spreading her legs as Marla oiled her thighs. "I'm getting hungry, Marla. Wanta watch me do something?"

"Seriously?" Marla capped the suntan oil. "Like, where? We can't take him up to our room!"

"Anywhere. Out here. In there. It doesn't make any difference to me!" giggled Leticia, watching Jeremy watching her. "I don't mind being watched. I worked as a dancer for two years. Let's just say I'm used to having an audience."

"You were a stripper too?" Marla lay back down beside her. "Like, why am I not surprised. Not, like that's bad, I mean. You're real pretty. I can see you doing that. I bet you made tons of money."

Laying in the same direction as her blonde companion, Leticia was watching Jeremy, her feet pointed in his direction. Spreading her legs wider, she began flexing her buns as though getting fucked by an invisible cock.

"Spread your legs more;" she whispered, continuing to smile at the young man, "let's give him a good look and see what that does to him."

Leaning back on elbows, Marla spread her legs slowly, relishing the warmth of the sun on her body. When their feet touched the girls glanced at each other and laughed, their legs spread almost three feet apart. Jeremy was definitely watching. The bulge in his pants looked like it was about to tear the material and he was squirming uneasily.

"Naughty, naughty. We're giving the kid a hard time. God, look at the size of that bulge." Marla looked down between her legs. "I wonder if my suit even covers my ass with my legs spread this wide apart?"

A giggling Leticia took a handful of nuts, coaxing them into her plump-lipped mouth with her exceptionally long tongue, a show making Jeremy blush.

"It doesn't. I told you I can see it, and I'm sure he can see you have a very juicy crotch, my dear. If he's watching you, that fat-man must be jerking-off right now."

Flexing her buns made Michael's cum bubble in her hot little cunt, and the urge to get a nice hard cock up her ass was making Marla squirm like a slut.

"Tell me about stripping," she whispered, flushed from more than laying in the sun. "I wish I'd seen you stripping."

"Let's see . . . I danced at three different clubs. Two here and one in San Diego. Two topless, one nude; Pole Dancing and Lap Dancing. Asia taught me how to dance nasty. Tips were good. Girls were fun. So were a couple of the guys." She was watching Jeremy squirm. "I think I'm about to salivate all over myself! Look how hard he's getting! You're right. I don't think we should invite him up to the room. Maybe there's an office or a rest room . . . "

"Gee, he really does have a big one," Marla whispered back, blue eyes moist. "Look at that bulge. Now there's one that makes me think about playing around."

Leticia glanced back at her.

"Really? You'd suck him off if you had the chance?"

Knowing deep down inside she wanted to suck the young boy's cock, Marla flushed hotly.

"Well, he sure looks good," she grinned, cheeks glowing. "God, I'm terrible, aren't I, but I'm getting to the point where it's, like I can't get enough, I swear! You really wanta give him head?"

"I DO! I don't wanta take a pass on that cock while I'm here." Looking directly at him, Leticia licked those ruby-red lips. "How about you?"

Taking the dare, Marla gave the young kid an inviting smile, a little 'tilt of her head' while flexing her buns, raising her crotch in a pelvic tilt, an act making her blush at her own slutty forwardness. Jeremy seemed hesitant. Going further, she beckoned him with a finger, a gesture he couldn't ignore. Leaving the archway, he headed their way.

"Yes?" he asked, trying hard to be professional. "May I help you ladies?"

"Jeremy?" asked Marla, eyes on his crotch.

"Yes miss!" he smiled, impressed that she knew his name.

"Jeremy, this is Leticia . . . I'm Marla. We noticed you yesterday and the day before, too."

"Yes, miss?" He continued smiling. "Ah . . . I noticed you, too. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Well . . . " Marla smiled, glancing at Leticia, "my girlfriend and I . . . we couldn't help but notice the bulge, like, in your pants? An' well, we were wondering if you'd, well . . . there is something you could do. We want you use that . . . we want you to cum-off in Leticia's mouth. I want to watch. It wouldn't take long. You wouldn't miss much work . . . "

Jeremy looked like he was about to fall over on his back. His mouth opened but nothing came out.

"We don't mean 'out here by the pool'. Do you have some place comfortable where we can go?" Marla sat up and draped the towel around her shoulders. "I wanta watch her give you head. She's good, and I really enjoy watching oral sex. You can watch me masturbate while you cum in her mouth. Does that sound good, Jeremy? You'll like watching me. I squirt when I get my orgasm!

As in a dream, Jeremy nodded, his lips moving as though he was about to say something but couldn't make a sound. Removing dark glasses, Leticia smiled up at him.

"I'm really good," she smiled, broadly. "How about giving me a try? Don't be bashful. I'm not. You'll enjoy it, and so will I, believe me! I'll even swallow your cum."

Motioning for them to follow, he turned and headed for his office. I can't believe my fuckin' luck, he thought, passing the front desk. Jesus! Two chicks! Just what I always wanted!

"I'll be back in awhile," he said to the clerk, trying to appear nonchalant. "Take messages and I'll take care of them when I return."

He unlocked his office while Leticia and Marla waited at the end of the hallway, towels over sun-tanned shoulders. Opening the door, he motioned for them to join him. Mr. Kelly was gone for the afternoon; Cindi was off, house-keepers knew what to do so he wasn't worried about being disturbed. Following him into the office, Leticia shut the door. Smiling, Jeremy waived his hand at the room.

"It's kinda small. I only have a couple-a extra chairs. Wanta sit down?"

Marla sat in the overstuffed chair but Leticia remained standing.

"You sit down," teased Leticia. "I go down."

She gave Jeremy a little push toward the armless swivel chair. Still a bit nervous, he sat.

"Let's see it." She bent over and rubbed the bulge in his pant-leg. "Unzip your pants and pull it out."

Licking red lips impatiently, she adjusted her bikini bottom until she had it pulled up so tightly between her dark-tan legs, the red crotch parted the plump lips of her hot little pussy.

"You like that?" she grinned, watching him staring at her crotch as she pulled the stretch-fabric up ever tighter. "See my little pussy lips? My bikini doesn't even cover my crotch. See how smooth I am? I shave off all the hair. It makes it really nice and smooth; it's nice to lick, Jeremy."

Jeremy was sweating.

"Lick?" he smiled, looking at the way her swimsuit parted the cleft of her pussy, how the material barely covered her crotch. Licking Mick J lips, he swallowed twice. "Show me. Let me see, okay? Jesus, you two are fuckin' gorgeous!"

"Are you gunna play with yourself while you watch me do him?"

Leticia was looking at Marla, sprawled back on the old over-stuffed chair with her fingers working against the visible cleft in her crotch.

"Let him watch you masturbate while I suck him off. He'll like that, won't you Jeremy?" He nodded, but didn't answer. "What are you waiting for?" She smiled, unzipped his pants and knelt between his legs. "Marla will let you watch her play with herself . . . "

"Great," he nodded, already sweating, watching Marla's fingers at play. "Go ahead. Jeez, ya sure got a beautiful ass. You two were makin' me nuts. Boy, my dick is so hard I don't know if I can get it out."

Somehow he got his fingers into the fly and pulled the swollen cock from his pants.

"Fuck! There," he grinned. "See what I mean?"

Leticia smiled approvingly, admiring the length, breadth and color of the boy's uncircumcised erection. Jeremy was well-endowed.

"My, my, Jeremy! You have a beautiful cock. Do you enjoy getting head? Look at my mouth. Don't my lips just make you want to shoot your cum right in my mouth? I don't spit, Jeremy. It's unladylike. I always swallow. Do you cum a lot?"

Stroking the long loose-skinned cock with one fist, his strokes were making pre-cum jewels pop from the tip. He nodded.

"Was that a yes?"

Leticia licked-up the crystal jewels.

"I did yesterday," Jeremy bragged, watching her lip-licking tongue. "Sometimes I cum for a minute. It feels like I'm gettin' off maybe three or four times but real close together. It's kinda hard ta explain . . . "

That news made Leticia smile.

"I'm sure it's hard, Jeremy, but I understand what you're saying. Girls feel that way, too, but what I meant was, do you cum a lot in volume?"

Not waiting for an answer, she quit licking her lips and sucked the swollen crest like it was a pop-sickle, swallowing a stream of clear pre-cum juice that had been dribbling down the blue-veined shaft.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, you taste really good, Jeremy. I bet you have delicious tasting semen. Now about the volume . . . "

Jeremy was still considering the question.

"I guess," he grinned. "Candi said so. I bet I can fill a coffee cup."

Leticia glanced at Marla to see her response to that revelation. Two fingers pressed into her twat, Marla was perspiring, intrigued by the idea of the tiny blonde beauty and Jeremy doing each other.

"Know what I like best?" asked Leticia, looking back and stretching the foreskin down until the cock-head was exposed, swollen and rosy. "I like it when a young guy like you doesn't hold back, when they just let all their cum shoot without even waiting. I like it really deep in my throat. You have a really long cock, Jeremy. Have your girlfriends been able to deep-throat you all the way?"

Sweating now, he nodded enthusiastically.

"Candi," he smiled. "The desk-clerk?"

Noticing the smirk on Marla's face, he realized she might have thought he was talking about the other desk-clerk, Thomas.

"The girl . . . the little blonde who waited on you at the pool yesterday?" he frowned. "The tiny one . . . the little blonde with the real hard ass?"

"Her? Oh, I remember her. She's adorable!" grinned Marla, spreading her legs further and playing with metallic-fabric crotch of her bikini. "She's so tiny. She can take all that down her throat? I'd love to see her do it."

Jeremy nodded.

"I'm gunna do her again," he grinned, "but I told her I wanted ta see her with a girl. She said she'd do it if I'd let her swallow my cum. She likes that, too; swallowing cum . . . "

"Does she?" asked Leticia, grinning at Marla. "She swallows your cum, too? A coffee cup full? I'll volunteer to play with her."

Smirking, Jeremy couldn't believe his luck.

"I'll tell her. She swallows cum like a whore. She's real nasty, and gives great head. She's little, but she gives deep-throat."

"Well; now you'll be able to boast that at least two cum-sluts could get all this down their throats. I like it that way best; all the way down my throat. You watch Marla, and I'll make you shoot-off right in my mouth. Don't hold back, Jeremy. Cum fast."

Looking at Marla, Jeremy was blushing like a little girl. She'd spread her legs and was masturbating openly, the crotch of her metallic bathing-suit pulled to one side so she could play with her hard little pink clit.

"God, ya got a nice lookin' crotch!" he grinned, seeing the juicy lather she'd stirred up with playful fingers. "Ya made me so hot the day before yesterday, know what I did?"

Leticia was working to get his cock down her throat.

"Tell me."

Marla was watching Leticia fellate him, licking too-plump lips empathetically as she spread her little cunt open so the kid could see.

"I jerked-off behind the front counter when ya walked through the lobby! When ya bent over to check out those magazines I couldn't help it! Just lookin' at your ass made me wanta fuck it! Fuck, I could see the whole crotch of your little white panties Jeez, I could see everything."

Marla liked that. The boy had masturbated in public just looking at her crotch.

"I wish you would-a let me watch," she giggled, fingers moving faster, wishing she could watch all the men who masturbated while watching her. "I would-a gone-down on you, Jeremy."

"Me, too," smiled Leticia, letting the glistening cock slip from mouth. "Too bad I wasn't behind the counter with you. I wouldn't have let you jack-off. Just look at this cock, Marla. It's just perfect. I love sucking a long uncircumcised cock. Mmmmmmmmm, cum as fast as you can, Jeremy. I love swallowing thick loads of warm cum."

"Yeah?" he grinned. "That's just what Candi did after she saw me shoot-off in the waste-basket. She got down behind the counter just like you're doin' an' sucked me off. The little chick swallowed my whole load!"

He looked at Marla, at her delicious crotch, at the small pink pussy spread for his gaze.

"You sure made me horny lookin' at your crotch! I wanta ta fuck ya real bad!"

Jeremy's admission made Leticia so hot to suck she couldn't wait. Looking up as she went down, she took nine-plus inches of hard erection down her throat.

"Well?" she asked, letting him slip from saliva-slick heat of her throat. "Do you like that?"

Jeremy's hips were jerking.

"Jeremy?" asked Leticia, jerking his cock. "Talk to me!"

He took a deep breath, nodding enthusiastically. Leticia went down again, sucking until the cock felt like it doubled in thickness, knowing he was looking between Marla's wide-spread legs as she gave him head, spreading her cunt open for him to see the semen-glossed pink sheath.

"Wanta see me cum?"

Marla was watching his face.

"Sure . . . " he panted.

The kid was remembering pictures of magazine-girls masturbating; girls exposing their pink little pussies, masturbating as though they were getting pleasure from being watched.

"You two are somethin' fuckin' else. I like watchin' ya finger-fuckin' yourself.! This is gunna make me cum! Holy Fuck! Watch this! I'm shootin' my fuckin' load in your girlfriend's mouth right now!"

Pulsing madly, that youthful cock exploded in the wet heat of Leticia's throat as she wiggled her hips appreciatively, looking up at him from under long dark eyelashes, just letting warm cum surge down her throat, a river of virile male excitement. Seeing him cuming-off in her girlfriend's red-lipped pout, Marla showered her hand and legs in an ongoing orgasm.

"I'm cuming, too, Jeremy. Watch me! Can you see me cuming? I bet you'd love licking my pussy while I'm squirting!" teased Marla, imagining the sensation of his tongue on her clit, his mouth over her pussy, sucking her throbbing crotch as she sprayed.

"Let me!" he begged.

Eyes riveted to the open twin lips and totally hairless crotch, he watched showers of clear ejaculate spraying the beautiful girl's gorgeous tan thighs. The ceiling lights flickered for a minute, probably due to an increased summer electrical demand, but the strange thing was, the strobes seemed timed with the gushes of cunt-juice being pumped from Marla's open twat. Boiling up out of his nuts, gooey ropes of slick white jism were sluicing down Leticia's throat, the cum-loving slut greedily swallowing his nut, cock buried completely in her well trained mouth. There was no doubt in her mind; this was definitely more than a cup.

Unable to wait, lovely eager-to-get-licked Marla stood and walked to where he was sitting, turned around, arched her back, spread tanned legs wide and wiggled her saucy juicy cum-filled cunt in Jeremy's red face.

"Then do it," she smiled, surrendering to lustful nature. "I'm so hot I thought I was going blind. You wanted to lick me. Put your mouth over my crotch while I masturbate, Jeremy."

I can't help myself, Michael, she moaned to herself, I'm just a bitch-slut for naughty sex. I want this kid's tongue and cock up my asshole. I'm such a horny slut!

Reaching out, he touched swollen smoothly-shaved pussy-lips slippery with girlish sex-sauce and Michael's last load. Pressing back against his fingers, Marla wiggled pleasurably as he rubbed the slippery pout. Crotch glistening with male and female cum, she spread her small cunt-lips with her fingers, exposing the bright-pink pussy-chute to his exploring fingers, the open throat of her cunt a pulsing tube begging for oral stimulation. Slipping two fingers into the wet crack, he pumped them in and out until the scent of girlish cunt filled the room. It made a juicy sound like someone walking in wet shoes. There was another heady aroma, but Jeremy hadn't quite identified it.

"Suck it, Jeremy," she teased. "Come on, big boy. Lick it for me while Leticia sucks you off. If you like looking at my ass so much; stick your tongue in it."

Grabbing her by the hair, Jeremy pulled her head back, making her arch her back further. Unable to just look at the frothy flesh, he glued his mouth over her smooth hairless crotch, once again pleased by the fact that the taste of warm pussy reminded him of celery. Fuck! I hope she likes me, he thought. I can't believe she's lettin' me eat her!

Hoping he'd stick his tongue in deep, Marla rapidly wiggled against his lips and spread the cheeks of her ass.

"Come on, Jeremy. You're making me cum. Lick me faster. Use your tongue everywhere. I LOVE it!"

Jeremy's cock hadn't lost a bit of hardness, Leticia's suction making it bigger. Licking his lips, he looked at the open pink slit and the tiny rosy pucker above it.

"I wanta lick your ass!" he grunted, salivating like a dog. "Okay? I wanta fuckin' taste your ass! I wanta fuck I! You got the most beautiful ass I've ever seen!"

Heart racing, Marla almost fainted from pleasure. Bending over further, she pulled the bathing suit away from her crotch, wiggling the smoothly-shaved cum-covered rosebud right in his sweating face.

Oh, YEAH, Jeremy! Thank you! I'd LOVE that! Lick it real good for me," she teased, flexing curvaceous buns and spreading her ass-cheeks even further. "I'm gunna give you a nice warm juicy surprise. Suck my pretty little cunt and ass, Jeremy. You'll love the taste of my ass."

Jeremy was in heaven. Just the sight of her soft pink pucker made his mouth water, and gluing his lips around her spasming anus, he slipped his tongue deep into its salty wetness, stabbing into a slippery cum-covered tube. Marla came on the spot!

"Don't quit, you darling boy! I love getting my asshole licked. Oooooo, SUCK it, you bad boy! You do it real good, Jeremy. Stick your tongue all the way in me. Wiggle your tongue in my little ass, baby. SUCK that hot little hole!"

To her absolute delight, Jeremy spread the cheeks of her ass wide with both hands. While she held crotch of the swimsuit out of the way, he licked her juicy crotch from hot clit to puckered anus. She moaned with unashamed pleasure as the young man tongue-fucked the slippery cleft of her cunt, his tongue slipping into her semen-sticky sheath. Quivering with too-intense pleasure, she grabbed his hair and forced his face deeper between those firm sun-tanned cheeks and sprayed deliriously, orgasming into his mouth as he opened it under her tiny-lipped cunt. At the same second, she suddenly thought of Michael.

Oh, Michael! What am I going to do? she thought, knowing the answer before even asking the question Oh, fuck! I gotta swallow a load of this kid's cum! I gotta suck this kid's big beautiful dick! I'm such a slut I just can't help it! I NEED to suck him off, 'specially after he sucked your cum out-a my cunt!

Now Jeremy worked his tongue even deeper into her anus, deeper and deeper, each thrust making her gasp with lustful pleasure, each penetration making her juicy cunt orgasm. The growing puddle of pussy-juice dripping from his chin to the floor between her suntanned legs was testimony to unrestrained passion.

"Boy, Jeremy, you're good! GOD, you suck good! Oh, you're GOOD, you're real good! You're makin me CUM! Suck me REAL hard! Put your mouth over my pussy and SUCK!"

Tongue-fucking ass and pussy more desperately, lusting now in what he'd only begun the night before, still feeling he was making up for lost time, Jeremy was hooked on the taste of warm young crotch, unable to get enough of the lovely girl's luscious forbidden fruit. Powerless to keep from cuming again, Marla let go, spraying cum in his mouth and across that stabbing tongue.

"FUCK!" she squealed, biting her lower lip to keep from screaming louder as a large oyster-sized gob of Michael's cum shot into the boy's sucking mouth. "GOD, Jeremy! EAT IT! Eat-out my crotch!"

Jeremy was so excited he was shaking, cock so far down Leticia's throat he couldn't see it. Marla's warm crotch was so delicious he couldn't stop sucking, unaware that he was getting a mouthful of her boyfriend's cum. Sucking up the white lather, he pulled out of Leticia's throat and pushed Marla to the floor on her hands and knees, face down on the rug, beautiful proud tight ass high in the air. Leticia knew what the boy wanted. This was even better than she'd hoped for.

"I know what you want, Jeremy. Fuck her up her little asshole," she insisted, slipping under Marla so she could get at that hard clit with her long wide tongue. "Look at her little pink tube. Stick your big dick up her tight ass, you naughty boy. You've made her good and wet. It's time to stick that big cock up her little ass."

Looking down at her naked crotch made his cock throb with such impatience, the desire to corn-hole the gorgeous girl made his face burn and cock almost double in hardness. Behind her, long uncircumcised cock in hand, he screwed the slippery head into the warm mouth of her perfect open pink anus, slowly easing all the way in to his large balls. He was afraid to move for fear of blowing his load.

Marla moaned with intense pleasure as he filled her to the limit, a massive invasion of her greedy-for-cock warm cum-chute anus. Pulling back, Jeremy began plunging in and out, each stroke expanding the warm smooth sheath, leaving the beauty's asshole a wide-open pink mouth waiting for the next anal assault. Below the lusty semen-glossed intruder, Leticia tongued a throbbing swollen pink clit. After five minutes of heavy drilling he pulled out. Holding his gooey cum-glossed cock above the open mouth of that pulsing pink anus, the spurting head unloaded a tidal wave of semen into the depths of the open receptacle. Semen poured over the plump juicy lips of the beauty's nude little pussy. Below, open mouth waiting for the boy's munificent load, Leticia moaned passionately at the sight of his excess.

"Squeeze it out . . . squeeze your ass-muscles," she moaned, watching a geyser of milky semen surging up from the open receptacle of Marla's powerfully-fucked ass.

It was Old Faithful erupting, bubbling and gushing warm cum over the lips of her bright-pink well-sucked pussy-slit. In a frenzy of desire, Leticia clasped Marla's slim hips, and opened her hungry mouth under the girl's dripping crotch. As Jeremy plunged back into the blonde's ass to the hilt, Leticia began drinking the warm gooey ejaculate. Forced out by the youthful erection's invasion, a river of jism was running down Marla's crotch-crack directly into her new girlfriend's waiting mouth. Leticia looked up at Jeremy, complete surrender on her exotic face. The tightly-puckered asshole drove the lad crazy with lust, memories of fucking Candi's the night before making cum boil in his groin. Marla's ongoing orgasm caused muscular spasms around his throbbing hard-on and ejaculate bubbled up from the ducky puckering asshole each time he withdrew.

"Eat my ass again, Jeremy!" cried Marla, looking at him over her shoulder. "Oh, FUCK! Suck my asshole, you ass-fucking son of a bitch! Suck out an' I'll suck yours!"

Pulling out of her cum-hungry ass Jeremy looked down at Leticia.

"You suck it out of her! I ain't queer. I wanta see you suckin' all that cum out of her ass!"

Cuming all over herself, Leticia licked her ruby-red lips in anticipation of the waiting feast. Face a mask of lust, she began finger-fucking Marla's plump little pussy, forcing cum to pour from the girl's rosy anus. Changing position, she covered Marla's entire crotch with that red-lipped mouth and began sucking the wide-open pink ass-mouth, capturing cum from the slippery semen-filled sheaths. Grunting with pleasure, Marla squeezed and flexed strong internal muscles, making semen erupt like a volcano into Leticia's voracious mouth. Alternating between slippery pink holes, she sucked pussy too, worming her long tongue up Marla's sheath, feeling the clit throb, the pussy-lips sucking her tongue as two different men's semen filled her mouth.

Jeremy was so excited by their lust, his cock wouldn't wilt. Two fuckin' loads, he thought. Fuck! I got more.

Marla was so excited she almost fainted. Grabbing his cock, Leticia worked the slippery tip against her girlfriend’s anal-pucker again, watched it give like a whore's mouth, the swollen cock-head slipping into hot colon past the elastic ring of a tight anal sphincter.

"OH FUCK!" Marla cried, almost sagging. OH . . . DO ME AGAIN! FUCK MY HOT ASSHOLE! I'm such a TRAMP! FUCK me up my asshole, you naughty boy!"

"DO it!" urged Leticia. "Doesn't she feel wonderful! Stroke her cum-tube with that beautiful big cock. You have another shot in that gun, big boy. Shoot it ALL up her ass!"

The sensation felt so good, Jeremy continued pushing, the entire shaft slipping up Marla's ass again, making the girl scream like a cat in heat.

"GOD, Jeremy!" she panted. "Oh, Jeremy . . . you're so fuckin' BIG! Fuck me up my tight little asshole, you bastard! You're so big it hurts my little asshole so good!"

The sensation of getting his long cock into Marla's tight hot asshole made jism boil in his balls.

"Damn! You're HOT!" he cried, plunging into the slippery tube. "Could ya feel me cumin' when I shot-off up your ass? I can't believe it. I'm fuckin' you right up your sweet little asshole. FUCK! I would-a given a million bucks ta fuck your ass yesterday, an' now I'm gettin' it for free, today! This is too fuckin' much! Oh, baby, I'm gunna shoot-off so fuckin' bitchin' you'll be able ta TASTE this load!"

Marla was so hot she was panting like a greyhound after a race. Each thrusting sensation felt like he was shoving his arm up her ass, stroking so deeply she was afraid it really was going to come out of her mouth. Jeremy's words made her face burn with excitement and she wiggled her ass, appreciatively.

God, she thought, I'd let him fuck my ass anytime! I can't help it, Michael, I just love getting' back-doored by a big stiff dick! An' taste it! I gotta taste it; I gotta swallow a load like he just shot up my ass! Oh, Michael! I wanta swallow cum so bad! I'm such a cock-sucking cum swallowing slut!

"Oh Jeremy! FUCK me!" she cried. "Shoot your hot load of cum up my asshole, Jeremy! Fuck me hard, you wonderful ass-fucking son-of-a-bitch! I love it!"

But hunger for the taste and heady scent of semen made her change her mind, the lust-filled desire to know what the boy's cum would smell and taste like as she made him unload in her mouth.

"Want me to drink your cum, Jeremy? Oooooo, you licked me so good and let me cum in your mouth. Let me suck your long ass-fucking cock. I'm nasty, aren't I, Jeremy? Doesn’t that excite you? Seeing a pretty girl suck you off? Hearing a pretty girl beg you to fuck her up her ass, and then beg you to let her suck your cock? Guys love pretty girls who like to be treated like sluts!"

Her nasty words were enflaming his lust and he didn't know what he wanted most; to blow this load up her ass or let her suck it out of his cock.

"Make me drink your cum, Jeremy. Make me swallow it like Candi and Leticia did. Pull you cock right out of my ass an' shove it right in my mouth. Make me suck it! Will that make you hot, Jeremy? Wanta make me get down on my knees like a little slut whore and drink your warm fucking cum as soon as you pull that big hot cock out-a my asshole?"

"Jesus, I can't wait, he panted, sweating like a dock-worker in July, long cock up her ass to his balls. "Right up your hot little ass, you little whore! You love this, don't you, you fuckin' anal-slut whore! Oh, FUCK, you feel good! You better not be teasin' me. I wanta make you swallow my cum!"

Pulling the shaft from her well-fucked hole, Marla spun around, delirious with heated need, the throbbing erection pulsing above her model-perfect face. Down on her knees, she let her sexy girlfriend stroke his cock above a waiting tongue-out cum-hungry mouth. In her mind she could see herself drinking the warm clingy erotic feast, mouthfuls of delicious gooey thick jism. Would it never stop? Never from any single ejaculation would she get so much fucking semen.

A memory flashed through her mind; a cum-fest game with her first boyfriend and his best friend. They'd spent a weekend together fucking her then-virgin ass and pussy so good she'd begged for a special treat. The imaginative duo came up with a plan, making her masturbate both of them into a large glass. Then they watched as she drank their warm fresh semen. That had been too exciting, letting them watch while she drank it, moaning with wantonness. That was when she first realized the meaning of oral gratification. Just swallowing that big glassful of warm semen had made her cum all over her thighs without even touching herself. Eager to repeat the act, she let Leticia milk the slippery-skinned erection, urging him on. She was waiting for the thick gooey, slightly salty ejaculate with pleasure, crotch tingling lust nearly frightened her.

"Good God, Jeremy, you cum quarts, not cups! I love it. My GOD! I love it. Can you cum again? Do you want to watch her swallow your cum?" hissed Leticia.

Jeremy was grinning like the village idiot.

"Yeah . . . yeah . . . "

Taking cock in mouth, Leticia sucked skillfully, pleased that Marla had wanted to give the boy head. After all, he'd jacked-off just seeing her. Not only that, she knew Marla would have more reason to keep their little secret if she sucked the boy off, too. When Marla bent over the desk, Jeremy rolled his chair closer. Under the desk and between his legs, Leticia had a perfect position to suck cock while Jeremy positioned himself to eat Marla's pink semen-drenched asshole. When she looked up she could see Jeremy sticking his tongue in the blonde's just fucked asshole, the saliva covered organ reaming the pink tube. Going down on his pale-blue-veined marvelous shaft, she felt it expand and grow even harder in her throat while she masturbated herself deliciously to another slippery-oyster orgasm.

"Deeper!" Marla begged. "Suck it all out, Jeremy!"

He began sucking harder. She let go, forcing loads of his cum mixed with pussy-juice into the boy's mouth. Jeremy didn't want to stop. Sexual adventures with Candi, combined with this unbelievable stroke of good luck, made his cock throb in Leticia's wonderful mouth.

"She's gunna make me cum in her mouth!" he gasped, semen smeared all over his.

Turning, Marla looked back at him over the curve of her stunning ass.

"Wanta see me swallow it?" She was chewing a plump lower lip. "Wanta watch me drink your cum!"

Smiling to herself, Leticia knew she could make him cum in a second. His hips jerked with uncontrollable reflexes as she doubled efforts to make him blow his wad.

"Geez," he panted, "I don't think I can wait. She's gunna make me shoot real soon. Her mouth feels so bitchin'!"

"Wait! Let me," pleaded Marla. "Don't cum in her mouth, Jeremy. I wanta swallow your cum. I want you to make me do it. You want-a watch your cum go in my mouth, don't you, Jeremy? I wanta be a nasty cum-drinking bitch slut whore! Tell me you want me to be nasty.

"But I'm so close," Jeremy panted, "I want ya ta be nasty, but I can't hold back now!"

Spotting the water glass on the desk, and wanting a replay of her earlier experience, Marla grabbed it. Spinning around, turning the chair and Jeremy too, she took his saliva-slippery erection in her fist. Masturbating the youth's giant uncircumcised cock with knowing strokes, she held the glass under the ruddy tip.

"Shoot off in this glass, Jeremy. I'll drink it while you watch me . . . all of it, Jeremy. You'll love watching this little cum-swallowing slut whore drink your beautiful thick pearly cum."

Still trying to swallow the cum that was sticking to the back of her throat, Leticia wanted to see that, too.

Yeah," she giggled. "Make him fill that fucking glass with cum."

"Lick my pussy while I make him shoot off," begged Marla, lustfully, spreading lovely legs wider for Leticia's talented tongue.

Scooting between them, Leticia held her girlfriend's muscle-hard ass-cheeks, licking the juicy smooth nude crotch while Marla masturbated the kid to his third climax of the day. Crystalline and almost colorless, pale cloudy swirls of ejaculate splashed into the glass as Marla milked him off, spurt after spurt of warm jism sloshing into the vessel until it was over half full. She almost died in ecstasy as she watched the flood surge from the eye of his cock. Cuming on Leticia's tongue, she was unwilling to quit until she was sure there wasn't another drop in his deflating cock.

"Is that all of it?" she giggled, milking the massive rod, skinning foreskin back with firm grip.

Imagine her surprise when the lad's crest flared again, his fourth and final massive orgasm nearly overfilling the drinking glass with sloppy ropes of cloudy cum. Spent, red-faced and panting, he watched Marla hold the glass up to the light, swirling its contents as though mixing a cocktail.

"Got enough, now? Go ahead, drink it . . . " he smirked, remembering his neighbor. "I want ya ta be nasty. Fuck! I've seen a cunt drink a glass full of cum before. Go ahead; I gotta see this. DRINK that fuckin' glassful!"

Leticia was watching, too.

"Do it, Marla. Oh my God. Drink it!" she urged, still playing with herself. "I’ve never seen so much cum from two loads. Drink it! I LOVE watching young girls drinking boy's semen!"

Blushing at what she was about to do, perspiration on upper lip, eyes appraising its contents, Marla's mouth watered for the taste of youthful ejaculate.

"You want me to drink it, don't you?" she blushed, tongue licking swollen lips. "You two are so nasty. You think I'm actually gunna drink all this?"

Both nodded enthusiastically.

"You're right! Keep licking me and watch," she grinned, screwing a finger up her semen-slippery anus and masturbating as fast as she could move it.

Filling her request, Leticia licked the girl's swollen pink clit with the flat of her tongue.

"I am naughty, Leticia! I'm so nasty I wanta drink all this fucking cum while you're watching me! I'm just a nasty slut cum-drinking cock-sucking anal whore!"

Raising the nearly-full glass to luscious pink lips, she tipped it, letting its still-warm heady contents slide into her eager mouth, cum the consistency of a dozen raw egg-whites, inhaling the spunky redolence of the youth's hormone-laced semen like she was drinking some rare expensive wine. With a guilty twinkle in beautiful blue eyes, she swallowed purposely over and over, not stopping until the entire glass was empty, her cunt spraying against Leticia's tongue every time she swallowed the warm swirling loads.

"God damn!" Jeremy smirked, shaking his head in amazement. "She fuckin' swallowed it all! What a hot fuckin' cum-hungry whore slut bitch! I thought queers were the only ones who swallowed cum. Boy, that made my dick twitch."

"Mmmmmmm," Marla moaned, swallowing again and again. "You have the tastiest, sweetest cum! Mmmmmmm! Thanks, Jeremy! I'm a nasty anal whore cum-swallowing bitch! Gimme me the chance, and I'll drink your cum every day I'm here. I'm such a slut for the taste of cum."

Getting up, and licking pussy-juice coated lips, Leticia tucked Jeremy's half-hard cock back in his pants, then zipped his fly.

"Enjoy the rest of your day," she smiled, patting his cheek, then taking Marla's hand. "Let's get back to the pool and cool off."

Marla blushed at Jeremy as they closed the door behind them

"God, I can't believe I did or said all those things!" she blushed, hurrying along next to Leticia. "Why didn't you stop me? When someone licks my ass . . . an' even worse, when I get a hard cock up my butt, I just crave swallowing cum. I can't help it, Leticia. I'm getting such a craving for swallowing cum it's making me crazy. I'm so naughty, aren't I? Please don't tell Michael how naughty I am. You're a bad influence on me, Leticia."

"Gee, thanks," Leticia smiled. "I was afraid you were ready to get married or something. Glad to see you know a good thing when you see one. That boy has a really good thing. For someone who just wanted to watch, you got the lion's-share of that boy's cock . . . and cum."

"God, I'll say," blushed Marla. "I've never seen a guy cum like that in my life! Two of his orgasms equaled four of most of my boyfriends. I mean, I couldn't be interested in him other than fun sex. Oh, my God, Leticia; I'm such a slut. I'm so nasty. Michael would just hate me if he knew what I just did, but I LOVED swallowing all that cum."

Blushing from head to toe, she couldn't stop thinking about what she'd just done.

"That boy has the sweetest cum. Those were the sloppiest loads of cum I've every swallowed. God, I haven't swallowed that much at one time since I was a teenager. I'd get down on my knees to suck his cock anytime he asked."

"Bet he asks again," Leticia laughed, fondling Marla's wet metallic Spandex crotch as they headed for the lobby.

"I hope so," Marla blushed, wiggling curvaceous hips

"Now susssshhh," hissed Leticia, swatting her ass, "stop going on so about the kid. You were just having a little fun."

She was considering the ramifications of this little indiscretion. Marla would do anything to keep her sexy escapade a secret from Michael and Leticia was quickly dreaming up more alternatives.

When Jeremy walked out to the pool, the girls were playing in the water at the deep end. He nodded but made no attempt to talk to them in front of the rest of the guests.

* * *

After showering again and pulling on his suit, Michael walked down to the pool. The girls were doing laps but waived after noticing him laying back in a chaise with a Bloody Mary, talking to the auburn-haired waitress. He waived back.

"You know them?" asked the waitress, arranging paperwork on her tray.

"We're together," smiled Michael."

Getting the message, the waitress blushed.

"They're very beautiful," she said, watching the girls. "Both of them? I mean, you're all together?"

Michael grinned and nodded.

"And Candi, too?" she asked.


"The little blonde? I saw all of you together yesterday by the pool. The waitress?" smiled Venessa. "She doubles as a desk-clerk, too. I thought you knew her . . . "

"No," Michael grinned. "She was talking to my girlfriends. Maybe they have plans for later."

"How fun for you!" the waitress smiled knowingly. "I hope you don't think I'm too forward but Hollywood is still pretty new for me. I'm still trying to get used to how 'free' most things seem. I was raised in a small town and things there were quite different . . . "

"Where?" he asked, sipping the cool drink.

"Ohai," she smiled, looking down into gray-blue eyes.

Michael nodded, unable to ignore her striking figure. Wearing standard hotel waitress uniform, the short skirt showed plenty of shapely leg. From where he lay, and because she was standing so close, Michael could look up her skirt, could see where those perfect legs ended. He looked up at her face again, at blue eyes and full-lipped smile. Very nice smile. His cock twitched suddenly in his shorts but he made no attempt to cover the obvious quickly growing bulge.

"I'm Michael," he offered, "and you're?"

"Venessa," she smiled. "Nice to meet you, Michael."

Smiling back, he took a sip of his drink.

"Candi?" he continued. "Do you know her well?"

This time, Venessa blushed.

"Well . . . " she smirked, "let's just say I know her interests, and I thought she was interested in you."

That message was delivered while looking directly at the large bulge in his shorts.

"I hope we talk again soon, Michael, but I have to take care of guests."

Turning, she swished away when noticing the girls leaving the pool. Michael watched her walking; tight trim ass keeping his attention as she bent over to take an order from a patron. The girls noticed where he was looking.

"Interested in redheads?" asked Marla, picking up a towel, cheeks still burning from guilt. "She has gorgeous legs, doesn't she? A pretty girl, actually. Fabulous smile from behind," she teased, the remark inference to very visible twin-lip pout only partially concealed by skintight white satin panties. "She's pretty enough to be a model. She seems nice and friendly, doesn't she?"

That wasn't a question.

After oiling each other again, the girls lay down on their towels. Other than shrugging, Michael hadn't responded to Marla's interrogation, but sipped his drink, relaxing in summer sun's warmth. He knew he wasn't being faithful in thought as he imagined fucking either of the slim little waitresses, his swollen cock twitching at the thought of either one of them sucking him off. Both girls had perfect cock-sucking lips. He opened one eye. Venessa had moved to another guest. When she bent over to take an order, the little white strip of panty-crotch peeked out from under the hem of a yummy-short dress, tan thighs framing a deep pussy-cleft, shiny panties slightly damp. Sighing, he closed his eyes. God, all the females around me lately seem to be wearing sexy panties. Just what I need, he thought, another female to fuck! I wonder if either one likes giving head. He chuckled out loud.

"What?" asked Marla, glancing up at her boyfriend.

"Nothing," he answered, sipping iced-drink.

Guilt surfacing, she wondered if the waitress had said something about Leticia and her disappearing for an hour with Jeremy.

"What?" she asked again. "What were you thinking?"

"What a fuckin' circus!" he sighed, eyes closed, shaking his head.

Oh, my God, she thought, cheeks burning. He knows. I wonder what she told him. He's gunna be so pissed when he learns what I did.

I hope she can't read my mind, thought Michael.

"No matter what," whispered Marla, "I got just what you want; and Michael, honey, you can have it whenever you want." (God, I hope he isn't real jealous!)

His thoughts were elsewhere. I bet I could get Venessa to suck me off, he thought, watching the sensuous young waitress serving drinks. She was looking right at my Woody and I know what she was thinkin'! I know that look when I see it. Hmmmmmmm, maybe I'll get Leticia to take Marla shopping today while I try to get into this girl's little panties! Damn, she's cute. Hey, maybe a little strange sex is good for the love-life.

Marla was smiling fondly at him when he glanced back. What a fun morning, she thought. Jeremy was really good! Maybe sex on the side is just what we both need. My God, I could swallow that boy's cum all day long. She giggled and covered her mouth with her hand.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm?" he asked, smiling at her.

"Nothing, baby," she cooed. "Your baby will take good care of everything. Is tiger ready to cum again?" she whispered, licking those just-fucked lips and smiling at him seductively, wondering if her breath reeked as much like cum as Leticia's.

Hmmmmmmmm, I'm gunna suck the starch out-a that kid's cock while we're here, she thought. Plus, I'm not letting little Leticia swallow any more of your cum. There's no way one guy can supply enough cum to keep little 'ol me satisfied when we're hanging out with a jism-thirsty girl like her.

"I'm dreaming of getting a lovely fuck," she whispered, telling the truth. "I hope you like having a slave who wants to swallow cum every morning! You better eat good so you can make enough of that delicious stuff so you can feed me lots-a warm cum. No matter how you give it to me, I got a growing appetite for cock-cream, Mr. Milkman. I'm ordering three pints a day."

"Don't say that too loud, sweetie. That film-maker over there is watching you again. He's already offered to contribute. Should I ask him if he still wants to use you for an hour? He'll pay a lot more than a grand . . . "

Giving the fat-man a saccharine smile, Marla swatted Michael's buns.

"Don't you dare!"

Pleased with himself, Michael closed his eyes. I must be doing something right, he thought, smiling contentedly. Whatever it is, I hope I don't fuck it up.

"Listen; why don't the two of you go shopping in Beverly Hills. I'll hang out here and rest for the day?"

"What a fun idea," said Marla, sitting up. "Come on, Leticia; let's go have a little fun!

To Be Continued...


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